Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


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Mother's Day, 2011 (May 8th) Note:

Thank you all for your interest in Yale as a Sex-OCD and pervert school in recent days (my site statistics tell me which pages are popular and are being referred around by groups of people).  Below are scanned in many (but not all) of my medical records - and my Congenitally infected Lyme kids, too - that were given to the Yale pervert James Phillips, who has some kind of a mental disorder, in addition to his Sex-OCD.  He does not read or understand medical records, nor does he listen to the content of a person's speech.  ??  Somehow, reality means nothing to him, which is the very definition of psychosis.  -- KMD

There are several of my medical records scanned into this page.  They were given to Yale's James Phillips in the summer of 2000.  I made the naive mistake of thinking that if you complained about illness and crime and that no one gave a shit, regardless, and that it was Yale - his employer - who was the problem ...  But, no.  Nowadays, if you complain about illness, people will generally use that as an excuse to pounce, just like real vultures.

See also all the info scanned in re the DCF'S Little-Boys' Penisbiter's Trial


"But as useful as hypocrisy can be, itís apparently not quite as basic as the human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your mind can justify double standards, it seems, but in your heart you know youíre wrong."

As Fr. Malachi Martin says, once in a while, the true nature of their personality comes through: = Part II, psychiatrists... 80% of possession cases. At about 5 minutes he starts talking about "perfect possession."  "You notice something alien about them:" "dead fish eyes" or, in the case of James Phillips, it's that look of just sneering, deep hatred.  (All hatred and in fact, all crime comes from ENVY.)


Here are my 3 brain SPECT scans and other medical data which proves I have an organic delirium or relapsing-remitting brain SPECT scans with treatment:

1996, Before IV ceftriaxone treatment; DEMENTED- blood flow to my brain is compromised; Lyme brain is a genuine delirium (1996).

1998, after 3.5 months of IV, NORMAL. Right after 3.5 months of ceftriaxone treatment (1998), when I 100% recovered, as I told the CT Attorney General, the brain scan is NORMAL.
As you can see from my testimony at CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's 1999 Lyme hearing, I improved 100% on 3.5 months of IV ceftriaxone after 9 years of the living hell of Lyme disease:  (I start on page 336 of the actual .pdf file)

 Demented again; Relapsed (2001).












I NEVER lie.


My Children have undeniable Congenital Lyme Disease:

Positive Lyme blood tests for Lara E. Dickson (see 7 CDC bands at age 25 months):
 and Kathleen M. Dickson (me) taken one month earlier:


 My daughter Diane also tests positive for Lyme and Ehrlichiosis:

Kathleen, positive for Cytomegalovirus:

Kathleen, positive for Epstein-Barr Virus:

Kathleen, OspA in my spinal fluid (read as positive by my MD):


My upper EMG report: Nerve damage to several nerves in my neck and hands (cervical radiculopathy affecting all nerves in my neck - and therefore, arms - resulting in permanent loss of nerve function and atrophy):



  The brain damage known as akathisia or psychomotor agitation- the head of the Yale Psych Department's very specialty (The Brain Damage Akathisia or "The Biology of Movement Disorders"?). 


BRITISH_PSYCHIATRY- How Psychopaths Running the Asylum began.


"..the most devastating aspect of their illness experience was not being believed by their doctors or having the reality of their illness denied by those close to them." -



CHAPTER 19, James Phillips (associated with Yale) and the "Unabomber Chemist"-  Over what is contained in this chapter I cannot be sued for libel because it will all be true.

Phillips will have wished he was smarter and more competent, and not such a lazy, self-obsessed, sex-obsessed pervert.  All of his current relationships will be affected and people will believe me because it will all make sense, as has all of the rest of what has been revealed in these chapters.

I almost wonder, if a person has a mission in life, one given by God, then mine is surely to expose what psychiatry is all about, even moreso than the crime of "Lyme-and-LYMErix."

James Phillips committed malpractice.  He caused me OBVIOUS (see the testimony of a witness below) brain damage, and then committed perjury to cover up this malpractice in the usual way that psychiatrists blame their victims.

