Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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Lyme Facts:

Does someone close to you have Lyme disease? Chances are, the answer is “yes,” but due to the politically and emotionally charged climate surrounding Lyme disease, you may be unaware of their plight. In fact, many sufferers themselves are unaware of their true diagnosis.

Here is a story that will leave anyone with a conscience asking, "How can we let this continue?" It has all the elements of a best-selling modern crime novel. It has mad scientists, hungry for money and fame. It has backroom handshake deals between international corporations and corrupt government officials. It has people dying, begging for help, and being shunned, oppressed, and destroyed--physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. It has deathly ill children, and doctors losing their licenses for simply trying to help them. It has a whistleblower who was jailed and lost both her career and her children, but continues to fight 20 years later. It is tragic beyond belief, yet 100% true. It is the story of Lyme disease.

Prior to development of the Lyme vaccines [LYMErix and ImmuLyme, both recombinant Outer Surface Protein A or OspA (rhymes with “Wasp-ay”)], there were no “guidelines,” on the treatment of Lyme Disease. In the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s (IDSA’s) journal, Infectious Disease Reviews, in its 1989 special supplement on Lyme and Spirochetal Diseases, the status of treatment was that “the treatment endpoint is unknown.” Soon after, in 1990, the CDC’s published diagnostic standard advised to perform repeated or sequential Western Blots to look for new and expanding IgM and IgG bands because new bands meant “the bug was still alive (Allen Steere, 1986).”

[The correct name for this disease is Borreliosis or Relapsing Fever; the nature of the relapse is antigenic variation or the varying of its surface proteins, such that once an antibody was made, the bug drops that antigen and makes a new one. And therefore, you will see new IgM type (which means new antibodies) antibodies appearing over time. And therefore the idea of vaccines based on these variable outer surface proteins was counterintuitive: vaccines would do no good since antibodies do no good. The very concept vaccines is to produce antibodies against a disease such that they’re ready to be recruited to fight off an infection more rapidly and effectively.

But the essence of this Grand Lie of Lyme was to call this new disease “Lyme Disease,” such that doctors who had no education in Taxonomy would not know this was the same old Relapsing Fever written about extensively after World War II.]

The Spin Begins: The case definition or testing standard for Lyme Disease was falsified in 1994 at the CDC’s Dearborn, Michigan, conference so as to have the OspA vaccines appear “safe and effective.” This new, “Dearborn” case definition of the disease, or, the antibody panel suggested by Allen Steere for that farcical CDC conference, was narrowed such that only the arthritis-associated HLAs or the people with a genetic propensity to have Rheumatoid Arthritis and high antibody titers would test positive.

High antibody titers are classically the “autoimmune diseases,” like Lupus and so forth. You will see that the vast majority of people who have diseases without the classic HLA-linked high antibody responses, were actually the key to one of the greatest discoveries of the last two centuries (“post-sepsis immunosuppression” or fungal-viral synergy). All of this was exposed in the fraudulent OspA vaccine trials. If only 15% of the cases are detectable, and 5500 people were given OspA vaccines and 5500 were given placebo (the LYMErix vaccine study design), and these victims were sent out into the world to see if they got tick bites and Lyme disease,… you can guess what happened to the 85% who got Lyme anyway and whose Lyme was not the Dearborn CDC/vaccine patenteer’s version of it. Right, they were told they had an “unexplained, vague disease,” and they were not counted as vaccine failures.

If you can’t find Lyme Disease, you can’t find vaccine failure, right? This new, falsified, 1994, non-consensus “Dearborn case definition” said “only people with late, HLA-linked, autoimmune-linked Lyme arthritis could have a ‘case’ of ‘Early Lyme.’”

What about the other 85% who were formerly considered Lyme cases? They were thrown out with the vaccine-failure and vaccine-caused adverse events cases.

Amazingly, the OspA vaccines were fungal antigens (or TLR2-agonists which means high fat content or lipidated or fungal) and were, it turned out, the very thing responsible for the “protean” (Ben Luft, 1998 FDA meeting), “multi-system disease,” (Dave Persing, US Patent # 6,045,804) OspA vaccine outcomes, just like the contentious “Chronic Neurologic Lyme.” Only about 15% of the population have the arthritis HLAs, which means Lyme disease will be missed in 85% of the cases - this was the crime. The crime was committed solely to sell vaccines for a disease that defies the concept of vaccines.

Additionally, adding shock to criminal-injury-intent, not only was the Steere/Dearborn proposal for a new case definition based solely on the HLA or arthritis case outcomes, none of the labs “invited to participate in the proceedings” of the Dearborn conference agreed with Steere’s proposal for a new case definition. The only lab that agreed was MarDx, but they had been given arthritis-positive blood to qualify their Western Blot test strips; MarDx was later hired by both OspA vaccine trial companies to assess, allegedly, Western Blotting to determine whether or not the OspA vaccines prevented Lyme. The average of the other participating labs said the accuracy of the new, proposed case definition was 15%.

Again, the new, falsified, Dearborn case definition was designed to only detect the 15% of the population with the Rheumatoid Arthritis genetic predisposition - and 15% was also, not coincidentally, therefore, the average accuracy assessed by the participating labs at Dearborn when tested in the field. For example, New York Medical College’s Gary Wormser reported at Dearborn that this newly proposed (by Steere) case definition only detected 9 out of 59 cases in IgG (15%). Imugen Labs said this Dearborn proposal only detected 14% of the cases.

