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Welcome to the Universe of Satan's Sickos


Page 246 from "Hostage to the Devil" by Fr. Malachi Martin wherein the demons reveal
that psychiatrists work for the demons:


If self-centerness is "normal," psychiatry will never unscramble anyone's delusions (and especially not their own delusions of superiority or grandeur), because no one could have delusions of persecution unless they thought they were something special or had some special talent which rendered them worthy of persecution.

This you can study fully in Hostage to the Devil,  (◄This is not the full transcript)   Malachi Martin, Hostage to the Devil, 5 exorcisms.
(Get the whole book because some parts of the stories are missing from the Online version)

because in these 5 examples of demonic possession in modern America, all of the victims started out believing they were special or had some special talent.  And psychiatry teaches the same thing.  In fact, psychoanalysis is the process of instructing people - falsely - that everything a person does is in their own self interest and that all people are selfish, manipulative and self-serving.

That happens to not be true.  In fact it is a huge mistake.

And some psychiatrists know this, now, but are too cowardly to admit it, and admit they spent a lifetime in ERROR.  For all of their sexual obsessions, they haven't the balls to admit the truth about what they have done with their lives...  but their time to tell the truth and make restitution is running out.


This is a collection of data from various sources which I will use in my analysis of psychoanalysis as the new religion of me for one of the book's chapters.  These hypotheticals about man and god and existentialism and all that crap is not unlike Calvanism, other protestantisms, and all of the philosophies of me.  For some reason, not a one of these people who invented these theories ever came to a conclusion about anything, despite being satisfied that A) they were the experts, and B) they were the experts. 

One thing we know for sure, they don't know anything.  In this world, we need to dice and splice evil, for were it not for evil, we would not be in this chronic illness with chronic deliberate abuse of the people with chronic illness predicament, no matter how you look at it.

Here is the one and only question:  Which human does not want peace?

Watch the ones who take an action against others or says NO to a request for assistance.  Whoever endeavors any kind of action (and it could be just speech) with deliberate ill-intent towards another, that person is a goat.

That's all there is to it.

I searched everywhere, and everywhere I went, no would would help me.  I can't fathom saying no, if it is within my means to help someone.

But I have a record of those who did.

Despite the various contributing streams of thought, a distinctive issue in Calvinist theology that is often used to represent the whole is the system's particular soteriology (doctrine of salvation), which emphasizes that humans are incapable of adding anything to obtain salvation and that God alone is the initiator at every stage of salvation, including the formation of faith and every decision to follow Christ. This doctrine was definitively formulated and codified during the Synod of Dort (1618-1619), which rejected an alternative system known as Arminianism.

This is absurd on its face.  Each one of us is here as a test of how well we listen and conform to Christianity or the teachings of Christ.  

"I will give to each one of you according to your deeds."  (Matthew, The Sheep and the Goats]


“. . . round and fat and red and black and male and female and what they do or smell like or walk like or do like, pygmy humans. . . names, what names? ... a breath of little lungs. . . it’s what we do, we are ... millions if you count the wills, the minds, infinite if you weigh the hatings, the living hatings . . . one above the other, no one is all, all are under one, some so near the Daring One they have intelligence only the High Enemy can match, some so low they are turds, the shards, the lumps beneath his heel, the dust between his toes . . . and loving it all, all the degradation . . . anything to disfigure beauty.”  

" For the first time in his professional life, Dr. Hammond was face to face with something he knew was far beyond his reach to categorize as a verifiable known or unknown. What he was then beginning to perceive, he felt, he had always known but never acknowledged, even in the deepest moments of the eight years of analysis through which he had successfully passed.
Fr. Malachi Martin- audiotape of a real exorcism 
Fr. Malachi Martin says the real person, the real psychiatrist, called "Dr. Hammond," in his book, gave up psychiatry "once he went into the real thing."


   "Evil spirit, in the name of Jesus, announce the trap in which you caught Richard/Rita.  I ask this by the authority of the Church, and in the name of Jesus."

"We start with self-growth [psychoanalysis], self discovery.   We tell em, we told Rita, First, you must be yourself, find yourself, know who you are.  They stick their noses in their navel and say: I like my own smell!!"

