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Duh DCF Penis-Biter sues me for reporting her penis-biting to duh DCF and the New London Police.  

That could only happen in Corrupticut.

See also the video of the kids: CRIMES_OF_CORRUPTICUT.htm  talking about this penisbiter -
Watch the kids themselves, say what Anderson did to them.

Download the video:  INKEL_ABUSE_RENDERED_31_JULY.wmv
Download the video file of me calling this abuse in to DCF
on June 24, 2006:  AUD_0004.ASF
See the other records, here:  ENTRAPMENT_DCF_CHILD_ABUSE.htm

============= my response ▼, my answer to the lawsuit ===========

DCF FELONIES-  AAG Jessica Gauvin steals AG Blumenthal's mail right off his desk: Please read these data also, since they were included in the response to the lawsuit against myself, for reporting the little-boy penis-biter, Annette Anderson, to the New London Police and duh DCF  

Duh DCF hates my guts because I proved scientifically that all psychotropics are brain damaging.  And without the kid-drugging, the kidnapping RICO would not go so well for the profiteering fosters, who prefer to keep the kidnapped kids asleep, so that there is no work involved.

Docket Nos.   NONE

Anderson Child Abuser Case
Medical and other Records of the Abuse of the INKEL AND
and YouTube Channel, KMDickson

70 Huntington Street    
New London, CT
No Case # Assigned
"Major T, Minor 50”  whatever that means.

Return Date Listed as Aug. 19, 2008

Statement of Defendant/Respondent
KATHLEEN DICKSON, Analytical Chemist vs ANNETTE ANDERSON, Violent and Well-documented DCF Foster Child Abuser.

RESPONDENT KATHLEEN M. DICKSON denies all allegations, demands a trial by jury, and will represent herself in these, the fake, corrupt CONNECTICUT “courts” (Corrupticourts).   RESPONDENT DICKSON will absolutely NEVER, under any circumstances, remove from the web the evidence of ANNETTE ANDERSON’S abundant abuses to children, sanctioned and approved by DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES (DCF), since the ANDERSON case demonstrates the reason why 7 month old MICHAEL BROWN is dead at the hands, allegedly, of a DCF worker double-dipping as a foster “carer,” SUZANNE LISTRO.    It is time for CORRUPTICUT residents to know why DCF is “a colossal waste of childrens’ lives and taxpayers dollars,” according to JEANNE MILSTEIN, the Child Advocate (whatever that means).

Posted to the Hartford Courant  July 30, 2008 by father of children abused by ANDERSON  (screencapture)


PHILLIP H. INKEL, father of 3 of the 4 children severely abused by ANNETTE ANDERSON, posted to the HARTFORD COURANT in commentary to the alleged DCF-murder of MICHAEL BROWN, which has similarities to ANNETTE ANDERSON’S abuse of children: 

“I said annette anderson the dcf lisenced foster parent physically sexually and emotionally abused my children.  And dcf, dr long, judge bear, dcf joel suroviak, the new London police, Kevin occonor, dcf susan wax, and many others including federal court monitor mr mancuso have covered it up and continue to cover it up.  And gues what annette anderson is still a licensed foster parent and still not in jail.”


Movie made of INKEL children’s abuse on RESPONDENT DICKSON'S YouTube Channel, kmdickson, says, “Sexual Violence against INKEL children by ANNETTE ANDERSON and the cover up by ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM WHOLEAN features the INKEL family discussing the crimes against them by the DCF:


This evidence is embedded and also attached as exhibits so that DCF-ANDERSON cannot deny that this evidence entered into ANDERSON’S defense.  This reply will be posted to the RESPONDENT DICKSON’S website and elsewhere in secure places, should this case turn out to not be about ANDERSON, but about another attempt at a false arrest of the RESPONDENT  DICKSON.   It seems impossible that ANDERSON would dare to claim the RESPONDENT DICKSON was lying about all the evidence of ANDERSON’s abuse.  DICKSON notified the press.


It is so certainly LIKELY (there is more hard evidence here than there is in most child-removal cases) that ANNETTE ANDERSON is the violent child abuser that the RESPONDENT DICKSON claims she is, that the RESPONDENT begged US ATTORNEY GENERAL ALBERTO GONZALES to send an inspection team to Corrupticut to investigate, and that request to the USDOJ (sic) was over the very medical and other evidence of ANNETTE ANDERSON’S abundant abuses to the INKEL and GOSSELIN DCF- kidnapped children.  The complaint and evidence were faxed to the USDOJ (sic) along with numerous other complaints of criminality on the part of the DCF.

ANDERSON tries to falsely allege that the RESPONDENT DICKSON, was not certain that abuse has taken place, neglecting to mention that 1) the INKELS claimed and proved these allegations in a motion to DCF “court” filed June 21, 2006, which was 2) copied to CT GOVERNOR JODI RELL, who responded by mail to the INKEL, acknowledging receipt of the data),  3) that the INKELS filed a federal lawsuit over the matter previous to the June 21, 2006 motion and 4) most importantly, there is a video on the RESPONDENT'S website where the INKEL CHILDREN themselves state that ANDERSON “pinched” and “bit” their “pee-pees” that autoplays from this page: It has been either viewed or downloaded approximately 5 thousand times.
Video taken on Father’s Day, 2006, which is June, rendering ANDERSON’S statements an obvious set of lies, in the RESPONDENT’S view.   June precedes July, in case ANDERSON herself or anyone employed by duh DCF is reading this reply.

5) The RESPONDENT DICKSON also audio-recorded her DCF Abuse HotLine call-in one about the crimes of ANDERSON that can be downloaded (date of call = approximately June 28,  2006):

In the audio file, which is about 37 minutes long, the RESPONDENT DICKSON explains all these same abuses and requests the DCF’s fax number to fax the same records the INKELS filed to the DCF on June 21, 2006 and copied to the CT GOVERNOR RELL [EXHIBIT- CD, EXHIBIT, JODI RELL’s forwarding of the INKEL MOTION about ANNETTE ANDERSON to duh DCF’s CHIEF DENISE DUNBAR].

