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Here is some of the evidence I promised you regarding how all psychotropics are brain damaging. 




The following scientific report is part the data over which my children were kidnapped   (this is the abstract- I gave the DCF the full text article)  because 1) while my children’s “Temporary” Order of Custody only mentions the 11-16-03 databinders, which were substantiated complaints to the Commission on Human Rights and Statewide Bar Counsel about the lying incompetent DCF, 2) Leebens does not mention that this 11-16-03 databinder were substantiated is substantiated complaints to the Commission on Human Rights and Statewide Bar Counsel about the lying incompetent DCF (which is a “fraud on the court”) and 3) the other data set which I left with Laura Lustig of “The New Learning Center,” 1200 Post Road, Westport contained numerous scientific journal articles about how all psychotropics are brain damaging.


The date of this second databinder is November 20, 2003 and was addressed to Laura Lustig.   In the end, this databinder full of scientific journal articles about how all psychotropics are brain damaging and about how Yale’s version “Lyme disease” was scientific fraud,

was entered as evidence in my DCF “trial,” but the idiot moron judge Driscoll (who should be removed from the bench immediately due to his incompetence) never looked at any of the evidence.  The “judge” not looking at any of the evidence was the reason I on March 25, 2004 faxed a motion for an Administrative Review, which would have forced the idiot moron incompetent “judge” John Driscoll to look at the evidence he is required to look at, and was the reason for my false arrest.


I motioned for law enforcement to be present to arrest Assistant Attorney General Jessica Gauvin on March 25, 2004.  Gauvin later on the same day ordered my false arrest and criminally charged me with Gauvin’s own insanity. 





This fraudulent and criminal action by AAG Jessica Gauvin was meant to partially protect James Phillips from a malpractice lawsuit.  Lyme is a brain disease; Lyme “brain fog” is a delirium or reduced consciousness/excessive sleepiness signs; and the American Psychiatric Association’s Guidelines on the treatment of a delirium state that “Medications for psychiatric disorders can be both the cause of delirium and exacerbate or contribute to delirium from other causes.”   Phillips, after 2.5 years of giving me 10 different medications, all of which made me worse, and not giving me the ProVigil for improving daytime alertness (which I asked for first, in Sep 2000), said, “I think you need to be on medication.  I just don’t know what kind,” yet all the while I had been giving him scientific information about Lyme disease, even discussing markers of central nervous system disease associated with Lyme Neuroborreliosis.


Phillips also told me that this Lyme scam should be written up in “The New Yorker” magazine.


That means a “patient” can talk until they are blue in the face to a person whose job is primarily to be a listener, and to someone who supposedly is a “doctor,” about a brain damaging illness, and be giving that person scientific journal articles about this scam, and be giving that “doctor” the lab data which shows the “patient” has a brain disease- a delirium (brain SPECT or brain blood flow tests), and have that “doctor” understand enough about it all to mention that the scam should be exposed, while simultaneously not listening to a single thing the “patient” says.  And that “doctor” is supposed to be a brain expert.   Phillips is also a forensic psychiatrist for the State of Connecticut, is an associate “clinical” professor of psychiatry at Yale, and works for the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.


‘Proving the State of Connecticut and Yale University only hires lying morons and one can earn an MD degree in lying stupidity, incompetence, fraud, and perverse abuse (Phillips is also a Freudian) and be hired as a court expert in lying stupidity, incompetence, fraud, and perverse abuse.  As I mentioned previously, I do not miss my penis.  I have more important things on my mind.  My kids have congenital Lyme disease, and one has Ehrlichiosis.  Their father is an alcoholic, a violent and insane man who has angry conversations with people who aren’t there, the children have witnessed him having these bizarre conversations, and Donald Dickson was diagnosed as a sociopath by J. David Ruffner, MD of New London, in 1995.  DCF then gave my children to the maniac who filed false allegations against me.  


Are we having fun yet?


Perhaps Phillips should be made the Chair of Yale Psychiatry or at least Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services.  “HeckuvaJob Phillips.”





Lustig’s second in command is a former DCF Commissioner, Mark Marcus, and I did not know it at the time, but Lustig has a contract to train the DCF lying moron “social workers” to be lying moron DCF “social workers.”


It should be noted that Lustig does not know the first thing about brains.  I had to explain to her what Autism and Asperger’s were, and I had to explain to her that Lyme disease is scientific fraud and that this was well known to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who has now held two public hearings over the issue.


The principal attorney of New Haven DCF, Sarah Gibson, was fired.  I do not think she lost her license to practice law because the CT Statewide Bar Counsel never sanctions any lawyers and is as much of a farce as the DCF is as an alleged “child welfare agency,” as is the US Department of Health and Human Services a US farce of a Health and Human Services Agency, as is Congress and the lying moron criminal “President” farces of acting in the best interests of the American people.  DCF and DMHAS are vicious, lying, insane monsters who are not fond of the idea that all psychotropics are brain damaging for the single reason that that’s all they do:  Kid-nap and Kid-drug.



