Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


File List, RICO

1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

Exosomes, Blebs


CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000





1-Yale Defrauds Govt Steere falsifies case definition, 1992 USDOJ RICO Complaint 30 reports; Sepsis, Autism UN Complaint (2003) Bioweapons Attributes
2-Who owns the patents? CDC's Patents w/ GSK, 1992 Blumenthal (AntiTrust) AIDS-like EBV-Borreliosis, 101016 Antics Crazy Eddy & Durl Lyme as a bioweapon?
3-Who identified the biomarkers? Great Imitator/IDSA "Reviews", 1989 False Claims Act case, ref'd OspA / Pam3Cys Tolerance Munchausen's Libel Army says Bioweapon
4-NIH's Post Sepsis Syndrome Congenital Lyme by Yale Cold Spring Harbor, neuroLyme Failed Other Fungal Vax Sweeg's Munchausen's Russians@NYMC (HLAs)
5-IDSA's DNA Shell Game Halperin: Lyme & ALS Relapsing Fever, permanent, IDSA too PubMed: OspA >> EBV files Plum Island Evidence
6-Commonalities (CFIDS & Autism) Steere: Lyme >> Lupus Dattwyler: Seroneg Lyme LYMErix causes neurologic Fish @ Internat.Spy Firm EXOSOMES/BLEBS
7-UConn Assaults Czech kids Klempner & "Guidelines" Steere: Seronegative Lyme NIH:  CLD is active herpes Durland Fish's "Attack" Lyme Mafia Alpert
8-Wessely & Somatoformers McSweegan attacks Navy, 1986 .CORIXARICO

ME/CFS is active herpes

Lyme Mafia Sepkowitz

CRYME Disease: 

Intro/ Big Picture:

"Lyme Disease" is caused by shed fungal-ish (which have OspA-ish lipoproteins on then) blebs that ruin the immune system - turn it off -, except in the brain. They, the shed blebs, get into your brain causing *** CHRONIC brain inflammation and dementia.*** These blebs or exosomes or exosomology is the hottest topic in bioscience. The crooks say this OspA fungal toxin was a "vaccine."  It is a huge scandal and the NIH and even the FDA are embarrassed about how they let Edward McSweegan run wild and
without supervision.

They, the Lyme and LYMErix RICO criminals (ALDF, IDSA, Yale, CDC, et al) were originally the authors of the truth about Lyme.  Now, since the establishment of the ALDF (1990) which later took over IDSA, these same people hysterically insist that Lyme is only an autoimmune bad-knee.  Since that event, in 1994, when they falsified the case definition - we call the event "Dearborn" - they've tried to maintain the pretense that Dearborn or the "bad knee, only" case definition was real because they do not want to be prosecuted.  These criminals, particularly the CDC officers Barbour and Johnson, falsified the test. It now only detects late Lyme arthritis, and HLA-linked hypersensitivity or allergy response. 

Also, OspA and B were left out of the "case definition" for an intended follow-up monopoly on blood testing for all TBDs in North America for Yale's L2 Diagnostics, Schoen, Imugen, Molloy and Steere, and Corixa, Dave Persing. The Mayo Clinic owns that RICO-within-the-RICO patent because Persing worked for Mayo at the time; he filed for the patent for the borrelia missing the OspA-B plasmid.  The reason they developed this test was because OspA and B are encoded on the same plasmid, and you cant test for disease with the same antigen as is in the vaccine (OspA).  The RICO was entirely about getting all the vaccines and all the future testing for all vector borne diseases into their own labs - which is formally
racketeering and fraud.


