Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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CRYME DISEASE CHAPTERS  (Fall, 2007) (formerly the, are hiding the immune damage from the OspA vaccination fiascoes by writing new "guidelines."   

The "guidelines" are an attempt to cover up the first crime
- Dearborn, the CDC consensus conference where there was no consensus - by insisting that Lyme is only a bad knee (you can only have "Lyme Disease" if you test positive to the Steere/Knee-only kind) and that their former "New Great Imitator" outcomes and the LYMErix Disease outcomes (which are the same thing- immune suppression and activation of latent viruses of all kinds, resulting in the New Great Imitator Multiple Sclerosis and the New Great Imitator mycoplasmally-associated Lou Gehrig's Disease version of Lyme) are "some psychiatric illness."  The New Great Imitators, except for arthritis (requiring no expensive intravenous meningitis drugs), never test positive to the 1994 Dearborn criteria, clearly making Lyme and especially Dearborn, a cryme scene.

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CHAPTER 1. Yale's Bb Specific Flagellin Ab Test,

We can prove that the Lyme crooks and especially Yale's Erol Fikrig and Richard Flavell are completely aware of how to develop and validate a bioanalytical method according to the FDA's rules.  Valid tests for borreliosis are never deployed.  Yale's Fikrig and Flavell own both the LYMErix patent and the only scientifically valid test to detect Lyme Borreliosis or Lyme Relapsing Fever- but it is not in use and was not deployed to assess the outcome of LYMErix, because previously, Fikrig and Flavell hadn't proven LYMErix prevented Lyme, or disinfected ticks. 

SV_PPT_1.ppt ◄ Power Point presentation.  This is the mass-murder charge against Yale.
FUKUNAGA_PHYLOGENY-  As you can see, we sort these buggers by differences in their flagellin, not by plasmids like the OspA-B plasmid.
080709 "Biodefense Partners" Luft, Picken (Phylogeny- Flagellin, Relapsing Fever in America)

CHAPTER 2, McSWEEGAN - 1986, McSweegan trashes US Navy to give TBDs funding to his criminal friends.  WARNING- Chronic filthy language on the part of Yale's Durland Fish posting as "Chuck P Adams," which is meant to be a take off of "ChristoPher Adams" the superhero of the delusional Edward McSweegan's book, "DELIBERATE RELEASE."- wherein tbe perps (in Sweeg's novel) deploy an "anonymous internet disinformation campaign using a remailer" to hide their IPs, locations, and identities which is exactly what Edward McSweegan and Durland Fish have been doing on the Lyme Disease   newsgroup.

CHAPTER 3, STEERE/DEARBORN  - How Steere in Europe falsified the CDC's diagnostic standard (blood testing criteria for a "case" of "Lyme Disease") in 1994 to A) deny neurologic disease diagnosis (needs expensive IV treatment) and B) set up the racketeering monopoly on tick borne diseases (test kits and vaccines) around OspA or the LYMErix vaccine and the associated genetic markers of outcomes (HLA this has/had bioweapons significance).  No one looks into the overall problem of "test kits."

See STEERE_IN_EUROPE.htm for the full texts of the Dressler/Steere report and the Steere in Europe report where it explains what he did in Europe with the funky high-passage strains and the recombinant OspA-B with no lipids attached to falsify the current CDC/Dearborn "two-tiered" diagnostic standard.  That's his crime, alone.  He will be charged with that FRAUD crime, alone.

, WHAT HAPPENED at DEARBORN  The CDC's 1994 Dearborn Conference (Farce) was intended to falsify the vaccine trial results
on the FDA's website).  Later we learned that they wanted to vaccinate everyone with this known immune-system-wrecking antigen, OspA.  They hid all the immune suppression results from the FDA either because that has bioweapons value or because of the personal lawsuits still pending against the likes of the perpetrators of the LYMErix and ImmuLyme trial. 
NIH's Edward McSweegan's post-Jan31,2001- Near-SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION-Experience in response to my demonstrating to the FDA at the Jan 31, 2001 Hearing in Bethesda that LYMErix was never proven to be a vaccine because the testing for Lyme is bogus. They could not read their Western Blots in LYMErix or ImmuLyme vaccinated victims, yet they reported 76% and 92% "safe and effective vaccines" which is a FALSE CLAIM.

CHAPTER 5, PRIMERSHELLGAME  Tufts/BU's Mark Klempner never reported what primers he used in his 2001 NEJM "Standard of Care" report, which is the basis of the IDSA "guidelines."  OspA DNA is not adequate for late disease diagnosis, only all Borreliae-specific flagellins or species-specific RNA gene spacers are adequate for diagnosis, including Barbour's Southern Cow relapsing fever/Master's Disease, because all borrelioses or tick-borne spirochetes are borrelioses or relapsing fever.  To not use the correct primers to assess treatment outcomes when it is proven that the same perps are aware of what primers to use is known as a "fraud upon the government" or a false claim and can be charged criminally as such by the USDOJ or possibly under the new legal framework under NAFTA where Canada or Mexico could charge it and put the CDC, the AIG Greenbergs, Mort Zuckerman, and Kaiser out of business while taking all their foreign assets

Klempner had previously reported that intracellular spirochetes were the reason for the failure of ceftriaxone to cure this devastating brain infection.

CHAPTER 6, RICO PATENTS  Patent claims by the perps tell the real story of what Lyme is: relapsing fever.  See Alan Barbour's theft of "Master's Disease" in 1996. Barbour patented the flagellin from Master's analog of B. theileri, which is cow relapsing fever.  Barbour owns "Southern Lyme Disease" and Yale's Firkig and Flavell own "Lyme Disease" and no one is allowed to have either disease.  No one is allowed to have relapsing fever, despite the taxonomy database being organized on differences in Borrelial flagellin.  On the NLM's Taxonomy database, all the full text reports which show that these spirochetes are organized by differences in flagellin are now not available, however they are available on ActionLyme.

