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Re:  Yale University, the CDC, Scientific Fraud, Bioweapons, and the US Department of Justice.






The following 4 pages of data are on my website and linked to scientific journal articles on MedLine (National Library of Medicine), and elsewhere, for you to confirm their validity.


What this data means is that Yale University and the US Centers for Disease Control committed a huge international crime as regards the testing for “Lyme disease,” and over Yale’s bogus LYMErix vaccine, for the purpose of patent royalties (income), and to protect insurance companies from having to pay for treatment for borreliosis- a permanent brain infection that becomes “seronegative” in people who are not genetically predisposed to arthritis (Allen Steere’s haplotype).  Lyme borreliosis, or borreliosis, also has bioweapons value because it is a “stealth disabler.”  This the US learned during WWII from the Japanese in Manchuria- UNIT 731, etc.



The information on my website and that I am sending you now was given to the US Attorney in Corrupticut (whose job it would have been to prosecute these crimes), but our Corrupticut US Attorney, Kevin O’Connor is friends with the corrupt and now criminal ex-governor of Corrupticut, John G. Rowland.  Mr. O’Connor’s family is neighbors with John G. Rowland at the infamous Bantam Lake cottage. 


The Hartford Courant newspaper revealed that Rowland had improvements done to this cottage by his corrupt no-bid contract cronies (Tomasso, Ellef, Alibozek, Ragaglia or TREA) who took advantage of poor families and removed their children to place them in jail and elsewhere (out of state, foster care, and where “Commissioner” Kristine Ragaglia’s DCF lost track of many of the children), for the profit and the “enterprise” of a “national string of prisons and pediatric prisons,” defrauding the US taxpayers out of this federal  Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) cash, to the tune of about 100 million dollars a year.  It did not go to the families.  It went into the Corrupticut DCF’s (Ragaglia was chief) salaries to process more families and remove their children.


Poor families get no money, but foster parents get 700 US dollars a month, minimum, and DCF “workers” who perform this fraudulent kidnapping or baby-exchanging only have to “work” 20 years to receive a retirement income from the State of Corrupticut.



This is actually “Welfare Fraud” committed by the Corrupticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) - whose former chief, Kristine Ragaglia, was put in charge of the Corrupticut Department of Social Services “Welfare Fraud” Unit after she was kicked out of DCF!!! 


The TANF funds did not go to the needy families.


‘To the tune of nearly 100 million dollars a year !!!



This national jails “enterprise,” TREA, was in support of the American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI) “Custodial Democracy” solution to black people who, AEI claims, are hopelessly retarded (see Charles Murray’s- The Bell Curve on the AEI’s website).  John Rowland, Jodi Rell, Tommy Thompson, the Bush Brothers, et al, and especially Daniel Pipes, the infamous NeoCon who now has published openly that Saudi Arabia should be next in line after Iran, Syria, and Iraq for a “regime change,” are all of the same mindset that “dark people are stupid, and if they won’t die off from AIDS (black people pass along the HIV virus at 5 times the rate that Caucasians and Asians do, due to a CCR5 polymorphism), it’s best to prevent them from procreating via the jails solution.”


Arthur Spada, who was a Corrupticut “judge” and also head of the Corrupticut State Police, issued “Executive Order Number Two” for John G. Rowland to sign in Feb 1995, which approximately specifies that “poor (read: “black”) people must be doing drugs and are therefore criminals,” which is racial profiling per order of the Governor of Corrupticut.  


So, there’s plenty of crime here, and they’re all in the same families:  Yale (the Bush Bankers and the Endowment Fund), AEI, O’Connor and Rowland, the Republican Party, Rowland was friends with the Bush family who lives here in Corrupticut, etc…


The United States Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General refuses to investigate or replace Kevin O’Connor.  I asked them to.  Mrs. US Attorney Kevin O’Connor “worked in Rowland’s legal office” while all the DCF-Rowlandgate-jail-building-enterprise-and-welfare-fraud went on, and recommended her husband for the position of US Attorney.


Kindly use this information to the betterment of the health of your populations, and be secure:  Never let a US researcher on your soil to experiment on your populations, and don’t let the US have any input at the United Nations, and especially not as regards Human Rights.   .



Kathleen M. Dickson

23 Garden Street

Pawcatuck, CT,  06379  



TLR polymorphisms = Genetic susceptibility to "disease"


Note that in: LYME_CORRUPTICUT  (about the Bush Bankers of the appropriately named "Killingworth, CT," Yale Endowment Fund, Mortimer Zuckerman and the ALDF.com), this waste-of-time correspondence with the Department of Homeland Stupidity, there were 2 companies founded with Yale Endowment fund money, one of which was

27)  Martin J. Mattessich    President & CEO, Director      “Prior to becoming President and CEO of Agilix, from 1996 to 1999 Mr. Mattessich was the co-founder of two Yale University-sponsored biotechnology companies, L2 Diagnostics, LLC (diagnostic serology) and polyGenomics, Inc. (gene discovery for polygenic diseases) , and a consultant to CuraGen Corporation, a publicly held genomics company (pharmaceutical drug ….” 

With the blood he intended to get from the L2 Diagnostics-Imugen nationwide monopoly on testing, they can identify new diseases to commercialize.