The Criminal Charges Sheets - this is actually a book:

Updated --  1. ALDF-CDC "Enterprise" (read "RICO") Conspires to Defraud USA in Dearborn-Vaccine Scam; see how next, in the subsequent charge sheet on patents, the very people who falsified the testing are the ones who own the patents for the bogus vaccines and test kit products:

Updated -- 2. Lyme Disease Patents owned by the Dearborn scammers, CDC officers, Yale in association with Corixa, Mayo Clinic and Imugen. Leaving OspA and B out of the Dearborn standard was intended to facilitate a monopoly on post-LYMErix approval on blood testing for all vectior-borne disease:

Updated -- 3. Lyme Disease Biomarkers, as compared to scientifically invalid psychiatric check lists. These biomarkers were identified by the very people who later said Lyme was not even a disease, and who are the same people who own the vaccine patents and falsified the testing at Dearborn:

Updated -- 4. The Primers (DNA, RNA) Shell Game; the very people who own all the patents and falsified the testing for Lyme in order to falsify the outcomes of those bogus products, use the wrong DNA to not-find Lyme or other spirochetes in humans, while using the correct DNA to patent borrelia-specific DNA; no biofilms. 

Updated -- 5.) Occam's Razor  If it quacks like a duck, it must be Epstein-Barr/post-sepsis syndrome (as the REAL "Great Imitator"):

Updated -- 6. The Common Mechanisms of Fungal-Viral Damage in CFIDS, Vaccines-Autism, and "Chronic Lyme"/ New Great Imitator, per the CDC, NIH and IDSA; This paper reveals the CDC's own data on what Lyme and CFIDS are, and how immunosuppression-via-fungal contamination also explains the failed childhood vaccines, giving children the very viruses the vaccines are intended to prevent (with resultant encephalitis):

Updated -- 7. Simon Wessely and the abuse of Gulf War veterans, Justina Pelletier and 21st century witch trials; with scientifically valid evidence for real illness, a vast majority of post-sepsis and vaccine injured are slandered and libeled with invalid psychiatric terminology:

Updated -- 8. The State of Connecticut and Yale Assaulted Czech Children with a known fake vaccine (OspA or LYMErix) just to see how serious would be the adverse events:

Pdfs and to download, of the same files above:

Word docs:

The Enterprise
The Patents
The Biomarkers
The DNA Shellgame
The Occam's Razor
Common Mechanisms
GWI Wessely Somatoform
UConn Assaults Children

Campaign Handbook for DC - this file is here and as a .pdf on the Occupy Justice page.
I dont have it sent over yet to publish online.


The Enterprise
The Patents
The Biomarkers
The DNA Shellgame
The Occam's Razor
Common Mechanisms
GWI Wessely Somatoform
UConn Assaults Children


Lyme Crymes Video Playlist (like a Powerpoint presentation on YouTube, stop at each frame and go at your own pace)

Starts with Khan Academy on Professional Antigen Presenting cells and what HLA molecules do.

VID1 FLAGELLIN ONLY IS VALID for diagnosis of Lyme or any borreliosis

There has been an FDA-Validated method to detect Borreliosis and even Lyme borreliosis since 1991.  Yale patented it under US 5,618,533.  It detects early, late, neurologic, and all cases of Lyme.  Because these crooks pulled the Dearborn stunt later, their vicious antics you currently see, and abuses against Lyme victims is intended to prevent homicide charges over the Dearborn case definition.  


This is just the beginning of the data on persistence and viability of the spheroplast form.  See more at  and


This video, 3, shows the Lyme Cryminals knew LYMErix caused the same "multisystem disease" as we know of as Chronic Lyme. They changed the definition of the disease at Dearborn because they knew LYMErix vaccination caused the same disease. They were prepared for that outcome since they published a book in 1998 anticipating those outcomes and especially as regards children who potentially became ill from this vaccine. They intended to accuse the parents of Munchausen's by Proxy.  


This video shows you how OspA causes the immunosuppression state of Chronic Sepsis or chronic active herpesviruses as result of being exposed to fungal antigens. These are a series of references by Dattwyler, Harding, Medvedev, etc and re tolerance to other antigens such as viral (TR7/9) and bacterial lipopolysaccharide (TLR4-agonist). Your disease is polymicrobial, ongoing sepsis, much like AIDS.

