Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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Don’t be too concerned about what the "Infectious Diseases Society of America" (Lyme Crime Gang, which includes Mort Zuckerman and the AIG Greenbergs, including Kroll Associates disguised as "Off The Record Research," an Insider Investor Ring) has to say about infectious diseases, because HIV and tuberculosis are obviously in their domain, too, and the HIV vaccines and tuberculosis vaccines failed for the same reason LYMErix (OspA-Pam3Cys) and ImmuLyme (OspA-Pam3Cys) failed. 

IDSA was hijacked by the, a commercial enterprise, and not a real non-profit.

The OspA/Tb were all fungal antigens that gummed up the immune system and resulted in opportunistic infections or increased the failure rate of the respective disease upon vaccination.
See the details; see all the journal reports:
older versions of the same data:

Lyme Disease RICO Entity = 3 companies:  Corixa, Yale’s L2 Diagnostics and, and Imugen,
and the main patenteering players are Dave Persing, Robert Schoen, and Allen Steere.

There were other players involved in the scam - we will call them the New Jersey team - and they include New York Medical College and Robert Woods Johnson, a fake philanthropy. Both teams make up the or the “American Lyme Disease Foundation,” which was supported by personally-profiting CDC staff and the NIH funnelor of their free venture capital, NIH grants, Edward McSweegan, a first-class psychopath and spook wannabee.

The ALDF is not a non-profit.  It is a spin-firm or a front for both BigInsurance and the patent-holders.  See “Tufts Reveals that it is the insurance companies who wanted a vaccine for Lyme and not the Chronic Lyme victims”:

You can determine all of this from the central Dave Persing RICO patent (USA #6,045,804), as there are 3 claims in it that reveal that Yale made FALSE CLAIMS about “Lyme Disease” and LYMErix.  The false claims were intended to set up a monopoly or a RICO on the market for vector borne diseases vaccines and test kits.

The false claims were:

1) That "Lyme Disease is only a hypersensitivity reaction or allergy reaction" (via the bogus 1992-1994 “Dearborn” blood test standard invented by Allen Steere, alone, in Germany, narrowed the disease definition to the least expensive one, arthritis in a knee.)
This is the Dearborn "Case Definition"  (OspA, band 31 and OspB, band 34 were left out; they're encoded on the same plasmid, so this gang used a strain of Bb that had dropped a plasmid, supposedly in 1995, to set up the mini-RICO.)

STEERE KNEW OTHERWISE - His first standard, in 1986, adopted by the CDC in 1990, reflected Lyme as a Relapsing Fever organism (perform serial Western Blots; this was repeated by Ray Dattwyler to the FDA Vaccine Committee in 1994)

◄ What Ray Dattwyler told the FDA Vaccine Committee in 1994.  Amazingly, he also told them that the way to check OspA vaccine trial results was to "perform serial or sequential Western Blots," which was the older CDC way - the older Allen Steere way - which represented what spirochetes, do, antigenic variation, and which is why no vaccines against these antigenic variators (go ahead and make up words like psychiatrists do; it's a free-for-all) could ever work.
the ones that failed to mount a vigorous immune response tended to do worse, clinically. So, there was an inverse correlation between the degree of serologic response and the outcome.”

Dattwyler explains why he came up with his seronegative Lyme assay, that Steere later used:

"Modulation of natural killer cell activity by Borrelia burgdorferi."
"In summary, B. burgdorferi can induce a severe inhibition both in vivo and in vitro in NK cell cytotoxic capabilities. This is in contrast to other bacteria that are known to activate NK cells. While the inhibition appears to be directly related to spirochetal proliferation or concentration, the exact mechanism is unclear and is under active investigation. Interleukin-2 stimulation abrogates this inhibitory effect, possibly via the induction of LAK cells, which may be involved secondarily to the inhibited endogenous NK. More studies will be needed to elucidate these interactions and their full significance to the host-microorganism interaction."


Seronegative Lyme disease. Dissociation of specific T- and B-lymphocyte responses to Borrelia burgdorferi.
"This disorder in these seronegative patients reflected a dissociation between T-cell and B-cell immune responses, in which the cellpmediatd arm of tyhe immune response was intact yet the humoral portion of the response appeared to be blunted.  This diminished antibody response is in contrast to the T-cll anergy commonly observed in several chronic infections (e.g., infection with Mycobacteria leprae or M. marinum, filariasis, and some chronic fungal infections 29-33)."

See Steere using this, Dattwyler and Volkman's "Seronegative Lyme assay," twice to assess "Chronic, Neurologic, Seronegative Lyme in 1990," (next snippet)
and 1991 to detect exposure to borrelia thru inhalation in his lab workers.

We know that in 1990 Allen Steere used the 1988 Dattwyler/Volkman seronegative T cell assay to assess "Chronic Neurologic Lyme" victims:

Everyone can see with their ▲ own eyeballs that Allen Steere is guilty of murder for later having falsified the diagnostic standard to have it that only the HLA-linked hypersensitivity response cases were diagnosed.


