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Regarding the NIH’s “Biodefense Partnerships”


I finally found the correspondence that included the now-unavailable data regarding the frauds SmithKline Beecham, Corixa and Yale University on “Lyme disease.”  It is on page 3 of this fax to Dr. Howard Dean of the Democratic National Committee.


Note that Corixa now has been purchased by SmithKline (now formally Glaxo-SmithKline) but is a UK based company, and was a UK based company at the time they committed the fraud of LYMErix- a recombinant Outer Surface Protein A (OspA) vaccine, that in fact, SmithKline, Yale, and the University of Corrupticut (I mean Connecticut) knew was useless even before the Phase III trials began.  See the videos on my website, and in particular the one about “UCONN’s Joseph Mengele”


What all of this means is that the US, Yale and SmithKline know that Lyme Borreliosis is a “stealth disabler,” they know the mechanism of immune suppression (or the lack of antibodies produced- rendering the infection “stealth” or as having bioweapons potential), and that is via TLR-2 antagonism by these mycoplasmal or fungal or triacyl or diacyl lipopeptides which render the HLA or antigen-presenting molecules incompetent.


Please see page 8 of this communication to Dr. Dean and have your scientists verify independently that these fungal antigens render the immune system incompetent.   Note that Corixa does not discuss the opposite mechanism of immune suppression in this document that was once available free online.  They only discuss the inflammatory potential of these fungal antigen analogs.


I hope your staff can forward this data as soon as possible to your representatives at the G8 conference, despite Israel’s attempts to derail the proceedings with two phoney wars in Gaza and Lebanon, which is probably another bogus attempt to get the USA to attack Syria and Iran, since that was the gameplan all along, in the “Securing the Realm” and the “pre-emptive peace,” “forward bases,” and a “catalytic event like a new Pearl Harbor” insanity of Paul Wolfowitz et al.  Mr. Putin wanted to discuss infectious diseases at this G8 conference.   All of Europe and Asia must be getting very tired of these relentless death-promoting machinations by the USA-UK-Israeli Axis of Evil.  We sold mycoplasma to Iraq to use against Iran, and that was the reason Poppy Bush did not finish off Saddam in 1991.  The result was the cover up and abuse of Gulf War (I) Illness victims by the UK and the USA.  The main psychiatric perp for the abuse of GWI victims was none other than the UK’s Simon Wessely.



Kathleen M.Dickson