Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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MAY 15, 2008

IDSA's Donald Poretz writes a outrageously false Letter to the Editor (yet another "bogus article") of the Hartford Courant, which we are keeping, as well as the Comments.  The letter by Poretz is at the bottom of this page, after the Comments.

Poretz and others in IDSA (including Gary Wormser) attempt to defraud the public into thinking Richard Blumenthal is going after them re fraudulent drug company arrangements as if it is as regards treatment, when it is about spinning the diseases to suit the false positive outcomes of their own RICO patents.

 Gary Wormser is still being sued over the last OspA vaccine and he is now consulting for Baxter over the next OspA vaccine:  The Best Defense is a Good Offence:  These guys are still pretending OspA was a vaccine in order to get out their personal liabilities for not reporting adverse events in the last OspA trials- the ESSENCE of the RICO crime, and which is exactly what I told the FDA in Jan 2001:

LYMErix appears to be creating a Lyme-like illness (immune suppression-related outcomes).

This overall RICO and Scientific Fraud crime could be charged as individual crimes (False Claims Act or Qui Tam) or as one comprehensive crime.



"The Infectious Diseases Society of America's Lyme disease guidelines recommend generic drugs and generic diagnostic tests. Panel members had no financial interests that could have affected, or been affected by, recommendations in the guidelines."

This is a totally false statement. There are still-outstanding lawsuits against Gary Wormser over the last OspA trials, over which the diagnostic standard for Lyme was changed in 1994 at the Dearborn, MI conference:
The blood test definition of Lyme disease was changed from that of a Relapsing Fever Borreliosis to a late arthritis in a knee by Allen Steere in Europe.

The new, 1994, false standard - leaving out almost all IgM antibodies, which at one time was the marker of ongoing infection by none other than Allen Steere and adopted by the CDC - only detects late Lyme arthritis in a knee, presumably caused by a genetically-linked hypersensitivity reaction and not found in the majority of the Caucasian population.

These crooks changed the definition of the disease to suit the false positive outcomes of LYMErix and ImmuLyme and now they're doing it in self-defense of lawsuits, since they threw out the vaccine failure data- the data which proves that the New Great Imitator outcomes of Lyme disease are the same as LYMErix disease- the immune suppression caused by the shed Osps:

Thirdly, Gary Wormser and Allen Steere still consult for Baxter, which means: part of their defense against causing LYMErix Disease, is to pretend OspA is still a vaccine:



This IDSA idiot may think he is fooling the public and the rest of the medical world, but the AG knows what happened at Dearborn, as I explained also to the 2001 FDA LYMErix Vaccine Committee:

These idiots are not getting away with this. In 2000, Gary Wormser published an article explaining how LYMErix or ImmuLyme suppressed the immune system:
Modulation of lymphocyte proliferative responses by a canine Lyme disease vaccine of recombinant outer surface protein A (OspA).

Chiao JW, Villalon P, Schwartz I,***Wormser GP.***

Department of Medicine, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY 10595, USA.

The modulation of human lymphocyte proliferative responses was demonstrated with a recombinant outer surface protein A (OspA) vaccine preparation for the prevention
of Borrelia burgdorferi infection.***After exposure to either the unaltered vaccine preparation or OspA prepared in saline, normal lymphocyte responses to the mitogens concanavalin A, phytohemagglutinin-M or pokeweed mitogen, or the antigen BCG were consistently reduced.*** Whole cell extracts of B. burgdorferi also modulated immune
responses but required a much greater quantity of protein than needed for the OspA
preparation. The magnitude of modulation was directly dependent on the quantity
of OspA.*** OspA interferes with the response of lymphocytes to proliferative stimuli including a blocking of cell cycle phase progression.*** Future studies designed to delete the particular region or component of the OspA molecule responsible for this effect may lead to improved vaccine preparations.


If these IDSA crooks have all published that Lyme is an incurable brain disease, as you can see from the reports in that link, then we wonder how it could be only a late arthritis in a knee that needs no antibiotic treatment. Especially when all throughout history, all tick borne borrelia were well-known to be permanent, incurable brain infections?

We wonder how it is that Kaiser-Permanente is *still* training MDs at New York Medical College, where the cabal was set up in 1990:
These are the OPMC's "experts"


The final reason the crooks caved was due to the showing of the Tribeca Pick, "Under Our Skin," in which we all saw Yale's Eugene Shapiro lying his face off about congenital Lyme:
on top of his perjury at the Dr. Charles Ray Jones Medical Board Harassment "Trial," where he said he "never saw a case of neurologic Lyme."

OF COURSE NOT!! "Lyme Disease" now means late arthritis in a knee!!

Certain people suing them (IDSA) were FURIOUS, and in the end, IDSA caved to avoid criminal charges, as anyone can see with their own eyeballs, since clearly that's what IDSA's agreement was about with AG Blumenthal; they did not want criminal charges filed against them for homicide:

There's more data on the homepage.
Scroll down until you find it.

