Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


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CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
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Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
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Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000




Psychiatry was invented for the purpose of destroying Christianity.   It has no basis in scientific fact. 
There are only three axes of brain compromise:  Genetic, Organic, Traumatic.  The rest is either free will or demonic possession or oppression.

"But as useful as hypocrisy can be, it’s apparently not quite as basic as the human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your mind can justify double standards, it seems, but in your heart you know you’re wrong."

BRITISH_PSYCHIATRY- How the Psychopaths began Running the Asylum.


The topic for November, 2008 (and December 2012, thanks to the Newtown Massacre) is Psychotropics-Induced Brain Damage, the SCIENCE.

BIPOLAR_VS_EVIL.htm ◄ Go ahead and read the story.  The boy with "Bipolar" is clearly a budding psychopath.  
Every criminal case where a person had a history of brain candy use, street or Rx, is mitigated.  3 articles on Akathisia or agitation and violence induced by Rx drugs that are meant to do the opposite.  This is a chemical equilibrium effect or what the psych hos call "rebound."  
Agitation Pathophysiology  
Chouinard - brain cell loss   Good stuff, very comprehensive, 1993

Cytokines and the Brain, Implications for Clinical Chemistry



"The brain damage from psychotropics makes people (children) suicidal."  

"Akathisia and Exacerbation of Psychopathology; A Preliminary Report", Dunca, et al. Clinical Neuropharmacology, Vol 23, No. 3, pp. 169-173  10895402 PubMed

▲It means, "treat the well-known and common brain damage from psychotropics with even more brain-damage."  This is one of many such articles that show it is well known that all psychotropics are brain damaging.

Keep reading because every parent needs to make sure they and their children never get hooked up and ruined by these insano pervo psychiatric quacks who think all women should become sluts and that all hospitals should be turned into brothels, not to mention lying under oath about their brain-damage results.   (You can't make this stuff up, these State/Yale employees really are that insane.)

This scientific data about how all psychotropics are brain damaging scared the hell out of DCF, so make sure you save copies to your harddrives. 


Mechanisms and Mitigation in Psychotropics-Induced Brain-Damage

Related Articles, Links

SSRI-induced extrapyramidal side-effects and akathisia: implications for treatment.

Lane RM.

Pfizer Inc., New York, NY 10017, USA.

The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) may occasionally induce extrapyramidal side-effects (EPS) and/or akathisia.This may be a consequence of serotonergically-mediated inhibition of the dopaminergic system. Manifestations of these effects in patients may depend on predisposing factors such as the presence of psychomotor disturbance, a previous history of drug-induced akathisia and/or EPS, concurrent antidopaminergic and/or serotonergic therapy, recent monoamine oxidase inhibitor discontinuation, comorbid Parkinson's disease and possibly deficient cytochrome P450 (CYP) isoenzyme status. There is increasing awareness that there may be a distinct form of melancholic or endogenous depression with neurobiological underpinnings similar to those of disorders of the basal ganglia such as Parkinson's disease. Thus, it is not surprising that some individuals with depressive disorders appear to be susceptible to developing drug-induced EPS and/or akathisia. In addition, the propensity for the SSRIs to induce these effects in individual patients may vary within the drug class depending, for example, on their selectivity for serotonin relative to other monoamines, affinity for the 5-HT2C receptor, pharmacokinetic drug interaction potential with concomitantly administered neuroleptics and potential for accumulation due to a long half-life. The relative risk of EPS and akathisia associated with SSRIs have yet to be clearly established. The potential risks may be reduced by avoiding rapid and unnecessary dose titration. Furthermore, early recognition and appropriate management of EPS and/or akathisia is required to prevent the impact of these effects on patient compliance and subjective well-being. It is important that the rare occurrence of EPS in patients receiving SSRIs does not preclude their use in Parkinson's disease where their potentially significant role requires more systematic evaluation.
PMID: 9694033 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]



Basics About Psychiatry; They have no clue what they're talking about:

1) "But as useful as hypocrisy can be, it’s apparently not quite as basic as the human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your mind can justify double standards, it seems, but in your heart you know you’re wrong."

