Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

Exosomes, Blebs


CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000




This is the main links page for much of the data available on the Nature of Evil that I have found on the web.

Update, Dec, 2014, added

Latoya Ammons...

A family living in a haunted house.  DCF "workers," psychologists, hospital workers, and cops all witnessed this.  DCF admits they are evil, and so wonder why the demons were following abusing them too ?  
Cops and several others witnessed the paranormal events:


"Two police officers and Ilic, the DCS family case manager, attended the ritual.

"Ilic said she left believing that something was going on, although she wouldn't go as far as saying it was demonic. She said she got chills during the nearly two-hour rite.

"We felt like someone was in the room with you, someone breathing down your neck."

"Ilic said she had a string of medical problems after visiting the home. A week after she visited the house for the last time, Ilic said she got third-degree burns from a motorcycle. Within 30 days, she also broke three ribs Jet Skiing, broke a hand when she hit a table, then broke an ankle running in flip-flops.

"I had friends who wouldn't talk to me because they believed that something had attached itself to me," Ilic said. Her joking response: "I'm already evil. They try to find something that's not evil and corrupt it. They wouldn't waste their time on me."


Yes, thank you, we knew that.  This changes everything, doesn't it?  Psychiatry has to admit to evil entities and also has to reflect on why they all go completely crazy on a person who points out what's bogus, not to mention straight up wrong about psychiatry.   ;)


As an aside, but elemental in this introduction:  Science proves the Word to be True and valid:
For (AJ)the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who (AK)suppress the truth in unrighteousness,  19because (AL)that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them.

"But as useful as hypocrisy can be, it’s apparently not quite as basic as the human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your mind can justify double standards, it seems, but in your heart you know you’re wrong."

In your heart you know it when you do bad stuff.  In your heart, you know it when you participate in ideological or philosophical baloney.









In a way, it's all funny because if there were any really smart people among these self-selected intellectual elites we haven't met em or seen em or heard from em yet.  Certainly not in the last 111+ years...  not in all of this plus the last century.

1) "PLEIADIANS" (George Green, "Ancient Astronauts" or "Ascended Masters"),   Ashtoreth (a demon) reveals that he/they are demons.  See after 9 minutes.  They speak about "666", they talk about how they're the UFOs and do the crop and snow circles.  "We can manifest ... by densifying."  "Our communications seem... like your own thoughts." "We can appear as a glowing bubble."  "We can appear as your familiar flying ships."

2) ILLUMINATI (Freemasonry), &
3, 4) SVALI and Vicki Polin = SAME AS JAMES CASBOLT (CHILD SACRIFICES):   Satanic Jewish Group.
5) JAMES CASBOLT: "Agent Buried Alive" (Similar to Avatar, only the reality is that humans are to become the Avatars to the demons),  
Please see all 4 segments about James Casbolt:
6) VATICAN2 (Freemasons invaded the Vatican, according to Malachi Martin, the Exorcism of Annaliese Michel), 
PSYCHIATRY (The Social Engineering/Eugenics of the Rockefellers),  SATANS_SICKOS
7) Nicola Aubrey and PROTESTANTISM (Unable to cast out demons), 
8) PSYCHIA_SATANISM.htm for Roger Morneau and Malachi Martin
9) GALACTIC_FEDERATION.htm (Metatron is a demon in Jewish Kabbalism)- New Age crap)
10, 11) The KABBALAH, Qi, Numerology, the New Age, & ASTROLOGY.  (I am a 1, 7 and a 22, so the bad guys better look out, according to their own insane formulary, LOL)

12 = 13 = 14)  Protocols of the Learned Elders of Freemasonry =
Synagogue of Satan (See Ted Gunderson) =
EXACTLY what Henry Kissinger preaches (NWO =
"We have to get rid of nationalism and religions (Europe, 'CHECK')"  and "People will get tired of all the wars and the chaos, and be begging for the New World Order because they'll be tired of the UNCERTAINTY... that we created. LOL"

15) The mother of the New Ager's Religion ( a combination of Hindu-VooDoo-Paganistic perverted "meditating" demon-worship, astrology, and the nutty. demonic meditations of Aleister Crowley) who says:   She regularly contrasts "Aryan" with "Semitic" culture, to the detriment of the latter, asserting that Semitic peoples are an offshoot of Aryans who have become "degenerate in spirituality and perfected in materiality."[33]    
for more Doctrine and the History.

If you want to make sense of it all, the only sense that you can make is that it all "DISTRACTS from" True Humanism, the model of which is Jesus Christ. 

The essence and The Trap; the temptation away from the truth - whatever the flavor of the day (whichever the head of the beast) - is always in the self-flattery the doctrine-of-the-day offers its vain and cowardly adherents.