6)  There is yet another video on the RESPONDENT’S YouTube channel (kmdickson) about the matter of the abuse of the INKEL children, featuring MEREDITH (mother), PHILLIP (father), and ALEXANDER (oldest son together) INKEL, discussing this exact same abuse by ANNETTE ANDERSON matter and other criminal actions on the part of the DCF, to which ART BELL, none other than the famous US and Canadian radio show host of “Coast-to-Coast” subscribed.  (There are only 3 videos on the RESPONDENT'S channel, so surely it was either over the INKEL abuse or “Racism in the Corrupticourts,” movie that he joined.  Numerous people applauded the work.)

In the Name of Christ, through this case, ANDERSON and the DCF national cult’s criminal activities and harm to children will be exposed
for the press and the entire world to see.  Whoever, then, after the scandal and prosecutions, is left among DCF staff not in jail, will be looking for employment in some field where they’re more intellectually qualified, such as picking up garbage along the highway or returning carts in the parking lots at WALMART and the supermarkets along with the other genuine Special Ed people, like the Corrupticourts “judges.”  


The problem, here, is the DCF’s known falsifications of whatever needs to be falsified to protect their own interests and/or out of sheer vindictiveness.  This is what happens when citizens are allowed to be wiretapped and when courts are secret.


The result of DCF’s chronic, criminally insane behavior is the likes of the late 7 month old MICHAEL BROWN- the foster “mother” (SUZANNE LISTRO) having already had complaints filed against her by DCF, yet she was a DCF employee.  DCF does not want it known that they take children from non-abusive homes and place them with their foster abuser friends.  The pay is good in this racket, and everyone in America knows it.   It is not true that DCF needs to have secret courts so that they can “protect the children.”  The secrecy is to protect DCF staff from criminal prosecutions- which would happen the second parents were given all the legal protections of real alleged criminals.   DCF is a moral and legal abomination – with no other intention than to destroy children and families.  The United States Universities’ Schools of Social Work teach the “workers” what to think, not how to think.  All the graduates should ask that their university fees be refunded.  The RESPONDENT never met a dumber clique outside her own “family.”

Overheard at one party
Brother A - surveying the crowd - "Man, what a herd of porkers"
Brother B - "But they <blank>, man, they <blank> !"




It is not clear which is driving which:  Are the DCF stupid because of their sexual immorality, or is does their stupidity result in the immorality?   Everyone knows a degree in Social Work is a non-degree.  Either they were stupid when they joined up or they were indoctrinated with the sexual immorality and the grandiosity that is so central to "psychoanalysis," and never asked any questions about the logic of the notion that "becoming whores would make them less the slaves of men," misnamed "sexual liberation" or "feminism?"  RESPONDENT herself is no genius.  The RESPONDENT figured this out when JAMES PHILLIPS (88 Noble Avenue Milford, CT) informed her that she could cure her boyfriend's drinking by giving him more sex, when the drinking began 20 years before RESPONDENT'S relationship.  It does not make any sense that hospitals should be turned into brothels, but JAMES PHILLIPS thinks sex cures all diseases.  This is the nonsense we all pay for with our tax dollars.  PHILLIPS is a "FORENSIC PSYCHIATRIST" for the STATE OF CORRUPTICUT.  Unfortunately the rest of us are not all allowed to make it all up as we go along.  Only the STATE'S "experts" are allowed to do so.  We all saw it happen with PARK DIETZ, and ANDREA YATES.  DIETZ was not diagnosed as psychotic for inventing LAW and ORDER episodes that not only never occurred, but were never considered.  It seems that DIETZ never considered the abuse of ANDREA YATES by her psychiatrists, who diagnosed and treated ANDREA for RUSSELL YATES' abuse of ANDREA.  Never does it arise in psychiatrists musings that iatrogenic treatment from these perverts like JAMES PHILLIPS - whose brain is so dense it should be cloned for HUMVEE armor in Iraq - could driving their patients insane.  Psychiatry is all made up nonsense and primarily blames the victim.  Psychopaths never seek psychiatric help since psychiatrists and psychopaths are like like poles of a magnet.  It's amazing that their inward thinking stops at their own psychoanalysis- a requirement in the process of receiving an "MD" in this Religion of Ego and Sex, psychiatry.  After that they're all "FINE" with projecting their own perversions on their victims.  RESPONDENT has not met a one of them yet who is sane and understands the difference between opinion and scientific fact.  Not even the famous PARK DIETZ:

"Dietz takes the popular media and their effects on behavior seriously. He believes that slasher movies, violent television programs, and news reports--especially television news reports--contribute to American society's problems with serial killers, sexual sadists, stalkers, and product tamperers."

Perhaps it is the DCF itself, with all of their whoring crimes, that contributes to violence and sexual violence.  People read about porn downloading by psychologists at the DCF's pediatric psych klink, People read about ANNETTE ANDERSON when they did not have to, had DCF or the NEW LONDON POLICE done their jobs; People read about KRISTINE RAGAGLIA and figure this slutty drunken behavior is either expected or a way to advance their careers; Psychiatrists tell their patients to become sluts in order to cure others of alcoholism and Lyme Disease; People read about DCF and DMHAS employees taking home 16 year old DCF kidnappees from the pediatric psych klink to use as sex slaves; People read about DCF employees who are caught partying with and sexually assaulting their co-workers; People read about DCF workers showing up at a school with guns and drugs in their cars, being shot at, refusing to talk to the police, but are allowed to keep both their children and their jobs; People read about the alleged baby-boy head-basher SUZANNE LISTRO getting out on bail (the baby is dead from what, rolling off a bed?, yeahright); People read about DCF supervisors (VALERIE MILES) who tamper with witnesses and plant evidence but are allowed to keep their jobs; People read about the likes of MAUREEN REGULA (DUGGAN) who sent the fake whistleblower letter about ALAN PLOFSKY in the ETHICS COMMISSION (?!?!?) to get him filed because he did not approved of the DCF-ROWLANDGATE "national string of pediatric jails" RICO; People read about the crazy LINDA YELMINI, who amazingly was a candidate to oversee STATE POLICE complaints after she not only was the DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES boss (and which strangely had a little OCD going on with the RESPONDENT), she was a participant in the false trashing of ALAN PLOFSKY;  People read about the crazy stupid STATE TROOPERS' "100 CLUB"; People read about crazy rooster-crowing. violin-playing, "El-Stupido"-saying "judges" (SCHEINBLUM); People read about crazy judges who say things like Irish people are naturally bad parents, because they're "tough nuts to crack" (KAPLAN); People read about DCF beating the boys in the pediatric prison (twice, in 1999 and 2004) and none of them went to jail for assault; People read about DCF, DMHAS and the STATE TROOPERS getting away with all sorts of crimes against the innocent public; Police raping women "suspects" but who are afraid to complain because of the retaliation (more false criminal charges):


DIETZ thinks witnessing this insanity on the taxpayers' dime adds to the epidemic of immorality and criminality.  Who is the RESPONDENT to argue?