On this page you will find my kids' and my medical records which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have Chronic Relapsing Neuroborreliosis (with tons of evidence that my nerves are fried and that it is due to Lyme; EMGs and OspA antigen in my spinal fluid, along with undeniably positive tests for Lyme for me and the kids) and the kids have congenital Lyme.

These records were given to James Phillips in the summer of 2000.

Phillips was also notified immediately about all the experts in LYMEland, including Virginia Sherr, Brian Fallon and Bob Bransfield.  I even invited him to the October 2000 MMI (Microbes and Mental Illness) conference in Philadelphia.

Note the date  June 29, 2000, as a matter of fact, exactly 8 years ago today, and that this is only page 4 of his notes:


Phillips later thought he was cute when he deliberately mispronounced Joe Burrascano's name.

As if the whole thing was cute.

It's the biggest medical crime in human history.

James Phillips said the Lyme crimes "should be written up in the New Yorker magazine" (thinking of Sy Hersh and Gulf War Illness, I assume).

How, then, is Lyme my fault?

How could I change anyone's outcome of this severe neurologic disease and the crime associated with it, by becoming a slut?

That all females should become sluts is exactly what James Phillips proposed and proposes and still thinks is the answer everything, including my boyfriend's drinking problem, an addiction discovered by said boyfriend a good 20 years before I met him.  (It is true that the boyfriend was seriously abused and neglected in childhood and that he is self-medicating his traumas. I understood the true nature of the trauma and so did the boyfriend, although he struggled with admitting it to himself because he is also a Republican.)

I, for one, do not understand not wanting to help someone.

Or worse, blaming the whole world's problems on one single person.

However, as should be clear by now, lots of people would like to blame the whole world's problems on me, rather than take any civic action or behave with any community responsibility.  In the Lyme crime world, but for a handful of people (Karen and Tom Forschner, Lisa Masterson, Barbara Fitzmaurice- now deceased), no one seems to be willing to DO anything about it.

Attorney Steve Sheller, to his credit, has stayed on these crooks, too, in an actionable way:

Before him, was Attorney Ira Maurer but he dropped out due to the harassment.

Other than but for a handful of people, no constructive action has been taken for the benefit of all patients. would not like to see the status quo change because that would end the "specialty practice," super-high, cash-only, "900 dollars please" when you walk in the door.

"As it stands now, the small group of Lyme specialists who treat chronic Lyme are getting rich from patients who pay out-of-pocket, said Karen Vanderhoof, chairwoman of the Lyme Disease Foundation. "But if the IDSA guidelines provided some flexibility then patients could go to any doctor. Now there's no competition for the chronic patient. IDSA throws them out of the office."


And, as we know, "LOVE MEANS DO."  It does not mean blame the victim and it does not mean cower in a corner and it does not mean set up a business for oneself because there happens to be a huge clutch of disabled and abused people, for whom the likes of my sister, Nancy E. Martin (21 Redstone Way, Farmington, CT), claim to be a "therapist." - making money of other peoples' misery and tragedies instead of trying to put an end to it all.

Such people are worse than maggots, since maggots only parasitize dead tissue.

I think we know I have a right to judge this negligence, since I, as a volunteer, took all those calls in the spring of 1999 from all the sick people- sick from Lyme and LYMErix, and then looked into the matter.  No one paid me to be a support group leader and no one paid me to drive up to the Lyme Disease Foundation in Hartford to find out what the hell was going on with LYMErix and Dearborn, and no one PAID me to travel to and stay in Bethesda, MD (Pam Weintraub (former managing editor of OMNI magazine) drove me down and accepted no cash for the gas from me, which I thought was generous and a contribution to revealing the overall scam).  I was the analytical chemist who had done this kind of chemistry, analytical and methods development and validation, for a living at Pfizer.

Having had the knowledge and the history of dealing for hours with all these sick people - at least an hour at a time for every new Lyme victim who reached me by phone because I was listed as a support group leader for Lyme for this area, the County of Lyme - I felt obligated to help to the best of my abilities.  For that I was literally declared "insane to be a human rights activist" right in a corrupt Connecticut court, by "Assistant Attorney General Jessica Gauvin," whose job I was doing for her while she spent at least 45 minutes in front a mirror every morning with the gobs of makeup and the obvious New-Hair-Color-a-Month-Club membership.

