Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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Every single one of the 6 Vosslers abused their spouses and many abused their children.  They hate everyone because they're cowards, and the proof of that is that these cowards never take on the Bigs. They only abuse little people.

Some introductory material about EVIL and HATRED:

Remember that Satan is "the accuser," "the slanderer."   "Satan is the enemy of God and of all those who belong to God."   "What Satan most abhors is a guarantee of its truth"

"How can my Spirit dwell in people who have no divine love for me, people who are willing to betray others for the sake of getting their will? Their heart is full of vile worms, I mean, full of worldly passions. The devil has left his dung in their mouths; that is why they have no liking for my words."

"The smallest sin is enough to damn anyone delighting in it who does not repent."

"But as useful as hypocrisy can be, it’s apparently not quite as basic as the human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your mind can justify double standards, it seems, but in your heart you know you’re wrong."

The Devil Speaks of his Envy (Pride)

JESUS: Tell me, while she is listening, why it was just that you fell so far and what you were thinking when you fell!"

The devil answered: "I saw three things in you: I saw your glory and honor above all things, and I thought about my own glory. Hence I was determined in my pride not merely to be equal to you but even greater than you. Second, I saw that you were the most powerful of all. Hence I longed to be more powerful than you. Third, I saw what was to be in the future and, since your glory and honor were without beginning and would be with out end, I envied you and thought that I would gladly be tortured forever with all manner of harsh punishments if only you could die. With such thoughts I fell. And in that way hell was created."



'Wishing the destruction of others through envy, through hatred, slander, libel and perjury -- I would like the world to meet my self-alleged non-mother, who disowned me the day I was born because my hair was black, like my father's.

After which, she never hung up the hatred.


In the end, when all is said and done, Carolyn (Vossler) Martin will have killed me.  It won't be Lyme, but the abuse - the HATRED.  She killed her husband, too.  She wanted him dead. That's all she ever talked about.

And as a result of the hardships caused to my children and me, Carolyn (Vossler) Martin will have been shown to have harmed thousands of innocent people who have Lyme Disease and who later got Lyme Disease since her direct and deliberate interference with this criminal matter (Spring 2002).

It wasn't about her, you see.  Lyme Disease and my being a chemist wasn't about Carolyn (Vossler) Martin.

Carolyn (Vossler) Martin did not restrict her abuse to myself, and my children. She also abused all of her other children and then her grandchildren.  I remember saying to myself when I was about 8 years old, standing there in the kitchen after one of her episodes, "Why have kids if you're going to act like you hate them?"

The answer to that is that she married a very, very smart man who many thought was a genius, and who was nothing like herself.  It can be said that opposites attract but that's where the good news ends in such a situation.

I will reveal how Carolyn (Vossler) Martin very seriously abused and tormented all of her children and then 2 of my children, especially the one who is a Darkefeller, like myself and my father.  It will be the beginning of another book about how a mother could be so jealous of her own daughter, that it's actually a vicious, violent, chronic, lifelong, highly destructive obsession.



~1914; Miss Mary Martin from Kells, Ireland, did a bad, bad irresponsible thing.  She married a darkie- an apparent White Russian from Siedlce, Poland, Polycarp Jan Musinski (AKA Paul John Martin I)...

And then her son, "that old Guinea" (a darkie is a darkie, right?), dared to date a beautiful and wonderful Whitie (actually, a red-haired German, like John D. Rockefeller, Sr., himself) from Germantown, New York - a  Rockefeller cousin - producing the likes of myself, a black-haired Darkefeller.

Moral of the story?  There isn't one because the Rockys are clearly insane.

  Here is my son with "that old Guinea 'Sailorman,'"  Irish-Pollock and his cotton pickin rootin tootin "Guinea" guns...


  My late brother Jim, clearly not a Darkefeller.