The RESPONDENT contends the injustice of the CORRUPTICOURTS is driving the cynicism which is driving some of the crimes.  The DCF kidnappees know they're being abused and lied about by DCF and their "foster carers."  Almost all of them are either dysthymic or in jail or demented from the drugs.  Psychiatrists never put their finger on it because they're participants in these crimes and especially because psychiatry's own self-worshipping nuttiness and perversion is the source of it all.  They're also all cannibals, like lawyers, who feed off of other peoples' hardships, but do not do any actual productive work themselves, and never do psychiatrists do any human rights activism, yet they're everyone's critic.  DIETZ would like to stop Hollywood.  He should reach a little farther back to discover who introduced to Western Culture this theory that perversion is normal.  It happened 50 years ago when psychiatrists were first allowed to be given MD degrees. 

Psychiatry/psychological terminology corrupted the Catholic Church.  During the "Modernization" at Vatican II, the goal of which was to dilute the Church's Authority and banish such ideas as the fact of Satan and the demons and replace these notions of evil with psychological terminology that describes manifestations of evil as "mental illness" (but also the victims of evil are diagnosed as "mentally ill") left Western thought utterly rudderless.  There is no shared discernment.  There is only an explosion of various "expertise" and opinions on these matters.  PARK DIETZ loves to study the manifestations of evil, while assuming he has the authority to judge from which these acts come.  How would it be if the likes of JEFFREY DAHMER and CORRUPTICUT'S own MICHAEL ROSS were  found to be possessed?  How would it be if the likes of AAG JESSICA GAUVIN was found to be possessed?  Her looniest accusations against the RESPONDENT were over the matter of "burning in hell" and "JESSICA GAUVIN" being mentioned in the same paragraph.  DIETZ can't say with certainty what is the source of evil.  Exorcists can.  He should study up on the matter.  Psychiatry is as much a religion as the Catholic Church, except where phenomenon like chairs flying through the air are documented by other psychiatrists:  [MALACHI MARTIN, INTERVIEW WITH ART BELL, COAST TO COAST]  "Dr. Hammond" "gave up psychiatry once he had gotten into the real thing."

"Well over 50% of persons diagnosed as mentally ill are possessed."- Fr. MALACHI MARTIN

"The purpose of possession is to send souls to hell."  Any normal person who has the misfortune of being in the presence of AAG JESSICA GAUVIN would naturally look into the matter of SATAN and POSSESSION.  RESPONDENT asserts this as fact.  NORMAL being defined as not being an insane DCF employee or one of the evil, lying child torturers like ANNETTE ANDERSON, who would dare to sue the RESPONDENT and assert the RESPONDENT is a liar.

If the RESPONDENT had filed a false report to the DCF about ANNETTE ANDERSON, and the DCF thought this was a false report, DCF would have charged the RESPONDENT with a crime, since it is a criminal matter to file deliberately false allegations.   Granted, the DCF has never prosecuted a case of filing false allegations and they did not arrest DONALD G. DICKSON or NANCY E. MARTIN for filing false allegations against the RESPONDENT. The DCF and the STATE'S ATTORNEY'S office  have stated that they "have no idea whose job it is to prosecute false allegations" because "it has never been done before."  This is a problem for the STATE OF CONNECTICUT, not the RESPONDENT.  Nevertheless, all persons should be made aware that there is no punishment for filing false allegations.  All persons are free to torture the people they hate by sic-ing the DCF after them.  The STATE TROOPERS even do it to each other.  Everyone knows the DCF is the worst abomination of humanity to ever walk the earth or foul the courts with their presence. 

This is the RESPONDENT'S belief system.  If ANDERSON or PSYCHIATRY disapproves, they can take it up with the VATICAN.  The RESPONDENT does not agree with JAMES PHILLIPS that he can perjure himself under oath and that the RESPONDENT should worship penises.   The matter at hand is whether or not ANDERSON tortured children and likes little boys' penises.


----------------- PAGE 13 of the WORD document--------------

The Respondent continues to allege:

ANNETTE ANDERSON punched with closed fist to ALEXANDER INKEL’S (Aged 4 at the time) face, per ALEXANDER INKEL, and as demonstrated to the Respondent by Alex Inkel in approximately March 2006.


ANDREW INKEL’S (Aged 3 at the time) penis was pinched by ANNETTE ANDERSON, per ANDREW INKEL.

4) KIMBERLY GOSSELIN (aged 5) (Independent record/testimony) was abused and afraid of Annette Anderson, per New London Child and Family Services’ AMY SIZER.  DCF took in and recorded the complaint about ANNETTE ANDERSON by AMY SIZER.  GOSSELIN was listed as afraid of the moody ANDERSON and admits to being forced to eat food taken out of the garbage (her own dinner was retrieved) and being spanked by Anderson.

Records of the KIMBERLY GOSSELIN abuse was given to the INKELS by the DCF, as part of the INKEL record.  Now they are part of public record because the police and DCF did not investigate the Inkel children’s complaints of abuse. 

DCF staff are astonishingly stupid people and should not be allowed near anyone’s children for that reason alone.

5) ANDREW INKEL was left home alone all day long in the summer by ANNETTE ANDERSON at aged 3 years old, “wif no food and no drink,’ per ALEXANDER INKEL, while the rest went to Lake Quassapaug for the day.   ALEXANDER INKEL offered this information to the RESPONDENT out of the blue.  It made him sad to see his brother mistreated in this way.

6) ANASTASIA INKEL; Aged 4 months was believed by the Respondent to have been repeatedly abused by ANDERSON for two reasons:  A) ANASTASIA INKEL (MEDICAL RECORDS) has no “Café au Lait spots.”  RESPONDENT’S sister, niece and nephew have neurofibromatosis.  To the RESPONDENT, this was the most convincing evidence.  The Respondent never looked at the buttocks of ANASTASIA INKEL, since this is MEREDITH INKEL'S child.  PHILLIP INKEL informed the RESPONDENT DICKSON that there is a red birth mark on or about August 5, 2008.  There are no Café au Lait spots on the child’s extremities that the RESPONDENT noticed.  Given the other beatings evidence and testimony and the absence of Café au Lait spots, RESPONDENT believed this to be evidence of physical trauma. 