Kathleen M. Dickson
Former Pfizer Analytical Chemist

"The ability of the borrelia, especially tick-borne strains to persist in the brain and in the eye after treatment with arsenic or with penicillin or even after apparent cure is well known (1). The persistence of treponemes after treatment of syphilis is a major area which currently requires additional study (3,5,10,11).-Jay Sanford, US Military Hospital, Bethesda

(this textbook was edited by Russell Johnson who was a member of the board of the

Scary Space Aliens Apparently Trick Mark Klempner into reporting the reason Lyme is incurable with intravenous ceftriaxone:



Yale had an opportunity to study the adverse events caused by LYMErix. They chose not to:

In 1998, before the FDA even approved LYMErix, Yale's Robert Schoen (see the top right of this scanned in image) says: Blood testing on a vaccinated person will need to be sent to a lab who tests for Lyme without the OspA and B plasmid, because A-B renders the blots unreadable. Yale knew this in 1995, but they never told the FDA that they had no way to tell whether or not LYMErix prevented Lyme. See the Persing patent in the RICO YouTube movie or here: The Central RICO Patents.
This same racketeering crime is also described here in an Aug 2005 complaint to Homeland Stupidity Michael Jerkoff:



So, is "Lyme Disease" a late T-cell related arthritis in a knee, or is it homicide?

47% of men with Lou Gehrig's Disease in a Lyme endemic area have been exposed to this spirochete which is a REAL number or "significant."

Look at the antibodies in that report. They are not DEARBORN LYME:

THEY WOULD HAVE TESTED NEGATIVE and gone on to die as a result of IDSA's Yale's and Allen Steere's scientific fraud.

And surely die they do, since IDSA is clearly hysterical about this lawsuit, which clearly could turn into something worse for them, like homicide charges.

Note that JJ Halperin is central to all this.

Kathleen M. Dickson

If Wormser says that chronic Lyme doesn't exist, then how can he be sued for exacerbating chronic (dormant) Lyme.

Or, "Lyme Disease (the real kind, not the Dearborn/Steere kind), and LYMErix disease, are the same immune suppression-related disease outcomes."

But it all sure don't mean we're CRAZY, as IDSA has asserted:
because they are the ones who also found out HOW SICK WE ARE by reporting all the biomarkers of disease, themselves.

The derogatory comments/deliberately false statements:

So, that is "SCIENTIFIC FRAUD WITH INTENT TO CAUSE HARM," because they clearly know we're not all crazy, although it surely is crazy for psychiatrists not to step forward and say:
"It isn't *possible* for 79% of Mark Klempner's Neurologic Lyme victims to have the matrix-metalloproteinase marker of brain and nerve degradation, 130, and it all be due to hysteria or hypochondria."

For psychiatry to hate such facts meets their own definition of psychosis:

Despising scientific facts and scientific reasoning and instead preferring theories about the power of orgasms over organisms is the very nature of psychosis.



The death of the newborn was probably due to respiratory failure as a consequence of perinatal brain damage."--
Yale Department of Pathology.

Mother and child were "seronegative."

When does Eugene Shapiro get arrested and tried for murder and perjury?
Today, maybe?



Notice who approved of the Dressler/Steere criteria, Steere (Yale is a patent holder), Barbour (a patent holder for the same type of rOspA vaccine), DOUBLE -OH- MCSWEEGAN, Weinstein (BullShip "Validator"), Dattwyler, Barbara Johnson, who here also says, not to use G39/40, which was the very strain Steere used in Dressler/Steere and became the CDC's IgG standard.

Specificity means the degree to which only burgdorferi will produce these antigens. Each band is as accurate for diagnosis as its assigned specificity.

That means if you have an antibody band that is 90% specific, you have a 90% chance of having Lyme).

NOTICE WHO APPROVED (below), yet none of the invited labs AGREED with Steere's criteria for diagnosing Lyme. That is critical to the RICO.

Barbara Johnson of the CDC recommends strains B31, 297, and 2591, but Dressler/Steere was from G39/40. G 39/40 did not perform as well as the others <scratches head>

The people who stood to profit from spinning bogus vaccines, approved the bogus standard to qualify these vaccines.

Conflict of Interest?



Allen Steere says: "Patient 12 had had high fever, meningeal symptoms, and subsequent arthritis in 1982. She was noted to have a positive serologic test result for Lyme disease 4 years later and was treated with 2 weeks of parenteral penicillin. She later developed a progressive speech disorder, bradykinesia, and abnormal ocular motor function. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain showed scattered white matter lesions in the hemispheres and pons, and she was diagnosed with supranuclear palsy. Lumbar puncture showed no selective concentration of antibody in the spinal fluid. Nevertheless, she was re-treated with 2 weeks of parenteral ceftriaxone in 1989 that had no effect on her neurologic symptoms. During the time of observation, this patient died. At autopsy, lymphoid mononuclear cells were observed surrounding the intracerebral vessels in one section.*** Using Dieterle silver stain, a spirochete was present in the cortex and another was exterior to a leptomeningeal vessel."***

(One of Steere's multiply treated patients died anyway with spirochetes in her brain.)


Mark Klempner says: "Fibroblasts protected B. burgdorferi for at least 14 days of exposure to ceftriaxone. Mouse keratinocytes, HEp-2 cells, and Vero cells but not Caco-2 cells showed the same protective effect.*** Thus, several eukaryotic cell types provide the Lyme disease spirochete with a protective environment contributing to its long-term survival." ***


3) "The chronic forms of the disease such as arthritis (joint involvement), acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans (skin involvement), and Bannwart's syndrome (neurological involvement) may last for months to years and are associated with the persistence of the spirochete. A case of maternal-fetal transmission of B. burgdorferi resulting in neonatal death has been reported. Domestic animals such as the dog also develop arthritis and lameness to this tick-borne infection. For every symptomatic infection, there is at least one asymptomatic infection. Lyme disease is presently the most commonly reported tick-borne disease in the United States." -- Russell Johnson, in the first patent for a Lyme vaccine

The patent also says:

"The infection may be treated at any time with antibiotics such as penicillin, erythromycin, tetracycline, and ceftriaxone.*** Once infection has occurred, however, the drugs may not purge the host of the spirochete but may only act to control the chronic forms of the disease. Complications such as arthritis and fatigue may continue for several years after diagnosis and treatment."***



14) "...the specter of asymptomatic infection is something that troubles me a great deal and troubles a great number of my colleagues who need to treat Lyme disease. The obvious analogy with syphilis infection with Treponema pallidum is there to consider. It is well known that Borrelia burgdorferi indeed after asymptomatic infection can lurk or secrete itself in certain areas of the body, perhaps the central nervous system or perhaps the joint spaces, only to reappear months or maybe years later in the form of late stages of illness which are harder to diagnosis and treat."
--East Slyme's Vijay Sikand to the FDA Vaccine Committee in 1998, when trying to scare us about how serious Lyme disease is:

"Harder to diagnose and treat?" I thought Lyme was "easily diagnosed and cured?"