2) "Last year in the United States, about 1.6 million children and teenagers — 280,000 of them under age 10 — were given at least two psychiatric drugs in combination, according to an analysis performed by Medco Health Solutions at the request of The New York Times. More than 500,000 were prescribed at least three psychiatric drugs. More than 160,000 got at least four medications together, the analysis found.

"Many psychiatrists and parents believe that such drug combinations, often referred to as drug cocktails, help. But there is virtually no scientific evidence to justify this multiplication of pills, researchers say...."   NYT- Psychiatry Has No Idea What They're Doing

"For the first time in his professional life, Dr. Hammond [a pseudonym for a real psychiatrist] was face to face with something he knew was far beyond his reach to categorize as a verifiable known or unknown. What he was then beginning to perceive, he felt, he had always known but never acknowledged, even in the deepest moments of the eight years of analysis through which he had successfully passed.   
Fr. Malachi Martin in the book Hostage to the Devil- audiotape of a real exorcism  ◄ Fr. Malachi Martin, Part I
(▲Obsession = could be mistaken for schizophrenia, like a demonic entity deliberately contacting and talking to a potential host.  80% of people misdiagnosed as "mentally ill" are possessed or obsessed.  "'Dr. Hammond'  gave up all psychiatry once he went into the real thing.")  ◄ Fr. Malachi Martin, Part II
(How many were misdiagnosed by psychiatry?  "In the northeast corner of America a huge increase in people making deals with the devil for success in life." 
"Perfectly possessed are perfectly normal-appearing; Now and again, it's as if a veil is drawn side- there's a completely alien look..." "Hammond quit psychiatry...  Well over 50% of people who are diagnosed as mentally are possessed.")


Watch this demon describe what is the nature of this deep hatred for others/adoration for self:

"Some have tried use me as a tool for their own purposes, just as They who brought me into creation [God].  But it was not to be.  They found out the hard way, I  AM  NOT  CONTROLLED.   I  AM  NOT  LED.

▲This is a key feature of evil.  'Extreme vanity, possessed or on their way to possession.  In the book, Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin, what's central to the 5 persons whose possession case studies are explained is vanity or the thinking that one is special.  You can see that extreme vanity is present in the participants of the confusing brain scramble known as psychiatry, and if it wasn't present in the beginning, it was taught to them:

  "Evil spirit, in the name of Jesus, announce the trap in which you caught Richard/Rita.  I ask this by the authority of the Church, and in the name of Jesus."

"We start with self-growth, self discovery.   We tell em, we told Rita, First, you must be yourself, find yourself, know who you are.  They stick their noses in their navel and say: I like my own smell!!"


You can see how similar psychoanalysis is to New Age Kabbalism, where the deceived are told to meditate for self-improvement.  This meditation process, in addition to teaching people to worship THEMSELVES, opens the mind for demonic entry.  There is a chapter in Hostage to the Devil that is not complete in the online version of the book (chapter on the Rooster and the Tortoise).  The teachings in New Age Kabbalism are intended also to turn its practitioners into sheep, and not resist what's to come.  Also, if you watch this series and follow up with information on Billy Meier, Phil Schneider and the "Pleiadians," you will also find the same; these are demons and Billy Meier was never taken in space as he was led to believe during his visitations.  Look at the symbolism, here   and notice that they say:  

The common purpose of all of these false religions (psychiatry, New Age Kabbalism, magical healers) is to make people turn away from God.



You are going to see that the brain damage caused by psychotropics makes people even less able to escape or find real help.  Psychiatrists utterly HATE the things I say, and this is the real reason my kids were kidnapped.  I proved to the State of CT that all psychotropics are brain damaging and that psychiatry is a FRAUD of a medical practice.  I in the beginning, learned the hard way, of course.   I was under the mistaken impression that psychiatrists knew something I didn't about the nature of evil and were somehow interested in helping people. 