You can just imagine how much time I spent on the phone, listening to complaints from hundreds of people because no one else CARED.

Not their families, not their doctors.

Although it was a burden to me, how could I deny them the validation of their illness and abuse and not try to help them?

HOW COULD I NOT LISTEN, having been through this myself?

It never occurred to me to set up a business and CHARGE for all this time listening, yet that's just what my crazy sister did.  Nancy E Martin first falsely claimed she was sick with "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" so she could get out of work and go to Trinity College for an MFT ("Masters in Family Therapy," despite Nancy's three husbands and no children, making her very non-expert on husbands and children) so she could counsel sick people with her truly air-headed "deep breathing" exercises, which is another way of validating hypochondria.

If it worked for Nancy, methinks, Nancy was never really sick, but one of the true few hysterics out there.

The girl is dangerously stupid.


I would like to note that all of the people who trashed me, slandered me, lied about me, filed false allegations to the DCF, filed false allegations to Dr. Pang Wang of Milford, CT, (and to James Phillips) invented for me the things I said and did, perjured themselves, and finally filed false criminal charges against me, all knew I was helping Lyme victims as a support group leader and that my testimony to the FDA was critical to making all aware that LYMErix was never a vaccine.

That is, every single perjurer, every single hater of myself, knew what I was doing in the Lyme crime world.  So, by discrediting me, they hurt hundreds of thousands more people.

It's nothing other than diabolical.  Not only would all these perjurers not help me when I asked, but they were hurting children all over the world, not just my own.

I wonder how anyone can even think of criticizing me for my efforts, while doing nothing about it themselves?  Obviously they've never heard of "peer review," or "judgment by one's peers."  As an aside, which one of my critics is a chemist who paid their own way through college, working 80+ hours a week, summers, and not receiving a single effing dime from their parents?  I think none.

It does not occur to me to not help people when they ask.  I also, never knew jealousy.  Think about it:   How could I be a real scientist and be jealous?  Jealous of what?  Whatever I don't know and want to know, I look up.  I would never in a million years spend even a minute thinking up awful and untrue things to say about another person.  I have too much scientific crime on my mind, in addition to kids who HAVE this same miserable disease that I do.  How would it make any sense that I would spend a even a nanosecond conspiring against a "family" member?   Such would and has never occurred to me. 

I was a scientist from the day I was born.  Whatever I did not know about, I studied.  I could tie shoelaces when I was 2 years old and taught my brothers and sister (and even cousins) how to tie.  I tied my 4 year old, older brother's shoes for him before he went off to kindergarten.  I could tie when I was 2 because I was INTERESTED to know how it was done.  Imagine.  Two years old is pretty low to the ground.  What the hell else is going on for a kid that age besides big people bending over / sitting down, tying their shoes? 

My parents treated us worse than the animals.  I never saw either of our parents even beat the dogs the way they beat us.


As regards James Phillips, why, instead of helping me fight this crime or get it revealed in the newspapers, did he think it was more appropriate to abuse me?

As we will see, James Phillips is very mentally ill- the real definition...



COLLECTING DATA FOR THIS CHAPTER -  See the other main chapters about the scientific crime because they're by and large completed: 
Proving World Round   Chapter 1 on What is Scientific Validity?
McSweegan/Navy  2, on What Sweeg did to the Navy and other evidence of similar criminal harassment to others
Steere's Cryme   Chp 3 on What exactly Steere did to change the diagnostic standard - the most critical chapter for charging this as a crime.
LYMErix Fraud   Chp 4, What I explained to the FDA Vaccine Committee in Jan 2001, which is essentially, Allen Steere's crime in Chp 3.  I revealed the whole crime then and there to the FDA Vaccine Committee.  That's the Qui Tam claim against the, Steere, McSweegan, et al.
PRIMERSHELLGAME  Chp 5, Self-explanatory
1989 IDSA Reviews   Chp 8- IDSA Tells a very different story before Kaiser and the patent profiteers decided to establish an "enterprise" (RICO).
Biomarkers  Why we don't need psychiatrists or "check lists"
Klempner Chapter 10-  Since Steere diagnostic standard is invalid, so are these results
Brain Persistence  Chapter 11-  by the Perps; stuff they don't want you to know about- or the CT Attorney General