Transposing Love with Sex.
Anything to disfigure beauty.
Transposing the ascension of man from total selflessness to total self-worship.
Twisting life's negative outcomes; victims of evil/hatred (such as Lyme abuse or child abuse) to be the victim's' fault; sowing discord instead of allowing justice. 

That is what psychiatry is all about.



How could these psychiatrists identify something wrong with me-centricity, if they are taught to believe that me-centricity is NORMAL.  It's NOT NORMAL.  He who don't play for the team is aberrant.  That would include all of psychiatry, since there is no mention of Lyme as a permanent brain infection on the APA's website, nor are any activists for SCIENTIFICALLY VALID DIAGNOSES.

'Not even Brian Fallon, since I have not yet been able to instruct him in how to do science, nor is he an activist.  Must be because he has no kids, and is a man.  (Either condition is a mental defect.)

Read the New York Times article linked below.  The odd subject over whom McGlashan was hooked was paranoid or imagined being persecuted.

How does that occur?

Yale's Tom McGlashan in the New York Times: "WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE'RE DOING."  (So how can they claim to be any kind of experts in a "courtroom?")

DCF's & Yale's Psychotropics Abuse of Children- Thomas McGlashan

(He's not actually one of the real bad guys if he stood up to the Penis-centric-perps and told off the British DCF Kidnapping and Kiddrugging Krew as is told in the story by the New York Times...)



Read all of these online transcripts of valid exorcisms, since Satan reveals in them all, how he operates, and what better source of understanding evil than Satan himself?

It is because of psychiatry that we don't understand evil.  Scroll down to the "Temptation of Thomas McGlashan" for a clear explainer on egocentricity as poison for the spirit.

Hostage to the Devil- Malachi Martin  [Read (almost) the whole book online]   Read the whole book and study all the conversations with Satan himself, when the exorcists asks HOW did you temp/enter this person...


Evil Eye-  Malachi Martin Interview read it!

Everyone needs to know what true evil is all about if you are not one of them:  James Phillips = true evil is something you can only see but not understand.  If you are not a liar and don't have this evil in your heart, you can't understand evil- you can only see it in their eyes. 


NARCISSISM-  That seems to be the important political flavor (poison) of the New American Century.  Rove left office because the whole world, instead of thinking George H. W. Bush was a wimp and that therefore Junior had to demonstrate his fake tough guy routine, ol' Karl Rasputin discovered we indeed hate that false bravado crap and instead admire intelligence and integrity (the popularity of Ron Paul with the US military), neither of which the Bush Family has. 

Everyone seems to be furious at Rove especially over the 2 elections Bush lost, Plamegate, US Attorneygate (axing US Attorneys who go after corporate crimes/Republican sleaze), and the false accusations of voter fraud- when all along it was Rove who did the voter-fraud thing. 

We, in Corrupticut, got stuck with US Attorney Kevin O'Connor to protect the sleazes of DCF-Rowlandgate.  Subsequent to that little piggie Republican skit and in return for not prosecuting the Lyme RICO case, O'Connor was promoted to Torture Gonzales' Chief of Staff.



Introduction:  "Political" means before the indictments for fraud or bribery by BigBusiness campaign contributions- the Gospel according to the Connecticutisms.

"In Michigan, there is a lovely piece of land situated close to a lovely river in a lovely valley.  This lovely scene is located about 5 miles downstream from a chemical plant.  The chemical plant had destroyed the river and poisoned the land.  Lynnae Lake had sought redress from the chemical company's damage to her property value.  

"In short order, a "child abuse" allegation surfaces.  There is no quicker way to make your political troubles "go away" than a child abuse allegation against a parent.  The CPS agency will go after the parent with malicious disregard for fact, truth or the Constitutional protections afforded to CRIMINALS.  This is after all, a CIVIL case. ...   MORE

Yale's Robert Schoen's malpractice, the CDC, and my children's congenital Lyme disease





The Temptation of Thomas McGlashan

How can the source of a true paranoid delusion be discovered if the first premise in psychiatry is that selfishness or self-centeredness or ego is okay or normal?

These psychiatrists will destroy you if you don't agree with them that every matter is a penis matter.   So who do psychiatrists work for?

It is because of psychiatry that we don't understand evil.


Yale's Tom McGlashan in the New York Times: "WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE'RE DOING."  (So how can they claim to be any kind of experts in a "courtroom?")