CHAPTER 7, BRAIN PERMANENT  The infection is permanent and could be seen as a Trojan Horse or a time-bomb due to its syphilis-like latency.  (More on intracellularity and the spheroplast in the History chapter and the Russian-Scientists-at-New-York-Medical-College chapter.) These are the crooks' own 2-dozen or so reports which prove treatment failure.  Klempner debunks himself.  

This page should be updated to include - finally - Mario Philipp's treatment of monkeys study:

Persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi in Rhesus Macaques following Antibiotic Treatment of Disseminated Infection


CHAPTER 8, RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS at NYMC discuss their "non-intracellular intracellular spirochetes" and spheroplasts.  We do not know why these secret Russians are associated with Kaiser-Permanente, whose east coast headquarters is at New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY.  When we asked the FBI to investigate, the FBI were found to be suffering from "Big-Word-Sayer-Fear" and did not know who Mortimer Zuckerman was.  The FBI was offended at the notion that they were supposed to either know things, or if not, then investigate them.

CHAPTER 9, 1989 IDSA REVIEWS,  IDSA previously said the "treatment endpoint is unknown."  This is very self-indicting: IDSA's own supplement on "Lyme and spirochetal diseases."
LINK TO MEDLINE, ALL, "Reviews of Infectious Diseases" (the former name of the IDSA journal),  1989 Suppl 6; The status summary that lead to the creation of the cabal at NYMC & and Kaiser's takeover  This is data IDSA refused to turn over to Richard Blumenthal in addition to the Dearborn data, which together prove that everything IDSA says in their "guidelines" is false.  Upon the publication of this supplement, Kaiser-Permanente took over NYMC and started the and  John J. Connolly sold out this Catholic Medical School.  By rights, a percentage of the Qui Tam award will have to go to NYMC's Catholic diocese, since they were defrauded by these Kaiser/ criminals.

HAPTER 10, BIOMARKERS of DISEASE  Lyme crooks' malignant abuse and suppression of scientific data and facts affects other people with diseases.  "Epstein-Barr transformed cells," Secret HLAs and fungal-related immune suppression (down-regulation of TLR2s and the resultant end of antibody production against Pam3Cys antigens or the Borrelial or fungal or mycoplasmal or Plum Island Osps).  You will like the graphics.  This chapter is huge and will indict US-Medicine-at-Large.  It will indict the entire NIH and CDC.  This is the framework with which to indict the CDC over all unreported or suppressed bad vaccines outcomes, because the same information applies to bioweaponeering.

Expansions of this Biomarkers chapter of Cryme Disease are PAM3CYS_IMMUNE_SUPPRESSION , and then Pam3Cys_Version15.htm , and then 101016.htm  The data adds because the model of fungal-viral synergy is fairly valid.

CHAPTER 11, KLEMPNER - "a bogus article" is the basis of the IDSA "guidelines"'
Klempner had previously reported that intracellular spirochetes were the reason for the failure of ceftriaxone to cure this devastating brain infection.

CHAPTER 12, CDC STAFF COMPLICIT PATENT PROFITEERS  Patents in Europe owned by CDC, Colorado (Barbara Johnson) staff with SmithKline.  The matters of CDC's participation in 1) MMR-autism, 2) Lyme, and 3) Vioxx crime while in association with Kaiser needs to be examined by law enforcement.  Maybe they have law enforcement in Canada or Mexico.  Canada and Mexico should plan on reaping the benefits of prosecuting US corporate fraud with the institution of NAFTA.

CHAPTER 13, IDSA AWARE that the CYST/SPHEROPLAST IS VIABLE  Mouse Infectivity Test and the spheroplast.  The (deliberate) Negative Data Rule has been applied as regards the virulence of the spheroplast transferred from the spinal fluid from one treated mammal to another uninfected animal.  This experiment has not been done, despite it being obvious for over 100 years.  (This has been updated because recently it was published by gvarious of the crooks that indeed, cysts are viable, transferable, and cause Lyme disease in subsequent animals)

CHAPTER 14, PLUM ISLAND SLYME (OspA) AND IMMUNE-SUPPRESSION TLR2 down-regulation / Plum Island's fungal secret antigen treasures.  The crooks are associated with Cold Spring Harbor which has always been "DNA and 'race-specific bioweaponeering' Central." 

The final chapters will be revised now that we have the new data about how Pam3Cys failed as related to the HIV vaccines....  see PAM3CYS_IMMUNE_SUPPRESSION.htm

CHAPTER 15, FUNGAL VACCINES  Never worked, Might exacerbate current infections.  Corixa's Dave Persing: "Too toxic in the native form."

CHAPTER 16, CONGENITAL LYME and CONGENITAL SYPHILIS Mentioned numerous times by the crooks including in the 1989 IDSA Reviews (Dattwyler and Luft on treatment of pregnant mothers). 

, UCONN'S CHILD ABUSE HERE and in the CZECH REPUBLIC  This Czech study was completely funded by commercial entities and not any US grants.  UConn's Larry Zemel deploys DCF on parents of children with Lupus who seek other than the conventional treatment.  No one is allowed to know that Lyme is a cause of a Lupus-like syndrome.  No one is allowed to manage their own children.

, CORRUPTICUT UNIONS, THE DEMS, and JAMES AMANN vs. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS  Brainless Democrats?  Or are they obstructionists because they personally profit from MS fundraising (James Amann, of Milford, no less, home of the lowest of the low-lives that I have ever met)?

CHAPTER 19, The HISTORY of Relapsing Fever 33 years of crime and incompetence brings us back to 1975...