They are not.  Psychiatry is all about destroying the innocent and absolving evil- the opposite of what true Christianity does.


I was a bad, bad "irresponsible" parent and went to the Yale Medical Library and not only acquired the data that showed what Allen Steere did in Europe with the funky strain tricks (high-passage G39/40 and FRG), but I acquired the proof that it is well-known that all psychotropics cause the kind of brain damage known as Akathisia (What other non-noticable brain damage do they cause?  All sorts of brain cell death and DEMENTIA).

Even more scary, I am going to scan in some of these full text articles that were given to DCF's lying whore trainer, Laura Lustig (1200 Post Road, Westport, CT, "The New Learning Center") on 20 Nov 2003, as shown in the Psychiatric_MumboJumbo movie.  (Kindly come back in a while as  more and more of them will be scanned in...)

Remember in the explainer and reference (among hundreds of thousands of other useless complaints) I gave to the Powers That Be on the 29th or 30th about: CDC: "Don't use a Lyme ELISA after 3 months after tick bite"  the FDA and "degradants."   Most of the information about the toxicity of drug degradants is proprietary and the rest is simply not imagined or talked about by "MDs."

SmithKline Hiding Bad Data Again-- Paxil

"The drug companies," says Dr Breggin, "settle almost all legal cases brought against them in order to seal incriminating scientific data."



Free, Full Text, Online:

Otherwise known as "When you're sick, you don't feel good."  This is a no-brainer, but you won't get the simple truth about anything from psychiatry.

I'll stop scanning here, since I just found the full text article free online:

AKA  BIOMARKERS  by the crooks.


2) Brain Shrink a Reality
RESULTS: Total brain volume (-1.2%) and gray matter volume of the cerebrum (-2.9%) significantly decreased and lateral ventricle volume significantly increased (7.7%) in patients.  The decrease in global gray matter volume significantly correlated with outcome and, independently of that, with higher cumulative dosage of antipsychotic medication. CONCLUSIONS: The loss of global gray matter in schizophrenia is progressive, occurs at an early stage of the illness, and is related to the disease process and antipsychotic medication.

This is worse brain-shrink than alcoholism brings people.  Nearly 8% of the total brain is lost in a year of forced drugging.  No wonder the DCF kidnapped and forced-drugged children complain of the drugs making them "dumber."

And you all need to not forget, Evil is not going to win the war. They may win battles (and send themselves to hell forever, like DCF, DMHAS and the Yale perjurers), but they aren't going to win the war.  Knowing ahead of time you're going to win the war against Evil, is, well, GREAT!!


3)  Genetic animal models: focus on schizophrenia, Gainetdinov, RR., et al. TRENDS in Neuroscience, Vol 24., No. 9, September, 2001   (They have no clue what the drugs targets are, because the drugs' mechanisms are all wrong.  And that's the state of the "art".-- KMD)  11506886 PubMed


4)  Brain cell loss, well described in this seminal research article from 1993 about how of all these drugs are brain damaging.  What these articles show, is that not only do "depressants" cause brain damage, brain cell death, and total brain volume loss, they make a person more demented and more uncomfortable in all ways.

"Loss of striatal cholinergic neurons as a basis for tardive and L-dopa-induced dyskinesias, neuroleptic-induced supersensitivity psychosis and refractory schizophrenia."    Miller R, Chouinard G.,  Biol Psychiatry. 1993 Nov 15;34(10):713-38.    7904833 PubMed

  See the rest of this article HERE....



5)  Psychiatric research in the 21st Century; Opportunities  and Limitations, GR, Heninger, Millenium Article, Molecular Psychiatry (1999) 4, 429-436  (Psychiatry is beginning to consider thinking like scientists--KMD)   10523815 PubMed


6)  "The Pathophysiology of Agitation", Jearn-Pierre Lindenmayer, J Clin Psychiatry 2002;61 (suppl 14)  
11154018 PubMed

AGIT_PATHOPHYS.htm ◄ The rest is here.


If you're really reading all of this, you can tell they really have no clue what's going on with these "mental illnesses."