B) ANASTASIA INKEL also exhibits signs of Reactive Attachment Disorder after being returned to her real mother, after spending her entire first year in the abuse of ANNETTE ANDERSON.  The RESPONDENT noticed this also.  

The question of the repeated abuse of the INKEL CHILDREN as shown by the medical records raises the question of whether DR. DENNIS LONG is complicit in the cover-up of the abuse by ANDERSON.  DENNIS LONG has in other areas demonstrated medical incompetence (congenital Lyme Disease).

No one followed up to check up on this baby to see if the RESPONDENT’S allegations were true; not the DCF and not the NEW LONDON POLICE.  Does she, or doesn’t she have Café au Lait Spots?  Had they done their jobs, this case would not be as public as it is now.  Sooner or later DCF’s criminal tactics meant to protect only themselves and for their own job security, had to boomerang.

7) ANDREW INKEL had an inflamed penis, per the mother on a “home visit,” with a fever.  DCF would not allow MRS. INKEL to take ANDREW to the physician.  Later it was discovered that he was taken to the MD by ANNETTE ANDERSON, if this instance matches the LONG records and was not another instance of penis-injury in the “care” of ANDERSON.  The abuse to ANDREW’S penis was documented in the medical records.  MEREDITH INKEL stated that DCF’s LUCAS DANIELS was a witness to the scab on ANDREW INKEL’S penis and fever.  It appeared to be an infection of the penis leading to a fever which led to a doctor’s visit.  

All of this abuse is “fine and normal” when a foster “carer” commits it, but when a real parent commits such crimes, the kids are kidnapped by DCF, brainwashed into thinking their real parents are monsters, gone forever into Foster “Care” Graduate Limbo with no family or support once they reach age 18, resulting in the likes of CARLA ORTIZ, the BURGOS boy (suicide in the pediatric DCF-Rowlandgate “TREA,” energy independent supermax prison, an enterprise over which former GOVERNOR JOHN G. ROWLAND, TOMASSO, and PETER ELLEF went to prison, but not the DCF’s Chief Debaser of Professions, KRISTINE RAGAGLIA), or the 3 DCF graduates who murdered a 4th last summer, or like ELSIE FIGUEROA (a murderer of a Polish man in NEW BRITAIN, and who was drugged up, furious, and said she “only wanted to go home to her mother,” denied by DCF), or in the adult prisons, demented from the forced psychotropic drugging, or retarded and dysthymic like the members of who claimed to have been made “dumber” from the forced psychotropic drugging.

8) ANDREW INKEL suffered a black eye in the care of ANNETTE ANDERSON, which was photographed by the INKELS.  This evidence was part of the INKEL’S federal civil suit against the DCF.

10)Mr. Maris Time Outs” (Military Type Torture).  The children described to their mother, MEREDITH INKEL of being forced to remain frozen in a skiing position with hands out as a punishment, per the orders of a “MR. MARIS,” apparently ANDERSON’S male acquaintance.  Three, four, and five year old children tend to know nothing about “forced stress positions,” despite the Abu Ghraib, Bahgram Air Base, and Guantanamo expressions of America’s moral and intellectual “supremacy” and appreciation for human rights.

11) ALEXANDER INKEL and the excrement episode.  ALEXANDER claims – and the Respondent explained in the audiofile recording to the DCF before July 28, 2006 and which is downloadable from the RESPONDENT’S, - that he was locked in his bedroom and was not allowed to use the bathroom, resulting in bathroom behavior without the toilet on the part of Alex.  This 4 or 5 year old was so upset with his abuse, the Respondent is told, he smeared this excrement around the bedroom.  Such bizarre conditions one never hears about unless “DCF” is spoken in the same sentence.  Another claim by a DCF kidnappee/survivor (On YouTube) was that the foster carer smeared the face of a 7 year old in his excrement that was similarly misplaced in a garbage can.  DCF and their foster cronies are very good at driving children out of their minds.

DCF rubbed a kid's nose in his own excrement and then shoved him outside for hours and hours:

The psych meds "make you DUMBER"  "Gave me dyslexia-  I could not read any more"


12)  The INKELS faxed this same data (a June 21, 2006 motion to the corrupt DCF "courts" containing this same evidence) to GOVERNOR JODI RELL.  RELL responded by forwarding this data to DCF’s Commissioner DENISE DUNBAR.  DUNBAR was fired (not "re-appointed" by Rell).

This evidence and testimony was reported to the NEW LONDON POLICE as well as to the DCF by the RESPONDENT well before July 28, 2006.  There never was a truer case of good-faith reporting of severe abuse of children, than in the RESPONDENT’S dutiful reporting of torture in this ANDERSON-INKEL case.   The medical records jive with the kids’ testimony, and the INKEL case jives all the other evidence of DCF’s abundant federal crimes.






What is not going to happen here is another fraudulent assault on the RESPONDENT’S  character by the insane DCF gang.
   The RESPONDENT will again provide her own and her children's medical records which prove the children have congenital Lyme Disease, and that the RESPONDENT is disabled from the Multiple Sclerosis or the neurologic version of Lyme Disease.  The "court" will accommodate the RESPONDENT in whatever way is necessary, per the RESPONDENT.  There are no limits on how the "courts" must accommodate the disabled.