VID5 Dearborn Falsified Lyme Case Definition

Now that you have seen the first 4 videos and especially the 4th one on how Lyme causes systemic disease, like a chronic sepsis, with the ongoing schmorgasbord of reactivated herpesviruses, tolerance to other infections (bacterial), and that this is an AIDS-like disease... you want to know which criminals are behind this scam and how they pulled it off.


No one knows what Dearborn means, Steere does not know what he is talking about, SmithKline makes fun of him, Klempner's "re-treatment" "study" was anything but, yet is the basis of the IDSA "Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme Disease," all of IDSA's aggression - including the "Guidelines" - towards VERY sick people is about avoiding a prosecution over the Dearborn case definition stunt.  Be sure to review the PrimerShellGame to dispel the rumor that "biofilms" are the reason spirochetes are antibiotic resistant.  Spirochetes are individual operators.  They do not cluster in vivo in mammals.


It's hard to think of what to say about this. In 1991, Steere admitted Lyme caused everything, from RA to MS to Fibromyalgia. Later he claimed Lyme only caused arthritis. IDSA still claims Lyme only causes a hypersensitivity response in a knee with no other symptoms. Nevertheless, the topic seems to be how the CDC is so good at hiring and creating psychopaths.

VID8 DNA RNA Shell Game

The DNA/RNA gene shell game. This is a short version of this aspect of the crime. The Lyme crooks use the wrong DNA to not find Lyme, say OspA could never be a vaccine due to antigenic variation, and use this nonsense gene to NOT FIND LYME when convenient.
But they use the RIGHT DNA when they want to patent something. This information will be very useful to the prosecution since it is so obvious and blatant, and the Klempner non-retreatment report is fraudulently restricting diagnosis and care,... as you will see.   Importantly, we have no MDs in America with any basic science training or you would not be hearing/seeing this from me. (It's a bit much for the patients to have to do all the research, but that's America, Land of the Boneheads.)

1989 IDSA "REVIEWS," (their journal) FILE LIST.  This is the data the Lyme Mafia refused to turn over to Senator Richard Blumenthal when he sued them for "Anti-Trust": (neurologic disease Imitator, primarily) (Discusses treatment failure and neonatal Lyme) ("Epstein-Barr-like transformed B cells") (reversion from spheroplast takes months and not weeks; see Klempner's "bogus article") (treatment fails in half the cases, says Sigal, Steere, Dattwyler and Luft) (treatment endpoint unknown) (these neurologic diseases do not test CDC Dearborn-positive) (CDC officer Schmid says Lyme like other spirochetal diseases; treatment unknown)  Lyme and Lupus, by Allen Steere, and the reason Yale owned a Lyme and Lupus Clinic, now called L2-Diagnostics. Benach - spirochetes invade the brain right away.  1994 FDA Meeting, Dattwyler and Luft talking about early CNS invasion of spirochetes, and then of course, they're permanent.

Dattwyler saying Bb invades the brain early:
LINK to PubMed, All, IDSA's 1989 "Special Supplement on Lyme" (47% association between ALS and Borreliosis, says JJ Halperin; these cases will not test Dearborn-positive, which is a homicide charge)
http://www.actionlyme,org/BARBOUR_MUTANTS_1992.htm  (antibodies exert "selection pressure," or all the Osps mutate, or, "Lyme is actually Relapsing Fever" and therefore vaccines won't prevent it.) (4 reports by Steere and Yale), 1992, Cold Spring Harbor ("Epstein-Barr-like transformed Chronic Lyme white blood cells")  ," by Allen Steere

RICO chronology, CDC instructs how to weaponize your Borrelia, 1964

IDSA and all of History says Relapsing Fever is a permanent brain infection:  (historical, pre Steere era_  (IDSA says Lyme is an incurable brain infection, Steere, too)  1992 conference where also Duray reported about the EBV-transformed cells in the CSF of NeuroLyme victims.  NIH says these blebs get into the brain and inflame it - more than one NIH group says so.