Department of Children and Families and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services- PIMPS FOR BIG PHARMA


What DMHAS and DCF do, is declare the children they have kidnapped “no nexus” children, which makes these DCF-removal-traumatized (van der Kolk: the highest correlation in the development of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is “separation” – yet another article in the possession of Lustig and DCF since Nov 20, 2003) children available for Yale Psychiatry Department’s psychotropics experiments.  Google: McGlashan and Yale and DCF and Borderline Personality Disorder.  Google: McGlashan and Prodrome.  You will find these claims to be substantiated in fact.


Clearly BigPharma has to get “the bodies” from somewhere.  BigPharma and the FDA have allowed the experimental drugging of children in the past- AIDs drugs.  These AIDs-drugs-experiments-child- guinea-pigs were also victims of DCF-type fraudulent “removals.”


That is, one could perceive a significant portion of DCF “removals” as part of an overall scheme to make the “no-nexus bodies” available to BigPharma, or as a “racket.”  Here you can see Lenny Sigal, one of the perpetrators of fraudulent Lyme vaccine trials accusing parents who say they have children with chronic Lyme disease of poisoning their own children:    These “bogus” Munchausen’s by Proxy accusations happen often when children are vaccine-damaged from other childhood immunizations.  All one has to do to confirm is Google MME and SSPE  (subacute sclerosing pan-encephalitis).   MMR vaccines are associated with a significant encephalitic event that ends up to be the retardation and brain damage we know as “regressive autism.”  It’s brain damage.  Autism is a genetically controlled “nerve overgrowth syndrome.”  Verify independently.  



We all are aware of the fact that children are not safe in DCF’s “care,” and that children who are raped in DCF’s “care,” placed with dangerous and insane people, and children who are denied medical and dental care by DCF, are informed that if they complain about their abusive and neglectful treatment by DCF, they will be placed in an even worse situation.   The children in the Corrupticut children’s prison are consistently abused and neglected by the guards in the pediatric jails.   There are two such articles link from my website:


There have been several articles in the Hartford Courant that attest to the validity of the above assertions because that’s from where I got the information.  I have been collecting these articles over the years.


So what do we need DCF and DMHAS for?  What is DMHAS’s Commissioner doing about the abuse of children in the children’s prison, alone?  I have seen no comment from DMHAS’ Commissioner, Thomas Kirk, and I have seen no comment from Commissioner Kirk about the insano State Troopers and cops who gamble, murder, and go on various rampages (Diaz and Bocchichio, State-Trooper murderers), including ordering a “hit” (murder scheme) on Mr. Philip Inkel, and roughing up Ritt Goldstein, the famous Corrupticut escapee.

FECL 55 (August 1998):


A US citizen, Ritt Goldstein, has applied for asylum in Sweden. Goldstein has strong evidence indicating that he was systematically harassed and threatened by police ever since he founded a coalition on civilian oversight of law enforcement. Swedish immigration authorities have turned down his application on the summary grounds that the US is an internationally recognised constitutional democracy. The final outcome of the case is likely to have international implications as regards the right of nationals from stable Western democratic countries to seek asylum in a EU country.


The plight of a US rights activist

In 1993, Ritt Goldstein was a typical representative of America's white upper middle-class. After receiving a BA in Economics, and after university studies in Business, Goldstein worked in a number of marketing and sales positions before starting his own company in 1988. The firm thrived, and Goldstein won all the attributes of a well-doing bachelor and businessman. He had a handsome home, a nice sports car, and a net worth of approximately 1 million dollars.


Politically, Goldstein was thoroughly mainstream. Although a Democratic Committeeman and Justice of the Peace in Norwalk, in the State of Connecticut (CT), he never concealed his sympathies for some aspects of the political agenda of the Republicans.


Just four years later, in 1997, Ritt Goldstein had become a destitute asylum seeker in Sweden, living in constant fear of forceful return to the USA. …




Where is the Commissioner of Mental Health on this well-documented insanity in the name of the State of Connecticut?  Where is the Commissioner of Mental Health on the former DCF Commissioner Kristine Ragaglia and former Governor John Rowland issue? 


Is this because the “Mental Health experts” in this state and in this country can’t make a decision over the value of excusing immoral behavior because at the same time they promote a warped version of reality, ie., All human brain/motivation matters are penis matters?