MEDLINE LINK:  Allen Steere using the T-cell assay over which Volkman is furious at Zemel/Feder to determine that nearly half his lab workers had inhaled spirochetes 
PubMed ID# 11833122

Thirdly in 1991, Steere wrote in Rheumatology News that he was aware of Seronegative Lyme and an MS-like outcome of Lyme (which is the same thing)>

2) That Yale, et al could read their Western Blots in LYMErix (Yale’s patent) vaccinated people, when several reports including the main RICO patent showed they could not. 

Here are those 4 "we can't read our OspA vaccine results" reports:

1) SCHOEN and PERSING, with JOHN ANDERSON,1996 - the RICO report:

The Dave Persing, Mayo Clinic FRAUD Patent-6,045,804 

4) Yale's ROBERT SCHOEN in the 1998 Munchausen's Book, instructing MDs to blow off LYMErix systemically injured people ("but send the post-vaccination blood to the Yale L2 Diagnostics RICO lab if you must bother to be a physician").

In the actual LYMErix trial, the data did not say "LYMErix prevented asymptomatic Lyme," but that LYMErix made Yale's victims so sick, they either dropped out of the trial or moved into the "Unconfirmed Lyme" category.
See DICKSON_FDA_SUBMISSION_FULL.htm  because this is what I told the FDA Vaccine Committee in 2001, Jan 31.

3) That LYMErix “prevented asymptomatic Lyme,” when the patent actually revealed that vaccine failure was similar to chronic Lyme, a disease the RICO entity now claims does not exist.

See the results of chronic exposure to fungal antigens, history and updated:  This is the
Fungal-Viral Synergy  page

1n 1998, Yale’s Robert - “Send the LYMErix injurees’ blood to us” chapter (in "Lyme Disease, ACP Key Diseaes Series" book)- Schoen revealed the RICO and that he knew that LYMErix outcomes were indistinguishable from the real chronic Lyme in the “Lyme is caused by Munchausen’s” book, the American College of Physicians 1998 text book on Lyme or Lyme in their “Key Diseases” series:

In that case study, the hypothetical victim of LYMErix complains of "arthralgias and fatigue"
At the 1998 FDA vaccine meeting Vijay Sikand said that seropositive patients are immune competent and can fight off the disease.
In the same meeting, he told the FDA meeting that later forms of the disease - like the late, unlatent forms, like Syphilis - are "harder to diagnose and treat."  --

"It is well known that Borrelia burgdorferi indeed after asymptomatic infection can lurk or secrete itself in certain areas of the body, perhaps the central nervous system or perhaps the joint spaces, only to reappear months or maybe years later in the form of late stages of illness which are harder to diagnosis and treat."  - Vijay Sikand, East Lyme, CT.

In 2005, Wormser and Klempner reported that the arthritis patients (the immune competent, the only ones who test positive via this new diagnostic standard) "generally feel well except for their arthritis symptoms":
See for that report.

[This is my experience, too.  People who test positive and have bad knees can work at banks (brain okay) and don't suffer any fatigue.  We don't know the reason for that yet.  There seems to be no relationship between TLR2-induced immunosuppression and HLA-linked hypersensitivity, but there does seem to be some relationship between TLR1 polymorphisms... (this is new, added Dec 22, 2010, KMD; Use MedLine)]

In 1995 in their RICO patent

"Additional uncertainty may arise if the vaccines are not completely protective; vaccinated patients with multisystem complaints characteristic of later presentations of Lyme disease may be difficult to distinguish from patients with vaccine failure."

It is legally convenient to claim that the disease caused by the vaccine does not exist.  However, we can prove they did know, from their own documents.  These documents, the entity sued by the Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal’s office – the -, refused to turn over to his office for a year and a half after they were subpoenaed by the CT AG in the fall of 2006.


Corixa (State of Washington, now absorbed by SmithKline) did all the advertising for the RICO entity, and claimed that they were partnered with Yale’s L2 Diagnostics and Imugen, in Norwood, Massachusetts.

The RICO patent is 6,045,804:


Currently, the most widely used screening test for Lyme disease is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) based on a whole cell antigen preparation from B. burgdorferi strain B31. However, anti-OspA antibodies present in serum of vaccinated subjects may react with OspA present in the antigen preparation, resulting in serologic false positivity. There is, therefore, a demonstrated need for a cost effective and easily employed diagnostic test for Lyme disease that can not only detect infection by B. burgdorferi but which can discriminate between subjects harboring a true B. burgdorferi infection and subjects who have been vaccinated with OspA.

[RICO or Monopoly►]:  The present invention provides a method useful to detect a B. burgdorferi infection in a subject. The method provided by the invention is particularly useful to discriminate B. burgdorferi infection from OspA vaccination, although it is sufficiently sensitive and specific to use in any general Lyme disease screening or diagnostic application. Thus, the method of the invention is particularly appropriate for large scale screening or diagnostic applications where only part of the subject population has been vaccinated or where the vaccination status of the population is unknown.