Kim Dematteo2, 3,  My daughter Diane's LymeRage Therapist, who refused to turn over her notes to me, but then she was subpoenaed by duh DCF, and duh DCF discovered that indeed, Kim was Diane's LymeRage therapist.  We were not allowed to call this witness, since after AAG Jessica Gauvin demanded Kim come and turn over her records, and she did, DCF found out I was telling the truth about everything and that James Phillips was the liar.  After all was said and done, and all the lawyers requested that my children be returned to me, since there was no abuse or neglect going on (by others, yes - Carolyn Martin, Don Dickson and the Stonington School who refused to institute Diane's 504 Special Ed plan and did not want to be sued, so naturally they came and perjured themselves - but not by myself), Gauvin ordered my false arrest, since that's how such DCF "cases" are concluded.  If they're losing, the DCF orders their victim's false arrest.

That's why you should never spend a cent on a lawyer.  Simply pick up the kids and immediately leave the State without using your own telephone, because it is bugged by DCF.  When you move the kids to another State and go to enroll them in school, simply state that "the children have been home-schooled and therefore are no school records to transfer."

James Phillips is just an amazingly STUPID person and the reason he is so stupid is because of his sex-obsession.  Sex is all he can think about.  I hope his wife finds out about the kinds of things he puts his victims through.   Either she doesn't know because he is a liar, even to his wife, or she knows and she has no problem with his perversion- which would be pretty effing scary.  She is Wendy Stewart and works in his same office (88 Noble Avenue, Milford, CT), along with 2 other psychologists, who all refer their victims to James Phillips for the drugging.

It's probably illegal as hell.


Related pages:  AAPP_STEERE friends, partners with the Steere-abused Michael Schwartz -which is amazing stupidity
DIABOLICAL_PERVERSION_PSYCHOANALYSIS -self absorption is taught as the SOP for all humans, which is clearly false by my own example
PROTESTANT_CONFUSION - Phillips is one of these sex-addicts who hides behind false religiosity.
EXORCISMS-  conversations with Satan reveal the nature of evil which is vanity or pride.  Satan says he is the source of Calvanism and the corruption in the Church in Vatican II-  it had to do with psychiatry's perversion of our very language and therefore culture.
SATANS_SICKOS.htm  Satan, and his gang proudly announce that he is the source of this Freudian perversion and that every such sex-slave or sex-addict as James Phillips "is a piece of his shit."
PSYCHIA_SATANISM- pegged by Pope Leo as the Descent of the Modernists, now a theme resuscitated by Pope Ratzinger since he now realizes that he, as a part of Vatican II, screwed up the Catholic Church (revealed as Satan's own plot in one of the exorcisms).
EVIL_EYE_MALACHI_MARTIN-  Phillips, having the evil eye when directed towards myself ("the deepest contempt") caused me to investigate what is the nature of such behavior on the part of James Phillips and the Vosslers, and VIOLA!  I find Malachi Martin again.
STUPID_COWARDS - the source of male stupidity is cowardly arrogance.  The aggression comes from the fear of being "less-than" another.  Watch the video linked and transcribed at the end of this chapter.  It jives completely with what we know about Satan or Evil : 

"Some have tried use me as a tool for their own purposes, just as They who brought me into creation [God].  But it was not to be.  They found out the hard way, I  AM  NOT  CONTROLLED.   I  AM  NOT  LED.

/CHUCK_LAKE_DRIVER_c1ad57c80986aaf6.htm -- This is the post about which Karen Forschner speaks in her letter below, explaining that she witnessed the akathisia or brain damage I suffered as a result of James Phillips' malpractice.  Here McSweegan/Fish were somehow made aware that the very Domestically Violent Donald G. Dickson falsely told duh DCF that I intended to drive my congenitally-infected Lyme children into a lake, since he did not want to pay child support- posted to the newsgroup even before I knew about Donald Dickson's false allegations to DCF as regards driving my children into a lake (how original).

People should know that the DCF illegally gives information out about their victims - true or not and in my "case:" none of the allegations were true, of course (which is why duh DCF threw out the first petition against me, largely written by my insanely jealous pinheaded sister, Nancy E. Martin, as further explained before) and the second petition included as the Lyme RICO mail stolen of CT AG Richard Blumenthal's desk by AAG Jessica Gauvin.