Because I have lived in Corrupticut nearly all my life, I have an expert's bead on the nature of evil. 
(Lorraine Warren says England is Number One Most Haunted and Connecticut is Number Two, worldwide.   Ghosts and "aliens" (George Green) are actually demons.  The demons want to hijack the Second Coming of Christ and claim Christ is one of the other (bad) aliens.)

Exorcisms and NDEs:

SECTION 1,  Read/Watch (Exorcism Transcripts, Malachi Martin, actual Emily Rose):

A)  Malachi Martin, Hostage to the Devil, 5 exorcisms.

B) 1970s, 1 exorcism

C) FATIMA_VATICAN2_CONFUSION_APOSTASY.htm  Audiofiles and transcripts of the Annaliese Michel exorcism and a series with Fr. Malachi Martin with Art Bell...

D) YouTube Freemasons Attempt to Destroy the Authority of the Church (Freemason Homos)  
Part II   
 (Says Malachi Martin:  "The demons taunt us with changes in the Church", which is exactly what happened in the Annaliese Michel case and the 1970s case above it in


SECTION 2:  Near Death Experiences (Heaven or Hell)

Sister Faustina
Indescribable Sufferings
There are special Tortures destined for particular souls. These are the torments of the senses. Each soul undergoes terrible and indescribable sufferings related to the manner in which it has sinned. ◄Text of Howard Storm's Near Death Experience

  Howard Storm on the Future of the United States

His story is SOOooo believable: ◄ 38 yr old college art professor, Howard Storm Part II.  "When I had been a loving kind, person, considerate of others, it made God happy." Part III   "What they were trying to convey to me was that my whole purpose was to love God and love my neighbor."  


Other Near Death Experiences:


Jennifer Lopez' NDE: Mickey Robinson, plan crash "Meets God" "The Heart of God" "God's Presence"

BILL WEISS :  To Hell and Back
Ronald Reagan and The Lamb.  Ronald Reagan, Part II


SECTION 3, Fatima; The Miracle of the Sun, documented:

First, how could 50,000 people have witnessed the Miracle of the Sun - recorded by the press - and Fatima not be real or the Blessed Virgin Mary not be "the Immaculate Conception?"  Or not a virgin, as the Protestants claim?

Weren't these thousands there because they were told they would have a miracle and therefore came at the appointed date and time?

See, "The Descent of the Modernists"

People are not allowed to invent for themselves what is Religion.  This is what the Pope is talking about when he speaks of Moral Relativism.  Humans are not allowed to pick and choose or make up their own rules.  The Secret of Fatima Revealed.


The mention of Mary during an exorcism causes Satan to go ballistic.  Why?  Part of 1 exorcism.

In the instruction of the beatification of St. Francis de Sales, one of the witnesses was a female religious who knew him in the first monastery of the Visitation in Annecy. She referred that on one occasion a young man, who had been possessed by the devil for the last five years, was brought before the Bishop of Genevre (Msgr. Charles Auguste de Sales, St. Francis' nephew and successor in the bishop's seat) to be exorcized. The interrogations of the devil were carried out next to the mortal remains of St. Francis. During one of these sessions, the devil cried out, full of fury: "Why should I have to leave?". A religious of the Sisters of the Visitation was present, who, when she heard this, invoked the Blessed Virgin: "Most Holy Mother of God, pray for us…" When the devil heard these words, -as the nun explained in her declaration-, the devil cried out even louder: "Mary, Mary! For me there is no Mary! Don't pronounce that name, which makes me shudder! If there were a Mary for me, like there is for you, I would not be what I am! But there is no Mary for me." Shaken by this scene, some of the people present began to cry. The devil continued: "If I had just an instant of the many that you people lose…! One lone instant and one Mary, I would not be a devil!". (Taken from Federico Suárez, "The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ", pag. 219-221)



SECTION 4: Psychiatry as a False Religion, like Freemasonry Protestantism,
Buddhism, Mormonism, etc.

Satan says, "Psychiatrists work for me."  (Malachi Martin, in Hostage to the Devil)

The Exorcism of Nicola Aubrey  A long time ago, Satan said this same thing to the
Protestants/Calvanists; "I taught you all you know.  You work for me"

The Descent of the Modernists (Desensitizing People to Perversions thru exposure)\


The Penisloving Freemasonic Sects: courts, judges, lawyers, Mormons, fascists: ◄ "Most 'judges' and Mormons are Penis-Loving Freemasons"- Bill Schnoebelen  "Freemasons worship penises" - Doc Marquis.  "Freemasons worship sex/penises" - Leo Zagami.  "Freemasons are the only enemies of the Catholic Church and are behind the Vatican II Corruption Conspiracy" -  Fr. Malachi Martin  "Freemasons/Illuminati wants a world religion where we all worship Lucifer, as do the Freemasons"- Doc Maquis.