15) The combined National Institutes say:-- "8. Infectious diseases of the CNS mediated through immune mechanisms, including acute and chronic Lyme disease and neuroAIDS;"


Lyme as a knee-only autoimmune disease that requires no antibiotic treatment, by Brookhaven (Departments of Energy and Defense):

"It's the perfect stealth bacteria," says one frustrated physician. He's talking about Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. This illness, which is often mistaken for diseases ranging from multiple sclerosis to Lupus, can inflict excruciating headaches and muscle pain, affect the brain and nervous system, attack major organs, and inflame joints.

Because also, according to Yale, the brain is either the knee or Mr. Peanut:
and the brain is "a complicating variable, which should be thrown out."


Clearly Yale threw all of their own brains out, but I'll keep mine, thanks, because otherwise I would not be laughing so hard.

Kathleen M. Dickson


Antimicrob Agents Chemother.
In vivo activities of ceftriaxone and vancomycin against Borrelia spp. in the mouse brain and other sites.
Kazragis RJ, Dever LL, Jorgensen JH, Barbour AG [ <-- CDC "officer" owner of the ImmuLyme patent, over which Gary Wormser is still being sued]

Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases), University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio 78284, USA.

Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease, and B. turicatae, a neurotropic agent of relapsing fever, are susceptible to vancomycin in vitro, with an MIC of 0.5 microgram/ml. To determine the activity of vancomycin in vivo, particularly in the brain, we infected adult immunocompetent BALB/c and immunodeficient CB-17 scid mice with B. burgdorferi or B. turicatae. The mice were then treated with vancomycin, ceftriaxone as a positive control, or normal saline as a negative control. The effectiveness of treatment was assessed by cultures of blood and brain and other tissues. Ceftriaxone at a dose of 25 mg/kg of body weight administered every 12 h for 7 to 10 days eliminated cultivable B. burgdorferi or B. turicatae from all BALB/c or scid mice in the study. Vancomycin at 30 mg/kg administered every 12 h was effective in eliminating infection from immunodeficient mice if treatment was started within 3 days of the onset of infection. If treatment with vancomycin was delayed for 7 days or more, vancomycin failed to eradicate infection with B. burgdorferi or B. turicatae from immunodeficient mice.*** The failure of vancomycin in eradicating established infections in immunodeficient mice was associated with the persistence of viable spirochetes in the brain during antibiotic treatment.***


CDC explains how Lyme is a knee-only disease:

Microbes Infect.
Invasion of human neuronal and glial cells by an infectious strain of Borrelia burgdorferi.
Livengood JA, Gilmore RD Jr.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Vector-borne Infectious Diseases, 3150 Rampart Road, CSU Foothills Campus, Fort Collins, CO 80522, USA.

Human infection by Borrelia burgdorferi, the etiological agent for Lyme disease, can result in serious acute and late-term disorders including neuroborreliosis,*** a degenerative condition of the peripheral and central nervous systems.*** To examine the mechanisms involved in the cellular pathogenesis of neuroborreliosis,***we investigated the ability of B. burgdorferi to attach to and/or invade a panel of human neuroglial and cortical neuronal cells. In all neural cells tested, we observed B. burgdorferi in association with the cell by confocal microscopy. Further analysis by differential immunofluorescent staining of external and internal organisms, and a gentamicin protection assay demonstrated an intracellular localization of B. burgdorferi.*** A non-infectious strain of B. burgdorferi was attenuated in its ability to associate with these neural cells, suggesting that a specific borrelial factor related to cellular infectivity was responsible for the association. Cytopathic effects were not observed following infection of these cell lines with B. burgdorferi, and internalized spirochetes were found to be viable. Invasion of neural cells by B. burgdorferi provides a putative mechanism for the organism to avoid the host's immune response while potentially causing functional damage to neural cells during infection of the CNS.

This of course means the CDC is delusional and should be medicated.

IDSA tells us Lyme is a knee disease that does not need antibiotics. I hope these CDC officers don't get charged with being "dangerously intelligent Unibomber chemists."

You see, all along it was DMHAS's perjurer Kenneth Marcus who was so stupid and delusional he's USDOJ certifiably dangerous to others.


