Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

Exosomes, Blebs


CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000




"McSweegan nonetheless continued his campaign against the Forschners and LDF, which included Internet postings, e-mails, and anonymous mailings criticizing the Forschners and their foundation."  McSweegan_Relentless.htm

Ed McSweegan wiretapping the Lyme Foundation and calling it "clairvoyance."


See also, Chapter 2 of the book, CRYME_DISEASE, and scroll to the bottom of the US Navy's Response to McSweegan"s Slam-o-Gram of the US Navy for more stalking and harassment data.


Double-Oh McSweegan Illegally visits Israeli Bioweapons Facility  reports himself on yet another of his tard-blogs

What a coincidence: "Chuck P Adams," & the famous hero of McSweegan's stupid novel (that we paid for while he was doing nothing at the NIH) is named "Christopher Adams"  (We now believe "Chuck is Durland Fish because his IP is in New Haven)

Anthrax mailings a Dot Guv over-up? This fits McSweegan's behavior  
McSweegan telling people to ignore anthrax-like letters

McSweegan's Conspiracy to Defraud the USA, and its NAVY      
McSweegan discusses trip to Russian bioweapons facility (sans Sweeg's customary penis-talk) on TravelMag 
The Harassment of Rosie O'Donnell and her kids re Lyme

McSweegan stalks and harasses Lyme victims anonymously on the newsgroup, using a remailer to hide his e-address.
Criminal FRAUD &  Corruption at NIH.  Is Edward McSweegan Next?


The NIH's Dangerous Psychopath, Edward M. McSweegan

The Man With No Work

WASHINGTON, June 27, 2003

(CBS) "There's nothing to do. There's nothing to pretend to do," laments Dr. Edward McSweegan.

"McSweegan once managed a large portfolio of research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), but his work days have been pretty much empty since March 1996.

"It's not that he doesn't want to work. He says they won't let him. Meantime, taxpayers are covering his generous paycheck, reports CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson.

"McSweegan, who earns about $100,000 a year, believes he's being punished for using his personal time to discredit a charity that had influence over his bosses at NIH. ..."


Ed, using his work time and work email address to discredit a charity, conspiring with Yale's Durland Fish:

"Want to send her a bogus article?"

"I need more than rumors to attack."

"We did lose the railroad case."


'Says Yale's Psycho Durland Fish to Crazy Eddie McSweegan (see rest of the correspondence, here) in this  "Conspiracy to Defraud" the public around the issue of whether we should be treated upon tick attachment.  

Durland Fish and Ed McSweegan didn't want it known that people should be treated upon tick attachment.  2 out of 3 people who get the Lyme rash already have the spirochete in their central nervous system and all borrelioses are permanent brain infections (therefore it is too late to treat).   See:  Dattwyler discussing the need to treat with antibiotics all people who see that have had a tick attachment IN ORDER TO PREVENT BRAIN INVASION, which occurs in 2/3 of all cases of people who wait to see if a Lyme rash shows up to treat it.


Click to enlarge.  You will see FDA testimony from June 1994 where Ray Dattwyler says he assessed the spinal fluid of people who walked into his clinic with a Lyme rash, and found that in 2/3 of the cases, the Lyme spirochete had already invaded the nervous system (where it remains, permanently)


Antibiotic treatment on tick bite, if that was the standard procedure at the time, would have interfered with the LYMErix and ImmuLyme "vaccine" trials, and then no one would know if the "vaccine" or the antibiotic prevented Lyme.  ***So, they simply did not want anyone being treated on tick bite- and they did not explain why, or the dangers.***  Now, treatment on tick bite is standard.

MarDx Labs was the only lab at the Oct 1994 CDC Dearborn, MI Conference to approve of the Steere bogus IgG testing for Lyme, but MarDx had already been given Lyme-arthritis-positive (very uncommon and genetically-linked allergy reaction) blood to "qualify" their test kits.  

(By Whom??)

*Before* the Oct 1994 Dearborn conference, ImmuLyme/Connaught had already begun their Phase III trial, ***using the standard not approved by anyone among the invited labs***, except who was awarded the contracts, MarDx.  Read it for yourself.  They started in March, 1994 and Dearborn took place 7 months later, in October of 1994:

"The first injection was given between March 1, 1994, and April 30, 1994, and the second injection was given approximately one month later, between April 1, 1994, and May 31, 1994."