The only thing America has to fear is the Penis-Loving/MEEee-Loving Freemasonic America, itself.

The question is, what do they want?  A huge reduction in the human population, so that there'll be less trouble for them to manage.  And how is that accomplished?  Devaluing human life;  Dead Arabs and Dead Babies (DCF), and Dead Sick People...


These, below, are all very authentic.  Not everything Satan says is true, of course, but if ya read em all a few times, you get the gist of what's  going on.

The assault on the Catholic Church came through psychiatry.  Without this platform of "Do-it, it's natural," by psychiatry becoming part of our culture and our language, the corruption in the Church was not likely happen.  The deed had to be so utterly stealth that no one saw it as usual.  Who promoted psychiatry?   The Rockys', Kissinger's, and Bushie's CIA.   Malachi Martin, Hostage to the Devil, 5 exorcisms.  ◄Demon speaks about his predicament.  Good insight into the evil vanity of demons  (Transcribed on the James Phillips page)


Why Lucifer Rebelled, Intentions and Outcomes of Vatican II 1970s, 1 exorcism

B: In our majestic, angelic grandeur, we believed ourselves to be so much above Her... and so much higher, that we were not willing to allow one exceptional woman to be higher than us. This was also a powerful motive that contributed to our fall, in which we were hurled down below (he points downward)...

[On the outcomes of Vatican II]:

....(In a calm voice). But we no longer have to fear individual absolution so much. Now the penitential ceremony has replaced Confession, and now that the Sacrament of Penance is no longer so prevalent... Ah! Once again, how we were forced to say that!

She up there (he points upward) says that it should be proclaimed from the height of all the pulpits that the return of true Confession is required. A penitential ceremony is not a Confession. A penitential ceremony is a mass demonstration; it is a kind of stage setting which gives the illusion that everything is forgiven and pardoned. ;

(We say) Go home with an easy mind, receive the Lord's Body with an easy mind. You have peace in your souls.[49] You can be tranquil.

That represents a terrible loss for Those up there. Such a way of seeing things is very harmful for men. Naturally, not for us. The more respect disappears, the more we celebrate. 
(see The Descent of the Modernists) 1935, 1 exorcism

The words of encouragement from the Little Flower gave a new impetus to the priests. Now they knew that victory was not far off. During the latter days the devils betrayed great fear lest they be forced to return to hell. Father Th. insisted upon their departure again and again. They pleaded pitifully: "Anything but that, anything but that." To be banished to another place, or into another creature would have been more bearable. They did not want to be driven back to hell.

"But you are already in hell."

"True, true," they groaned, "we drag hell along with us. Yet it is a relief to be permitted to roam about the earth until (at the last judgment) we shall be cast off and damned to hell for eternity."



At one time Satan became rather talkative about the Antichrist. Remember the time he had so triumphantly referred to the Mexican situation, when he said that he would stir up a fine mess for Him (Jesus) and His Church, far more detrimental than hitherto. When asked whether he meant that the furious rage of the Antichrist would be directed against the Church of God, he asserted that that was self-evident and insolently continued: "Yes, Satan is already abroad, and the Antichrist is already born in Palestine. (On another occasion he also mentioned America.) But he is still young. He must first grow up incognito before his power can become known."

It is strange that Catherine Emmerich mentioned a similar period, when she gave a description of Christ's descent into hell after His death upon the cross. She related that "when the portals of hell were opened by the angels, there was a terrible uproar, cursing, scolding, howling and moaning. Individual angels were hurling hordes of evil spirits aside. All were commanded to adore Jesus. This caused them the greatest pain. In the center of it all there was a bottomless abyss as black as night. Lucifer was bound in chains and cast into this depth of darkness. All this happened in accordance with set laws. I heard that Lucifer, if I am not mistaken, would again be freed for a time about fifty or sixty years before the year 2000 A. D.

A number of other devils would be released somewhat earlier as a punishment and source of temptation to sinful human beings."

On one occasion, when Father Th. insisted that the devil should depart and return to hell, the devil replied in a growling tone: "How can you banish me to hell? I must be free to prepare the way for the Antichrist." And again he spoke out of the possessed woman: "We know a lot. We read the signs of the times. This is the last century. When people will write the year 2000 the end will be at hand."

-- - --

14 And he deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by reason of the signs which it was given him to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast who hath the stroke of the sword and lived.



That's about 8 separate sessions with Satan, and they're all about the same. 

That is, you get an idea of what Satan is about, and how similar he is to certain persons that we know.  The hatefulness.  The contempt.  The relentless pursuit of particular victims...