Lyme/LYMErix/OspA-ish exosomes traveling to the brain causes post-sepsis syndrome from the immunosuppression, with chronic brain inflammation

icd10 billing codes for Lyme and CFS/ME

Post Lyme sepsis very disabling- Medscape

Survivors of Lyme Sepsis very disabled, JAMA

OspA causes post-sepsis syndrome, says NIH, etc

Spirochetal Dementia, legal term

Exosomes, spirochetes cause AIDS like disease.

USDOJ Criminal Charge sheets

SASH Common Mechanisms paper (Vaccines-Acquired-Autism, Lyme, CFIDS - by the CDC)

CHRONOLOGY OF THE CRIME:  Follow the Lyme/LYMErix Scam in the order it occurred (crooks did a 180 on every aspect of this disease because the OspA vaccines caused the same post-septic shock outcome)

Older data on the incurability of Relapsing Fever

Crooks report Lyme is an incurable brain infection

1986, McSweegan trashes the Navy to Senator Barry Goldwater to steal their funding for his cabal
1988, Dattwyler and others about immune-suppressing, seronegative Lyme, the New Great AIDS-itator, "Epstein-OspA-Barreliosis"

1989, ALDF crooks and CDC report Lyme is a New Great Imitator, causing very serious disease, say "treatment fails in 50%" of the neurologic cases (neuro cases were thrown out later at Dearborn)

1990, CDC's diagnostic standard was "diagnose Lyme as if it was relapsing fever with repeat WB to look for new, IgM-type bands"

1990, Allen Steere writes about seronegative neurologic Lyme, uses Dattwyler's seronegative Lyme assay

1992, CDC officer Allen Steere falsifies testing in Europe on behalf of CDC patenteer, Barbara Johnson, who letter ran the bogus Dearborn conference

1992, CDC's officer Barbara Johnson applies for 5 patents WITH SMITHKLINE IN EUROPE, shows there are 2 kinds of Lyme, bad knee and normal or the regular outcome, chronic neurologic

1992, Barbour and Fish slam Neurologic Lyme victims... while exposing the fact that the OspA vaccine trials are underway.  1993 precedes Dearborn, they were probably seeing that the vaccine was causing the same disease they later in 1994 tried to exclude by falsifying the case definition:

Compare the 2 kinds of Lyme, Dearborn, Western Blots on the right, and what was excluded, on the left, in the RICO complaint:

1994, FDA LYMErix Meeting, here is where Dattwyler says the seronegative patients are the sickest

1994, CDC's Dearborn Booklet, .pdf

1994, CDC's invitation to participate in Dearborn, .pdf - shows this was intended to be a consensus conference but everyone attended say, no, this test sucks.  On avg, it was only 15% accurate in IgG:

1994, Dearborn, who, essentially, said what about it (a summary I showed the FDA with pages out of the Dearborn booklet when I blew the whistle in Jan 2001):

1994-8, Later I learned Harris at Igenex also said Dearborn was a farce:

1994-8, Evidence the Lyme criminals knew LYMErix produced a "multisystem disease just like chronic neurologic Lyme"- the kind of Lyme left out of the Dearborn case definition, as a result of research fraud by Allen Steere in Europe, on behalf of other CDC officer's patents (CDC officer-patenteers Barbara Johnson, and Alan Barbour):

LYMErix Damages, Coverup (short)

2001, January, Whistle Blown at FDA about LYMErix and Dearborn:

2001, May, the fairy Allen Steere was never stalked since we were in Albany lobbying where I spoke with NYT's David Grann and told him what I told the FDA, 4 months earler:

2001, Klempner writes bogus treatment article, becomes basis of IDSA "guidelines," but is based on the falsified Dearborn case definition, so it gets thrown out, and the IDSA guidelines get thrown out when the crooks are prosecuted; Klempner commits his own unique kind of research fraud re intracellular spirochetes and the biomarker MMP-130, a nerve and brain degrading enzyme he found in the spinal fluid of Lyme victims:





WHO ARE THE REAL EXPERTS who know and show that OspA could never have been a vaccine and that Lyme is a disease of humoral immunosuppression but chronic brain inflammation?

