Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

Exosomes, Blebs


CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000




Filed July 2003, very simple  because it was written for lawyers ;)

On the following, correct to 15% of the population, not 30% as Steere said:


PAGE 4 of the Complaint

Pages 1,2 = DOJ Form

Page 3, 4 = Western Blots


Entities involved:

American Lyme Disease Foundation / The EUCALB  <--  The central entity

Yale University, Patent for rOspA = LymeRIX vaccine, Apparent alliance with, on Tick-Borne diseases.

Connaught, (now Aventis) Patent for OspA = ImmuLyme vaccine

Glaxo SmithKline,  ran Yale’s Patented vaccine

Corixa, Washington, State

Imugen, Norwood, Mass.      John Connolly advises HMOs

Alan Barbour, Louis Magnarelli (we’re not naming Magnarelli), Sven Bergstrom, Patent for OspA, for Connaught’s ImmuLyme

Sven Bergstrom  (EUCALB ADVISOR)

David Persing  formerly of Mayo, now at Corixa, Patent for OspA-less Borrelia, and licensed to Imugen and L2 Diagnostics  (Yale spinoff)

John Connolly (

Arthur Weinstein, NYMC and Georgetown  (Spinning what is Chromatography, and what is Fibromyalgia,  His validations and methods are nonsense.

"The College has recognized that Lyme disease is a major clinical and research interest on this campus. The main players in the development of the program were Fish, Wormser and Connolly," Dr. Weinstein advises. The entrepreneurial trio are Durland Fish, Ph.D., former director of the College's Lyme Disease Center and now a research scientist at Yale; Gary P. Wormser, M.D., still professor of medicine and pharmacology and chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the College; and John J. Connolly, Ed.D., former College president and current chairman of the board of the American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc., which had its genesis on the Valhalla campus in 1990.

Leonard Sigal, formerly of Robert Woods Johnson and UDMNJ

            See my website.  His contribution to this problem is enormous

            Munchausen’s accusations, etc


Allen Steere, Harvard (formerly of Yale, then Tufts)

Mark Klempner, Boston University, (Formerly of Tufts, New England Medical Center,     which is affiliated with LifeSpan  “”, no doubt the result of CastleConnolly’s influence upon HMOs.)

Eugene Shapiro, Yale Pediatric Infectious Disease

Robert Schoen, Yale Rheumatology

Janine Evans, Yale Rheumatology

Vijay Sikand, Private practice, East Lyme, CT.

Phillip Molloy, Imugen, Medical Director.

Erol Fikrig, Yale – OspA patent

Durland Fish—NYMC, and now at Yale Vector Biology Lab

Gary Wormser-- NYMC

Robert Nadelman-- NYMC

John Nowakowski-- NYMC

Barbara Johnson, CDC, Fort Collins

Edward McSweegan, NIH

Dave Dennis, Formerly of the CDC, now retired



 Lyme is incurable, and tick borne diseases were recognized to be an industry, as said above in the Weinstein article, by John Connolly and Company (the ALDF).

 It was not possible to have a vaccine for Lyme disease, due to antigenic variation/changing bands/ different strains and species of Borrelia.

 The CDC had a standard for the bloodwork diagnosis (serodiagnosis) of Lyme disease.  The standard was what represented, essentially, the changing bands, etc. (1990)

 Then the “Organization” changed that standard to falsely qualify a vaccine.  

 This was known as the “Dressler/Steere” Standard.

 This false standard, was adopted for use, by the FDA, but we don’t know how à  That being the crux of the RICO case.

 Corixa, Glaxo- SmithKline, Imugen, and Pasteur/Aventis Connaught, are formally business partners.  L2 diagnostics and Imugen have exclusive rights to Corixa’s Dave Persing’s OspA-less bug patent to test for Lyme disease after the vaccines were on the market., EUCALB,, Yale and L2 Diagnostics, which are two things:  So-called Non-profits, Yale, a Private Corporation, and a Biotech SpinOff, created for spinning disease definitions in both treatment and vaccines, and test kits.


THIS is actually Lyme borreliosis:


The Borrelia turicatae murine model of Lyme disease
Alan G. Barbour, MD. JSTD 1996; 3:62-66.