7)  "Akathisia and Exacerbation of Psychopathology; A Preliminary Report", Dunca, et al. Clinical Neuropharmacology, Vol 23, No. 3, pp. 169-173 
10895402 PubMed



8)  "Subjective Emotional Experience and Cognitive Impairment in Drug-Induced Akathisia", Jong-Hoon Kim, et al, Comprehensive Psychiatry, Vol.43, No. 6 (November/December), 2002: pp 456-462    12439833 PubMed


9)  "Correlations Between Akathisia and Residual Psychopathology: A By-product of Neuroleptic-Induced Dysphoria", Newcomer, et al. Br J Psychiatry. 1994 Jun;164(6):834-8. 7952993 PubMed


10) "Cardiovascular Effects of Antipsychotics Used in Bipolar Illness", Piepho, Robert W., J Clin Psychiatry 2002;63 [suppl 4]:20-23  
11913671 PubMed

11) "Movement Disorders Associated With Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs," Caroff, SN, et al, J Clin Psychiatry 2002;63[suppl 4] 12-19  
11913670 PubMed


12) The following abstract is about a treatment for the brain damage.  This means "tranquilizers" cause agitation (which is clearly the opposite effect of what is intended), and that this is so well known, that so, too, is it well known, that it must be treated.   They therefore have created brain damage, this is standard operative procedure and common knowledge.  Among Psychiatrists and BigPharma.

ABSTRACT:  "Gamma aminoburytic acide agonists for neuroleptic-induced dyskinesia (brain damage  like Parkinson's), Soares, et al, Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2001; (2);CD000203


13) Benzos to treat the brain damage known as Akathisia (Treat brain damage with even more brain damage)



As this report (the pdf I linked below) is not available online any more, I will be scanning it in.  DCF is in possession of it, as it was given to Laura Lustig on Nov 20, 2003, and Lustig is a DCF contractor as well as a DCF lying-moron-trainer (serious conflict of interest):

Van Der Kolk  Assessment and Treatment of Complex PTSD, Rachel Yehuda, 2001 "Traumatic Stress" 

Highest Correlate in development of severe Complex PTSD is "Separation from Parents," for ages 7-12.    Read it for yourself.  Don't take my word for it.

"Deep down, kids all want the same stuff. They all want to be loved, they all want a family. And they all want to know why they didn’t have a family and they weren't loved. They're trying to figure out why everything happened to them and can it ever be okay…so that they can say to themselves, ‘It will be okay, and I can relax, and these people aren't going to hurt me.’"– Robert Kendall, former foster child

Most of the time, DCF brainwashes the children into thinking they had terrible parents, which, of course, makes the whole illegal and fraudulent kidnapping racket/scene even worse for these children. 

Kids never get over losing their mother.  I would know because my own "mother" never got over losing her mother, and neither did any of her siblings, and all of them are verifiably insane and   HATE    EVERYBODY.  ERGO, she created great disorder in my children's lives - she ruined them - out of perpetual jealousy. 

I took after my father, who was very, very smart.  (A design engineer and fine artist.)  He also had very dark or black hair, so it was obvious from day one who I would be taking after. 

The woman, Carolyn A. Martin, is verifiably, completely insane.  She can't come to grips with her hatred and jealousy, and neither can her evil offspring, Nancy E. Martin.  The two of them have had a 50 year obsessional vendetta going on and have no other topics.

My father, knowing Nancy was extremely vain, a liar, a gossip, and a nutcase, left her practically nothing in his will.  Then, after he passed away, Nancy proceeded to prove why she was left nothing of value in the will. 

They can keep all their possessions.  God's measure of a person is in what they do for other people.


15)  Psychotropics-induced Akathisia (brain damage) and Violence


▲All criminal cases where the defendant is known to have taken brain-damaging psychotropics, is automatically mitigated.  This is something psychiatry and BigPharma do not want you to know.  But there it is in black and white.  (I will be scanning in several more of these full text articles which points to liability and mitigation.)