"Endotoxin tolerance is thought to limit the excessive cytokine storm and prevent tissue damage during sepsis but renders the host immunocompromised and susceptible to secondary infections."

Scientists who know what they are talking about:  Lyme and OspA as immunosuppressive:
 (<<The NIH's "Lyme and MS" Division find that OspA-ish lipopropteins shed by borrelia all the time cause humoral immunosuppression with brain inflammation)

Benach: Borrelia wreck your brain:
Cadavid: Borrelia wreck your brain:

Gary Wormser on how the OspA vaccines in dogs didn't work and caused immunosuppression:

 on how OspA vaccination caused the same disease as chronic Lyme:

Marks on how LYMErix caused the same disease as chronic Lyme:

Mario Philipp on how Lyme and OspA causes immunosuppression with brain inflammation:



This second set of links pertains to the information you will find in the navigation bar at the top of this website.

Borreliosis Basics  a 2-page introductory, basic information poster or flyer

Lyme Facts  -- a 4-page poster or flyer for introductory level for the Lyme Crymes with some less well-known history as regards what happened to LYMErix (the truth, that is).

Primers Shell Game  --  In order to not find "Lyme" in humans, the Lyme criminals play and RNA and DNA shell game.  Luckily for them "physicians" have no real science training or background and for the most part don't care about science.  MDs are like a cult, like cops, who only prefer to protect their own.  And like cops, have an IQ ceiling that they are not allowed to exceed.    They're all just Relapsing Fever organisms.  There is no such thing as "Lyme Disease."

Post-Lyme-Sepsis  --  All the lies about Lyme and CFIDS were meant to hide the mechanisms of the Autism pandemic.  It's  20 basic reports (there are obviously more) that show the CDC does not want anyone to know about immunosuppression from fungi.  This is also an attribute of bioweapons (stealth, no antibodies, like a Trojan horse, detonating other infections - and that means Lyme with the added OspA genes allowing the bug to "take" to Ixodes ticks was perfect.

Yale's Vaccine Scam -- Seven basic reports are from the NIH, IDSA, the US ARMY, Ft. Detrick, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and Washington University, St. Louis, MO ( about post-sepsis and the reactivation of the herpesviruses, et al (like AIDS) from exposure to Lyme or LYMErix (OspA or Pam3Cys).  Instructions for reporting your adverse events to the Dearborn case definition.  How all this bullshit about Lyme was intended to profit Yale, from the LYMErix patent to the intended RICO monopoly planned by Corixa, L2 Diagnostics and Steere's Imugen company - the RICO within the RICO.

Failed Fungal Vaccines

Intent to Cause Harm (necessary for a RICO case according to the USDOJ)  this report is a complaint to the UN written, substantiated, and sent to the UN in April 2003 showing the false, libelous, slanderous and derogatory statements including "Munchausen's-by-Proxy" accusations and obviously misogynistic bigotry about "women and girls," when in the end it was only us'n wimmins who solved and blew the whistle on this entire crime, negating the principle that drama is exclusively a female game. Look at all of these really retarded and transparent antics performed by almost exclusively men.  You could say we were on the cusp of a socio-evolutionary leap where we in the near future not even allow men to be in the medical field, since "care" is not what they do, and as a result they have no talent.  It's almost a paraphysical principle.  (Do men suck at medical science because they don't give a shit? Or did they suck at science, first, and then didn't give a shit?  We are going to have this public debate.  These Lyme crymes will have brought that about.)