Borrelia turicatae is an agent of relapsing fever. During relapsing fever spirochetes avoid the immune response of the host by a multiphasic antigenic variation. In Borrelia hermsii, another agent of relapsing fever, the mechanism for the switch in antigens is a gene rearrangement, namely an interplasmidic gene conversion or an intraplasmidic deletion between direct repeats. In severe combined immunodeficiency (scid) mice, B. turicatae causes the constellation of arthritis, myocarditis, uveitis, and a cranial nerve disorder. In this way, the infection in these mice is similar to Lyme disease. Moreover, B. turicatae invades and persists in the central nervous system of laboratory mice. The severity of illness, particularly the arthritis, and the entry into the brain appear to be determined by the small Vmp proteins of this species. These proteins are homologous to the polymorphic OspC proteins of B. burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease.

Permanent brain infection

J Infect Dis 1993 Jul;168(1):143-51


Experimental infection of the mouse brain by a relapsing fever Borrelia species: a molecular analysis.
Cadavid D, Bundoc V, Barbour AG.
Department of Microbiology, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio 78284-7758.

The spirochetal disease relapsing fever is notable not only for multiphasic antigenic variation but also for central neurologic manifestations. To further characterize involvement of the brain in this disorder, immunocompetent and -deficient mice were infected with Borrelia hermsii. Immunodeficient mice were treated while spirochetemic with neutralizing IgM monoclonal antibodies to the infecting serotype. Blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and brain tissue were examined by culture and polymerase chain reaction. In immunocompetent mice, antigenic variation occurred in the brain as well as in the blood. In immunodeficient mice, the infecting serotype was still present in the brain after it had been eliminated from the blood by the administered antibodies. These latter results cannot be accounted for by contamination of brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid by blood and, hence, establish the direct involvement of the central nervous system in this experimental infection.  PMID: 8515101 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Antimicrob Agents Chemother 1996 Nov;40(11):2632-6


In vivo activities of ceftriaxone and vancomycin against Borrelia spp. in the mouse brain and other sites.
Kazragis RJ, Dever LL, Jorgensen JH, Barbour AG.
Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases), University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio 78284, USA.

Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease, and B. turicatae, a neurotropic agent of relapsing fever, are susceptible to vancomycin in vitro, with an MIC of 0.5 microgram/ml. To determine the activity of vancomycin in vivo, particularly in the brain, we infected adult immunocompetent BALB/c and immunodeficient CB-17 scid mice with B. burgdorferi or B. turicatae. The mice were then treated with vancomycin, ceftriaxone as a positive control, or normal saline as a negative control. The effectiveness of treatment was assessed by cultures of blood and brain and other tissues. Ceftriaxone at a dose of 25 mg/kg of body weight administered every 12 h for 7 to 10 days eliminated cultivable B. burgdorferi or B. turicatae from all BALB/c or scid mice in the study. Vancomycin at 30 mg/kg administered every 12 h was effective in eliminating infection from immunodeficient mice if treatment was started within 3 days of the onset of infection. If treatment with vancomycin was delayed for 7 days or more, vancomycin failed to eradicate infection with B. burgdorferi or B. turicatae from immunodeficient mice. The failure of vancomycin in eradicating established infections in immunodeficient mice was associated with the persistence of viable spirochetes in the brain during antibiotic treatment. 
PMID: 8913478 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Antigenic variation

Res Microbiol 1991 Jul-Aug;142(6):711-7


Antigenic variation in Borrelia.
Saint Girons I, Barbour AG.
Unite des Leptospires, Institut Pasteur, Paris.

Antigenic variation was demonstrated for the agent of relapsing fever, Borrelia hermsii. The phenomenon is correlated with changes in major surface proteins called Vmp. The genes encoding these antigens are located on linear plasmids. Expression occurs by transposition of genes encoding Vmp to a telomeric expression site located on another linear plasmid. Activation of a vmp gene occurs by placing it downstream from a promoter. Resemblance to the antigenic variation of trypanosomes is discussed.


Emerg Infect Dis 2000 Sep-Oct;6(5):449-57


Antigenic variation in vector-borne pathogens.
Barbour AG, Restrepo BI.
University of California Irvine, Irvine, California 92697-4025, USA.