So, although the secrecy rule uh duh DCF supposedly applies to their victims, it actually only applies to duh DCF- who violate all of their own statutes all the time, in addition to breaking federal law.  So all people who are being harassed by DCF should immediately build websites and expose all of their criminal behavior.  Our next book, after CRYME DISEASE, will be all about duh DCF and all of their criminal tactics, and we will be putting out more YouTube movies describing and proving all of their criminally insane behavior.  There will be several of us collaborating on that book.

We will also demonstrate dat duh DCF is FAR too stupid to be managing anyone else's children.  In other words, DCF is really going to regret their harassment and abuse of myself and my children, since I won't be stopping until these "Child Protective Services" are shut down, nationwide.  If any children are really being abused or neglected, that's a police matter and all cases should be tried in a regular criminal court.

Social workers are morons, and are trained to be morons.  They're such incredibly stupid people, that you can't talk to them because they only unnuhstan 2 syllable or less words.


The IP for "Chuck P Adams" locates to new Haven, CT, so we more think it is Durland Fish than Edward McSweegan performing this anonymous internet harassment, which is a federal crime  

See more of these types of criminally harassing posts HERE on the McSweegan-Goldwater page.




The related chapter, here, is the one about Carolyn Vossler Martin who invented for me that I "threatened to slit my own throat" and about 30 other totally insane and false allegations which were sent to Dr. Pang Wang (also of Milford, CT), James Phillips and finally, duh DCF.  Since none of these things actually happened - we found out at depositions when these two loonies admitted they lied - and since Nancy E. Martin was never there when none of these things I was accused of occurred, they could only have been invented by the wild and insane - as you will see - Carolyn Martin.


James Phillips (88 Noble Ave, Milford, CT, associated with Yale University) is an evil, totally sex-obsessed person, a liar - a perjurer and an incompetent malpractitioner (who harmed me personally and then lied about it under oath) - and a coward.   Stay away from him because he dangerous as a liar and a pervert.

Here are my medical records (not all of them, there are more which support my illness signs) most of which were given to James Phillips in the summer of 2000.

The facts of the scientific record refute the facts of James Phillips' penis and sex-obsession.  On their face, these medical, laboratory facts show that tick bites resulting in illness have nothing to do with women wishing they had penises. What's "good" about history and wars is that men fought them and reported them, and men, as sick persons during WWII with Relapsing Fever, got their illness signs reported and the disease investigated.  Had not men wars and sick soldiers, we might not ever have learned as much as we do about illnesses because when women complain of them they're not real, according to the AMA.

The very fact of baby-production is associated with the production of estrogen, which has a promoter effect on matrix-metalloproteinases.  The combination of estrogen and MMPs are likely to be a source of extra misery for women.  Therefore, femaleness is a function of being the baby-carriers and is not a character flaw.   And MMPs are a problem in Lyme disease.  They're involved in nerve and brain degradation in Lyme as we learned from Mark Klempner.  So the best outcome in the revelations of the truth about the New England Relapsing Fever, is that male MDs realize their own personal brain is at the same risk as Mark Klempner's earlier victims because none of the rest of the scientific facts about Lyme as a brain disease are restricted to women-only.

Here are my brain SPECT scans and other medical data which proves I have an organic delirium:

Before IV ceftriaxone treatment; blood flow to my brain is compromised; Lyme brain is a genuine delirium (1996).

Right after 3.5 months of ceftriaxone treatment (1998), when I 100% recovered, as I told the CT Attorney General, the brain scan is NORMAL:
As you can see from my testimony at CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's 1999 Lyme hearing, I improved 100% on 3.5 months of IV ceftriaxone after 9 years of the living hell of Lyme disease:
 (I start on page 336 of the actual .pdf file)

Demented again; Relapsed (2001).  If you read that report carefully you will see that the only area of my brain not compromised is the visual cortex.  I usually tell people I have high-functioning autism, since, as you will see, it runs in the family, along with Neurofibromatosis.  Both are "nerve overgrowth syndromes."  I could be that visual-spatial smartness are a product of will or intent, and that left-brain dominance, the kind of lawyers and psychiatrists, more favors the liars- those who more concentrate on communication or the falsehoods so easily promoted by people who use emotionalism to fool people.  Such can't happen in Autism or right-brain dominance.  If I claim to be just plain smarter than most men, they have a hard time with that fact, so I say it is a "disorder"- the disorder of autism, which is really an "order" that these brainless psychiatric liars lack.