RICO and Fraud Complaint filed with the USDOJ in July 2003, main report page

– this is a report filed with the US Department of Justice about the entire crime, including all the fraudulent behaviors of all the participants of the crime. The crime was essentially about falsifying the case definition of Lyme Disease so as to falsely claim they had a vaccine, OspA or Pam3Cys and for post-LYMErix approval monopoly on testing, vaccines and test kits patents, all the private HLA/disease susceptibility data for USA and Canadians, etc, the whole thing:  Imugen, we think is part-owned by Allen Steere plus Corixa (Mayo Clinic's Dave Persing plus Yale's L2 Diagnostics run by Robert Schoen...

Senator Richard Blumenthal sues in epic Anti-Trust complaint (CT civil against IDSA)

-- in the summer of 2006 Senator Richard Blumenthal (at the time, the State of Connecticut Attorney General) filed an “unprecedented” Anti-trust lawsuit against under CT state law, rather than criminally (there is no criminal Anti-Trust legislation in CT, only civil) after referring us to the USDOJ (2003) for them to file their own criminal complaint. Two and a half years later, IDSA settled out of court right after being caught lying about Congenital Lyme (Eugene Shapiro at Yale) in the movie Under Our Skin. Yale performed autopsies on babies who died from Congenital Lyme. In the arrangement, the defrauded us once again, and continued to recite their own garbage and did not address the falsified Dearborn case definition once again. The lawsuit should have contained a charge of fraud over the falsified case definition but that would have backfired against the State of Connecticut as University of CT (UConn) participated in Yale’s vaccine scam and such a claim would have made the State of CT liable for a class action lawsuit by the other 49 States and perhaps even by other countries.

History of Relapsing Fever

-- shows it was always known that spirochetes are permanent brain infections with publications that go back to the turn of the last century.  Cross reference, please, the Plum Island, Bioweapons Attributes, Defecting Russian Israelis (?) at New York Medical College HLA data-pharming all over the world, and 120702 bioweapons data pages.  You can see that the CDC is completely full of shit and why they are full of shit.  They've already deployed Relapsing Fever on China and Korea, and the CDC gave instructions on how to weaponize borreliae in 1964.

You can get borrelia from a cadaver, you can freeze them for years, you can't kill them with arsenic, you can't kill them with anything.  Presumably this is a reason they are such an archaic creature with its own Phylum.  They can go into dessication or spheroplast forms with a Sulfur component...

Crooks Report that Lyme is a permanent brain infection

-CDC staff, IDSA, ALDF, Yale et al, all report that you can't kill spirochetes in about 20 reports, even while they're playing the Primers Shell Game.

Yale, the CDC staff, the ALDF, etc report the valid Biomarkers of real disease (many) while at the same time claim that there are no long term consequences of Lyme or LYMErix except psychiatric. 

-- They still today maintain this lie because they are terrified of going to jail for negligent homicide.  But the evidence is overwhelming that these criminals will either be going to jail for the rest of their natural lives, ... or the "government" is protecting them because this was either an accidental or deliberate release from Plum Island and they were given permission to perform this scam.  Either way, everyone will know what they did.

Russian-named people associated with New York Medical College

-- who report on the HLAs or disease susceptibility data (Hint: "race-specific bioweapons" see PNAC.pdf written by Neocons who are mostly Israelis) on peoples from all over the world.  Quite curious.  I started faxing the foreign embassies about these crimes in the summer of 2006 having totally given up on the Democrats. (I would not even consider the morons who call themselves Republicans because technically Republicans are a subspecies of humans with their low IQs, large amygdalas and counter-intuitive racism.)  In May, 2007, Russia kicked all these Americans out and banned the export of their human DNA samples.  Coincidental, no doubt.  Wiki that.

The Patents 

-- Tell a very different story than the crooks public story line;  You will want to review them all.

CDC co-owns several patents with SmithKline

-- These patents show the CDC is aware of HLA-linked and non-HLA linked antibody responses, which means they, in particular CDC office Barbara Johnson who ran the Dearborn conference is aware that the Dearborn scam was a total scam.  Highly prosecutable and useful data.