The two of them, John and Carolyn Martin, in their misdirected hatred of each other not only killed but very seriously abused my brother.  There is no doubt that there was a war going on in the family and that the kids were beaten viciously, when the anger over all the loud-mouth Vossleresque fighting, gossiping, lying and carrying-on, like classic White Trash, should have been directed at its source, Carolyn (Vossler) Martin.  In retaliation for the retaliation, I was the subject of distinct, direct torture, for I represented my father in his absence.  I heard about it my whole life.  You're just like your father!!!

I struggled to see how that was a bad thing.

To this day, I have never met a more hateful person.  I met her relatives, and I met her twin and her only sister, but none were as good as she at the hatred-business, because Carolyn (Vossler) Martin has everyone fooled.  Everyone thinks she is a demure Church Lady (perfectly possessed).  She surely tricked my father into marrying her.  When he found out what she was really like, he wasn't about to leave her with so many kids (4 in a row).   That was the point of her relentless pregnancies, since Carolyn (Vossler) Martin very clearly hated children but she did not want John J. Martin to leave her once he found out the truth about her.

Cowardice is the basis of hatred, as we will discover.   Cowardice is the fear of being "less-than" another.  And this kind of jealous, petty hatred is the Vossler trademark.

Who's ever heard of a mother being so jealous of her daughter as to have a lifelong ambition to destroy her daughter... and then her daughter's children?

This witch, Carolyn (Vossler) Martin, invented for me that I showed up at her house and "threatened to slit my own throat." No such thing happened.  Not even close.  Not even remotely.  But you have to think about the meaning of inventing such a bizarre accusation in the first place: What kind of a psychopathic evil bitch would invent such a thing about another person?  Who puts such things into the heads of people?  What kind of a person has such thoughts?

No one can dispute that such a thought is grotesque and Carolyn Martin is the author of such grotesque thoughts.  (What else does she think about?)  And this is the tip of the iceberg for her, in terms of evil and abuse.  And the entire Vossler family is like that.  There is not a one of them (and there were 6) who did not abuse their spouses and children. Remember, unresolved crime and perjury such as this is an ABSOLUTE ticket to hell, since such lies are known as Capital Sins. 

People tell me that the meaning of this is that Carolyn Martin wants to "slit my throat."

Such thoughts only come from Satan.  And this woman, Carolyn (Vossler) Martin, has spent her entire life in a state of jealous paranoia.  My father, "that old Guinea," had told me to "keep doing what you're doing," right after Karen Forschner of the Lyme Disease Foundation called to tell me LYMErix had been removed from the market (February 27, 2002).  That was more than Carolyn (Vossler) Martin and her evil protegé, Nancy E. Martin could stand....

13 Who is wise and understanding among you? let him show by his good life his works in meekness of wisdom.

 14 But if ye have bitter jealousy and faction in your heart, glory not and lie not against the truth.

 15 This wisdom is not a wisdom that cometh down from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.

 16 For where jealousy and faction are, there is confusion and every vile deed.



Meet the Daughter of Satan, Carolyn Vossler Martin:


"Don't you hurt that baby!!!"   my father, John J. Martin (aka Jan Musinski), a design engineer, said to my self-alleged non-mother, Carolyn (Vossler; a Rockefeller cousin) Martin (55 Easy Street, Milford, Corrupticut).

And then the witch ran away from home, like she always said she would.

My father had to tell Carolyn (Vossler) Martin to stop abusing her infant.

That was 1967, and the baby was MaryJane (Martin) Schade.

Unfortunately, for us all, the violent, evil, lying, jealous, insane bitch, Carolyn (Vossler) Martin, came back...

The Corrupticut US Attorney, Kevin O'Connor, racist suck-up to Alberto Gonzales, has been given 2 weeks to reply to me about various complaints.  If he does not, I am spilling it all, and over none of it can I be sued for libel or slander, because it is all true.

HERE IS THAT COMPLAINT and all the scientific lab data which shows that I am very sick and brain/nerve damaged from Lyme, and that my kids have congenital Lyme and one has congenital Ehrlichiosis, too.