The RESPONDENT was falsely arrested by AAG JESSICA GAUVIN and was never allowed to address any of the “courts.”  Due to improper representation, RESPONDENT was not informed that she was to be allowed to refute then perjury of the nitwitnesses by ATTORNEY  PETER J. BARTINIK, Jr.,  upon which she fired BARTINIK and faxed a motion demanding that the idiot “judge” JOHN C. DRISCOLL look at the evidence already in evidence (March 25, 2004). It was obvious that DRISCOLL never looked at the evidence, nor does DRISCOLL even know what evidence is, as opposed to hearsay.  RESPONDENT is a scientist.  The likes of DRISCOLL is the biggest problem with the Corrupticourts.  The “judges” know nothing and are chosen by the likes of RELL and ROWLAND for that singular attribute.  If the judges are brainless and inexperienced, the prosecutors can run roughshod all over the public.  Some people are actually appointed judgeships who have not ever set foot in a Corrupticourt:




Listed in the INKEL’S complaint/motion against ANDERSON June 21, 2006, which was reported to the NEW LONDON POLICE and JODI RELL:

MRS. INKEL's son from another marriage was kidnapped by DCF 4 years previously because MRS. INKEL refused to have her son force-drugged with Zyprexa.  The hearing over the removal did not convene for 4 years, despite it being CONNECTICUT law that the hearing take place within 10 days of the kidnapping ("removal").  There is considerable scientific proof that all psychotropics are brain damaging as brain anesthetics.  All psychotropics are all either receptor- or transporter- blockers except lithium which is not a psychotropic but a natural element and competitor for calcium in the calmodulin molecule and as such changes the cell membrane potential, decreasing the likelihood the cell will autokill or undergo apoptosis in a "poisonous" environment.  Lithium has a neuroprotective effect, is the secret ingredient in the "Fountain of Youth" but is not in bottled spring water, which is sold as in some way special, without the lithium and is thus a hoax.

"The scientific journal articles which demonstrate that all psychotropics are brain damaging are relevant to the Inkel case as regards Aaron Baker because not only did the DCF defraud the court over the removal of Aaron Baker nearly 4 years ago, the scientific data shows that Meredith Inkel made the right decision not so psychotropic drug her son Aaron Baker.  Aaron Baker states repeatedly that he does not want these drugs because they make him feel terrible.   The scientific journal articles submitted by Kathleen Dickson to the DCF court in Middletown in 2004 and that are still on her website are:

1)  SSRI's induced agitation or akathisia or extrapyramidal effects or brain damage: 9694033 PubMed

2)  Genetic animal models: focus on schizophrenia, Gainetdinov, RR., et al. TRENDS in Neuroscience, Vol 24., No. 9, September, 2001   (They have no clue what the drugs targets are, because the drugs' mechanisms are all wrong.  And that's the state of the "art".-- KMD)  11506886 PubMed

3)  Brain cell loss, well described in this seminal research article from 1993 about how of all these drugs are brain damaging.  What these articles show, is that not only do "depressants" cause brain damage, brain cell death, and total brain volume loss, they make a person more demented and more unconfortable in all ways:

"Loss of striatal cholinergic neurons as a basis for tardive and L-dopa-induced dyskinesias, neuroleptic-induced supersensitivity psychosis and refractory schizophrenia."    Miller R, Chouinard G.,  Biol Psychiatry. 1993 Nov 15;34(10):713-38.    7904833 PubMed

4)  Psychiatric research in the 21st Century; Opportunities  and Limitations, GR, Heninger, Millenium Article, Molecular Psychiatry (1999) 4, 429-436  (Psychiatry is beginning to consider thinking like scientists--KMD)   10523815 PubMed

5)  "The Pathophysiology of Agitation", Jearn-Pierre Lindenmayer, J Clin Psychiatry 2002;61 (suppl 14)   11154018 PubMed

6)  "Akathisia and Exacerbation of Psychopathology; A Preliminary Report", Dunca, et al. Clinical Neuropharmacology, Vol 23, No. 3, pp. 169-173  10895402 PubMed

7)  "Subjective Emotional Experience and Cognitive Impairment in Drug-Induced Akathisia", Jong-Hoon Kim, et al, Comprehensive Psychiatry, Vol.43, No. 6 (November/DEcember), 2002: pp 456-462    12439833 PubMed

8)  "Correlations Between Akathisia and Residual Psychopathology: A By-product of Neuroleptic-Induced Dysphoria", Newcomer, et al. Br J Psychiatry. 1994 Jun;164(6):834-8. 7952993 PubMed

9) "Cardiovascular Effects of Antipsychotics Used in Bipolar Illness", Piepho, Robert W., J Clin Psychiatry 2002;63 [suppl 4]:20-23   11913671 PubMed

10) Movement Disorders Associated With Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs, Caroff, SN, et al, J Clin Psychiatry 2002;63[suppl 4] 12-19   11913670 PubMed

The following abstract is about a treatment for the brain damage.  This means "tranquilizers" cause agitation (which is clearly the opposite effect of what is intended), and that this is so well known, that so, too, is it well known, that it must be treated.   They therefore have created brain damage, this is standard operative procedure and common knowledge.  Among Psychiatrists and BigPharma.

ABSTRACT:  "Gamma-aminoburytic acid agonists for neuroleptic-induced dyskensia", Soares, et al, Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2001; (2);CD000203

11)  Van Der Kolk  Assessment and Treatment of Complex PTSD, Rachel Yehuda, 2001 "Traumatic Stress" 

Highest Correlate in development of severe Complex PTSD is "Separation from Parents," for ages 7-12.    Read it for yourself.  Don't take my word for it.




The misdiagnoses of "mental disorders" that are actually "Lyme Disease" or Relapsing Fever, which is a permanent brain infection like syphilis:
In the past, in America, no one cared about the brain damage of syphilis since it mostly happened to Black people and/or criminals.

(Connecticut is the most racist state in the Union.  The DCF-ROWLANDGATE RICO crime was about "CUSTODIAL DEMOCRACY" where we put all the Black people in jail, pre-emptively, to keep them from procreating because, according to the NeoCon, AIPAC, and ISRAELI AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE'S DANIEL PIPES, they might become Muslims, who don't like what ISRAEL is doing to PALESTINIANS, as discussed previously with "Judge" JONATHAN KAPLAN and his take on bad, bad IRISH people who rebelled against BRITISH Occupation.)