UConn Assaults Czech Children with Fake Lyme Vaccine

-- while totally aware that there is none of the standard "prototypical" USA strain B31 (with no OspC in it, and OspC is the brain invastion antigen, meaning American Lyme Disease is not allowed to contain a virulent strain) OspA in it, since there is none of that type of OspA in Europe.  Therefore, Yale and UConn vaccinated these children merely to see how bad would be the adverse events.  Probably the most unethical thing any State of CT employee or resident ever did in the whole history of the country.

The Pathology of Congenital Lyme resulting in DEATH and AUTOPSIES

-- and the pathologies of Maternal Lyme antibodies (more like the EBV or other herpes it activates) affecting children published and reported and cited by Yale, who simultaneously denies this information.  Especially Eugene Shapiro of LYMErix-Assaults-on-Czech-Children as shown in the movie, Under Our Skin as see in the previous link.

JJHalperin - person who tried to pull an end-run around the Blumenthal lawsuit and subpoenas by coming up with another imaginary set of "Guidelines" allegedly by some Neurology group - on how Lyme is associated with ALS in 47% of the cases.

-- Here we see, if you examine closely the Western Blots in that report of persons thought to have gotten ALS from Lyme, you will see that those people would have been missed by the falsified Dearborn definition. So that is definitely a homicide charge, and whoever has a deceased relative with similar data ... there is no Statute of Limitations on Murder.

Plum Island

-- This chapter contains data on how Lyme was not evolutionarily likely (see also PRIMERSHELLGAME), data on mycoplasma by the bioweaponeers Tully (and Shope), how OspA caused immunosuppression and could never have been a vaccine, other stuff we know happened on Plum Island,  USA drops infected ticks and bugs on China and Korea during the Korean war including Relapsing Fever or Lyme.

Dattwyler on Seronegative Lyme

--Dattwyler talking about T cell anergy similar to other fungal infections particularly from Borrelia supernatant (upper, lipid layer, which would contain OspA-like molecules).  Later he goes on to develop a seronegative Lyme T cell assay that Steere later uses to assess people with Chronic Neurologic Lyme.

Steere on Seronegative Lyme, talking about Chronic Neurologic Lyme and using Dattwyler's seronegative Lyme assay. 

-- Later Steere claims there is no such thing, and says, to claim Lyme is a other than a bad-knee is a "contradiction in terms," since he redefined it at Dearborn to exclude all except the bad-knee-hypersensitivity-HLA-linked cases.  Such a statement reveals that semantics is at the heart of the perjury they committed in numerous court cases.

The Immunology of Epstein-OspA-Borreliosis (101016, date started);

-- Later we learned that this is formally described as post-sepsis syndrome, and it was all revealed to us through studying the mechanisms by which LYMErix caused the same systemic disease as Chronic Lyme.

Steere in Europe in 1992

-- falsifying the Dearborn testing schema, using recombinant OspA and B without the lipid moiety, and using bogus high passage strains.  This was straight up research fraud, explaining why Steere went to Europe alone to perform this, and explaining why the full texts of these reports are not available free full text online.  This will probably be the very first charge against anyone that is filed.  It will be against Steere for committing research fraud narrowing the definitions of Lyme to exclude most IgM bands and excluding neurologic cases, when he knew they would be mostly seronegative.

Steere on Lyme Causing Lupus

-- Later we learned that it was OspA detonating Epstein-Barr as the main cause of Lupus.  Yale used to have a Lyme and Lupus Clinic, but later they changed the name and the focus to L2 Diagnostics and went straight into their Lyme Disease and LYMErix monopoly scam.  Robert Schoen, COrixa's and Mayo Clinic's Dave Persing, and we think Allen Steere as part owner of Imugen were the 3 companies listed as "partners" to share the main RICO patent, with the Borrelia bug without the OspA and B plasmid, discovered using the Primers Shell Game shell game.