And it makes them all furious.  Women are supposed to act stupid even when they're not.  I don't buy into that game, even though it makes the rest of the Damsels-in-Distress look like fakers who are faking feminine incompetence in order to attract a stupid male.

No one has ever assayed the relationship between selflessness and hemisphere dominance, but I can tell you from personal experience with lawyers and psychiatrists that they're all (generalizing; the majority) stupid liars who don't have any native ability to understand science. 

Then, in their left-brain dominance with severe brain-brain weakness, and given their propensity to lie, one wonders, How far back does this tendency to lie go?  Did it start in childhood?  

If cognitive remediation is about compensating for one area of brain damage, do people who develop left-brain dominance dominate have a youthful history of finding that lying their way through life is successful and neglect their right hemisphere?

I find the only difference between a lawyer or a psychiatrist and a sociopath or a psychopath is their level of expertise at fraud.

One wonders of hemisphere-dominance development is not directed by a tendency to lie or commit Damsel-in-Distressness in order to hook a stupid husband.  And let's face it, they're all stupid.  Let's admit it, men talk about what they're going to do, grandstanding from the nearest soapbox for 47 million hours before they start a project because they can't do shit without an audience or some celebratory self-aggrandizement. Women just chug along, getting as much as they can get done in a day, usually without the blow-hard scene.


Brian Fallon's Relapsing Fever, Relapsing Dementia patients:  FALLON_DANGEROUS_TERRORIST.htm   Dr. Fallon found that Lyme is a Relapsing Fever, permanent brain infection, which was something the whole world of spirochete science knew in 1975.


James Phillips is surely not a man, since he is too cowardly to come forward and admit the truth- to turn himself in to the State Police and admit he committed malpractice and then perjury to avoid a malpractice lawsuit.  The following letter shows the malpractice and brain damage witnessed by all at the LYMErix FDA meeting (Yale's James Phillips Instructs on Adverse Events Reporting)

  The brain damage known as akathisia or psychomotor agitation- the head of the Yale Psych Department's very specialty (The Brain Damage Akathisia or "The Biology of Movement Disorders"?). 

This brain damage (and the accompanying discomfort) was evident immediately (Jan 2001), and James Phillips knew it, because he saw it and I commented on it.  Later Phillips gave me a drug FOR this movement disorder...  Which I will post and prove.

'Gives me every kind of drug that there is except the ProVigil that I asked for first, and then says, over a two year period, and then says, "I think you need to be on medication, I just don't know what kind."


    Psych Eval  "very superior visual spatial abilities"  even with Lyme brain. (More stuff you just can't make up.)

Intelligence, high, plus executive functioning, gone = chemist with Lyme brain.
Guess what!? 

Block Design:   "Block Design: One of the strongest measures of nonverbal intelligence and reasoning."  (Right Brain or Visual-Spatial Dominance)



Positive Lyme blood tests, Lara E. Dickson (7 CDC bands at age 25 months)
 and Kathleen M. Dickson taken one month earlier:


Diane, Congenital Ehrlichiosis:

Kathleen, positive for Cytomegalovirus:


Kathleen, positive for Epstein-Barr Virus:

Kathleen, OspA in my spinal fluid (read as positive by my MD):


My upper EMG report: Nerve damage to several nerves in my neck and hands (cervical radiculopathy affecting all nerves in my neck - and therefore, arms - resulting in permanent loss of nerve function and atrophy):




Yale's James Phillips said the Lyme crymes story "should be written up in the New Yorker."