Several pathogens of humans and domestic animals depend on hematophagous arthropods to transmit them from one vertebrate reservoir host to another and maintain them in an environment. These pathogens use antigenic variation to prolong their circulation in the blood and thus increase the likelihood of transmission. By convergent evolution, bacterial and protozoal vector-borne pathogens have acquired similar genetic mechanisms for successful antigenic variation. Borrelia spp. and Anaplasma marginale (among bacteria) and African trypanosomes, Plasmodium falciparum, and Babesia bovis (among parasites) are examples of pathogens using these mechanisms. Antigenic variation poses a challenge in the development of vaccines against vector-borne pathogens.




1986, The Biology of Borrelia Species—Alan Barbour

1986, Antigenic variation, by Steere:  “This could be a chronic parasitic infection” not knowing a THING about spirochetes, apparently.  THIS is the real and original serodiagnostic criteria.  Adopted by CDC and published in 1990.

1989 Infectious Disease Reviews.  This disease is serious and incurable.

1990, The American Lyme disease Foundation was founded by/for Managed Care (John Connolly, who then sold out New York Medical College to Kaiser).  Patent holders and vaccine trial administrators become members and advisors.  (Sigal, Steere, Fish, Schoen…. All the bad guys)

            See Weinstein article.

1991 Allen Steere “Rheumatology News”:  Lyme is perilously close to Fibromyalgia, CFIDS and Depression.

1992:  Cold Spring Harbor Conferenceà  Dattwyler says, use serial Western Blots and use IgM to detect infection.  Expanding IgM is evidence of persisting infection.

1992  Allen Steere:  Lyme and Fibromyalgia

1992, was founded. 

1993, with strain G39/40 (Guilford, CT, Erol Fikrig)  Steere writes THE OVERDIAGNOSIS OF LYME DISEASE..  The MS, CFIDS, FM, manifestations of Lyme are now disgarded.  You can only have Lyme, now, if you have a knee, and meet Dressler/Steere standard for seroassay.

1993, Steere had been to Europe, created the imaginary Dressler/Steere standard, Steere’s Prospective study in this report, Accuracy = 39/54 of the genetically predisposed to react as an arthritis.  72% of 30 to 35%  = ~23% accurate. 

In the trial, the remaining 76% of the data was disgarded.  NO one has asymptomatic infection.  Vaccination made latent disease worse.  There is another model for this, with a 19 kD lipoprotein vaccine for tuberculosis. 

The vaccine actually never worked at all, even in mice.  In vitro studies were immunofluorescence fof OspA and Flagellin only.  Of course they are not going to find these spirochetes with those antibodies  BAD DATA, to say the least. 

Other studies publish by Yale say the same thing (1994 submissions).  Vaccination did not prevent infection, just the expression of OspA.  Vaccination/immune response simply forces a mutation.

Steere’s standard says that you can’t have an antibody to OspA to be given a diagnosis of Lyme disease, but that’s what they think a vaccine should be.  TOTAL NONSENSE.

1994, March  Connaught trial begins with this standard, the Company MarDx gets the work.  The blots were probably unreadable, which Sigal, the principal investigator, reported in 2000.  They are also unreadable in the monkey OspA trials.

1994, June, FDA vaccine meeting.  Dattwyler recommends using serial Western Blots.  This is apparently ignored.

1994, October: INVITATION to participate in CDC’s Dearborn Conference  (after Dressler had already been adopted by Connaught, and in use) Everyone was ignored except MarDx, who then got all the business.  UCONN says Lyme is an arthritis also, and was the only other exception.

1994-5 LymeRIX trials begin. 

1998  FDA approves LymeRIX with numerous provisos. 

[Sheller begins class action.]

1999—I begin receiving phone calls from patients who had “Lyme again”  after receiving the vaccine.

I start campaign to get adverse events reported, per Dr. Dennis Parenti, at SmithKline through the VAERS system.

2001, Jan  FDA meeting.  By then nearly 1000 adverse events are recorded.  I testify and demonstrate that the Dressler/Steere standard is bologna ->  Antigenic Variation/ and expansion (range and or concentration) of the bands.   LymeRIX does not prevent Asymptomatic Infection, LymeRIX makes Asymptomatic infection, SYMPTOMATIC.  That’s what SmithKline’s NEJM data says.  (Also confirmed phenomenon in the turberculosis lipoprotein vaccines.)

Read Pam Weintraub’s report.


Lyme and tick borne diseases were spun/are intended to be spun, sell vaccine and test kits related to vaccines. 

There was no way to qualify a vaccine.  So they lied about everything. 