Lyme spirochetes, we know to be much better behaved:
Oral Microbiol Immunol.
Molecular and immunological evidence of oral Treponema in the human brain and their association with Alzheimer's disease.
Riviere GR, Riviere KH, Smith KS.
Department of Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland, OR 97201-3097, USA.
The purpose of this investigation was to use molecular and immunological techniques to determine whether oral Treponema infected the human brain. Pieces of frontal lobe cortex from 34 subjects were analyzed with species-specific PCR and monoclonal antibodies.*** PCR detected Treponema in 14/16 Alzheimer's disease (AD) and 4/18 non-AD donors (P < 0.001), and AD specimens had more Treponema species than controls (P < 0.001).*** PCR also detected Treponema in trigeminal ganglia from three AD and two control donors. Cortex from 15/16 AD subjects and 6/18 controls contained Treponema pectinovorum and/or Treponema socranskii species-specific antigens (P < 0.01). T. pectinovorum and/or T. socranskii antigens were also found in trigeminal ganglia and pons from four embalmed cadavers, and 2/4 cadavers also had Treponema in the hippocampus. These findings suggest that oral Treponema may infect the brain via branches of the trigeminal nerve.
You see, Kaiser-Permanente has greater command of their spirochetes than dentists or neurologists.
Tsk, tsk.
That's why they're taking over medicine. Plain old regular MDs and the CDC just can't cut it the way BigInsurance can.
Kaiser training docs at New York Medical College, from where the OPMC gets their “experts” on Lyme?
Kaiser and SmithKline have been in trouble before together as regards Paxil and Medicaid.
Yale has a patent for a test for Lyme which is 95% accurate. It’s just that this test would not have falsely qualified their bogus Lyme vaccine.



Dear Hartford Courant, please read the web site and also see the $20,000 reward.


They have spun a web of fraud and deceit about the disease at the CDC’s Dearborn, MI, Conference in 1994.
It is very important for all of us to understand what transpired at the Dearborn Conference.
For Gary Wormser to report in the IDSA Guidelines that one has to have a positive test for Lyme means he has published scientific fraud. Similarly, the CDC says their testing for Lyme is “valid,” when it is hardly valid, if only 15% of the cases of Lyme are identified by the Steere IgG panel.
By showing the data at The Dearborn Conference it should make the reader understand the deceit and fraud that has been committed against mankind. It is not only inexcusable but so evil in its intent to destroy so many lives. One could only wonder if at one time they were good upstanding men and women, or just always driven by money, greed and power, not caring who they have hurt or destroyed in their wake.
Yale, Alan Barbour (a CDC officer) et al, are the owners of many patents on Lyme, and other methods of detection here in the U.S and abroad. Yale owns a patent for a scientifically valid Lyme test, but will not let anyone use it. How can someone own a patent on a disease or method of detecting a disease? This is truly a conflict of interest. The very same people who are defining the diseases hold patents to make profits off of the sick by the selling of test kits. Why would they want us to get better when they can make more money off the sick and ailing?
The Blumenthal antitrust has opened the eyes of many. Some activists have been put into place by higher echelons to divide the Lyme community and keep them occupied with other trivial matters. Bills were written to fail by some activist groups to keep the diversion alive. Keeping the minion active doing trivial things is a tactic used by governments worldwide.
In the antitrust, it simply asked the IDSA to disclose their organizational paperwork. For two years, it went unanswered. Instead of disclosing their financial and vested interests, the IDSA chose to revamp their staunch 2006 guidelines. If they stood fast beside their own guidelines, why redo them? If they had nothing to protect, then why did they not just simply disclose this information? Even though they have not had one omission of guilt spring from their camp, revamping the guidelines says it all.
Now it is very well known, the scientific fraud and intent to do harm they have deployed on us. As victims of their abuse, we can now seek retribution.
Please see , for “in their own data” lies the truth.


So, Dr. Poretz, the best the Infectious Diseases Society has to offer is actually to do nothing at all for Lyme victims. Can't you and your colleagues understand that one round of antibiotics only kills SOME of the bacteria, not all. It reproduces and the victim becomes ill over and over. We are under no assumption that we will be cured from this dreadful disease, but antibiotics are the only RELIEF we can obtain. Talk therapy and painkillers are not going to bring us wellness, nor is denial of our relapsing illness. The IDSA philosophy is "too bad, so sad" to all Lyme victims who don't get well with one course of antibiotics. And that's why we're angry.



As a Person who has late stage Lyme disease and undergone treatment. I know first hand that a small amount of antibiotic's do not finnish the job

I know that only when I was Given 57 day's of IV Rocephen 2 gm's a day did I finnaly see a change in my condition that was the turning point .

I also have seen many other's have the same change under the same condition's

I can only come to the same conclustion that many other lyme disease people have come to from first hand Knowedge
That Lyme Disease takes at least 57 days of IV Rocephen at 2 gr's a day to cure or stop the spread of Infection .

This is First hand Knowedge over and over again. if it was not first hand knowedge from people who have the disease it would not carry the weight it does .
I know that it work's and I also know that 30 days of Doxycyclin will not and that's first hand also so they can do what they want to with there guidline's as they have never had lyme disease and anything they say is second hand at best you deciede for yourself but if I was going to make a choice for someone I love and care for I would only take first hand information because second hand is never the best


Kathleen, a little manic today aren't you? I hear Dr. Poretz plays golf with McSweegan

Jimmy wrote:
Kathleen, a little manic today aren't you? I hear Dr. Poretz plays golf with McSweegan
No one cares about McSweegan.
He's the world's dumbest scientist.
A vaccine for relapsing fever?

"Dear Senator Goldwater,
"Let's talk about cloned Ehlichial ligands and the US Navy's illegal nerve agents and their antidotes.
I think it would be much better to give all the funding to my criminally insane friends like Durland Fish so they can make world class fools out of themselves and in the end lose all their funding, SmithKline could waste 200 million dollars on Yale's bogus LYMErix vaccine, and Blumenthal can be up our butts for research fraud and racketeering.

"Thanks and have a nice day,
Edward Psychopath McSweegan"



If I ever get Lyme disease I will go to a Veterinarian. A dog gets 30 days of antibiotics! A human IF they get diagnosed, they get a single dose.