And don't worry about any violations to any HIPPA laws that you might see, because the Corrupt Corrupticut Medical Board did not have any problem when Yale's Robert Schoen violated HIPPA laws.  Schoen gave my records to an MD I had never even heard of, much less signed a release to.  Schoen refused to treat me for Lyme, pregnant, having given Lyme to my first two children. 

Schoen told me my blood tests would be negative before they were performed (at Yale), and then he lost this future-negative blood work...  

All of that was fine with the Corrupticut Medical Board, even though Allen Steere recommended following pregnant women with Lyme, and we all know Lyme is incurable, even according to Allen Steere.

As you can see from my testimony at CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's 1999 Lyme hearing, I improved 100% on 3.5 months of IV ceftriaxone after 9 years of the living hell of Lyme disease:  (I start on page 336 of the actual .pdf file)

And I got 100% better because I took such excellent care of myself all those years in between.  I ate right (the MS diet, I learned by trial and error), I worked out, I tried like hell to kick this miserable awful constantly SICK FEELING, chronic migraine, and chronic fatigue...

Ceftriaxone was the only thing that worked, which is why I started the southeastern Corrupticut support group in December 1997, and went national with the activism, especially after all we learned about Lyme being a crime. 

Three to four years of oral antibiotics did not touch borreliosis.

Then I relapsed, as these brain SPECT scans show.  Since Lyme borreliosis is actually an African Relapsing Fever and you can't kill them all with anything.

Anyone who has had serious chronic Lyme, who gets better, and then leaves the team and does not fight for the rest, in my opinion, is some kind of selfish asshole.


17 June 2007


US Attorney Kevin O’Connor
District of Corrupticut
157 Church Street
New Haven, Corrupticut, 06508


CC:  Corrupticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
C/o Assistant Attorney General Thomas Ryan


My Dearest Corrupticut “US Attorney,”

Kindly, and for once, respond to the following matters.  If you do not within 2 weeks, I am posting all of the following data to my website so that the whole world can see that you are the worst kind of fraud- one running around with a USDOJ identification card.

Enclosed please find the evidence that I have Lyme disease and that my daughter Lara has congenital Lyme disease, as do David and Diane.  Diane also has congenital Ehrlichiosis.

Please also find the evidence that I have “moderately severe carpal tunnel” and nerve root damage to C5-C6 [See the report scanned in below.  It is actually C4-C7, or 6 nerve roots; corrected] in my neck, which affects the strength in my arms.

You can’t fake such results, despite what the Yale sex-obsessed psychiatric kooks say about me.

Today is particularly bad with the chronic neurologic Lyme because I am forced to do yard work, since my insane relatives say I am not sick but just “crazy and lazy.”  This should surprise no one since my self-alleged non-mother, Carolyn A. Martin, 55 Easy Street, Milford, Corrupticut invented for me that I showed up at her house and threatened to “slit my throat.”   This insane allegation was unsubstantiated by the DCF, yet they continued to perjure themselves about that in addition to everything else.

My insane self-alleged non-mother attacked my daughter Diane on approximately Dec 5, 2002, grabbing Diane, shaking her violently and screamed in her face, that “You’re not forgetful, you’re just stupid and clumsy like your mother!!”

Everyone knows I am a scholar and athlete.  I played on the Milford Corrupticut Foran High School girls’ basketball, volleyball, and softball teams, and I was a starting player on the college volleyball team as a freshman, but I had to quit since I was a science major.

Thus, my daughter is not “clumsy and stupid like her mother.”

You already have the DCF records where that bizarro “throat slitting” allegation was unsubstantiated by DCF’s Mark Williams, since it is included in the copy of the complaint I gave you against DCF’s Sarah Gibson (who was fired from DCF), and which is also a complaint to the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities in Corrupticut. 

The allegation was invented by the insane Carolyn Martin herself, yet the DCF continued to assert, under oath, in court that I did all the things Nancy Martin and her insane mother invented out of thin air and the DCF knew was false.

You have that DCF data.

The Three Inch Data Binder, dated November 16th or so, 2003, was addressed to Gerald Dwyer of the Statewide Bar Counsel (377 Orange Street, New Haven) and Pekah Wallace of the CHRO in Waterbury.