First of all, he is not a scientist, and neither is any other psychiatrist, since they do not study the physiology of the brain, but merely hypothesize about motivation and take BigPharma's word for "brain anesthesia is medicine."

Read the New York Times article- the odd subject over whom McGlashan was hooked was paranoid or imagined being persecuted.

How does that occur?

DCF's & Yale's Psychotropics Abuse of Children- Thomas McGlashan

(He's not actually one of the real bad guys if he stood up to the Penis-centric-perps and told off the British DCF Kidnapping and Kiddrugging Krew as is told in the story by the New York Times...)


"Psychiatrists... never succeed...they make people even worse"  says exorcist Malachi Martin in Hostage to the Devil:


Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans (Paperback)
by Malachi Martin (Author) "When the search party reached the disused grain store known locally as Puh-Chi (One Window), the bombing of Nanking was at its height..." (more)
Key Phrases: diocesan exorcist, alpha layer, higher prayer, New York, Uncle Ponto, Father David (more...)
(121 customer reviews)    


How does a person come to believe anyone's "after me" ??

It starts with the Error of "It's about MEEEeeee!!!"


 "Evil spirit, in the name of Jesus, announce the trap in which you caught Richard/Rita.  I ask this by the authority of the Church, and in the name of Jesus."

"We start with self-growth [psychoanalysis], self discovery.   We tell em, we told Rita, First, you must be yourself, find yourself, know who you are.  They stick their noses in their navel and say: I like my own smell!!"


How can a psychiatrist understand the magnitude of error of ego, if they have undergone psychoanalysis themselves? 

Psychoanalysis is a brain-warping process.  It is the very process through which Satan temps, as Satan himself explained to the exorcist, above.

If the day ever comes that psychiatry publicly admits the truth about everything, and vows to retrain itself in actual medicine, in neurology, and formally retracts all of their nonsense...  well, we wait.  Satan does not want to give up his primary tool.   This is the power of Satan on earth.  This Me-ism is the error of the culture of the West. 


How can anyone give up a career in chemistry, a real science, especially for a left-brained dominant (liars' domain) field as psychiatry, a complete and total non-science?

What was McGlashan's attraction to a person deeply involved in a paranoid psychotic scheme?

Why did McGlashan mention being involved in a religious group and then when he quit it, say, his father "gave him permission" to quit it?  He first tells a story about being in a religious youth group, then getting a degree in chemistry...  this could have been the NYTimes writer's selection of topics from the interview. Nevertheless, someone wanted these facts of McGlashan's history revealed.

What was the exact error that allowed McGlashan and all of psychiatry to miss what was wrong with a paranoid delusion?

The delusions of persecution and the failure of psychiatry are different sides of the same coin:  "Self" dominates thinking.  

The lack of true intelligence is due to the inability to take oneself out of every equation. 

No theory of how minds work ever offered by psychiatry ever stated that "Error comes from Ego- or the primary obsession with the self."

McGlashan of course, is one of the first people to reject, formally, psychoanalysis or the Freudian approach, and the NYTimes newspaper article states that this remedy was sold as a cure.  He also rejects medication, since he says this only slows the process to psychosis, after he discovered that it seemed to help people crippled by delusions.

But how can the source of delusion be discovered if the first premise in psychiatry is that selfishness or self-centeredness is okay or normal?

Science is objective thinking, whereas  social sciences are all subjective thinking and is inherently valueless.

In the first place, do the science- the scientifically valid - as described in the video on Psychiatric Quackery:  The Cognitive, the Trauma, and the Organic changes.

Verbal language is as primary a tool of deception and self-deception as it is a means of primary communication of truth.

The "People of the World" do what they want.  That is, in the absence of the understanding that people could be operating under the TRUTH principle - are true scientists, like autistic people (Einstein) - which psychiatry removes from their own thinking through the process of psychoanalysis, ...

That is, in the absence of understanding that some people are operating under the principle that they are NOT better than all other people, or rather, in the absence of the TRUTH approach in psychiatry itself, how can they ever succeed in helping people?


A person may be in a state of distress because they are surrounded by evil, or are in the presence of evil, or have a history of persecution by evil especially if every thing that victim of evil says is TRUE, but because of psychiatry, and psychiatry's effect on our culture, we don't understand evil or how to detect it.