You can see that this trial started even before Dattwyler and Luft recommended to the FDA that they use serial Western Blots to assess any vaccine's efficacy


Who approved of the bogus testing for Lyme, despite no one agreeing with the Steere criteria at the 1994 Dearborn Conference:  "Chuck's" Adventures in Siberia


McSweegan's Delusions of Grandeur:


"Double-Oh McSweegan" and the FBI

From Washington
BioCrimes and Misdemeanors
Commentary by Edward McSweegan
August 17, 2004
"As a graduate student twenty years ago, I had a departmental recruiting poster
tacked up on the wall next to my desk.  It read, in part, "If you are curious,
patient, and awfully damned intelligent, consider a Ph.D. in microbiology."  In
1984 a degree in microbiology seemed like a good idea...."  



McSweegan, harassing the US Navy out of vector-borne diseases research funding, where they mention SmithKline and the fact that the US Navy illegally obtains nerve gas:

Double-Oh corresponds with Senator Barry Goldwater in 1986, explaining how the Department of the Navy is incompetent, and that the Tick Borne Diseases funding and patent rights should therefore be given to his criminally insane friends, including SmithKline (you will see SmithKline mentioned below, in the US Navy's very furious response), New  York Medical College and Yale...


AFTER HARASSING THE NAVY, McSweegan did the exact same thing he did to the US Navy, to the NIH (harassed THEM) for the Qui Tam money (or just plain, the fun of harassing people):

"For a June 27 story, Attkisson interviewed Sen. Charles Grassley (D-Iowa) about Edward McSweegan's predicament. McSweegan was a National Institutes of Health scientist who blew the whistle against mismanagement at the agency only to have all his duties revoked while he drew a $100,000 annual salary..."

Lyme Disease's effects on real estate prices- on MedLine 1991:  "In fact, in some hyperendemic regions of New York and New England, Lyme disease is now such a threat that it interferes with all sorts of outdoor activities, and has even led to depreciation of real estate values."


Double Oh harassing the Lyme Disease Foundation )

McSweegan wiretapping and harassing the Lyme Disease Foundation and calling it "clairvoyance.":

"The LDF received a lot of material from Ed during the time he was suing the
LDF.  Much of this crossed lines from NIH to CDC and to the FDA.  Ed appeared
to be very concerned with the activities of various people and we were not the
only ones to receive threats, retaliation, or reporting to federal authorities.
His own colleagues and a grantee was included as targets to be turned in to
federal, state, and local officials accused of serious wrongdoing.

"It wasn't just the LDF. " 
-- Karen Forschner of the Lyme Disease Foundation, whose son died of congenital Lyme disease conversing with "Anon" McSweegan as part of his anonymous disinfornation campaign."


US DEPARTMENTS OF ENERGY AND DEFENSE: "It's the perfect stealth bacteria," says one frustrated physician. He's talking about Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. This illness, which is often mistaken for diseases ranging from multiple sclerosis to Lupus, can inflict excruciating headaches and muscle pain, affect the brain and nervous system, attack major organs, and inflame joints..." 


(Remember, Durland Fish said, "I need more than rumors to attack.")

Karen Forschner of the Lyme Disease Foundation and Senator Chris Dodd in Washington.   Karen and Tom's son Jamie died of congenital Lyme Disease.


Yale's Durland Fish's Conspiracy to Defraud and Slander/Libel the Lyme Disease Foundation:

"Want to send her a bogus article? 

I need more than rumors to attack."


What floats your boat, Durly?  Harassing women and children with Lyme Disease?

"McSweegan nonetheless continued his campaign against the Forschners and LDF, which included Internet postings, e-mails, and anonymous mailings criticizing the Forschners and their foundation."  McSweegan_Relentless.htm


Harassing Lisa Masterson



Lisa Masterson deserves a medal of valor from both the United States and Britain


Masterson demonstrates that the Pasteur Institute (France) does not think OspA is a good idea either:  Here and Here  

Since the US newspapers (sic), USDOJ (sic), and all

"elected representatives" are so f ing incompetent, I'll give Lisa (and others) the LYME WARRIOR AWARD myself.  Screw the brainless people for whom we do this work. And we hope they all get Lyme disease (but not their kids.)  If we don't honor the people who kick butt for our well-being we are not a nation (I will be giving out the SWINE AWARDS, too).


  "Chuck" (or "Double-Oh" Edward McSweegan) wrote:  <"Also, why are you against a vaccine?">   

Lisa Masteron says:


"It's not a question of people being "against a vaccine" per se. People
are against a vaccine which is ineffective, dangerous, activates or
re-activates dormant Lyme and so on. Further, we are against the
falsification of the diagnostic criteria that inevitably will accompany
the launch of this vaccine.

The status quo is that no serological tests
are sensitive enough to rule our Lyme disease, and therefore the
diagnosis must be clinical, in BOTH early and late or chronic Lyme.

The vaccine trials and launch will require the medical profession to accept
the lie that serology can rule out Lyme, otherwise there will be no
yardstick by which people can measure of its safety or effectiveness.