Says Allen Steere at the 1994 FDA Meeting in LYMErix, Lyme is like syphilis:

“LYME DISEASE” is a scientific fraud crime committed by ALLEN STEERE in EUROPE in the early 1990s.  ALLEN STEERE, RAYMOND DATTWYLER, GARY WORMSER, and MARK KLEMPNER- all people sued by AG RICHARD BLUMENTHAL for scientific fraud and racketeering (charged in CORRUPTICUT as “anti-trust”) – all have said that ALLEN STEERE’s kind of “LYME DISEASE” is arthritis alone (in a knee, usually) with no brain damage signs and no fatigue.  (FDA transcripts, 1994 Lyme vaccine meeting) (FDA transcriptis, 1994 Lyme vaccine meeting)  (WORMSER and KLEMPNER)

That leaves “LYME RELAPSING FEVER” to be the disease 1) which has no diagnostic standard (other than ICD-9 087) or blood test; 2)  is the result of the immune suppression caused by tolerance to shed gram negative lipoproteins which results in all the New Great Imitator
outcomes of what we all used to call the pre-ALLEN STEERE-in-EUROPE - “LYME DISEASE”; 3) is not diagnosed in its earliest stage because YALE UNIVERSITY wanted to have a bogus vaccine trial (LYMERIX); 4) and was a problem because the YALE OspA lipoprotein vaccine, a Pam3Cys lipopeptide only found in E. coli, Lyme, Brucella, mycoplasma and mycoplasma, and likely the gp120 and gp41 “glycolipids” of HIV or AIDS virus, suppressed the immune system in all of these diseases (New Great Imitator) and recombinant vaccines, but because YALE trashed the victims of LYME and LYMERIX (and the whistleblower, the RESPONDENT ), 
YALE, et al inhibited discovery in all these diseases: Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, and now HIV vaccine development for at least 10 years.

It was an enormous crime committed by YALE UNIVERSITY staff, further exacerbated by the likes of the penis-loving malpractitioner JAMES PHILLIPS and all of his co-perjurers, VLADIMIR CORIC, DMHAS staff, KENNETH MARCUS, PATRICIA LEEBENS (DCF and YALE’S chief kid-drugger and brain damager, not to mention, criminal for defrauding the self-alleged courts with the:”OTC” of the RESPONDENT’S children and then “left the country”), and so on.  The love of penises has zero to do with immune suppression outcomes like ALS and MS, but the RESPONDENT wonders if in the 21st century, in CORRUPTICUT, we can work past this new 20th century cult, psychiatry, and go back to where we left off with GALILEO and the POPE and the ENLIGHTENMENT and claim that people have to prove scientifically the source of medical phenomenon and are not allowed to succumb to their own bizarre, personal delusions and assert that the causes of diseases are the likes of penis-envy or group telekinetic

While JEWISH KABBALISTS may assert that the causes of illness is sin – giving insight as to why YALE always likes to blame the victim – many of the Catholic saints were chronically ill and even suffered the stigmata.  RESPONDENT asserts the stigmata did not come from SATAN.


The Malpractice Treatment of Lyme Delirium or Tabes Dorsalis:

"Medications for psychiatric disorders can be both the cause of delirium and exacerbate or contribute to delirium from other causes."-  The American Psychiatric Association


The following is the testimony of KAREN FORSCHNER of the LYME DISEASE FOUNDATION ( who witnessed the brain damage the RESPONDENT suffered upon the malpractice treatment of Lyme Delirium by JAMES PHILLIPS, "MD" who happens to be incompetent due to his sex-obsession.  PHILLIPS' only topic is sex, much like DCF, as evidenced by DCF's former commissioner, KRISTINE RAGAGLIA, and in this case, apparently, ANNETTE ANDERSON.

"You were rocking and pacing during the meeting." 
This is the brain damage known as akathisia or a drug-induced Parkinson's-like disorder caused by brain damaging psychotropics.  It is caused by actual brain cell death at the base of the brain from the multiple toxicities of Lyme encephalopathy in combination with the brain damage well-known to be caused by psychotropics.  In order that JAMES PHILLIPS not be sued for malpractice, he perjured himself, as did DMHAS' KENNETH MARCUS.  RESPONDENT DICKSON, never had a trial in either her DCF "case" or for her false criminal charges.  That would be because it would be revealed that JAMES PHILLIPS is a malpractitioner, perjurer, sex-obsessed, and most of all, that Lyme is a real brain disease that should not be malpractice-treated as a psychiatric disorder.  This in fact is the gist if the Lyme RICO complaint:

 "All of this used to be 'Lyme Borreliosis or Lyme Disease.'  Once the vaccines were underway, 'Lyme disease' became only the arthritis.  the people with neuroborreliosis were told they were just plain nuts, when in fact, Lyme is a disease of the brain."  


RESPONDENT is an analytical method development and validation chemist.  At the FDA meeting about which KAREN FORSCHNER speaks, RESPONDENT explained to the FDA VACCINE COMMITTEE that LYMErix was a hoax because the testing for Lyme was fraudulent, and had changed at Dearborn, MI, at a CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONFABULATION consensus conference where no one agreed with ALLEN STEERE that Lyme was only an arthritis in a knee.  

Naturally, because JAMES PHILLIPS is a sex-obsessed malpractitioner, DCF decided it was better to interfere with RESPONDENT'S MALPRACTICE lawsuit against PHILLIPS, then do what they are obliged ("mandated") to do, which is Lyme disease activism for children.  In other words, such perverts and morons as the DCF, ANNETTE ANDERSON, all the Corrupticourts "judges" and all of YALE'S PSYCHIATRY DEPARTMENT STAFF should be banished to ANTARCTICA- as far away from other humans as possible.  If they like, they can diddle each other, but they need to be kept away from other humans.  They're far too dangerously stupid to be near anyone other than their own insane kind.



◄1996, Before IV ceftriaxone treatment; DEMENTED- blood flow to RESPONDENT'S brain is compromised; Lyme brain is a genuine delirium (1996).



1998, after 3.5 months of IV, NORMAL. Right after 3.5 months of ceftriaxone treatment (1998), when RESPONDENT 100% recovered, as RESPONDENT told the CT Attorney General, the brain scan is NORMAL.
As you can see from RESPONDENT'S testimony at CT ATTORNEY GENERAL RICHARD BLUMENTHAL'S 1999 Lyme hearing, RESPONDENT improved 100% on 3.5 months of IV ceftriaxone after 9 years of the living hell of Lyme disease:  (I start on page 336 of the actual .pdf file)



RESPONDENT relapsed; is demented again; (2001).

Is now duh "DEMSPONDENT."


COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY'S BRIAN FALLON proves that Lyme Disease is Relapsing Fever, a relapsing-remitting brain disease:

Since the DCF has diagnosed the RESPONDENT as being a "dangerously intelligent Unabomber chemist" terrorist for saying the exact same thing BRIAN FALLON says, that means he need to be arrested and charged with being a terrorist also.  We can't have double standards.  Either FALLON is a terrorist or neither of is are:

Dr. Fallon and his research team identified patients with cognitive problems that developed after being diagnosed with Lyme disease and which persisted or relapsed despite prior treatment, in order to determine whether patients who have already received the “standard” course of antibiotic treatment (three weeks of IV antibiotic therapy), would benefit from an additional 10 weeks of antibiotic therapy. They also set out to determine whether patients relapse when taken off antibiotics or whether the alleviation of symptoms is sustained or enhanced with time.


