Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

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CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000




The DCF whorey-gloreys bug/wiretap their victims' phones, go through their garbage, and stake out their victims homes.  The "judges" know about the wiretapping and phone bugging and assume the DCF is telling the truth about what they find. They do not.  Because there is no oversight, they will lie to the courts just to be vindictive and torture parents. 

In my own "case," James Phillips, who gave me brain damage from his malpractice treatment of Lyme, blamed this Parkinson's-like movement disorder (it is caused by the destruction of brain cells at the base of the brain from the toxic effect of psychotropics) on me.

The testimony of Karen Forschner, witnessing this brain damage at the 2001 FDA meeting on LYMErix (talk about irony):

As you cans see from my movies, I no longer have this brain damage.
How's THAT for being a low-life?
It does not get any lower.  James Phillips is the world's biggest pervert, coward, liar, and hypocrite. 
One day everyone is going to know the truth.  I absolutely guarantee it.

DCF Hoes regularly used by the Bigs against Whistleblowers-  The Lynnae Lake Case
DCF hoes sexually assault 3 babies.
DCF hoes pork each other
DCF hoes pork and party wid duh cops.
DCF hoe brings a gun and drugs to school.
DCF hoes download porn while working in a DCF pedi Psych Klink.   (Class Action)
DCF Ho lawyer, Maureen Regula (Duggan; who can keep up with all their sex partners?) writes a bogus whistleblower complaint
DCF Raping the Children 
DCF Supervisor discovered to be fabricating evidence and tampering with nitwitnesses
Most Recent DCF Kid-Murder
DCF orders false arrest, Carroll vs Ragaglia
DCF orders false arrest, Christopher Kennedy (Download Video; as seen on TV)
DCF orders false arrest, Jeff Yeaw (Download Video;  it's in the class action, too)
DCF orders false arrest me (Kathleen Dickson)  (DCF "Losing our case?  We'll simply falsely arrest the non-perp")

DCF tries to falsely arrest me again for filing complaints to the police and duh DCF about the extreme abuse of the Inkel children by DCF's evil, vicious, abusive, lying whores; ENTRAPMENT, 101
DCF order false arrest of Phil Inkel literally seconds before he was to testify in his wife's behalf about the severe abuse of her children in DCF's "care" and being falsely blamed under oath for the childrens' repeated genital injuries and beatings.
DCF beat the boys in prison, Part I, 1999
DCF beating the boys in prison, Part II, 2004

Psychiatric MumboJumbo.wmv-  Part III of the RICO series, which is the most popular of all the educational videos of all time.  Shows what evidence DCF has which shows that the science shows that all psychotyropics are brain damaging.  Viewed on YouTube or downloaded over 7000 times.

Burgos Suicide-  DCF is liable, since the forced psychotropics is what made the kid kill himself in the pediatric prison.

DCF social worker whoring starts in college:

"Man what a bunch of porkers!"

"Yeah, but they blank, man, they blank!!"

  ←DCF's Chief Whore and Drunkard, Kristine Ragaglia

"Always take care of one's genitals, first, since children are secondary, and primarily serve to provide their bodies for the income, which allows the more-better partying-and-porking, even of the children we kidnap, since that's what they're for :))) --  KristinieWeenieLover on the National Porkers Union Motto


"BIG CHIEF NO UNDERWEAR" Ragaglia Partys and Screws with the BigBoys, so Chief DCF Slut might go to DC and get a cabinet position when "Rising Star of the Republican Party" Johnny Handout (Rowland) wins a bid for the Presidency:

The infamous Ragaglia diary...   the dirt that dealt the plea deal:

"On another occasion, a sober Rowland adviser was deputized to warn another Republican she ought to start wearing underwear beneath her short skirts when she was around the governor. Mrs. Rowland was said to be especially insistent that the message be delivered."

"Connecticut's political world is tiny and given to ennui. Witness the fact that the U.S. Attorney, Kevin O'Connor, was barred from participating in the prosecution of the Rowland scandals because of his and his wife's close ties to the former governor. Kathleen O'Connor worked in the office of Rowland's legal counsel. In most places, that would raise an alarm. Connecticut only shrugs.  More Here


What was Queen Whore of the DCF doin while I was doing her job for her?  Tawkin to da Ho  Jan 2003    
I gave the crazy whoring DCF bitches this data: FALLON     
So, what do the sluts Jessica Gauvin and Patricia Leebens do?,0,5118547.story

Grand jury files detail what Ragaglia told federal investigators

Associated Press   May 1 2006

Eds: SUBS intro graf to CORRECT Ragaglia was DCF commissioner, sted DPW.

With BC-CT--Connecticut Corruption    By The Associated Press

Here are the highlights of the evidence former Department of Children and Families Commissioner Kristine Ragaglia gave federal authorities investigating the Rowland administration. The information comes from grand jury transcripts, FBI reports and personal diaries subpoenaed by prosecutors and reviewed by The Associated Press:

- Ragaglia said she received limousine trips, expensive dinners and nights at fine hotels, the same gifts federal prosecutors said contractor William Tomasso used to bribe Rowland's office.