And they wonder why people are upset!



RG MYRE wrote:
If the IDSA were concerned about over prescribing antibiotics, the majority of dermatologist, would have their licenses in jeopardy as do Lyme doctors who treat Lyme Disease. Who prescribes more antibiotics??? A 6-month prescription for antibiotics for acne is not uncommon. Why do so many Lyme disease patients get better after extended antibiotic therapy?
It's a plot by the Lyme Internet Cult meant to subvert the government. We, as a group, have telekinetic powers which we deploy through a warp in the space time continuum, being the very magical people MK-ULTRA hoped to create and manipulate:
1) How persons with Chronic Lyme have a collective psychosis in combination with psychic powers of telekinesis.
CONCLUSION: Chronic Lyme victims are all witches and warlocks and need to be burned at the stake- by JJ Halperin and other authors of the Infectious Diseases Society of BigPharma and BigInsurance:

"In patients with encephalopathy, serum QUIN was elevated with corresponding increments in CSF QUIN. Lymphokine concentrations were not consistently elevated. We conclude that CSF QUIN is significantly elevated in B burgdorferi infection--dramatically in patients with CNS inflammation, less in encephalopathy. The presence of this known agonist of NMDA synaptic function--a receptor involved in learning, memory, and synaptic plasticity--may contribute to the neurologic and cognitive deficits seen in many Lyme disease patients...."



RG MYRE wrote:
If the IDSA were concerned about over prescribing antibiotics, the majority of dermatologist, would have their licenses in jeopardy as do Lyme doctors who treat Lyme Disease. Who prescribes more antibiotics??? A 6-month prescription for antibiotics for acne is not uncommon. Why do so many Lyme disease patients get better after extended antibiotic therapy?
It's a plot by the Lyme Internet Cult meant to subvert the government. We, as a group, have telekinetic powers which we deploy through a warp in the space time continuum, being the very magical people MK-ULTRA hoped to create and manipulate:
4) Mark Klempner says the IV drug ceftriaxone, which is used for meningitis (and not knee-only diseases), does not **** the spirochetes (click here for full text journal article)

But we all know Klempner was tricked into reporting this phenomenon by the Cult.


It's a plot by the Lyme Internet Cult meant to subvert the government. We, as a group, have telekinetic powers which we deploy through a warp in the space time continuum, being the very magical people MK-ULTRA hoped to create and manipulate:
7) And here's what we did to Gary Wormser:

We changed his hair color from white into red with a magic Lyme Cult incantation and we made him report that Allen Steere's IgG method (the one we have now as the CDC standard) was only 15% accurate, just so we could later humiliate the bee-stards.

Read carefully what Gary Wormser says in this report: Gary Wormser says only 9 of 59 patients tested positive according to Steere's IgG criteria:(9/59)= 15%?

Or, Gary Wormser reported that the empirical (field test; observed) accuracy of the Allen Steere IgG method (the current CDC method) misses 85% of all Lyme cases.

<LMAO; Diabolical laughter.>


According to AG Blumenthal, "IDSA's 2006 Lyme disease guideline panel undercut its credibility by allowing individuals with financial interests -- in drug companies, Lyme disease diagnostic tests, patents and consulting arrangements with insurance companies -- to exclude divergent medical evidence and opinion.” And the resulting IDSA guidelines represent "the best medical science has to offer patients with Lyme disease"? Those patients will continue to suffer as long as the tainted IDSA Lyme guidelines remain in place, and as long as Dr. Poretz continues to defend the blatant conflicts of interest within his organization.



We're very, very tricky Cultists.
We even organized that conference in 1992, of course, through the time-warp.

And we don't only just attack the bad guys. Once in a while, in particular at that same 1992 Cold Spring Harbor Conference, we tricked probably the world's *top* pathologist, Paul Duray (works at Ft. Detrick for the Army and the National Cancer Institute because viruses cause cancer), into reporting that chronic Lyme results in what looks like Epstein-Barr transformed or mutated lymphocytes:

The world may wonder how we were all able to organize this internet cult telekinetic trickery through the internet before there was an internet, but then, that's the thing about people with magical abilities.

Here are more biomarkers of disease reported by IDSA, and how to test for them:

And here's how if these IDSA fools were actual scientists, they would perform science:

*Never**mess* with Lyme Internet Cult people due to our abundant supernatural powers. We will force you to decompensate, grovel, squirm, tremble, lie in a Courant Letter to the Idiotor, and puup your pants, like a sniveling waterboardee... like Donald Poretz.

Kathleen M. Dickson



The IDSA panel members and their colleagues actually end up making MORE revenue by denying proper treatment of lyme disease. The drug companies also make out very well. When lyme is left untreated or is treated minimally, it is my understanding that it is the germs which are left over, which have not been killed, which become antibiotic resistant.

If long term treatment is needed for specific patients and they are denied this treatment, they are then usually labeled with autoimmune disease or other unclear diagnoses. How can it be said that if a patient is sick with the same exact symptoms on the day after treatment has been stopped, that they now have a completely different disease?

I mentioned above that more revenue is made once people become chronically ill. They are shuffled from one specialist to another, many expensive tests are ordered, antidepressants and scores of other drugs are now prescribed for the many symptoms throughout the body...which the progressive stage of Lyme disease causes. Why aren't the insurance companies demanding proper long term treatment for lyme...when needed...especially with the much more afforable ORAL antibiotics. Long term treatment for Lyme does not automatically equate with IV antibiotics. Orals can work very well for many people.