Positive Lyme blood tests for Lara E. Dickson (7 CDC bands at age 25 months, August, 1993):
 and Kathleen M. Dickson taken one month earlier:


In the class action the RESPONDENT and her children filed against the STATE OF CORRUPTICUT, EXHIBIT L was:

Recent examples of the CT “mental health system’s” alleged criminal behavior:
HOSPITAL PSYCHOLOGIST FIRED (Hartford Courant) published on June 23, 2005,
”A veteran psychologist at a state-run psychiatric hospital for children has been fired after investigators found he downloaded pornography on his work computer.
Kenneth C. Thunberg, 54, of Deep River, was on paid administrative leave from the Riverview Hospital for Children and Youth while officials from the state Department of Children and Families, which runs the Middletown facility, investigated.
Thunberg counseled children at Riverview for 12 years. Notified of his dismissal last.......” [EXHIBIT L]

DCF and the DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTION SERVICES (DMHAS) appear to be demented due to their sex-obsessions.  It's a "scandal-a-week," in this state, and so often it is about DCF or DMHAS that one begins to think this abundant evidence of perverted behavior among the STATE employees is more than a coincidence.  DEMSPONDENT hopes this is investigated in the new hearing on duh DCF announced by the HARTFORD COURANT, August 12, 2008.




DCF's interference in the RICO investigation harms children. The diagnostic standard for Lyme Disease is as bogus as a 3 dollar bill:
which is what the RESPONDENT informed the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION Vaccine Committee in January, 2001, with all the rocking and pacing, which was, of course, too ironic for words.  The entire FDA Vaccine Committee witnessed for themselves that the RESPONDENT suffering the malpractice treatment of Lyme Disease at the hands of the pervert, JAMES PHILLIPS:


THENCE, DCF interfered with medical relief to children and presented all the nations' children with the opportunity to continue to be malpractice-treated with psychotropics for a real brain infection.


Ruling out Lyme disease in Bipolar disorder in children and adolescents:

Study ID Numbers  000198;  00-M-0198












What's New





Symptoms and Causes of Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents

This study is currently recruiting patients.

Sponsored by

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)


The purpose of this study is to learn more about and describe the moods and behaviors of children with bipolar disorder. This study will also examine what happens in the brain to produce these moods and behaviors. This is not a treatment study; children will not receive any new or experimental therapies

Children and adolescents ages 6 through 17 with bipolar disorder and normal healthy volunteers (controls) of the same age group may participate in this study. Candidates will have a telephone interview and review of medical records to determine eligibility. Additional screening will include a medical and psychiatric history of the patient and extended family members, and a physical and neurological evaluation. The medical history interviews will be videotaped and kept confidential.

Study participants will have a 3-day baseline evaluation, including the following physiologic tests and procedures:

1. Questionnaires and interviews about the subject's mood and behavior, stressful family events, and so forth, and observation and documentation of the subject's behavior twice daily by clinical staff.

2. Computer and written tests to assess intelligence, memory, learning, motor skills, reaction time, and planning skills.

3. Tests to measure heart rate, sweating, brain wave activity and eyeblinking while watching film clips that elicit various emotions and while playing computer games. Recordings include electromyogram, electrooculogram, heart rate, skin conductance, and electroencephalogram.

4. Needlestick to collect 3 tablespoons of blood to measure blood count and thyroid levels, liver and kidney function, to test the immune system and check for certain diseases, such as Lyme disease.

5. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain.

When the baseline evaluation is completed, the subject will return home for a 28-day period of "at-home observation." The subject and parent will complete daily questionnaires, and a NIMH staff member will observe the patient's behavior at home and at school for 2 days during this period. The observations will be videotaped and kept confidential.

At the end of the at-home observations, the subject and parent will return to the clinic for a 2-day evaluation that will include questionnaires, repeat physiologic tests described above, and a urine sample to check for drugs.

After this evaluation, control subjects will have completed their participation in the study. Follow-up evaluations will be scheduled for patients only as follows: at the end of 2 months, then every 3 months until a year has passed from the first visit, then every 6 months for 4 years. Some visits will involve only interviews and questionnaires, some will also include a physical exam, and urine test and others will also include a blood tests. A MRI brain scan will be done at 2 and 4 years.

Patients, their parents and siblings will also be asked to have blood drawn to obtain a DNA sample for genetic studies.


Bipolar Disorder


MEDLINEplus related topics:  Bipolar Disorder

Study Type: Observational
Study Design: Natural History

Official Title: The Phenomenology and Neurophysiology of Affective Dysregulation in Children and Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder

Further Study Details: 

Families who are interested in participating receive an extensive telephone interview and those who are judged to be likely to meet inclusion criteria are invited to the NIMH. There, study participants have a 5-day baseline evaluation, including physiologic tests and procedures, neuropsychological testing, and questionnaires and interviews about mood and behavior. In addition, staff members obtain a medical and psychiatric history of the patient and extended family members, and a physical and neurological evaluation. Participants are asked to perform computer and written tests to assess intelligence, memory, learning, motor skills, reaction time, and planning skills. Psychophysiological measures (such as heart rate, skin conductance, and electroencephalogram) are obtained in response to emotions and while playing computer games. Participants are asked to give blood samples for blood count and thyroid levels, liver and kidney function and to check for other diseases. Structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of the brain are obtained.

After baseline evaluation, participants return home for a 28-day period of "at-home observation." Participants and parents complete brief daily questionnaires and participants wear an activity monitor on their wrist. Participants and parents then return to the NIH for repeat evaluations and physiologic tests after 2 months, and then every 3 months until 12 months have passed from the first visit. Thereafter, visits are every 6 months for 4 years. Some visits will involve only interviews and questionnaires, some will also include a physical exam, blood tests, and urine tests. Repeated MRI brain scan will be done at 2 and 4 years. Patients, their parents and siblings will also be asked to have blood drawn to obtain a DNA sample for genetic studies.

All tests and procedures are provided free of charge, and travel expenses are paid by the NIMH.