Such people, psychiatrists, revictimize the victims of evil, especially when the temptation presents.   Get it?  60% of people with "Major Depression" are victims of child abuse (which means the diagnosis is "Child Abuse Victim"), and if they are revictimized by psychiatry (graduates of Satan's "Blame the Victim" School of Sowing Discord),
of course they're going to get worse.

The weak, sick, oppressed, persecuted, victims of evil, the disabled, deformed, inferior....  they're all here on this earth as a test of our humanity (closeness to God).  Christ could not have been more clear about this:  The redemption of men is in their sincerity towards care or in Love (agape; unconditional Love).  "Greater Love hath no man..." 


The Error in Psychiatry is built-in, and that is why Satan says psychiatrists "work for him."

They also work for BigInsurance to screw you out of your medical and disability benefits, since none of what they do is scientifically valid, even though they're all supposed to do scientifically valid medical rule-outs.

Ergo, BigInsurance is setting up all psychiatrists for malpractice lawsuits by insisting disabled people with Lyme be evaluated by a psychiatrist, so that BigInsurance can screw you out of your benefits since they don't pay long term disability benefits for a diagnosis os CRAZY.


 ←   Click to enlarge, then click again to enlarge further. 

The evil spirit, during the exorcism, says psychiatrists work for him.  

The evil spirit jumped into the psychiatrist (Dr. Hammond) during the exorcism.  Psychiatrists blame the victim.  It is evil to blame the victim, since blaming the victim spreads more anger and destruction.  All psychiatrists are evil, as are all their offspring- these sleazy, lying whores; these DCF "social workers," and "psychologists"- who train the DCF lying sleazy whores to be lying sleazy whores. 


In Malachi Martin's book, one of the case studies was a person haunted by an evil spirit(s?) ("Uncle Ponto"), and he actually had conversations with this evil spirit (could have been mistaken for a schizophrenic).  Additionally, the victim's boss was a "perfectly possessed" person.  The perfectly possessed are not exorcizable.


"We hate those stained with His blood.  We hate those who follow Him," says Satan.  ("We hate people who constantly reveal the truth, such as chemists with Lyme borreliosis- the permanent brain infection.  Especially chemists with children who have congenital Lyme disease and who understand the chemistry of the brain damage caused by psychotropics since Corrupticut is where I/we/Satan, Yale, The Insurance Capitol of Earth, Bushie-Nouveau-Riche fake NAZI petrodollars, and the Vossler Family of Perpetual Gossip and Lies live.")



Ben Bunney-  Yale's Psych Dept Chair's specialty is the brain damage caused by psychotropics "The Biology of Movement Disorders".

(That's pretty funny, right?  You can't make this stuff up.)



MALPRACTICE      The American Psychiatric Association took this page off their website once I made this public knowledge, LOL.  So that tells you what they're about in a Nutcase State shell.


(Click to enlarge and then click again to enlarge further, copy it and keep it, if you are a victim of Lyme Borreliosis and insurance/Yale harassment, so that you can sue the person/people your insurance company sent you to for a psych evaluation.)   

“Medications for psychiatric disorders can be both the cause of delirium and exacerbate or contribute to delirium from other causes.” 

" The Delirium must be treated first."


Which means it is malpractice to treat Lyme brain with anything other than ceftriaxone.  These are the APA's "guidelines" and always were.

Here are all the scientifically valid markers of disease processes and diagnostic tests that have to be performed on all borreliosis victims, developed by the RICO perps themselves, and if they are not performed during an "eval" ordered by any insurance company, then that evaluator has committed malpractice, and you can sue THEM, as well as the insurance company, since the APA says you have to perform scientifically valid medical tests before diagnosing anything "psychiatric."

These facts tell you also, how stupid psychiatrists are- so stay the hell away from stupid people.  You don't need to both pay for and suffer this incompetence and abuse.



For all the druggies in the world, including the alcohol addicted-  Know that this addiction is not your fault and that BigPharma causes the same brain damage with prescription drugs.

No "forensic (joke) psychiatrist" dares to walk into a courtroom and state that any case where a person has been using either street drugs or legal Rx is automatically mitigated by the following known mechanisms of brain damage from drug use, because then that "expert" will be asked, "And do you prescribe this brain damage yourself?"


Video 3, How Psychiatry is not a Medical Practice- by a BigPharma chemist.    Psychiatry is used as a tool against very sick people by BigInsurance. 