Included in that data over which DCF’s Patricia Leebens defrauded the so-called court is the evidence that every single one of the State’s witnesses against me were perjuring themselves, including Jane Guilini, Principal of Pawcatuck Middle School, whose husband is Bruce Guilini, the Chief of Police in Groton and the only Chief of Police who did not have to take the police physical test and is famous for this.

I guess this Guilini Pair are a couple of fraudsters overall, eh?  But what else is new.  This is Corrupticut.

I am wondering when you will be arresting Nancy E. Martin, 21 Redstone Way, Farmington Corrupticut, for not only filing false DCF allegations, but also over the fact that Nancy E. Martin defrauded her employer, AETNA, and said she was disabled from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

While Nancy Martin was not disabled from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [she has never had a Lyme test, although she is on Dr. Robert C. Bransfield’s MMI (Microbes and Mental Illness; see e-list and has been since the Fall of 1999], Nancy Martin attended Trinity College in Hartford for a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. 

She attended classes and had to put in at least 500 hours of unpaid training time, being a thought-disordered “counselor” of persons with chronic illnesses [while] pretending to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, [herself].

Apparently the way to counsel people with chronic illnesses is to file false DCF allegations against them in addition to not ever helping her other sister, MaryJane Schade, 32 Mary Ellen Drive, Milford, Corrupticut, who has three disabled children, two with neurofibromatosis, one with autism, and one who is just plain learning disabled.

If Nancy Martin has never had a Lyme test, that is very suspicious, since everyone knows Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Chronic Lyme Disease 90% of the time.  One would guess she knew the result would be negative, since we already know she is a lying, thought-disordered, pinheaded selfish asshole and truly psychotic to have invented for me the things that I did and said.

To confirm that Nancy Martin is involved in Bob Bransfield’s list, just google her name and his, (Robert C. Bransfield) and you will find she is a signer of an e-petition to end the physician harassment over Lyme disease.

As a result of Nancy Martin not ever helping anyone in the family - although she herself has no children - Nancy Martin neglects to mention that she married a VP in the Finance Department for National Brands Foods (Nabisco- the Barbarians at the Gate), Dennis Daly.  While married to Dennis Daly, Nancy Martin got her mail-order degree in “General Studies” (un-matriculated in a major) from the Moonies at Bridgeport University.  

Then she divorced Dennis Daly and did well, financially, in the divorce, which availed her the luxury condo in Farmington.

Nancy neglects to mention that while her poop does not stink because she lives in a luxury condo in Farmington, she never actually did any work herself to earn this condo. 

Nancy Martin then defrauded her employer over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so that she could sit on her ass and gossip for a living, and lie to the DCF.

This put a hardship on my self-alleged non-mother, since Carolyn Martin and her old (now late) husband had to withstand the burden of my learning disabled other sister- the one covered with Neurofibromas and who has the learning disabled kids and the sociopath husband, Martin Schade.

Carolyn Martin raised the learning disabled Neurofibromatosis daughter of my Neurofibromatosis learning disabled sister, who married a sociopath, like Donald G. Dickson.  (Donald Dickson’s abuse records are included here and I will list the contents of this data package at the end of this request.)

The sociopathic husband of my learning disabled sister has two other sets of children who he abandoned and for whom he did not ever pay child support. 

This drunken, pot-smoking, husband recently told my sister he was going to bury her alive.

And this set of loonies are my critics.

Meanwhile, the Corrupticut Attorney General is looking for the data that you have that shows the scientific fraud and racketeering relationship between Kaiser-Permanente and SmithKline, who once together before defrauded the US Government, by charging Medicaid for falsely relabeled generic Paxil.  It was real Paxil, SmithKline’s product, but they put a generic label on it.  SmithKline and Kaiser had to pay a fine of 87 million dollars.  The case was brought by the Florida Attorney General.