16)  Akathisia and Violence (Clear Mitigation)[uid]

Akathisia is a common side effect of neuroleptic drugs that may present with behavioral disturbances. There have been preliminary reports on the association between violence and akathisia. We report the first observational study of this relationship. Patients studied were from a special unit for violent patients. A closed-circuit television camera was installed in each of the corners in its dayroom. Incidents of assault plus the 5 minutes preceding each assault were recorded on videotape. Participants and bystanders were rated for the motor component of akathisia. For each of nine incidents, we compared the akathisia scores for participants and for bystanders. Both victims and assailants were akathisic before about half of all incidents; bystanders rarely were. The classification of the movements we rated and the implications for further studies are discussed.





Effects of haloperidol metabolites on neurotransmitter uptake and release: possible role in neurotoxicity and tardive dyskinesia.

These results suggest that HP metabolites bind to the transporters for dopamine and serotonin, but are not transporter substrates. In contrast to their potent effects on amine release, HPP+ and HPTP were unable to release preloaded GABA from cortical synaptosomes. The implications of these results concerning a possible role of HP metabolites in the development of tardive dyskinesia are discussed.

▲Drug degradants bind the GABA transporter, adding to the agitation caused psychotropics.


: Drug Metab Dispos. 2008 Aug;36(8):1624-36. Epub 2008 May 7.Click here to read Links

Peroxidase-mediated bioactivation of hydroxylated metabolites of carbamazepine and phenytoin.

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto, 144 College Street, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Carbamazepine (CBZ) and phenytoin (PHN) are associated with a relatively high incidence of idiosyncratic drug reactions. Most such reactions are believed to be due to reactive metabolites. The reactions associated with these two drugs are similar, and if a patient has a reaction to one, he or she is at increased risk of having a reaction to the other, suggesting that a similar reactive metabolite may be involved. CBZ causes neutropenia in approximately 10% of patients; this suggests that reactive metabolites are formed by myeloperoxidase (MPO), the major oxidative enzyme in neutrophils. Major metabolites of CBZ are the 2- and 3-OH metabolites, and that of PHN is the 4-OH metabolite. We found that both 2-OH-CBZ and 3-OH-CBZ were further oxidized by MPO/H2O2, and the oxidation of 3-OH-CBZ was much faster than the oxidation of 2-OH-CBZ or CBZ itself. Oxidation by MPO formed dimers of 3-OH-CBZ and 4-OH-PHN and, in the presence of N-acetyltyrosine, cross dimers were formed. This strongly suggests free radical intermediates. Bioactivation of 3-OH-CBZ and 4-OH-PHN by MPO/H2O2 led to covalent binding to the tyrosine of a model protein. Free radicals usually generate reactive oxygen species (ROS). We also tested the ability of these metabolites to generate ROS and found that 3-OH-CBZ generated more ROS than 2-OH-CBZ, which was, in turn, greater than that generated by CBZ. These results suggest that bioactivation of 3-OH-CBZ and 4-OH-PHN to free radicals by peroxidases may play a role in the ability of these drugs to cause idiosyncratic drug reactions.



SPEED  (Ritalin)

Ritalin makes kids stupider due to down-regulation of dopamine receptor (typical chemical equilibrium reaction)

Vigorous exercise is neuroprotective (kids should exercise more instead of being drugged)


All people, and all parents, especially, should read this book, because the American Psychiatric Association doesn't want you to   What they don't want you to know, you definitely want to know (Freud, Blame the Victim, and nasal surgery to cure masturbation).

Don't be a negligent parent.  Know what you are dealing with when you are dealing with Yale University.


Lyme borreliosis is a permanent brain infection  and 47% of men with ALS - which is fatal - in Lyme endemic areas have Lyme.  Mothers can pass Lyme on to their fetuses, which is also fatal to the fetus,  but if Lyme was a penis disabling disease, the Yale Center for the Study of Erections would have found a cure for it by 1976.  (No one who has chronic Lyme ever said anything about a Lyme vaccine.  Think about it.)