Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Hostage to the Devil, Full Text, online

Psychiatrists corrupt everyone with their sex-obsessed nonsense.


Diabolical Perversion = Psychoanalysis   Psychoanalysis is the same process by which Satan corrupts souls if you read this entire book by Malachi Martin, who actually participated in all of those exorcisms.  This is a very, very important matter, and all Americans should read it.


We're the world leaders of "IT's ALL ABOUT MEEEeeee!!!"


For all of you who knew/know there is something innately sicko; something innately wrong/perverted about psychiatry but haven't been able to put your finger on it...

Hostage to the Devil, Full Text, online ◄ Read the whole book and study all the conversations with Satan himself, when the exorcists asks HOW did you temp/enter this person...


"Finally even the psychiatrist stopped, his professional calm ruptured. He had the half-annoyed, half-hurt look of someone interrupted in the middle of a sentence. He looked quickly at Gerald and the others, alarm spreading across his features. For the first time in his professional life, Dr. Hammond was face to face with something he knew was far beyond his reach to categorize as a verifiable known or unknown. What he was then beginning to perceive, he felt, he had always known but never acknowledged, even in the deepest moments of the eight years of analysis through which he had successfully passed.

"But his scientific mind was his only ready defense, and he kept up the protest in his mind: Verify! Get the facts! Test them!

But he knew. There was no verifiable fact.

"There was a reality made transparent to him. Before this moment, he would have labeled this a product of the irrational. But it now appeared to be real beyond all reason. And he had always known it.

"Slowly they all began to hear sound. It was, at the beginning, like the sound of a crowd or mob-feet pounding faintly, voices shouting, screaming, yelling, jeering, talking, distant whistling and grunting. They could not fix from what direction it came.


"The teacher glanced out the windows at the pond. The trees were moving gently in the wind; a few ducks paddled around in the water; the evening was still bright. Then the noise sounded nearer, just as confused as ever, but now with one overall mood or note: mourning for an ineluctable sorrow. Listening to that sound on the tape recording of the exorcism, and as it grows louder and louder, one begins to get the conviction of listening to the tortured murmurs and helpless protests of a mob in agony, keening and wailing for deeps of regret, screaming and groaning for the ache of punishment and unremitting penalty, yelling impotently in condemnation, vibrating as a whole beast of suffering, as some protean heart thumping in the mud and squalor that history never recorded and human mercy had never penetrated.

"Over and above all the voices but constantly weaving in and out among them, there was the full scream of a woman orchestrating all the other noises and voices around itself as their theme. It came in great rising and falling curves, louder and fainter, still louder and then fainter, regular, upbeat, jarring, resounding with a passion of pain and lost hope.

"Gerald noticed that everyone in the room seemed to be bending, lowering his height as if afraid of something moving in the upper part of the room. Nothing was visible up there.

"Dr. Hammond sat as if unable to move from the edge of the couch. Richard/Rita’s lips turned blue, his eyes open and staring vacantly. The attending doctor moved to his side to take his pulse and found his body very cold, the pulse steady but weak.
“Father, this cannot go on much longer,” Father John managed to shout to Gerald.

"'He’s taken enough already.'

"'Not very much more! Not very long, now!' Gerald shouted back. But the remainder of what he wanted to say went unsaid. It was the psychiatrist who now claimed his attention. Dr. Hammond had slipped off the couch and stood in an askew way looking halfway around over his shoulder at Richard/Rita, his eyes narrowed with apprehension, his notebook fallen and forgotten. No one, the psychiatrist included, could shake his mind loose from the web of pain and regret pervading the atmosphere.

"The noise and the din of sobbing and mourning rose finally to an undulating pitch. Richard/Rita’s face suffused with color; red patches and streaks discolored his arms and neck. Even his eyes deepened in color. He was trying to speak.

"Gerald was alerted: something was coming, and he felt he must make his final challenge very fast.

"'In the name of Jesus, you are commanded to leave this creature of God. You will go out of Rita and leave him whole and entire . . .'

"Richard/Rita’s sudden scream split their eardrums. “We go, Priest. We go.” It was a million turbulent voices as one, full of eternal ache and pain. “We go in hate. And no one will change our hate. And we will wait for you. When you come to die, we’ll be there. We go. But”-Gerald heard the sharp injection of hate hissing through the sorrow-“we take him.” Richard/Rita’s hands suddenly swept up in a wide arc toward Dr. Hammond. It was a quick but clumsy movement.

Hammond jumped backward. And Richard/Rita fell off the couch to the floor as the assistants jumped forward and held him down.

'"We already have his soul. We claim him. He is ours. And you cannot do anything about that. We already have him. He is ours. We needn’t fight for him.'

"Richard/Rita was wheezing like someone being asphyxiated, eyes bulging, neck muscles standing out, his long hair falling back, his chest heaving, as he half-rose in his effort.
“You can’t get him back. He is ours. He does our work. He doesn’t need a box. He puts everybody else into it.”

"All calm was gone from Dr. Hammond; his face was a picture of black fear...."



Diabolical Perversion = Psychoanalysis   Psychoanalysis is the same process by which Satan corrupts souls if you read this entire book by Malachi Martin, who actually participated in all of those exorcisms.  This is a very, very important matter, and all Americans should read it.


We're the world leaders of "IT's ALL ABOUT MEEEeeee!!!"