Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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Both the Steere-in-Europe and the Dressler/Steere Dearborn reports are scanned in on this
page.  See also Chapter 3 on What Steere Did to falsify the testing for Lyme...

The CDC's old standard, performing serial Western Blots to look for changing and expanding IgM and IgG antibodies, was Steere's old standard.   This is the 1990 CDC standard criteria for Lyme.  This all changed in 1994 at the CDC's Dearborn Conference, where, actually no one has any idea why we still got stuck with Steere's new bogus method, since no one agreed with Steere at the conference, as I told the FDA Vaccine Committee in Jan 2001 because no one agreed with the proposal among the attendees.

Steere's original observations published in 1986 (diagnose Lyme as is if is Relapsing Fever):

Steere said OspA and B were prominent antibody bands, originally, but later he said they weren't. 
How did that happen? 

Steere illegally used high-passage strains since Yale, Imugen and L2 Diagnostics wanted a monopoly on vaccines and testing and recombinant OspA and B without the lipid attached (no lipid = no antibodies):


No one is allowed to have "Lyme disease," unless they have the genes for the arthritis or inflammatory presentation, due to the scientific fraud committed by Yale and Allen Steere. 

How did Allen Steere end up leaving OspA and B out of the CDC's diagnostic standard? 
He used a high-passage strain of borrelia that he knew would have dropped the OspA and B plasmid- which is a crime. 
Steere originally said "Lyme disease is a genetically linked condition of a high antibody response to OspA !!!"  And then suddenly OspA and B are left out of the CDC's standard testing for Lyme???

"ANTIGENS IN EUROPE," bringing "high passage" G39/40 plus recombinant OspA from B31:


This is the CDC's Dearborn method:

Notice there is no band 31 (OspA) or 34 (OspB)

After saying Lyme was a condition of a high antibody response to OspA and B, Steere deliberately invented a standard where OspA and B were not present as diagnostic antigens so Yale could pass off a bogus Lyme vaccine and also have a monopoly on all the national testing for Lyme, by being the only labs (Imugen and L2 Diagnostics) licensed to use Dave Persing's test with the Borrelia burgdorferi bug that had dropped the OspA-B plasmid.

That was the scientific fraud and RICO part of the scientific fraud and racketeering in Lyme disease.  That was the monopoly on testing.  It all happened as a result of Steere fraudulently using high-passage strains of borrelia to determine that OspA and B should be left out of the standard testing for Lyme- yet OspA is the vaccine?

The following is the CDC's IgG method developed by Steere in Germany with Frank Dressler (and you cannot obtain this online):


Here is the bogus part about high concentration (ROC area) equaling greater accuracy.  It does not.  This is where Steere claims that high antibody concentration associated with Lyme arthritis is a validation of the method, when we know the specificity of each antibody is the accuracy of the test in a human.  If a person has OspA antibody, they have a 100% chance of having Lyme, and the goal in Methods Development and Validations is to validate a method that detects the LOWEST concentration of something, reliably.

These idiots say this Lyme test is "sensitive" when obviously is does not detect LOW concentrations of antibody, if the area of the darkened (absorbance) means MORE AREA EQUALS MORE (higher) CONCENTRATION OF ANTIBODY.  This Dressler/Steere article is the exact opposite of the truth!  This is a bogus validation and "a bogus article."