SmithKline and Kaiser are again together defrauding the US Government over “Lyme Disease,” and you have all that data.  This Kaiser-Permanente crime originated in 1990 at New York Medical College, in Valhalla New York, and involves John J. Connolly of and AlphaGene (his private biotech company).

So, although we all know you prefer to sit on your ass and watch porn so you can catch the porn watchers, the real porn going on here is the corporate fraud over “Lyme Disease,” all about which you have been sitting on for the last 4 years.

Now the Corrupticut Attorney General has to do your job for you, despite not having the staff. 

Recall that CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal sent you a letter in the Fall of 2003, asking you to please give me a hearing over this data- over this fact that Yale committed scientific fraud over the testing for Lyme and re their Lyme vaccine, LYMErix. 

You never answered either of us, and then you were promoted to Torture Gonzales’s Number Two.

Anyone sane would be mortified to be asked to assist Alberto Gonzales with anything.  He ruined our national reputation for all time, and then he lied to Congress about who knew what in the US Attorney scandal.

When do you expect to decide that it is WE THE PEOPLE that you are working for, and protect us from corporate fraud, in addition to real fraudsters like Nancy Martin, and verifiably insane, violent, child-abusers like Carolyn Martin and Donald Dickson? 

I can still find witnesses to the beatings my late brother James Lawrence Martin undertook while he was a kid, since the whole neighborhood remembers, as does the gym teacher who saw the damage to Jim and asked my brother if he wanted to report this child abuse to the police? 

The Milford Corrupticut Foran High School soccer field is named after my late brother and his friends; The Martin, Kelley, Tighe Memorial Field.  

Carolyn Martin kicked that boy, Jim, so hard, she thought she broke her foot.  The most athletic thing I have ever seen Carolyn Martin do, was hop around on one foot, holding the other, since she was screaming and crying and saying she was going to have to go to the hospital because she thought it was broken. 

She almost broke her foot by kicking my brother in the pants.

Jim, at about age 14 at the time, having already endured so much violence in his short life from his parents, just stood there.  The look on his face, was the damage.  He was well-used to the pain from the beatings with the cat of nine tails, but this damage from Carolyn Martin was emotional.  It was meant to be total humiliation.   THAT is Carolyn Martin.  She is vicious and insane, and everyone thinks she is a Church Lady. 

Perhaps Carolyn Martin is one of the “perfectly possessed,” because she indeed has those “dead fish eyes,” which I can describe in no other way.   They’re sort of black and vacant.

She has EVERYONE fooled. 

She has EVERYONE FOOLED, just like the perjuring “forensic psychiatrist,” James Phillips (88 Noble Ave, Milford, Corrupticut) - the sex-pervert. 

Phillips tried to blame my boyfriend’s drinking problem on my not giving him enough sex, when said boyfriend had clearly discovered over-drinking at least 20 years before I met him. 

These are the kinds of sex-perv sickos your faggot FBI should be watching, since they promote sexual promiscuity.  They literally believe that, for instance, the cause of all the worlds problems, like alcoholism, can be cured by having enough sluts around- like Kristine Ragaglia- and also that all the world’s problems are Kathleen Dickson’s fault.

Are we expected to believe that Kathleen Dickson operates in a total vacuum, and that everything that goes wrong in the world is MY FAULT?   

This is the bullshit that one has to put up with from these psychiatric/sex-obsessed kooks. 

Carolyn Martin abused all of her children, and then she abused her grandchildren- my kids, but according to James Phillips, this child abuse by Carolyn Martin can be cured by Kathleen Dickson becoming a slut.

This is the bullshit the State of Corrupticut pays James Phillips for as a hired whore for the courts.

James Phillips is a world class lunatic, and he is still running around free and un-medicated.

My kids have congenital Lyme because of the FRAUD over the testing for Lyme, but I am a bad parent for doing the DCF’s job for them?

Bear in mind that if any of the above were untrue, I could be charged with making false statements to law enforcement.

I will wait exactly two weeks from the date of this postmark, and then I am making this communication to you my ActionLyme home page, with all the data included scanned in, unless we meet and go over these crimes, one by one, line by line, and you decide to start do the job you are paid to do.