- Ragaglia said she had a yearlong affair with Rowland's deputy chief of staff, Lawrence Alibozek, and assumed he was paying for the trips.

- Although she said she never drank on the job, Ragaglia told investigators that while running her department she battled an alcohol problem so severe, some memories are spotty.

- She told investigators that she suspected a $57 million reform school contract was being steered. But when Tomasso secretly joined a state delegation to Ohio to schools, Ragaglia said she didn't argue because it was chance to spend time with Alibozek.

- Ragaglia expressed misgivings about the deal in her diary. She called Tomasso's ties to the governor's office "disconcerting," worried she was being used and predicted authorities would discover the scheme.

- Alibozek and co-chief of staff Peter Ellef kept Ragaglia on edge, she wrote in her diaries. She said they suggested she might not be reappointed and yelled at her when she questioned the process.

- While on a contractor-financed trip to Boston's Ritz-Carlton hotel, she called a subordinate and pushed to get Tomasso on a list of approved contractors.

- When Tomasso won the contract, she wrote in her diary: "I met my obligation. I'm done."


Copyright 2006 Associated Press,0,2284687.story

Ex-DCF Chief's Fall Took Unusual Detours

Courant Staff Writers

May 4 2006

In late 2002 Kristine Ragaglia began a long, strange journey from high government rank to low public reputation.

In November of that year she began telling federal agents of her experiences as a supporting player in what later became the scandal that toppled then-Gov. John G. Rowland. A month later she was told she would not be reappointed as commissioner of the problem-plagued Department of Children and Families.

No one has publicly claimed that the second incident was the result of the first. But the events sent her along two very different paths - one of cooperation with investigators who later decided her role in the scandal did not merit prosecution, and the other an insider's deft navigation of state personnel rules to land a $105,000 year job as, of all things, head of a state anti-fraud unit.

Those two separate paths collided explosively this week with the disclosure of secret grand jury transcripts in which Ragaglia admitted helping to steer a multimillion-dollar contract to Rowland's friend and benefactor businessman William Tomasso.

That news - coming the week after a defense lawyer said during Tomasso's prison sentencing that Ragaglia "should have been a co-defendant in this case" - put a sharp focus on the incongruity of a scandal participant running a state fraud unit.

Soon after news of the leaked grand jury documents hit the Associated Press wire Monday, Gov. M. Jodi Rell ordered the Department of Social Services - in which Ragaglia's "fraud and recoveries" unit is located - to conduct an investigation that could ultimately bring about her firing.

"The department is intending to select an outside firm ... with expertise in labor, personnel and ethics to investigate ... whether or not Ms. Ragaglia's past activities should affect her ability to remain a state employee," said DSS spokesman Matthew Barrett.

In the meantime, as the result of another Rell order, Ragaglia, a 44-year-old lawyer, has been stripped of all duties policing welfare fraud. She will instead concentrate on her unit's other job of making non-fraud-related recoveries of funds.

Ragaglia and her lawyer, Hope Seeley, declined to discuss the case.

The plunge into notoriety by the commissioner-turned-witness could not have been foreseen in 1993, when she became an assistant attorney general in the office of Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. In that $51,000-a-year job Ragaglia focused on cases involving the protection of children and won appointment as the state's child advocate in 1996.

Ragaglia was tapped by Rowland as the commissioner of DCF in 1997. However, her luck as commissioner, a job paying more than $130,000, was no better than her predecessors', and she endured heavy criticism during a 5�-year tenure.

That tenure ended in early 2003, months after the December 2002 announcement by Ragaglia that "I have decided for personal and professional reasons to remove myself from the Governor's consideration for reappointment as commissioner."

That was not true, it now turns out; sources now say it was not her decision. Those sources now say that, in the wake of Rowland's November 2002 re-election victory, Rowland's staff told Ragaglia she would not be reappointed because of her department's endless problems and her dubious prospects of legislative re-confirmation. But they let her put the best face on it.

They also let her stay in a high-paying "transitional manager" job in DCF for months in 2003 until she was finally laid off. But she still had civil service status, under which she was entitled to be rehired if an appropriate job opened up. So in May 2003, a month after her layoff, she was back at Blumenthal's office as an assistant attorney general, paid about $100,000.

In December 2003 Ragaglia again exercised her rights under civil service rules to claim her present job at DSS when someone left.

For all of the criticism absorbed by Ragaglia during her term as DCF commissioner, nothing equaled the trouble now emerging over some of her behind-the-scenes activities during that tenure - including her 1998 participation in improper machinations to steer a lucrative state contract to Tomasso for construction of a new juvenile detention center in Middletown.

Those improprieties played out in a soap opera setting as then-DCF Commissioner Ragaglia traveled in sometimes-high style, on Tomasso's tab, in the company of her boyfriend at that time, Lawrence E. Alibozek - who was her boss and the deputy to Rowland's co-chief of staff, Peter N. Ellef.