Genders Eligible for Study:  Both


Accepts Healthy Volunteers



Boys and girls must be ages 6-17 and meet DSM-IV criteria for bipolar disorder.

The child must have a primary caregiver who can accompany him or her on trips to NIMH, provide reliable history information, and complete daily rating scales and sleep logs.

Patients must have a psychiatrist who provides clinical care for their Bipolar Disorder.

All youth accepted into the study must be able to complete self-rating forms and to cooperate with other study procedures.

Subjects must be on a stable medication regimen for at least 14 days prior to enrollment in the study. In addition, they, their parents, and treating physician must agree to keep medications stable (with the exception of minor dosage adjustments) until the end of the second NIMH evaluation, if clinically feasible and acceptable. The total duration of the medication-stable period will be approximately six weeks.

Patients must have an I.Q. greater than or equal to 70.

Patients must not have autistic disorder or severe pervasive developmental disorder.

Patients must not have psychosis that interferes with the child's capacity to understand and comply with study procedures.

Patients must not have an unstable medical illness (e.g., severe asthma).

Patients must not have a medical illness that could cause the symptoms of bipolar illness (e.g., multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease).

Patients must not be pregnant.

Patients must not have engaged in substance abuse within two months of the initial evaluation.


Healthy normal volunteers.

Control subjects will be age- and sex- matched to the patients.

They will have normal physical and neurological examinations, and an identified primary care physician.

Both control subjects and their first-degree relatives must be free of current or past psychopathology.

Controls must have an I.Q. greater than or equal to 70.

Controls must not have ongoing medical illness.

Controls must not have neurologic disorder (including seizures).

Controls must not be pregnant.

Controls must not have engaged in past or present substance abuse.

Controls must not have a history of sexual abuse.

Expected Total Enrollment:  400

Location and Contact Information



National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 9000 Rockville Pike,  Bethesda,  Maryland,  20892,  United States; Recruiting

   Patient Recruitment and Public Liaison Office  1-800-411-1222 

   TTY  1-866-411-1010 

More Information

Detailed Web Page


Geller B, Sun K, Zimerman B, Luby J, Frazier J, Williams M. Complex and rapid-cycling in bipolar children and adolescents: a preliminary study. J Affect Disord. 1995 Aug 18;34(4):259-68.

Wozniak J, Biederman J, Kiely K, Ablon JS, Faraone SV, Mundy E, Mennin D. Mania-like symptoms suggestive of childhood-onset bipolar disorder in clinically referred children. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 1995 Jul;34(7):867-76.

Faedda GL, Baldessarini RJ, Suppes T, Tondo L, Becker I, Lipschitz DS. Pediatric-onset bipolar disorder: a neglected clinical and public health problem. Harv Rev Psychiatry. 1995 Nov-Dec;3(4):171-95. Review.


Study ID Numbers  000198;  00-M-0198


Study Start Date August 9, 2000

Record last reviewed  July 30, 2002

Last Updated  July 30, 2002

NLM Identifier  NCT00006177 processed this record on 2003-05-01

U.S. National Library of Medicine, Contact NLM Customer Service

National Institutes of Health, Department of Health & Human Services

Copyright, Privacy, Accessibility, Freedom of Information Act


We can see that due to the IQ requirement, none of the DCF staff would have been eligible were this an adult trial.

It is a criminal matter for children to be diagnosed with "Bipolar" or anything else without first ruling out true organic disease.  The brain damaging result is technically known as "assault" since it has the same result as a concussion.

CONNECTICUT’S DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH is not interested in this, which is grounds for a class action by all the other states.  DCF has already been given all this data and they were given it between January 2003 and November, 2003.  DCF turned over all of this scientific information to the COMMISSION on HUMAN RIGHTS as evidence that the RESPONDENT DICKSON is "insane."  Scientific journal reports do not equal insanity unless they are recent reports by YALE about "Lyme Disease."

DCF's AAG JESSICA GAUVIN obstructed the investigation into the Lyme Disease RICO complaint against YALE by stealing CT AG RICHARD BLUMENTHAL's Lyme RICO mail off of his desk and giving it to two YALE-related staff, who said under oath that the stolen RICO mail meant the RESPONDENT is "dangerously intelligent" "a chemist" and "like Ted Kascynski":


RESPONDENT'S testimony begins on page 336 of that .pdf.  It completely jives with the RESPONDENT'S relapsing-remitting brain SPECT scans:
contrary to the perjury of JAMES PHILLIPS and DMHAS' KENNETH MARCUS on what the American Psychiatric Association's guidelines recommend on the treatment of a delirium.  PHILLIPS and MARCUS can be prosecuted for perjury once they are called as nitwitnesses in this ANDERSON abuse case.  It is so true that they perjured themselves, that AAG JESSICA GAUVIN falsely criminally charged the RESPONDENT with this same perjury.  If they refuse to testify or get out of it for some other fraudulent reason, the world will know they are guilty, because this response is being posted to the internet.






AAG Jessica Gauvin stealing Richard Blumenthal's RICO mail and other mail.  This is DCF's petition 2, since petition 1 was thrown out, since it was all unsubstantiated false allegations and nonsense invented by the RESPONDENT'S pinheaded sister, NANCY E. MARTIN (21 Redstone Way, Farmington, CT) and her truly psychotic mother, CAROLYN A. MARTIN (55 Easy Street, Milford, CT).

The emails were one continuous email and they were a complaint about the criminally insane DCF to the National Institute of Mental Health.

The pinhead and psychotics MARTIN, invented this nonsense, admitted they lied at the depositions, but were not arrested by AAG JESSICA GAUVIN at the depositions.  DCF simply changed what they were charging the RESPONDENT with, for the third time.

These MARTIN "family" kooks are so out of their minds, that they invented out of the blue that the RESPONDENT threatened to "slit her own throat."  DCF unsubstantiated this nonsense, yet DCF continued to make this false claim about the RESPONDENT in court, under oath.  CAROLYN A. MARTIN invented this "throat-slitting" nonsense and is proof the woman is psychotic.



THE RICO COMPLAINT (It's very, very simple.  Anyone with a brain and eyes in their heads can understand it, which is why duh DCF does not understand it:


IN CONCLUSION:  ANNETTE ANDERSON should be suing the DCF and the CITY of NEW LONDON for being incompetent and not investigating her for being a child abuser.  That way, the whole world would have not found out about it and her criminal charges would have only made local news.