Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

30 May 2017



Crymes on Video


Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis


IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

Exosomes, Blebs


CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Predicting all of GW Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000




See the OPMC's Dec 2000 response below this complaint.  (Note that the "Phillips" person is James Phillips and not Steve Phillips.  Yes, James Phillips got a complete and full copy of this complaint in Dec 2000, as well as receiving a full hard copy of the contents of my first website, in Nov 2000.   ActionLyme Website I, Nov 2000  IN HARD COPY, all these reports, were given to James Phillips, who at first said the Lyme Scam "should be written up in The New Yorker Magazine," and then said as PERJURY, under oath, that all of this data means I am "like Ted Kazcynski."  How's that for not having any balls?

 7As for a rogue, his weapons are evil;
         He (K)devises wicked schemes
         To (L)destroy the afflicted with slander,
         (M)Even though the needy one speaks what is right.

The New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct can have no experts on Lyme disease, since Lyme disease has not changed since the early days of tick-borne borrelioses.  See Biology of Parasitic Spirochetes, Jay Sanford, US Military Hosp Medical School, and Russell Johnson: Russell Johnson patent 4,721,617

There can be no standard of care, when it is not known what infections are transferred via tick attachment.    from










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