We got this standard anyway. No one knows why, since Dearborn was obviously not a consensus conference. It could be that because the CDC officers who ran the Dearborn conference were also owners of multiple patents that would be commercially worthless if it was known that 85% of the victims of Relapsing Fever, especially this new one with the abundant Outer Surface Protein A, which is a fungal antigen and is immunosuppressive for the other 85%, rarely produced any antibodies other than band 41 or the anti-flagellar antibody for any length of time. It could be that you cannot assess the safety and accuracy of vaccines for a disease that has essentially no antibodies due to spirochetal shedding of these very same surface proteins which turn off the antibody response in the classical way other fungal diseases do (or “cause T cell anergy,” Dattwyler, 1988). It could be that this whole DNA patenteering stunt was too outrageous for the U.S. Government to admit to approving because all the other agencies like the NIH would look incompetent for allowing it to happen
Willy Burgdorfer
, the discoverer of the spirochete responsible for the disease said: The controversy in Lyme disease research is a shameful affair. And I say that because the whole thing is politically tainted. Money goes to people who have, for the past 30 years, produced the same thing—nothing. Serology has to be started from scratch with people who don’t know beforehand the results of their research” (Under Our Skin crew).

Dearborn was “BS” in the common vernacular.

And the LYMErix vaccine was approved, anyway, by the FDA (the FDA panel being loaded with people like Allen Steere, Robert Schoen, and Vijay Sikand – the very people who ran the OspA trials) and came on to the market in late 1998 despite numerous “provisos.” More than 1,000 systemic adverse events were reported through the VAERS from September 1999 to November 2000, whereupon the FDA granted a public hearing, January 31, 2001. Several months later, in the fall of 2001, Karen Forschner of the Hartford, CT based Lyme Disease Foundation ( delivered to the FDA – in person -, a patent owned by Bridgitte Huber at Tufts where it was declared that OspA was technically a “toxin,” right in the abstract (US Patent 6,689,384). The FDA then gave SmithKline and Yale (the assignee of the LYMErix patent), an ultimatum: “Either you remove LYMErix voluntarily or we will order it off the market.” SmithKline chose to avoid the embarrassment and pulled their own non-vaccine.

We’re still stuck with this bogus Dearborn case definition, despite numerous attempts at lawsuits against IDSA, SmithKline, and filing complaints to the U. S. Department of Justice. It is still very dangerous for the public to be unaware that the average person, or 85% of us – who are the “seronegative patients are the sickest ,“ according to Raymond Dattwyler at the 1994 FDA meeting on Lyme and LYMErix (which preceded Dearborn) - have no chance of testing positive to this criminal CDC’-Dearborn standard, because the actual disease is one of immunosuppression, or is an Acquired Immune Deficiency,… or is similar to AIDS with all the opportunistic infections that the Lyme and LYMErix victims cannot control.

It was said at the time LYMErix was still on the market that this vaccine, via its claimed mechanism of disinfecting ticks with human antibodies (yes, if you can believe it), that LYMErix would turn humans into walking cannisters of tick disinfectant, when in fact, LYMErix turned people into walking “cesspools of disease.” The same is true for Chronic Lyme. Chronic Lyme victims’ immune systems are “overwhelmed”- a term used by CDC officer Alan Barbour, when describing what antigenic variation in spirochetes does to humans (US Patent 6,719,983). This is a term you want to remember in case you hear it again: “overwhelmed” immune system means: “turned off.” “Turned off” is the complete opposite of an “inflammatory” or “autoimmune disease.”


The 300,000. The CDC recently claimed that Lyme disease was only 10% reported making their 30,000 cases reported per year, really 300,000. However, since Lyme is only 15% DETECTABLE because of the Dearborn crime, the number of new cases per year is really closer to 2 million.

Instead of being treated for Lyme disease, the 85% are given garbage pail diagnoses of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and psychosomatic disorders, for which there are no cures--only expensive drugs to mask some of the symptoms. The technical definition of a somatoform or psychogenic disease is that a person has all the valid, scientific, laboratory-confirmed signs of disease, but that this is not due to an actual disease, but magical powers, such as conjuring BigFoots or UFOs or conjuring anything, really. Mothman. The Jersey Devil. The Creature from the Black Lagoon. No one in the medical community ever questions why so many conjurers are allowed to run loose with such paranormal powers. None even ask if the person complaining of her/his imaginary disease is a victim of a hex, rather than the self-perp.

As you can see, this is obviously something more than a mere Conflict of Interest issue. These same “scientists” (and goofball “MDs” who believe in magic and BigFoots) make up the majority of the IDSA. CDC officers are merely using the IDSA as their free PR firm for selling vaccines- some of which are CDC’s own vaccines. Some CDC officers hold leadership positions at major research institutions such as Yale, UCal, Irvine, and Johns Hopkins.

Senator Richard Blumenthal sued the IDSA for Anti-Trust” in 2006. The result of this crime is homicide and permanent maiming and disability. Some participants of this scam have “Disclaimers” on their websites stating that they’re not liable for “medical negligence” if any doctor takes their advice and recommendations (the and the EUCALB have the exact same language in their disclaimers).

The "Dearborn and LYMErix-causes-immunosuppression" Whistleblower (see the FDA, Jan 2001), a former Pfizer analytical chemist, filed a RICO and Fraud complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice in 2003. For more than 10 years there has been a total failure by the USDOJ to prosecute this crime and protect U.S. Citizens.

Activist patients are organizing and mobilizing with national efforts to #OccupyTheUSDOJ. Though we are extraordinarily ill, we have passion and truth on our side. We also have all the necessary research and documentation to prove this crime. Those responsible will be prosecuted. We will get justice.

This is one of the biggest corruption cases in U.S. history. It involves medical research fraud, and organized crime between government agencies, academia, and the health care industry. As a bonus, the prosecution of the Lyme criminals also will expose the key to unlocking the autism epidemic and Gulf War Syndrome. Your assistance in bringing attention to our movement has the potential to help millions of people suffering needlessly all over the world.

The time is now.

#OccupyTheUSDOJ - Anonymous