There is simply no excuse for Psychiatry.  All they do is blame the victim because they can’t otherwise get paid, and having an MD is almost like wearing a religious frock:  there’s a good bet that a one out of three is a pervert in disguise.  That’s in addition to the fact that all psychotropics are brain damaging and all these so called “experts” do is lie under oath, especially with the intent to protect and promote their “right” to be a Psychiatric Mumbo Jumbo “expert” and their “right” to cause a new and expanding generation of humans more harm and more brain damage.  Here is the proof:


1: Biol Psychiatry. 1993 Nov 15;34(10):713-38.

Related Articles, Links

Loss of striatal cholinergic neurons as a basis for tardive and L-dopa-induced dyskinesias, neuroleptic-induced supersensitivity psychosis and refractory schizophrenia.

Miller R, Chouinard G.

Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology, University of Otago Medical School, Dunedin, New Zealand.

In the first section of this paper several aspects of tardive dyskinesia (TD) (clinical, epidemiological, pharmacological) are reviewed. We propose that this syndrome is not the consequence of dopamine receptor proliferation, but results from damage or degeneration of striatal cholinergic interneurons. We suggest that this cellular damage is caused by prolonged overactivation of these neurons, which occurs when they are released from dopaminergic inhibition following neuroleptic administration. Overactivity of central cholinergic systems during akinetic and motor retarded depression could be a contributory cause. The predisposition to L-DOPA-induced peak-dose dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease may depend on the same type of striatal neuronal loss. In the second part of the paper, the subject of supersensitivity psychosis and drug-resistant schizophrenia is reviewed. These two syndromes, are commonly associated with TD, have similar predisposing factors and pharmacology to TD, and are potentially persistent. We suggest that these conditions also result from degeneration of cholinergic striatal interneurons following chronic neuroleptic administration. The efficacy of clozapine for such treatment-refractory psychoses is explained in terms of its blockade of D-1 dopamine receptors. Other drugs effective against refractory psychoses (e.g. risperidone) are predicted to reduce activation at D-1 receptors.  

I have drawn arrows in the article that show that this Miller and Chouinard article is consistent with today’s Washington Post article.  Note that the Washington post article states:

“By focusing on the horse race -- which drug is marginally better -- industry studies obscure the reality that better drugs are needed overall, agreed Rennie, who is a professor of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco.

"Finding the 100th similar antipsychotic drug is not where the research should be," he said. "It should be to develop new drugs, not 'me, too' drugs."

“The fact that such therapeutic non response is “acquired” during a lengthy psychotic illness has seldom been considered.”—from Chouinard and Miller.

Additionally the following article states that brain cell loss is associated with taking psychotropics, and is not independent from it:

1: Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2002 Nov;59(11):1002-10.

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Brain volume changes in first-episode schizophrenia: a 1-year follow-up study.

Cahn W, Hulshoff Pol HE, Lems EB, van Haren NE, Schnack HG, van der Linden JA, Schothorst PF, van Engeland H, Kahn RS.

Department of Psychiatry, University Medical Center Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX Utrecht, the Netherlands.

BACKGROUND: Imaging studies of patients with schizophrenia have demonstrated that brain abnormalities are largely confined to decreases in gray matter volume and enlargement of the lateral and third ventricles. Global gray matter volume has been reported to progressively decrease in childhood-onset and chronic schizophrenia. Global gray matter volumes have not been examined longitudinally in patients with first-episode schizophrenia. One would expect global gray matter to decrease progressively, particularly in first-episode patients, because clinical deterioration is greatest in the early stages of the disease. METHODS: Patients with first-episode schizophrenia who had taken antipsychotic medication for 0 to 16 weeks (n = 34) and matched healthy comparison subjects (n = 36) were included in the study. For all subjects, magnetic resonance imaging scans of the whole brain were obtained at inclusion and after 1 year (mean [SD], 12.7 [1.1] months). Outcome was measured 2 years after inclusion. To compare morphological changes over time between patients and healthy comparison subjects, multiple repeated-measures analyses of variance were conducted with intracranial volume as a covariate. Outcome and cumulative antipsychotic medication were related to changes in patients’ brain volumes. RESULTS: Total brain volume (-1.2%) and gray matter volume of the cerebrum (-2.9%) significantly decreased and lateral ventricle volume significantly increased (7.7%) in patients. The decrease in global gray matter volume significantly correlated with outcome and, independently of that, with higher cumulative dosage of antipsychotic medication. CONCLUSIONS: The loss of global gray matter in schizophrenia is progressive, occurs at an early stage of the illness, and is related to the disease process and antipsychotic medication.

“AND antipsychotic medication.”  In other words, what would happen if we did not drug these people?  Would there still be an 8% brain volume loss?  Are we all aware of what that means?  COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT, which reduces chances of recovery by what?  Over 100%.