Ironically, however, the availability of such vaccines may increase the level of diagnostic uncertainty in the evaluation of patients with presentation of a nonspecific ***flu-like illness*** after tick bite or so-called "summer flu," the majority of which may be due to unrelated causes, to diseases transmitted by ticks such as B. microti, or to granulocytic Ehrlichia spp. Additional uncertainty may arise if the vaccines are not completely protective; vaccinated patients with multisystem complaints characteristic of later presentations of Lyme disease may be difficult to distinguish from patients with vaccine failure. Vaccine failures have been occasionally noted in animal models (E. Fikrig et al., Science, 250, 553-6 (1990)), and infection with antigenically variant strains of B. burgdorferi, which are being increasingly documented in the U.S., might still occur.

See, Corixa and Yale say that Lyme-and-LYMErix-Disease are pretty much the same.  That would be because the disease is actually the immune suppression outcomes of Pam3Cys or spirochetal blebbing of these fungal antigens…, or, Lyme-and-LYMErix-Disease is the New Great Imitator…, or, Lyme-and-LYMErix Diseases are the results of opportunistic infections like latent viruses and mycoplasma in the blood and in the spinal cord, as is probably the case with the Lou Gehrig’s Disease outcome of Lyme.

Note that Lou Gehrig’s Disease is not a hypersensitivity reaction to fungal antigens in a knee, according to this cabal, who now says it doesn’t, but also, refused to answer Blumenthal’s subpoena, and this particular “Lyme causes ALS” character/author of the study, JJ Halperin, was the cat who did an end run around the Blumenthal subpoena and created the new-and-bogus Neurology “guidelines” mentioned in the Blumenthal indictment.


CORIXA WAS GIVEN AN “BIODEFENSE CONTRACT: as a reward for defrauding Uncle Sam.; one assumes Crazy Eddie McSweegan had something to do with that, since he sees himself as some kind of government spy, and we call him “Double-Oh” McSweegan for this reason.

CORIXA WAS PURCHASED BY SMITHKLINE, so we don’t know what happened to the Biodefense Contract, since this is a British company...

I faxed that insider-spook information to foreign embassies.

SMITHKLINE SOLD THEIR FRAUDULENT STRAIN B31 TESTING TO QUEST (B31 has no OspC in it, and OspC is the brain-invasion antigen and one of the 3, 2 of which are needed for a positive IgM blot according to the bogus Dearborn standard)... 
See the patents for that data:

Yale also owns a real test for Lyme, the Bb specific flagellin method (Bb-Fla), which is USA patent # 5,618,533.  This detects most cases of Lyme, around 95%.  This test was not used to assess the outcome of Yale’s other patent, LYMErix, and is not now used as the diagnostic standard.  The Bb-Fla patent was applied for in 1993 and the method (specific, accurate, and sensitive) was developed and validated in 1991.

So, the American College of Physicians is another idiotic medical entity, like the

In Schoen’s case study chapter in that textbook, he basically says to
“Blow-off LYMErix injuries, but that the blood (if a patient must, after all, be ‘treated’ like one of these nuisance sick people who are always going to doctors for medical care and getting in the way of profits for bogus vaccine patent holders, and the’s other main partner at NYMC, Kaiser-Permanente), should be sent to a lab that does not have the OspA-B plasmid in it – for instance, like this US#6,045,804 RICO patent claims – like us, Yale’s L2 Diagnostics, or one of our partners in crime, Imugen or Corixa.”

Now, what Allen Steere did to set up the RICO, was to go to Germany in 1992 with bogus high-passage strains and recombinant OspA-B without the lipid moiety, when it is the lipid moiety that is most immunogenic or most likely to produce a strong antibody response.

This was how OspA and B were left out of the Dearborn diagnostic standard how convenient for this little cabal – Imugen, which we think is somehow a Steere company, Corixa, and Yale’s L2 Diagnostics – to have developed a way to test for Lyme after LYMErix vaccine and that this would be used after everyone in America and presumably Europe would be vaccinated with OspA.

You can read the details of Steere’s Excellent German Adventure here:
and here:
and here:

Says Allen Steere from Germany (1992) with his bogus strains and bogus recombinant OspA:

◄"These fusion proteins contained the full-length OspA or OspB sequence without the lipid moiety or signal sequence."

^^^^^  OspA and B will not produce antibodies without the lipid attached.

Now, it was known much earlier (in the 1960s and earlier) that mycoplasma cause arthritis and one of the goodies Plum Island was clearly messing around with was mycoplasma.  When Steere claimed he first thought Lyme was caused by viruses in the knee, he either knew better or is a bigger moron that anyone thought possible for a CDC officer. Plum Island shenanigans.