The Americans have already had this experience - the useless vaccine, the mass class action lawsuits, people disabled with Lyme symptoms after receiving the vaccine, the Dressler-Stere criteria that has condemned tens of thousands, if not more, to a life of hell as their disease is no longer detected nor recognised.


"You've already had this in the States; we don't want to repeat it here.



McSweegan's advance warning that Europe would suffer a new OspA, because he claims Europeans are not as smart as Americans


OspA- The best defense is a good offense

The Lyme Criminals' Defense Strategy: 


In order to not be charged with international criminal scientific fraud and international medical negligence, pretend you (ie., Gary Wormser or Edward McSweegan, et al) still believe OspA is a vaccine, and continue to lie about the testing for Lyme used to falsely qualify the first "vaccines,"  Yale's LYMERix and Alan Barbour's ImmuLyme (watch the Lyme-RICO YouTube Video Explainers). 


Guess who is promoting this new and bogus Baxter OspA vaccine?

'Same guys who trash all the victims who protested against it.   McSweegan, Gary Wormser, and Durland Fish- the original conspirator racketeers.  (Lyme RICO WhoIs: ConnollyFishWeinstein )     (And by the way, Who are those Russian scientists publishing bogus articles at Valhalla?  Russian scientists publishing garbage on Lyme at NYMC)



Gary Wormser dyeing his hair and playing Primers Roulette

Gary Wormser explains CDC's test for Lyme is only 25% accurate


Wormser knows what DNA primers to use to detect borrelia- They aren't OspA primers and they're never used in Lyme patient treatment outcomes studies.  (AKA scientific fraud on behalf of Kaiser et al.)


How to make a bioweapon.   The key attribute of a good bioweapon is STEALTH.

...And this is very important and no joke, even though it all sounds ridiculous.


From an Alan Barbour Patent-  How Borreliosis causes chronic illness (is a stealth disabler), shedding lipoproteins, and antigen variation, from multiple strains:

"2.1 Methods of Treatment

"An important aspect of the invention is the recognition that Borrelia  VMP-like sequences recombine at the vls site, with the result that antigenic variation is virtually limitless. Multiclonal populations therefore can exist in an infected patient so that
immunological defenses are severely tested if not totally overwhelmed."


Due to this antigenic variation, the current CDC testing schema for Lyme is totally bogus.  All that can be used for detection is Borreliae-specific flagellar antibodies.  This also means it is impossible to ever have a Lyme vaccine. 


The very fact of the existence of C6 Peptide test, attests to the fact that the current CDC method of diagnosing Lyme is bogus, because the C6 region is an invariable region of a variable major surface protein.  So, if all the surface proteins are constantly varying, not only can you never have a vaccine for borreliosis, you can't use surface antigens for antibody tests.


If the CDC's test for Lyme is bogus, so is the Klempner treatment trial results, and so are the IDSA guidelines for the treatment of Lyme disease.  Just like LYMErix was bogus, so are the IDSA guidelines, since they were both based on bogus science and bogus testing for Lyme.  All of that "data" can be thrown out.



Bioweapons Science- What Everyone Should know

SAY YOU WERE A BIOWEAPONEER ....  (← Go here for the characteristics of "stealth disablers" like mycoplasmal infections, which are almost impossible to get rid of and turn off the immune system, say, like, a very slow but more intense version of AIDS.)

Note that the New York Medical College-associated Russian (?) scientists are also looking at genetic susceptibilities to diseases, too (HLA data mining?)    [Klempner's HLA secret (MS and Lyme Disease)],  if you look carefully at ALL of their Russian-NYMC publications, linked here:  Russian scientists publishing garbage on Lyme at NYMC    This has bioweapons value.  

Say your name was Daniel Pipes... (Pipes helps us understand why we are supposed to hate black people, and need to institute  Custodial Democracy   Pipes believes Black American Muslims are "bad, bad, bad")    Or say you were Anthony Fauci, or any Republican for that matter...  The Fauci Files - HIV and Lyme, the Epitome of Scientific Corruption and Fraud

This medical journal article and the ones related demonstrate that there is a greater potential to transmit HIV to your children if you are a black mother     Does this account for the ineptitude in the development of an HIV vaccine?   

HLA data mining is also what Yale and Mayo Clinic's Dave Persing conspired to do when they lied about LYMErix and the missing OspA and B out of the standard testing for Lyme.  The RICO was about a monopoly on testing for Yale. Watch the videos, pen and paper ready, to write down the patent numbers and verify independently...


Bioweaponeers  Government Secret Leakers

Why is Double-Oh such a Self-Ass-Biter?

Dearborn- Who Approved?