I want you to investigate and charge 1) Nancy E. Martin, Carolyn Martin, James Phillips, Jessica Gauvin and Donald Dickson, and

2) I want you to discover that I was falsely arrested, and that AAG Jessica Gauvin filed a totally false police report to the Berlin Police on March 25, 2004,

And I want you to discover that 3) you have the data which shows that SmithKline and Kaiser defrauded the US Government over “Lyme Disease,” LYMErix, and that,

4) John J. Connolly was central to letting Kaiser take over the training of MDs at New York Medical College,

and 5) that Allen Steere is responsible for the bogus testing for Lyme since his company, Imugen, and Yale’s L2 Diagnostics intended to be the only labs in the country who were to have the patent rights to the testing for Lyme which excludes Outer Surface Proteins A and B, since OspA was intended to be the vaccine,

And that 6) Allen Steere and Yale knew all along (in particular, Yale’s Robert Schoen knew) that LYMErix did not prevent Lyme,

And that 7) Yale and Allen Steere knew one could not Western Blot a LYMErix vaccinated person with a Lyme spirochete that had OspA-B plasmid in it, since this obstructed the reading of the blots.

I want you to discover, since you and the New Haven FBI have this data, that Allen Steere went to Europe to defraud the United States over the validity of the testing for Lyme disease, and that Kaiser knows that Lyme disease is not simply an arthritis in a knee, but is Relapsing Fever Borreliosis- a permanent brain infection that requires repeat treatment with ceftriaxone- the BACTERIAL MENINGITIS DRUG.  ‘The same BACTERIAL MENINGITIS drug that was compared to Trovan in the study over which Niger wants to press criminal charges against Pfizer.

Since Lyme is a chronic relapsing meningitis and not a knee disease.

Thus, Yale has committed negligent homicide many, many times over, since they have owned the only scientifically valid test for Lyme borreliosis, patented under US patent 5,618,533, since 1993. 

[Yale has never licensed this scientifically valid – scientifically valid per the FDA’s rules for the validation of a bioanalytical method, nor does Yale make it known that they know they own the only scientifically valid test for borreliosis and that they did not use it to qualify LYMErix, since they knew LYMErix did not prevent Lyme borreliosis.]

Remember:  If anything here is untrue, I would be committing a crime.  None of it is NOT TRUE.

What’s your call, bud?

What are you going to do?

Every country in the world visits my website. 

Russia?  Oh, about 20 times a month.  They know damned well what their former bioweapons scientists are doing at Valhalla [New York Medical College], since it’s all linked from my website- all of their bogus science reports about the cyst or spheroplast or inhalable aspect of this bioweapon, Borreliosis.

THEY ALL KNOW WHAT BUSH DID ON 9/11 AND THEY ALL KNOW what Yale, SmithKline, Kaiser, and New York Medical College did with Borreliosis.

And soon they will be looking at you, Bud.

I guarantee it.


Kathleen M. Dickson
23 Garden Street
Pawcatuck, CT 06379


Here are my brain SPECT scans and other medical data which proves I have an organic delirium:

Before IV ceftriaxone treatment; blood flow to my brain is compromised; Lyme brain is a genuine delirium (1996).

Right after 3.5 months of ceftriaxone treatment (1998), when I 100% recovered, as I told the CT Attorney General, the brain scan is NORMAL:
As you can see from my testimony at CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's 1999 Lyme hearing, I improved 100% on 3.5 months of IV ceftriaxone after 9 years of the living hell of Lyme disease:
 (I start on page 336 of the actual .pdf file)

Demented again; Relapsed (2001).  If you read that report carefully you will see that the only area of my brain not compromised is the visual corte


Brian Fallon's Relapsing Fever, Relapsing Dementia patients:  FALLON_DANGEROUS_TERRORIST.htm   Dr. Fallon found that Lyme is a Relapsing Fever, permanent brain infection, which was something the whole world of spirochete science knew in 1975.