There is no “Controversy”, as John Connolly created, and Care, to avoid paying for treatment.

Lenny Sigal, Eugene Shapiro, Robert Schoen and Janine Evans were FOR HIRE to spin Lyme disease into a knee.  Gave testimony in court, saying people did not have “Lyme disease” if they did not have the arthritis response.  And even if they did, they were “Cured” although no treatment endpoint was ever determined and is “Speculative” according to Dattwyler in the 1989 Infectious Disease reviews.

The defendants named in this case will be the experts.  It is THEIR data, which says Lyme is à 1989 Infectious Disease Reviews.  What it was BEFORE ALDF/Managed Care, Yale, etc, jumped on it.

Now we have lost 10-15 years.

In that ten years. Yale’s endowment grew from 2.5 billion to 10.5 billion.

We want that 8 billion, and we want all the rights and the royalties from all the products, We want CastleConnolly sued, and shut down, and we want several million from them, and vaccine manufacturers.

These people must cease to be funded by the US government, and we want all the equipment they bought with their grants.

We will create a TBDs Institute, and start over because we have no choice.



CHAPTER 24, CORRUPTICUT'S OWN BUSH CRIME FAMILY  (Kissinger, & the Vosslerockefellers vs the Darkefellers)





See also Top AL All
James Amann and Multiple Sclerosis


This page/chapter is under construction. We need to demonstrate that while we think the FBI and DOJ are supposed to protect liberties by prosecuting corporate crime, the FBI and DOJ think they're supposed to be whacking their pee-pees while pretending to catch porn watchers: The Spying and the FBI Porn-Watching- How to beat the dot guv spies...  The FBI porn-obsession has to be worked into the DCF-Bantam Lake Party-and-Screw Pediatric Jail Enterprises or DCF-Rowlandgate USDOJ O'Connor's hypocrisy.

The other half of the USDOJ's agenda of course is the false prosecutions of political opponents, or more precisely, they are the henchmen of the corporate fraudsters, in concert with the CDC and the CIA.  In other words, there is no USDOJ in terms of offering actual humans relief, but rather, their agenda is to destroy the United States, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, because they get in the way of the New World Order, which is another word for The Fourth Reich or NAZIism or Global Fascism. The three main competing entities are the Rothschilds (Mossad, Israel and British Intelligence), the Rockefellers (Trilaterals and the CIA), and Russia.  See more about that in Chp 24 about the Bushioso Crime Family


NYT photo of US Attorney Kevin O'Connor as Gonzales' Chief of Staff during the
US Attorneygate hearings.  Fag-boy O'Connor is wearing the pinkie-purply tie, in the center.




"US Attorney" Kevin O'Connor does nothing about this complaint (below).
Bill Curry on Rowlandgate and where Kevin O'Connor came from.  

O'Connor does not respond, does not ever call me back, does not even give me an appointment as requested by Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General.  O'Connor is/was next-door Bantam Lake neighbors with the Corrupticut Governor John Rowland, and O'Connor's wife worked in Rowland's legal office during all the DCF-Rowlandgate PARTY and SCREW crimes.

DCF said I was insane to be filing a RICO complaint, when anyone can see with their own eyes that there are two types of bloodwork (below).  One, on the right, is from people who have a genetic tendency to have a hypersensitivity reaction (arthritis), and the other is Neuroborreliosis, or the disease that results in Multiple Sclerosis or ALS, and the like, about which the CDC is fully aware, as you can see from their patents [MHC- restricted (arthritis, etc) and MHC non-restricted- normal people or most people):   CDC Staff patents with SmithKline (we kid you not- the CDC members are profiteers)

See the Lyme Fraud Brief Explainer update  <-- See where the CDC blows off CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

If the testing for Lyme is only 15% accurate (according to Gary Wormser and Imugen), which you can clearly verify on your own (see the links at left, or order the CDC's 1994 Dearborn Conference booklet and determine for yourselves if what I told the FDA in Jan 2001 was true about that conference: Explaining to the FDA how Yale's LYMErix vaccine was not a vaccine ),  why did they use this bogus test to qualify LYMErix?

Because LYMErix was never a vaccine, and Neuroborreliosis is expensive to treat (Kaiser and SmithKline are the two main companies who set up the false-front non-profit, the

This is the main complaint filed with US Attorney Kevin O'Connor in July- Aug 2003.