Where is the science that proves what the IDSA is saying....that Lyme is cured after 3 weeks of antibiotics? Drug companies make much more money on many symptomatic treatments rather than on ones which cure.Doctors also have continued business. The testing companies are also happy. If a person is cured or their disease process is arrested, you are no longer a good customer of the drug company. Blumenthal said there were conflicts of interest. I wonder if those had anything to do with the drug companies?

The IDSA needs to begin to address 1.the issues of pleomorphism 2. different strains of the lyme spirochete which are NOT being tested for 3. the idea that antibiotic resistance developes when an antibiotic is not used long enough to **** of the germs and the remaining ones become resistent. 4 The IDSA needs to address the MANY scientifuc reasons as to why patients can test negative and still have a chronic relapsing infection.
5. How can the IDSA justify their position with all the clinical evidence,the scientific evidence AND patient experience which points directly to chronic infection?

We are not just going to take your word for it. Show us your proof.Lyme is becoming a global scourge and millions of lives hinge upon your rash statement that lyme is almost always cured within a month.

Where are the public debates? Why is the evidence that shows lyme is a chronic relapsing brain infection being kept from the public and the medical community? How can the IDSA totally discount the evidence of persistent infrection...especially when they have no proof of their own for their claim that lyme is not chronic or relapsing? Negative tests are not adequate proof as testing is very unreliable.

The scientific community is studying the Lyme disease microbe as a potential biowarfare a disabling agent.This is an admitted fact. Are we being denied treatment so that a biowarfare agent can be allowed to pass quietly through the population? It has been stated in government biowarfare documents that disabling agents are much more effective in bringing down a country than are biological agents which kill. We have been told that disabling agents also tie up others in the communities in caring for the sick. Eventually, if allowed to spread untreated, this situation could cause economic collapse.

If the "treatment" guidelines put out by the IDSA have the potential to affect literally millions of lives....then I think we need to display the evidence of both sides and then we can see where the real truth lies.



Part two on IDSA
In a New England Journal of Medicine study, Drs. Dattwyler and John Halperin (also of the IDSA) "studied 17 patients who had presented with acute Lyme disease and received prompt treatment with oral antibiotics, but in whom chronic Lyme disease subsequently developed."
These "chronic Lyme" patients tested negative on currently-available blood tests: "Although these patients had clinically active disease, none had diagnostic levels of antibodies to B. burgdorferi on either a standard enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay or immunoflourescence assay. We conclude that the presence of chronic Lyme disease cannot be excluded by the absence of antibodies against B. burgdorferi and that a specific T-cell blastogenic response to B. burgdorferi is evidence of infection in seronegative patients with clinical indications of chronic Lyme disease."
Dattwyler RJ; Volkman DJ; Luft BJ; Halperin JJ; Thomas J; Golightly MG. Seronegative Lyme disease. Dissociation of specific T- and B-lymphocyte responses to Borrelia burgdorferi.
the antigenic stimulus in Lyme arthritis would appear to be a small number of live spirochetes, demonstrated here by monoclonal antibodies, which may persist in the synovial lesion for years (p.494)".
Or as Dr. Steere, wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine (1990 Nov 22; 323(21):1438-44), "The likely reason for relapse is failure to eradicate the spirochete ... This last article is one of many studies that show continuing symptoms are most likely due to persistence of the spirochete [type of Lyme bacteria]." Indeed, many articles have been published before AND since 1990 demonstrating the possible persistence of Lyme infection in antibiotic-treated patients.
These studies have been written by members of the IDSA Lyme "team" and many other reputable scientists. And they are among the 98% of available literature on Lyme not cited in the IDSA’s newest treatment guidelines!


After reading the above links please prove lyme is cured in 21 days. Also how do you prove lyme is cured when the testing is about 85% innacurate.
See link below

Per IDSA / Gary Wormser, Only 9 Out Of 59 Were Steere IGG Positive. This Means 85% Of All Cases Will Be Missed By Using The Current CDC Criteria.



This link on lyme disease is a must see on

BSL-4, or Biosafety Level 4, is the **highest** level of biosecurity in existence. It is reserved for the most dangerous pathogens known to mankind, generally transmissible by the airborne route. Click On The Binoculars And Type in Lyme Disease To See What The NIH Is Working With



Please see this link on about death from Borrelia.
Remember death never happens from lyme disease

Section V1, Under Laboratory Hazards, Here Are Lab Acquired Infections From Borrelia Burgdorferi That They Stoped Working With In 1976. Borrelia Infections Were Passed In The Labs. Were They Working With Borrelia At The Time It was Breaking Out In CT? With 45 Cases And A Few Deaths From An Infection That Broke Out In 1975 And Was Not Named Till The Early 1980s. Also How Could Someone Die From Bb When They Tell Us It's As Mild As The Common Cold.


Having been the editor of a health related newspaper, and having worked with many doctors with their research and clinical experience with Lyme disease, I am just waiting for a main stream newspaper, or investigative reporter to jump on the opportunity of a lifetime and make this story known world wide.
This story is a Pulitzer opportunity if ever there was one!
Just as the story of the Tuskeegee Experiment broke in the 1970's, there is a story about Lyme disease waiting to be exposed.
If the IDSA, et al; camp is so convinced their research can stand the test of scrutiny and be upheld, why have they not given their emperical proof and claimed the $20,000 reward offered by ? It is there for the taking for anyone who can PROVE with imperical evidence that 3-4 weeks of antibiotic treatment will CURE Lyme disease.
The IDSA has not made one step towards claiming that prize. One has to wonder WHY?
They know full well their research, if given that much scrutiny, would only result in criminal charges.
Where is the main stream journalist that will take this story by the horns and make history with the story that is absolutely Pulitzer material!
Dawn Irons, Editor



with a tape recorder.