    Psych Eval  "very superior visual spatial abilities"  even with Lyme brain. (More stuff you just can't make up.)

Intelligence, high, plus executive functioning, gone = chemist with Lyme brain.
Guess what!? 

Block Design:   "Block Design: One of the strongest measures of nonverbal intelligence and reasoning."  (Right Brain or Visual-Spatial Dominance)


Positive Lyme blood tests, Lara E. Dickson (7 CDC bands at age 25 months)
 and Kathleen M. Dickson taken one month earlier:


Diane, Congenital Ehrlichiosis:

Kathleen, positive for Cytomegalovirus:


Kathleen, positive for Epstein-Barr Virus:

Kathleen, OspA in my spinal fluid (read as positive by my MD):


My upper EMG report: Nerve damage to several nerves in my neck and hands (cervical radiculopathy affecting all nerves in my neck - and therefore, arms - resulting in permanent loss of nerve function and atrophy):





Donald G. Dickson’s Domestic Violence arrest by the Montville State Police.

Donald G. Dickson’s letter to me in 1996, stating that he wanted to have nothing to do with our children.

Proof of garnishment of Donald Dickson’s paycheck by the court since he refused to pay it on his own.

Letter from the Battered Woman’s Shelter, stating that I stayed there when my two girls were babies.

The data from the DCF where Donald Dickson took a bath with my 5 year old son.

The restraining order against Donald Dickson, which showed that after the Support Enforcement Judge yelled at Donald Dickson for lying to the court about his income, Donald came over and trashed my apartment on North Road in Groton- the address listed here in the Pfizer Capsule:




Satan is the father of all lies.



I have to say, what I like most about this war in Iraq - Haditha and Ishaqi in particular-  is that the whole world can see what America is really like, up close and personal.  We hate each other, we "blame the victim," we pretend to be religious people, we condone violence... 

When I tried to take my kids away from the presence of Carolyn (Vossler) Martin (55 Easy Street, Milford, CT), who was abusing my children with her trademark explosive violence, DCF took my kids away from me, and gave them to my violent and abusive "sociopath" ex-husband - Donald G. Dickson... 

My crazy jealous pinheaded "sister" wasn't arrested for filing false allegations against me.  Nancy Martin (21 Redstone Way, Farmington, CT) is a so-called therapist for sick people- she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, attended two Lyme conferences with me - but in all her false allegations against me, she never told the DCF I was sick with Lyme disease... 

So:  Does Nancy Martin "counsel" all of her "clients" with chronic illnesses by filing false allegations to DCF?  Is that what she was trained to do at Trinity, while she was on long term disability from Connecticut Mutual Insurance Company for allegedly having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Nancy Martin was too sick to work, but she could take classes at Trinity and put in 500 hours of time as a counselor in training?

Doesn't that sort of imply that a lot of people with chronic illnesses are faking it like Nancy Martin?  Don't Nancy Martin's actions seriously discredit all people who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrom and Chronic Lyme?

I have never heard of a single person ever recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, except where they were misdiagnosed chronic Lyme.


My totally insane "mother" invented that I showed up at her house and "threatened to slit my throat."  

My totally insane "mother" throttled my learning disabled daughter and said she wasn't sick and forgetful, that she was "Clumsy and stupid just like your mother!!" 

My dumb little sister is married to a drunken, pot-smoking sociopath who already abandoned 2 families, she has 3 disabled kids,... and they all lied about me.  None of them do any kind of activism at all, not even for their own families or disabilities,... I was falsely arrested and charged with being a terrorist, because James Phillips (88 Noble Avenue, Milford, CT) did not want to be sued for malpractice... and these psychos are all my critics.

Phillips said this Lyme scam "should be written up in the New Yorker magazine," but later perjured himself and said I was "like Ted Kaszynski," and that I have "command hallucinations to kill"

(I suddenly have "command hallucinations to kill?"  A year later?   Because I was going to sue him?)...

