Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

Exosomes, Blebs


CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000




Question:  If spirochetes, when driven into the cyst form, replicate, do we end up with even more spirochetes than we would have had we not taken antibiotics?
--1983, Proposed Life Cycle for the Reiter Treponeme  (validity of "cysts," or spheroplasts or regeneration forms)

Scroll down to see the graphic selected out of the above ▲ report.


CHAPTER 15;  PLUM ISLAND (under construction)

The first record that we can find on the OspA (Pam3Cys) kind of antigen,
SYNTHETIC "Lipid A" as Pam3Cys:

1983: Synthesis of the mitogenic S-[2,3-bis(palmitoyloxy)propyl]-N-palmitoylpentapeptide from Escherichia coli lipoprotein.
LPS binding protein (LBP) is an acute-phase protein synthesized predominantly in the liver of the mammalian host. It was first described to bind LPS of Gram-negative bacteria and transfer it via a CD14-enhanced mechanism to a receptor complex including TLR-4 and MD-2, initiating a signal transduction cascade leading to the release of proinflammatory cytokines. In recent studies, we found that LBP also mediates cytokine induction caused by compounds derived from Gram-positive bacteria, including lipoteichoic acid and peptidoglycan fragments. Lipoproteins and lipopeptides have repeatedly been shown to act as potent cytokine inducers, interacting with TLR-2, in synergy with TLR-1 or -6. In this study, we show that these compounds also interact with LBP and CD14. We used triacylated lipopeptides, corresponding to lipoproteins of Borrelia burgdorferi, mycobacteria, and Escherichia coli, as well as diacylated lipopeptides, corresponding to, e.g., 2-kDa macrophage activating lipopeptide of Mycoplasma spp. Activation of Chinese hamster ovary cells transfected with TLR-2 by both lipopeptides was enhanced by cotransfection of CD14. Responsiveness of human mononuclear cells to these compounds was greatly enhanced in the presence of human LBP. Binding of lipopeptides to LBP as well as competitive inhibition of this interaction by LPS was demonstrated in a microplate assay. Furthermore, we were able to show that LBP transfers lipopeptides to CD14 on human monocytes using FACS analysis. These results support that LBP is a pattern recognition receptor transferring a variety of bacterial ligands including the two major types of lipopeptides to CD14 present in different receptor complexes.



CHAPTER 15;  PLUM ISLAND (under construction)

The more thoroughly I conduct scientific research, the more I believe that science excludes atheism. --Lord Kelvin


I. Mycoplasma and Vector-Pathogen Competence Studies performed on Plum Island
Selling such fungi and other biological and chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein (Robin Cook)
Dead Iraqi scientist who worked with mycoplasma and allegedly on Plum Island
(run over while changing a flat, much like Don Wiley)[Author
Mycoplasma cause infertility and reduced milk production in livestock

Mycoplasma-Membrane Associated Lipoproteins inhibit the auto-kill kinases resulting in the activation of latent Epstein-Barr

Mycoplasma and Leukemias
Mycoplasma and other tumors:

Isolation of mycoplasma from Leukemic bone marrow:
Pleuropneumonia-like organisms associated with neoplastic disease:

Mycoplasma are molds that cause plant rot
 Stinking Smut and Iraq

II. Mycoplasma vs L-forms vs Spheroplasts  What's the difference?

UConn's Justin Radolf and Dunn on stealth pathogens or stealth disablers
        Radolf (UConn):


 J Immunol. 2001 Jul 15;167(2):910-8. Links (While LYMErix Pam3Cys was still on the market)

Toll-like receptor 2-dependent inhibition of macrophage class II MHC expression and antigen processing by 19-kDa lipoprotein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Department of Pathology, Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA.
Noss EH, Pai RK, Sellati TJ, Radolf JD, Belisle J, Golenbock DT, Boom WH, Harding CV.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) induces vigorous immune responses, yet persists inside macrophages, evading host immunity. MTB bacilli or lysate was found to inhibit macrophage expression of class II MHC (MHC-II) molecules and MHC-II Ag processing. This report characterizes and identifies a specific component of MTB that mediates these inhibitory effects. The inhibitor was extracted from MTB lysate with Triton X-114, isolated by gel electroelution, and identified with Abs to be MTB 19-kDa lipoprotein. Electroelution- or immunoaffinity-purified MTB 19-kDa lipoprotein inhibited MHC-II expression and processing of both soluble Ags and Ag 85B from intact MTB bacilli. Inhibition of MHC-II Ag processing by either MTB bacilli or purified MTB 19-kDa lipoprotein was dependent on Toll-like receptor (TLR) 2 and independent of TLR 4. Synthetic analogs of lipopeptides from Treponema pallidum also inhibited Ag processing. Despite the ability of MTB 19-kDa lipoprotein to activate microbicidal and innate immune functions early in infection, TLR 2-dependent inhibition of MHC-II expression and Ag processing by MTB 19-kDa lipoprotein during later phases of macrophage infection may prevent presentation of MTB Ags and decrease recognition by T cells. This mechanism may allow intracellular MTB to evade immune surveillance and maintain chronic infection.