If these doctors that are on the panel are confident that one dose of antibiotic treatment is a cure, then why don't they infect themselves with Lyme and any of the numerous co-infections. After all you, can be cured with 14 days of antibiotics(according to them). Show us the proof! Show us the commitment to your belief. Take one for the team!

Doctors have been giving out long term antibiotics for acne for years and no one said boo.

I went to 30 doctors and eight years of hell before I was diagnosed. 99% of those doctors had NO PROBLEM trying to give me anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds. They hand those meds out like PEZ. Talk about Standard of Care issues. I of course would not take them, because I knew that my sickness was not in my head. So, thank GOD I found a doctor who believed me and although I may not be fully cured I am able to function on most days like a normal person and the days having to lie my livingroom floor with my kids because I was so weak I could not move, are in the past.

It took 2 years of Antibiotic Treatment to obtain that result and I am now again on one month of antibiotics (given to me by my family doctor) because I have tested positive on the Western Blot Test again Igm and Igg. The fight goes on.


I am utterly skeptical of the claims made by Dr. Poretz. It is well known that those involved in the IDSA guidelines are also involved in promoting or creating Lyme disease vaccine products, and have, or are continuing to consult to pharmaceutical companies involved in Lyme disease vaccines. In order to successfully conduct a Lyme disease vaccine trial, there are certain assumptions that need to be written in stone within the medical community --- for example,(1) that patients do not routinely receive, as a standard of medical practice, antibiotic prophylaxis at the time of tick bite (particularly in Lyme endemic areas); and (2) that there is an assumption that no patient is asymptomatically infected or subclinically infected at the time of inoculation with the potential Lyme disease vaccine (i.e., and that all bacteria are easily and totally killed off at the time of infection). If these assumptions, which are part of the guidelines, are not in place --- it would not be possible to conduct new Lyme disease vaccine trials. All patients in endemic areas (where Lyme disease vaccine trials would, of course, be conducted) would be getting antibioitcs at the time of tick bite (abrogating the need for a vaccine and making it as an intervnetion outside the accepted medical standard of practice). And, speaking to the second point --- it would be impossible to know how successful or unsuccessful a Lyme vaccine is if one acknowledges the existence of chronic borreliosis infection if one is not certain, in the first place, whether the vaccine subject is, or is not infected..(Note: Borrelia burgdorferi is the organism that causes Lyme disease. Lyme disease is also called "borreliosis.").
Dr. Poretz also does not mention that there are those on the IDSA guidelines committee that hold patents on Lyme disease antigens, who could profit from their patents being used as antigens in Lyme disease vaccines, or antibody test kits through licensing to pharmaceutical companies. The universities where these scientists made the patent would also financially benefit. This is a way that some academic physicians have become enormously wealthy --- through the licensing of their patents. For example, at one time, Yale Univeristy projected it would make $10 million per year from the previous Lyme disease vaccine (LYMErix), which was ultimately pulled from the market due to adverse effects. Some lawsuits from the LYMErix debacle still have not reached settlement ---- another conflict of interest, where changing the guidelines could open up the risk of increased financial liability for the harms associated with the first vaccine.
In my view, the issues surrounding a Lyme vaccine (past and future) is what the fight is about. And this is why the "scientists" adamanatly do not want to acknowledge the existence of chronic borreliosis (chronic Lyme disease) despite evidence to the contrary. This has caused enormous suffering and hardship to many individuals who are infected with this potentially devasting disease.
In addition,.IDSA has continued to lobby against federally funded research that would help bring to light the mechanisms of chronic infection, and what interventions might ultimately be offered to chornically sick patients. It is unusual ot see a medical society fight against scientific progress concerning a major disease.
We salute Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal and his staff for the intervention they have made in trying to halt this travesty.



IDSA Cowards are all about OspA (The best defense is a good offense: Pretend OspA is still a vaccine)
(Um, no Ed, we demonized the vaccine because of the immune suppression/dyregulation outcomes and what appeared to be an activation of asymptomatic Lyme:
See page 5 of that .pdf.


The IDSA letter does not sound like good fatih to me and I know a lot about good faith.
When I had a tick bite, bulls-eye rash at bite site and emergent symptoms, positive tests for Lyme and HME Ehrlichiosis with my local PCP I had good faith that I would be taken care of, but my treatment was terminated after a mere 30 days because of the IDSA MDs. I was allowed to deteriorate for a full year during which time my local physicians watched in bewilderment as I accumulated acronyms- CFS, FMS, TMJ, MCS, IBS, RLS- and finally, "a progressive multi-system neurological disease triggered by post Lyme Syndrome." Thank god I lost faith.
Thank god I lost faith in my local doctors and found a Lyme doctor who treated me with IV Rocephin and saved my life. By that time I was incontinent, had a movement disorder called chorea with athetosis and was getting progressively weaker and slurred when I spoke. Longterm Lyme treatment restored my health and took away EVERY SINGLE symptom. It gave me back LIFE.
Good faith from the IDSA?
In the 9 years since I have been better I have facilitated the support group in the #1 hotspot in CA, where a 2003 study found 18% infection rates of Lyme in adult ticks,
and in all those years I have helped over 350 people locate appropriate resources- including doctors that have good faith they can get better, not, as my local doctors told me,
have all the painkillers I wanted! No, that is not what I wanted. I wanted no pain- and thanks to the ILADS guidelines, I have no pain when I had been in chronic agony for 2+ years by the time I found my good doctor.
And of those 350 people, only those who had JUST been bitten were ever helped with short courses of antibiotics- everyone else needed longterm.
Sarah Olson
Santa Cruz County, CA