Phillips told me I was autistic; my father was, my nephew is, my nephew has autism and Neurofibromatosis, my sister and her daughter have it, but Phillips told the DCF I was stupid, clumsy, uncoordinated, and a pathological liar...the complete opposite of who I am.  180 degrees from the truth.

Phillips pretends to be a religious historian, while is a sex-obsessed pervert, and people can verify that independently, but here is a start:

The guy lives in some sort of parallel universe not to have heard what I said, or read the data about Lyme that I gave him.  'A universe where scientific data and reason are not relevant.


That's what I like about Haditha, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, etc.  The whole world can see that this is truly the country of Hatred, Hypocrisy, and Abusing the weak, sick, and the poor while pretending we are religious people.  Carolyn (Vossler) Martin could not be more vicious and insane, but everyone thinks she is a Church Lady.  I "threatened to slit my own throat?"


There's all the proof anyone needs.  No such thing ever happened.  Carolyn Martin does not like successful people.  She used to rag on my father constantly because she thought he should have been making more money, since everyone knew he was a genius and had several patents as a machine tool design engineer and was a fine artist (classic high functioning autism, with the super-sensitive hearing). 

Carolyn (Vossler) Martin couldn't wait for him to croak so she could get rid of all of his crap.  That's all she ever talked about.  "When HE kicks the bucket, this..." and "When HE kicks the bucket, that..." 

We heard about it for years. 

After he died she told me I could have all his books because "no one else wanted them."    

That's a true snapshot of America.  She didn't like him reading all the time, either.  She doesn't like black people, she doesn't like Jews, she doesn't like anyone. 

Carolyn (Vossler) Martin went around telling everyone that her sister in law, who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and who is very intelligent- was a school teacher), was "just crazy and not sick," yet her daughter, Nancy Martin, had Chronic fatigue Syndrome and had to quit working for Mass Mutual.  For that, the world stood still... That was the most famous event the world has ever seen:  Nancy and her OCD over her care of herself for her illness, which she then made into a career.

That's my "family." 


My father used to beat the crap out of my late brother and Nancy Martin for being liars and being too loud and obnoxious (he had autism), but what he hated the most was the lying and the gossiping- which was all Nancy Martin and Carolyn (Vossler) Martin ever did.  Then Nancy made a career out of it. 

At my father's wake, Nancy zoomed over to my "mother" to reveal her conquest:  "Sharon Trembicki was looking for infermashin- she's always looking fer infermashin; I didn't givver any."

Like it was some kind of conquest.

My father's not in the ground yet, and it's "All About Nancy." 

Someone also forgot to tell Nancy that eulogies are supposed to be about the deceased.


'Destroy people and then lie about everything.  Isn't that just sooo,... Haditha?

As you can see, me and my kids have Lyme disease.  Here are the blood tests results which prove it.

Here are my psych evals for Social Security Disability, which show I have High Functioning Autism, and

 here are some of my sports pictures from high school and college, 

And my daughter is "just stupid and clumsy, just like your mother!!!"  ???

And I'm a pathological liar?

I "threatened to slit my own throat?

I can't get any help from the State of CT, and the Stonington Schools would not accommodate my sick and disabled daughter, like the Milford Schools accommodate my learning disabled nephew.  The West Vine Street, Pawcatuc, CT, Principal, Arlene Militelo, told me she "could not read" Brian Fallon's article on Lyme disease in children.  Here is the evidence.  

One of the bad things about living in Milford, CT, though, was that my niece- who is being raised by Carolyn Martin - called some Black kid a "nigger" at the beach, and my kids got in trouble for it, too.

What do you suppose it is like to be surrounded by such hateful nutcases?  What do you suppose it is like for my nephew with his drunken parents and their partying and witnessing their crazy abuse all the time?  Not one person in this whole world considers her kids' future, not even their mother.  When I mentioned it, she was like, "So what?"

When I told James Phillips that my sister claims to spend the whole day crying in the bathtub when she runs out of Zoloft, he would do nothing for her.

And I'm a bad parent?

Remember that Satan is "the accuser," "the slanderer."

"Satan is the enemy of God and of all those who belong to God."