Plum Stupid

-- If you just want quick and down-and-dirty referenced data, this is my particular favorite report.  Shows exactly what Steere did with a snippet out of the Antigens in Europe report showing how he falsified the testing.  Straight up.  I tried working with ILADS but they just plain don't get what science is about.

Dearborn Booklet (pdf) --- This is the Dearborn Conference booklet published by the CDC that revealed what took place there (Michigan, 1994) such that we now have a fraudulent testing standard.

--  There were 2 reports by Allen Steere in Europe. One is missing from this Dearborn booklet – the one which shows how Steere committed Research Fraud to leave OspA and B out of the current diagnostic standard and also to fraudulently raise the bar on total antibody concentration, leaving neurologic Lyme out of the standard and including only the late arthritis or hypersensitivity cases. The Dearborn booklet also clearly shows that none of the participants in that 1994 conference agreed with Steere’s proposal for a new case definition. The consensus from among the invited labs was 15%. You can download this booklet and see with your own eyes, that no one agreed with the Steere proposal for a “case” of Lyme.
The missing Steere in Europe report is here:

Dearborn Invitation (pdf)

-- invitations to "participate in the proceedings" of the Dearborn MI, CDC 1994 conference on the "standardization of the testing" which was supposed to be about standardizing the laboratory method for Western Blotting, but turned out to be a non-consensus conference where, on average, excluding MarDx lab, the participating labs said the Steere proposal for a "case" of Lyme, with the 5 out of 10 bands was only 15% accurate or missed 85% of the cases.

Imugen's View of Steere's proposal at the time (1993-4)

-- Imugen's contribution to the Dearborn conference was that they thought the Steere proposal was only 14% accurate.  Page contains other bullshit they wrote on their Western Blotting reporting forms showing they are not even using all USA strains of Borrelia, not to mention, not the most common ones.  

McSweegan and Fish - whoa, you'll have to see all this for yourself.

-- In 1986 Edward McSweegan, at the time working for the US Navy "blew the whistle" on the untalented Navy and the handling of their labs, and suggested all this funding go to Sweeg's crooked friends like Durland Fish instead.  Be sure not to miss his Navy Commanding Officer's FURIOUS response and all the other disgusting tricks Sweeg and Durland pulled.  These guys are true low-lives and straight up vulgar pigs.

Ironically, it turned out, Sweeg became America's infamous "Man With No Work" - for all his "whistleblowing" about the incompetent Navy, he became America's most well-known incompetent scientist who thereafter was never given any work by the NIH. 

Durland Fish a member of an international Spy-For-Hire firm, Off the Record Research:!original/

Mark Klempner's 4.7 million dollars worth of research fraud that is now the basis of the IDSA "Guidelines"

Munchausen's Accusations (yes, in print, Lenny Sigal) - 1998, in preparation for what LYMErix would do.  Victim-blaming ahead of time :)

-- Notice that on the opposite page of the Munchausen's accusations Lenny Sigal once again reveals this semantics game, where "Lyme Borreliosis" is undefined, but "Lyme Disease" means only a bad knee.  So, of course you can't have a bad knee in your head and central nervous system. Or bad-knee leukemia.  The whole thing is such an outrageous lie.  Not to mention, stupid.

-- the original RICO entity started by Edward McSweegan and Durland Fish, starting with when Sweeg defrauded the US Navy out of their Vector Borne Diseases funding in 1986 with his fake whistleblower complaint about govt waste to Senator Barry Goldwater.  You will want to look at who became associated with this gang (Mort Zuckerman, the AIG Greenbergs, Anthony J. Walmart, Nestle', etc. Later we learned Durland Fish was working for an International-Spy-For-Hire firm associated with Kroll associates (involved in the 911 stunt) called "Off the Record Research."



141113, NIH, 7 reports on  EBV/Similars in "Vaccine Scam"


141119_NIH, CAEBV/similars



141123 (NIH) Chronic Pain sans classical autoimmunity