DCF is now liable for all the brain damage and dementia they force on children and they are liable for the Burgos boy's suicide

This malpractice treatment of Lyme disease compounds the brain damage.


"Shrink"  a reality:    Permanent brain shrinkage associated with long term use of psychotropics

"Extrapyramidal Effects" is the polite term for "brain damage"    'Stuff BigPharma and Psychiatry don't want you to know.   A body becomes "tolerized" or the brain compensates in response to these known brain toxins (and you will see that they know about actual brain cell death and brain volume loss in chronic psychotropics use) so the "chemical imbalance": theory of "Biologic Psychiatry" is the complete opposite of the truth.   Again, verify independently.


REFERENCES (more coming)

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3)  Brain cell loss, well described in this seminal research article from 1993 about how of all these drugs are brain damaging.  What these articles show, is that not only do "depressants" cause brain damage, brain cell death, and total brain volume loss, they make a person more demented and more unconfortable in all ways.

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The following abstract is about a treatment for the brain damage.  This means "tranquilizers" cause agitation (which is clearly the opposite effect of what is intended), and that this is so well known, that so, too, is it well known, that it must be treated.   They therefore have created brain damage, this is standard operative procedure and common knowledge.  Among Psychiatrists and BigPharma.

ABSTRACT:  "Gamma-aminoburytic acid agonists for neuroleptic-induced dyskensia", Soares, et al, Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2001; (2);CD000203

11)  Van Der Kolk  Assessment and Treatment of Complex PTSD, Rachel Yehuda, 2001 "Traumatic Stress" 

Highest Correlate in development of severe Complex PTSD is "Separation from Parents," for ages 7-12.    Read it for yourself.  Don't take my word for it.

ABSTRACT: 14594750 PubMed


SPEED  (Ritalin)

Speed Makes you Stupider, via a known mechanism of dopamine downregulation

All people, and all parents, especially, should read this book, because the American Psychiatric Association doesn't want you to   What they don't want you to know, you definitely want to know.

Don't be a negligent parent.  Know what you are dealing with when you are dealing with Yale University.

SmithKline Hiding Bad Data Again-- Paxil


Once this clicks with you you are really gonna laugh even though it is pathetic:

Psychiatry is too stupid to realize that if you perform scientifically valid rule outs and find markers of compromise, their own rules say you can't diagnose a psychiatric disorder:    Indices of Pathology 


Here we have Yale discovering and reporting that these children meet the criteria of being incompetent, yet have they ever testified before Congress demanding that the laws be changed to accommodate valid domains of mental compromise in order to spare lives and rehabilitate people?


 J Am Acad Psychiatry Law. 2004;32(4):408-29

Ethics questions raised by the neuropsychiatric, neuropsychological, educational, developmental, and family characteristics of 18 juveniles awaiting execution in Texas.

Lewis DO, Yeager CA, Blake P, Bard B, Strenziok M.

Yale University Child Study Center, New Haven, CT, USA.

Eighteen males condemned to death in Texas for homicides committed prior to the defendants' 18th birthdays received systematic psychiatric, neurologic, neuropsychological, and educational assessments, and all available medical, psychological, educational, social, and family data were reviewed. Six subjects began life with potentially compromised central nervous system (CNS) function (e.g., prematurity, respiratory distress syndrome). All but one experienced serious head traumas in childhood and adolescence. All subjects evaluated neurologically and neuropsychologically had signs of prefrontal cortical dysfunction. Neuropsychological testing was more sensitive to executive dysfunction than neurologic examination. Fifteen (83%) had signs, symptoms, and histories consistent with bipolar spectrum, schizoaffective spectrum, or hypomanic disorders. Two subjects were intellectually limited, and one suffered from parasomnias and dissociation. All but one came from extremely violent and/or abusive families in which mental illness was prevalent in multiple generations.   Implications regarding the ethics involved in matters of culpability and mitigation are considered. 
PMID: 15704627 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] 


Anyone sane wonders, What the hell is the point of all of this nonsense by psychiatry?  What is the nature of their specific delusion, where they think they can get away with not making any sense, yet be the self-appointed people in charge of designating who is not making sense, and also take no responsibility to help people, yet take the NIH funding to perform these analyses?

Silly, is the first word that comes to my mind.