McSweegan hammers his former employer, the Department of the Navy-  Barry Goldwater Letter

McSweegan makes his living trashing people.  He trashed the Navy, the NIH (below), the Lyme disease Foundation (below link), the FBI, and chronically stalks and trashes people who have Lyme disease,  He actually stalks us, and attends rallies, like the one in New York, at the Pierre Hotel. 

McSweegan and his "OBSESSION" (and Munchausens)

That would be because the Lyme vaccine was all his idea, and it was bogus, never worked, hurt people, and he was involved in the whole scam and cover up from start to finish.

See Edward McSweegan's and Yale's Durland Fish's Treatment on Tick Bite Conspiracy   "Want to send them a bogus article?"

See McWeenie's Quackwatch page on Lyme disease.  He's clearly furious at us Lyme disease activists as regards the Lyme vaccine.  LOL:

Phone-bugging and stalking by DCF / "Chuck P Adams" / Ed McSweegan

Dearborn- Who Approved  (McSweegan, Steere, Barbour)

McSweegan and the Lyme Disease Foundation - the Relentless "Wacko" and Stalker; the issue was always whether or not a person should be treated immediately upon tick attachment/bite.

McSweegan's Bioweapons Spy Fiction book-  "Deliberate Release" :

McSweegan's Insane "Obsession" <-- a truly sick-minded bastard, see the following post


Tania Branigan, Washington Post   Saturday, July 5, 2003   

NIH's do-nothing administrator    $100,000-a-year scientist not assigned any 'real work' in 7 years, he says

Washington -- Every weekday at 6.30 a.m., Edward McSweegan climbs into his Volkswagen Passat for the hourlong commute to the National Institutes of Health. He has an office in Bethesda, Md., a job title -- health scientist administrator -- and an annual salary of about $100,000.

What McSweegan says he does not have -- and has not had for the past seven years -- is any real work. He was hired by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in 1988, but says his bosses transferred the research grants he administered to other workers eight years later, leaving him with occasional tasks more suitable for a typist or "gofer."
NIH officials denied the allegations earlier this week, but said they would re-examine the issue after Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, raised the issue in a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson.
Grassley, who as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee has supported budget increases for the NIH, learned of McSweegan's case when CBS News contacted him for a story on the scientist. In the report that aired on "CBS Evening News" on June 26, McSweegan said he had been paid to do nothing for the past seven years.
McSweegan used to be NIH's program officer for Lyme disease but was removed from the post in June 1995 after a dispute over his repeated criticism of a politically influential support group for sufferers and his allegations that NIH had been too accommodating of the group. He had publicly described the Lyme Disease Foundation as "wacko" because he disagreed with its theories about the disease. The dispute led to his suspension without pay for two weeks for insubordination and conduct unbecoming of a federal employee.
In spring 1996, his responsibilities for an unrelated program were also removed. He maintains they have never been replaced.
In an interview this week, Grassley accused NIH of "an absolute management vacuum" and said it is "ludicrous" that the administrator is being paid to do nothing.
"We want to make sure we get the most bang for our buck, the most research for our dollars," the senator added.
John Burklow, a spokesman for NIH, said McSweegan has always been assigned duties appropriate to his position and pay level.
"The claim that he is being compensated for doing nothing is completely inaccurate," Burklow said.
According to NIH, McSweegan is director of the U.S.-Indo Vaccine Action Program, and has traveled to countries such as Russia representing the agency. He has also "produced reports and other work products."
But McSweegan said he has never been told he was director of the program and knew of no such title. Three other people ran the project, and his work for it -- such as arranging coffee for lunches and forwarding messages -- was "the kind of work you would get an intern to do."
He added that the Office of Global Health Affairs had organized and paid for his trip to Russia, and that his only reports had been brief accounts of meetings.
McSweegan said he struggles to fill his eight-hour workdays by reading, exercising and writing fiction. He has self-published a bioterrorism thriller and a science fiction novel, and is working on a third book.
But he says his six-page job description is the ultimate work of creative writing and describes his position as "a bizarre, surreal situation -- part Orwell, part Kafka and part Dilbert."
"It's not my idea," said McSweegan, 47. "I have pointed it out repeatedly over the years. I suppose they are just waiting for me to get bored and frustrated and quit. But I haven't been inclined to do that, because my wife has a real job and we have compelling family reasons for staying in the area.
"I just expect to do this for maybe four more years until my wife retires," he said. "It would be nice to get a real job doing real work."

McSweegan at the Jan 31, 2001 FDA meeting, calling Karen Forschner of the Lyme Foundation, "INSANE"

Search for  "kathleen karen nuts FDA"

The really interesting thing about McSweegan is that he was on the CDC Lyme Group's Dearborn committee to approve the Dressler/Steere standard, so he will be named in the lawsuits, and THAT is why he is looking for a new job, outside the NIH.