No Conflict of Interest
May 14, 2008
I agree with Dr. Poretz that “it is vital to make sure the information provided to readers is accurate.” Therefore, let us utilize the facts and correct the misleading and false statements made by Dr. Poretz in his letter to the Courant and his letter objecting to Senate Bill 1708. The CT Attorney General’s May 1, 2008 press release specifically stated,“The IDSA’s 2006 Lyme disease guideline panel undercut its credibility by allowing individuals with financial interests – in drug companies, Lyme disease diagnostic tests, patents and consulting arrangements with insurance companies – to exclude divergent medical evidence and opinion.” Extraordinarily, such medical evidence and opinion consisted of their own published research, notably, research published by IDSA guideline authors Steere, Dattwyler and Klempner. Contrary to these IDSA authors’ published research, the IDSA panel acknowledge only the existence of acute Lyme infection and deny the findings of their research documenting persistent B. burgdorferi infection. Dr. Poretz sidestepped the incriminating evidence obtained by AG Richard Blumenthal’s antitrust investigation. Dr. Poretz did so by portraying the panel members as Lyme disease martyrs through their sacrificial denial of revenue generated from long-term antibiotic therapy. When the IDSA and its panel publicly disclose all the financial conflicts of interest with their ties to the insurance industry, pharmaceutical development of Lyme vaccines, Lyme test kits marketed worldwide, biowarfare lab positions, and patents shared with key Lyme disease decision-makers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the “public’s confidence in medicine and the integrity of their physicians” may begin to be restored. In his 03-21-08 IDSA letter to Sen. Kennedy, Dr. Poretz said,“The premise for prolonged antibiotic therapy for Lyme disease is the notion that some spirochetes can persist despite conventional treatment courses, thereby giving rise to the vague symptoms ascribed to chronic Lyme disease. Not only is this assertion microbiologically implausible, there are no convincing published scientific data that support the existence of chronic Lyme disease.” I emphasize the fact that Dr. Poretz chooses to ignore not only the research published by IDSA Lyme disease guideline authors, but research published by the CDC in 2006:…”The observation of viable spirochetes within fibroblasts coupled to protection of B. burgdorferi from extracellular microbicidal antibiotics by fibroblasts [19] suggests that B. burgdorferi may be among the small number of bacteria that can cause chronic infection by localizing within host cells where they remain sequestered from some antimicrobial agents and the host humoral immune response.” Another fact is that, despite continuous research funds granted to IDSA Lyme guideline authors, these “preeminent and well-respected” researchers have failed to provide Lyme patients and their treating physicians with viable diagnostic/treatment therapies that could improve clinical outcome. The fact is that insurance companies and the majority of ID physicians in the U.S. and Europe utilize the IDSA guidelines to deny diagnosis and treatment to patients. The CDC, through its biased promotion of the IDSA guidelines on its website, has partnered with the IDSA and guideline authors in controlling the disease and preventing treatment. Lyme patients do not look to the IDSA or the CDC for reputable medical information; that public trust was betrayed years ago. Patients refuse to be sacrificed on the altar for the personal financial benefit of the IDSA guideline authors and CDC employees under the guise of preventing antibiotic resistance.
Tina Garcia, Lyme Education Awareness Program,




No Conflict Of Interest

May 12, 2008

I'm disappointed and very concerned with the May 7 editorial "Conflicts Taint Science."

Although The Courant has the right to state its opinion, it is vital to make sure the information provided to readers is accurate.

The Vioxx case and others have generated a climate that makes it easy to believe conflicts of interest in medicine are ubiquitous. But when these conflicts do not exist, such accusations serve only to wrongly undermine the public's confidence in medicine and the integrity of their physicians. The Infectious Diseases Society of America's Lyme disease guidelines recommend generic drugs and generic diagnostic tests. Panel members had no financial interests that could have affected, or been affected by, recommendations in the guidelines. In fact, by recommending against expensive, repeated, long-term antibiotic therapy, the panel members denied themselves and their colleagues an opportunity to generate a significant amount of revenue.

Furthermore, our panel members and the guidelines passed a stringent review process before the guidelines were published.

We greatly appreciate The Courant's understanding that the medical evidence does not support long-term antibiotic therapy. The panel took extra steps to consider information provided by other organizations and individuals to ensure the guidelines were relevant, accurate and balanced. The recommendations reflect the preponderance of evidence that the risks of long-term antibiotic therapy — including adverse reactions, infections and the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria — far outweigh the unproven benefits. And we are pleased that, by reaching an agreement with state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the controversy will remain in a medical forum where it belongs, and not in a courtroom.

Following the agreement, the Infectious Diseases Society's Lyme disease guidelines remain in place and still represent the best medical science has to offer patients with Lyme disease. Our top priority is to ensure that patients diagnosed with Lyme disease get medical treatment that will make them well.

We voluntarily agreed to a singular review of our 2006 Lyme disease guidelines by an independent panel of physicians and scientists because we hope an independent review will put the controversy to rest. We are confident our medical recommendations will be upheld.

Donald Poretz, M.D.

President Infectious Diseases Society of America Arlington, Va.



As we Lyme warriors cannot engage any earthly assistance;
As the entire US medical community chooses not to assist sick and abused people and put a stop to this;
As there is not one MD or group in the entire USA who will take these criminals to court;
As there is not one lawyer or Department of Justice official who will do the job they were hired to do and protect us from corporate crime;
As there are no men left among us:

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.