Against All Enemies: Gulf War Syndrome: The War Between America's Ailing Veterans and Their Government

Editorial Reviews

Book Description
"Why did the system fail the Gulf War veterans? Did national heroes such as Norman Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell, who were known during their careers for taking care of their troops, have an obligation to speak out on behalf of the veterans--as many sick GIs believe--and demand that America's military hospitals stop turning them away? The unsettling fact is that the Gulf War was far more costly to the United States than the Pentagon and its former leaders are willing to acknowledge. The ninety thousand or so victims of Gulf War syndrome are friendly-fire casualties just as surely as if they had been fired upon by their fellow soldiers. The military's inevitable dilemma is profound: Can it protect our soldiers and sailors in future wars if it was unable to do so in the Gulf War?"
--from AGAINST ALL ENEMIES --This text refers to the Paperback edition.


However, later, under oath, James Phillips said that the RICO mail stolen off of AG Richard Blumenthal's desk by AAG Jessica Gauvin - the same data he had - meant I was "like Ted Kascynski" and "a chemist" - said with such contempt, that I had to look into the matter of such evil.


Unfortunately, for certain people, I never forget a thing I've seen.

I think we all know that, by now.  At least that's obvious to my regular customers.

Most of the data that I intend to use in this chapter has been moved elsewhere, since I am saving this chapter for last.  (The hard work must be done first, before I dally in what were apparently the delights of mine and my children's torturers.)

I think this is significant enough to always share, however:

Watch this demon describe what is the nature of this deep hatred for others/adoration for self:

  At "The Ram Inn," Britain.

"This was not your house when this all began.

"A title does not matter. 

"That's what they said, but nothing was resolved then, was it?

"They were heeeeere. 

"They that brought the taaa-ble. 

"It was their incantations that spawned me.  To protect them, to protect their gold, but they did not think about the consequences afterwards, and so I was left here, long after they were gone.

"Further back than you can possibly imagine, summoned was my fate.

"In the land of Canaa (Israel) where they had learned, they had started the books, the texts, that brought me to Britain. 

"Thassoraal.  Thassoraaaal.

"They summoned me for protection for their worldly goods.  They seemed to be sacred, but it was more greed, that kept it in mind for protection  It was nothing of any real value. 

"But it did not stop them bringing forms through.  What a team, uhhh, a team for summoning the dead.  And their position, it was brought from their home land to here.  It was the only key for opening and closing.  But the evil is long gone, as are they.  They are in the dust.  The table is no more, and that is the only way to unlock what has been done. 

"Partially stuck, partially of will.  I have no wish to be destroyed, which may be my only way of redemption.




"No harm is felt.  I take you at your word. 

"Some have tried use me as a tool for their own purposes, just as They who brought me into creation [God].  But it was not to be.  They found out the hard way, I  AM  NOT  CONTROLLED.   I  AM  NOT  LED.

"As long as you pose no danger [Bringing the Church or a priest], so shall you not be in danger.

"He he can go."


I can definitely relate to this extreme vanity, because such a person is my insane, selfish, pinheaded sister, Nancy E. Martin, who my father hated because she was so self-possessed, so self-centered, so wanted to be the center of attention.  He hated that kind of behavior and tried to discourage it.  He so hated gossip and bullshit- which was what Nancy Martin was entirely about.

Nancy II was later raised by the insane Carolyn Martin, right under his nose, just to spite him.  This could only come from the most diabolical source. 

She tried to torture the man for the rest of his life- not only because he was so smart, and so despised this insane pinheaded, JUVENILE behavior  - on the part of Nancy Martin, trained by Carolyn Martin - but because he was such a truly religious man.

There was no love in that house, despite the forced and violent religiosity. There was only hypocrisy, violence and hatred.  It started by Carolyn Vossler tricking my father into marrying her- having him believe she was this innocent, demure little Catholic girl.

Carolyn Martin informed me vastly otherwise about her history and the Vosslers in general.  I guess she forgets that I never forget a thing I've seen or heard, especially as regards what went into the development of Carolyn Martin. 

To this day I laugh because she has everyone fooled.

As Fr. Malachi Martin says, once in a while, the true nature of their personality comes through: = Part II, psychiatrists... 80% of possession cases. At about 5 minutes he starts talking about "perfect possession."


As we Lyme warriors cannot engage any earthly assistance;
As the entire US medical community chooses not to assist sick and abused people and put a stop to this;
As there is not one MD or group in the entire USA who will take these criminals to court;
As there is not one lawyer or Department of Justice official who will do the job they were hired to do and protect us from corporate crime;
As there are no men left among us:

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.