This means that while Yale intended to hold the monopoly on national blood testing for Lyme disease by being issued the patent rights to a strain of Borrelia that was selected for the loss of OspA-B plasmid by exposure to OspA-B antibodies, and that the CDC (Alan Barbour is a CDC Epidemiological Intelligence Officer) is aware of this method to select spirochetes [and that means that they are aware that Lyme is a relapsing fever borreliosis- a permanent brain infection - and that via this mechanism of antigenic variation, there can never be a vaccine for Lyme or any other borreliosis (since they, CDC, described this process of selection in 1992)], Yale also, via this monopoly on testing, intended to look at genetic susceptibilities to disease, since this has bioweapons value.

More at:

VIDEO 4) PATENTS_30_APR_06.wmv The RICO Patents that went with the Lyme and LYMErix scam

Part IV Video, The Lyme Disease RICO Patents for faster download     

Yale University is of course very, very mad that we trashed their bogus Lyme vaccine, LYMErix, since they now don't have access to all this national blood testing for Lyme, and therefore access to this monopoly on access to information about genetic susceptibilities to diseases (which has bioweapons value), as well as new vector-borne pathogens to patent and of course, the royalties- since Yale is not about anyone's health or wellness, but profit from scientific fraud.


What Yale et al did, was fraudulently leave OspA and B out of the testing standard, as I explained to the FDA 5 years ago.  That bogus Dearborn testing schema, was due to the fraud of Allen Steere's trip to Germany to hire a few ignorant lab rats, and have them say OspA and B don't show up as antibodies, when of course, OspA is the vaccine, since Steere also says "Lyme disease" is exclusively "an arthritis in a knee" and hypersensitivity reaction (high antibody concentration) to OspA in a knee. 

Yes we all know this does not make sense, but we have to deal with American MDs who are utterly clueless and BigPharma tells them everything they know about medicine during lunch.

If you, the reader, find it impossible to believe that these people would keep their findings a secret, I suggest you listen to Mark Klempner reveal the secret HLA haplotype in "seronegative" Lyme patients, while simultaneously declaring there is only one kind of "Lyme disease"- an arthritis in a knee.

Klempner's Crimes      Dr. Death-  Gary Wormser

VIDEO 2a) Klempner-0602.wmv    Klempner's SECRET Multiple Sclerosis Haplotype

Note that after Klempner reported in this private conference that he found a significant association to HLA-DBQ1*0602 in chronic Lyme patients, he later reported that he made no such finding   Klempner is clearly a liar.

Mark Klempner does not use the primers Gary Wormser uses when Wormser wants to find Borrelia DNA in a tick to look for Borrelia DNA in humans.    That's the DNA Shell Game- Use the wrong primers.  Tell people who have Lyme they're insane and not sick.  Deny all care and benefits.   They did that to the Gulf War Vets, too.    

Mark Klempner demonstrates that ceftriaxone does not clear all Lyme infection; ie., spirochetes persist past treatment  

Therefore, there are of course two mechanisms of known genetic susceptibilities to disease:  TLR polymorphisms, and HLA polymorphisms.  Note that in "Partners in Biodefense" Corixa and SmithKline, which is now one company, they only discuss TLR-4 antagonism as having adjuvant properties, while we know that TLR-2 antagonism with spirochetal lipoproteins can result in immune suppression.

http://www.jbc.org/cgi/content/full/274/47/33419  UCONN's Justin Radolf


It isn't necessarily the TLR-4 molecules that are involved in the stealth infection, LYMErix disease, it could also be the TLR-2 molecules.

Why Lyme is silent:

"Signaling through TLR-2 by lipoproteins may represent a double-edged sword for host responses to chronic intracellular pathogens such as M. tuberculosis. Short-term signaling through TLR-2 activates macrophages and initiates acute inflammation that may help control initial infection. In contrast, prolonged TLR-2 signaling in macrophages results in down-regulation of certain critical immune functions, such as MHC-II Ag processing. M. tuberculosis infects, survives, and persists in macrophages. The ability of M. tuberculosis to survive acute inflammation positions the bacilli to take advantage, through secretion of lipoproteins such as LprG and LpqH, of this down-regulation of macrophage immune function." 



More on this type of immune suppression from MedLine

Must read:  http://www.jbc.org/cgi/content/full/274/47/33419  (UCONN's Justin Radolf)

"Toll-like receptors (TLRs) 2 and 4 are signal transducers for lipopolysaccharide, the major proinflammatory constituent in the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. We observed that membrane lipoproteins/lipopeptides from Borrelia burgdorferi, Treponema pallidum, and Mycoplasma fermentans activated cells heterologously expressing TLR2 but not those expressing TLR1 or TLR4. These TLR2-expressing cells were also stimulated by living motile B. burgdorferi, suggesting that TLR2 recognition of lipoproteins is relevant to natural Borrelia infection. Importantly, a TLR2 antibody inhibited bacterial lipoprotein/lipopeptide-induced tumor necrosis factor release from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells, and TLR2-null Chinese hamster macrophages were insensitive to lipoprotein/lipopeptide challenge. The data suggest a role for the native protein in cellular activation by these ligands. In addition, TLR2-dependent responses were seen using whole Mycobacterium avium and Staphylococcus aureus, demonstrating that this receptor can function as a signal transducer for a wide spectrum of bacterial products. We conclude that diverse pathogens activate cells through TLR2 and propose that this molecule is a central pattern recognition receptor in host immune responses to microbial invasion."




http://www.pubmedcentral.gov/picrender.fcgi?artid=259838&blobtype=pdf   <--- This is the structure of the lipopeptide that is the essential component and point of immunogenicity of the Lyme "vaccine," LYMErix.