Alibozek pleaded guilty in March 2003 to conspiring to receive corrupt payments, and his cooperation along with that of Ragaglia helped federal prosecutors win guilty pleas from Ellef and Tomasso, who were sentenced in federal court last week in New Haven on bribery and conspiracy charges. Both were sentenced to 21/2 years in prison.

But even though Ragaglia was not charged, she was obliged during her discussions with federal investigators to make a number of embarrassing admissions:

On Oct. 16, 1998, as Ellef, Alibozek and Tomasso were scheming to give Tomasso a contract to renovate a reform school under the jurisdiction of Ragaglia's agency, she and Alibozek accompanied the two other men and their girlfriends on a limousine trip to what prosecutors called the "elegant Kittle House restaurant in New York."

On Dec. 30, 1998, six days before a state panel named a Tomasso company among the finalists to build a $55 million juvenile jail for Ragaglia's department, the same group traveled by limousine trip to the Ritz Carlton in Boston.

On May 11, 1999, the day after the state awarded Tomasso a contract to oversee construction of the juvenile jail, Tomasso fell ill and backed out of a jaunt to New York. Ragaglia - with Alibozek, Ellef and Ellef's "female companion" - went on the trip to the Waldorf Astoria.

Ragaglia told federal investigators that she thought her share of the dinners and travel was paid for by Alibozek, and that assertion contributed to the decision not to prosecute.

But she admitted to acting improperly in the state process that awarded work to Tomasso.

Between Nov. 22 and 24 in 1998, Ragaglia flew to Ohio with Alibozek, Ellef and Tomasso to inspect an Ohio juvenile prison that Ellef used as a model for what would become the Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown. The trip gave Tomasso an enormous leg up on potential competitors for the Connecticut job.

When questioned about the propriety of the trip by The Courant for a 2003 story, Ragaglia said she complained to her superiors at the time that it was wrong to invite Tomasso along.

However, she also told federal investigators that while she was at the Ritz Carlton in Boston, Alibozek "directed" her to telephone a subordinate at DCF.

"Ragaglia also told the deputy that it was expected that Tomasso Brothers Inc. would be on the short list" for the job, say documents filed in court by the U.S. attorney's office. Federal prosecutors have said in their court filings that the DCF subordinate "was not comfortable" with that and "Ragaglia did not push her."

Nonetheless, Ragaglia did not complain publicly, or disclose her participation in the Ohio trip, or withdraw herself from the process. In fact, she agreed to sit on a state screening committee that ultimately voted final approval of Tomasso Brothers to build the training school. The state notified Tomasso that he had the job by letter dated May 10, 1999.

Federal authorities had substantial information suggesting a bribes-for-contracts conspiracy involving Ellef, Alibozek and Tomasso - much of it coming from Alibozek himself. Alibozek agreed to cooperate with authorities at about the same time as Ragaglia. Unlike her, he was not spared prosecution and still faces sentencing for conspiring to accept corrupt payments and hiding them from the IRS.

In the scope of the bribery conspiracy laid out by federal prosecutors, the hotel stays, dinners and limousine rides were of little consequence compared to the gold coins, regular cash-filled envelopes and other favors accepted by Alibozek and Peter N. Ellef. Alibozek got a new car and a yachting vacation for his family. Tomasso companies set up and financed a landscaping business for Ellef's son. Tomasso promised to build a retail garden center to keep Ellef and Alibozek busy in retirement, but the plan ended when Alibozek suffered pangs of guilt and dropped out. After he dropped out, Alibozek said, Tomasso paid him $37,000 in "hush money."

According to a variety of prosecution documents filed in federal court in recent months, Tomasso and his various business interests made a series of payments to or on behalf of Ellef's son's landscaping firm - including rent, consulting fees and lucrative landscaping contracts - that totaled close to $2 million.

Much of Ragaglia's improper activity has been public knowledge since early 2003 newspaper disclosures of her participation in the improper 1998 trip to Ohio with Tomasso and the others. Yet for years no one in authority voiced public objections as Ragaglia quickly bounced back to the high-paying anti-fraud job less than a year after being ousted as DCF commissioner.

Blumenthal said Tuesday that if Ragaglia had still been on his agency's payroll in 2004 when he developed enough information to file a civil lawsuit against her and others claiming corruption - a suit still pending now - "we would have taken very vigorous and aggressive steps to remove her." He added that "I have always been mystified and perplexed" by the sensitive and important position she was named to at DSS, in which she remains today. He said that "the officials who have now taken action" - including Rell - "could have taken action earlier" based on the allegations contained in his pending lawsuit.

Monday's news disclosures added detail to the previous picture of Ragaglia's improper activities - such as Ragaglia's admission in secret testimony that she'd had conversations aimed specifically at giving Tomasso the contract for the detention center.

Rell's press secretary, Judd Everhart, said the reason Rell reacted when she did was that "Monday was the first time, to our knowledge, that there was a disclosure that Ms. Ragaglia was involved in actually steering a state contract. ... As soon as the governor learned about the scope of the possible wrongdoing, through previously secret grand jury testimony, she took prompt action."

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