In the first place, what is “schizophrenia?”  We don’t even know because it has 4 different definitions, one of which is, and always was, early dementia.  What if one form of schizophrenia, occurring as a teenage “prodrome” is an encephalitic process, like a variant Multiple Sclerosis?  Because psychiatrists never do any valid medical testing on anyone, they could be executing malpractice by not assuring that these young double victims are not experiencing an infectious delirium process like Lyme borreliosis and whatever else we get with tick bites, including viruses?

Does the American Psychiatric Association even want to go there?    No.

One of their representatives even recently said:

Am J Psychiatry. 2005 Mar;162(3):433-40. Related Articles, Links

Toward a philosophical structure for psychiatry.

Kendler KS.

Department of Psychiatry, Medical College of Virginia, Virginia
Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA.

This article, which seeks to sketch a coherent conceptual and
philosophical framework for psychiatry, confronts two major questions:
how do mind and brain interrelate, and how can we integrate the
multiple explanatory perspectives of psychiatric illness? Eight
propositions are proposed and defended: 1) psychiatry is irrevocably
grounded in mental, first-person experiences; 2) Cartesian substance
dualism is false; 3) epiphenomenalism is false; 4) both brain-->mind
and mind-->brain causality are real; 5) psychiatric disorders are
etiologically complex, and no more “spirochete-like” discoveries

will be made that explain their origins in simple terms; 6)
explanatory pluralism is preferable to monistic explanatory approaches,
especially biological reductionism; 7) psychiatry must move beyond a
prescientific "battle of paradigms" to embrace complexity and support
empirically rigorous and pluralistic explanatory models; 8) psychiatry
should strive for "patchy reductionism" with the goal of "piecemeal
integration" in trying to explain complex etiological pathways to
illness bit by bit.”


“no more “spirochete-like” discoveries will be made???”  Isn’t that a bit like claiming the world is flat?  This nonsense is science?  Don’t we know HIV has brain and cognitive effects?  Aren’t there new fungi killing off all kinds of species of frogs in the Amazon and aren’t new fungi and new molds to be expected from global warming and pollution?  Isn’t EMERGING INFECTIONS even the title of a CDC publication? 

When are we going to see that psychiatry was a worse replacement for witch hunts and the medieval thinking that an insane person is “possessed?”  At least in the old days these poor people were thought to be “possessed,” and were not blamed for their “illness” or “mental disorder,” or blamed for being the perpetrators of their own emotional discomforts, by being given a psychiatric label themelves.

“Diagnosing” a victim of abuse is an act of injury.

Phillips in his non-wisdom, despite being an alleged religious person and bible historian, forensic psychiatrist for the State of Connecticut, and Yale associate clinical professor, misses the fact that all harm comes from envy and jealousy, and where there is envy and jealousy you will find fraud (lies), and you will not find Love.   Please see to it that some dot guv entity puts that on their website. And this:






And tell BigPharma (because Congress are useless morons) to kindly move on to more relevant scientific topics and use the correct scientific tools of discovery as regards brain diseases and especially vaccine injury in children?  I asked Yale Child Study Center if they do this, and they said “NO”—Yale’s Ami Klin, one of the heads of their Autism Group.  ‘Same building where Leebens alleges she “works.”  ‘Same place I had my kid for 6 full days of cognitive testing concluded 5 days before Leebens determined my kids are in danger on the basis of “NO EVIDENCE” of my intention to harm my children.  This is what she explicitly wrote in the “Order of Custody” of my children and the moron judge Driscoll signed such a ridiculous order.   All of this was done to save the penis obsessed behind of James Phillips, who clearly does not deserve it, if for all of his penis obsession and pseudoreligiosity, be can’t act like a man and admit he screwed up.

No more hypothetical psychiatric bullshit and penis-obsession, please.  I see no correlation in Corrupticut between penises and manliness  (protecting the sick and the weak or even validly studying the sick and the weak, or protecting people from the illegal use of penises, like the real Mrs. Rowland or all of DCF-Rowlandgate’s “Smallest Victims: ) from Yale, the American Psychiatric Association, DMHAS, or BigPharma. 

Have DMHAS focus on the psychopathology of State employees so the rest of us can be safe.

Every decision made by a human that results in harm to others comes from some sort of fraud, and behind that fraud is envy or jealousy.  This you will not learn from Psychiatry, because they are so stupid, they (men) told us all 1) we were all jealous of penises, 2) “the victim is the perp,” and that 3)  brain anesthesia (all psychotropics) and turning a sick or an injured person into a ZOMBIE is a good thing.  

How the HELL did that happen?    (A self-answering question.)



Kathleen M. Dickson

23 Garden Street, Pawcatuck CT, 06379 , Former BigPharma Analytical Chemist