        Dunn (SUNY-SB and Brookhaven Nuclear Lab)
        Dark-field microscopy

Do L-forms cause disease?, Or, "Science has gone backwards which is why we're having this discussion."


III. African Swine Fever and Durland Fish[uid]
    African Swine fever and Lyme Borrelia

. Borrelia phylogeny  (hermsii, anserina)

V. Bacteriophage vectored DNA & bioweaponeer bumbling

VI. Tully and Shope
ttp://  Mycoplasmal Diseases

bioweaponeering, possibly with Rockefellers and SmithKline, Erythrocyte deformities in humans with human mycoplasmal infections,  L-forms and mycoplasma look the same under a microscope but are different...)

VII. Rockefeller University

VIII. Ed Bosler and outbreak areas[uid]
 (This supports the assertion that Plum Island was the original outbreak area.)

IIX. PNAC "race-specific bioweapons" is moot
(nanobots and Morgellon's)

IX. OspA, HIV's gp120 and gp41
, HIV vaccines (1993 and Fauci's HIV patent and Fauci's immune suppression treatment patent) Pam3Cys and CCR5 and Africans

X. TLR2 and not 4 handles these lipoprotein
Downregulation of HLA molecules is part of the tolerization process. (mentioned in Chapter 10, Biomarkers)
OspA-induced IL-10 which is an immune suppressing cytokine

Brucella's Pam3Cys lipoproteins also result in immune suppression.

So, AIDS (and their vaccines), Brucella (and their potential vaccines), Lyme (and LYMErix and ImmuLyme), and Tuberculosis (and their vaccines), all caused immune suppression.  But thanks to Yale'se deliberate criminal incompetence, none of these LYMErix and Chronic Lyme outcomes were investigated and instead the Lyme and LYMErix victims were stalked and trashed.  This is a criminal matter. 
"Original Antigenic Sin," OspA, and fungal infections of the blood

XI.  Garth Nicholson.  Large can of worms.  Fungal infections suppress the immune system:

Downregulation of HLA (no antibodies are produced)
Inhibition of the autokill kinases



I. Mycoplasma and Vector-Pathogen Competence Studies performed on Plum Island and in association with Yale.

Recall that 3 years ago I instructed Homelame Stupidity - who happens to work for us, remember, since we are the government - to look into the matter of the Lyme bullshit, and as regards Tully and Shope.  That would be because I have read just about everything those three (there are 2 Shope, RE's father and son and they're both in the same business).  I refer to Tully again in Chp 10 on Biomarkers which is a chapter now thankfully getting much attention by referral.

Because Homelame Stupidity is a joke (it was revealed to us all just one month later by Miss Katrina), we are still here, 3 years later, still battling these Yale/NYMC/ALDF lying profiteering creeps, who have the relentless audacity to claim they did not settle out of court with Mr. Blumenthal to avoid criminal charges.  Yet, anyone with eyes in their head can read the agreement and discover that that's exactly why they're terrified.  Still it is left to the real scientists out here to reveal what is the real deal on these criminals because we have no faith in the "US Government," whatsoever.  This crime belonged to the US Department of Justice ever since December 1998, when the FDA approved LYMErix because they were defrauded by Yale, and in particular, they were defrauded by Yale's Robert Schoen (see Chapter 4 on what I explained to the FDA vaccine committee and as regards the evidence that Robert Schoen has known since 1996 that he could not read his Western Blots in OspA vaccinated people).

Thus, I will expose what we all can find out about Plum Island and what kinds of goodies they messed with there.  Keep in mind that we want indictments.  We want these bastards charged with every crime they committed.  From the looks of things, they never appeared to investigate what the hell OspA really was, because they had first made a decision to make money off of this new epidemic.  I note that what happened here has similarities to Jurassic Park, where the scientists just grabbed the thing and tried to turn in into a money-maker without thinking of the consequences and Voila!  what do you know, Michael Crichton was one of the invitees to the's 2000 "GALA"

Either that's a coincidence or a sick joke, since Lyme appears to be one of the ones that "got away from" Plum Island.

It appears, I say, since no one knows exactly what went on on Plum Island. But I guess there are records of Paperclipped NAZIs and we know the OSS-CIA-Rockefellers were involved in that crazy Double-Oh "Medicine" baloney and have always been interested in, um, race refinement.  There is not one thing that is associated with either the Rockefellers or the Bushies that does not have the aroma of "sinister."  (Chapter 24

Page 60 re "race specific bioweapons" ►PNAC document removed from the web.  Download here.

In the end, it does not matter what the hell they ever did on Plum Island.  I never actually cared, since the issue is not how it happened but when are we going to get better?  The real deal is that the country is beyond bankrupt and collapsing into the Great Depression II. There will be little for treatments and research.  We lost the window of opportunity when Bush stole the election from Al Gore in 2000.  That was our last chance to re-tool for new energy.

There will be no money to fight the global-warming related emerging infectious diseases.  There are new discoveries of fungi and various tick borne diseases all the time.  In 2004 there was an outbreak of 5 vector borne diseases in one heard of cattle in Switzerland:

Plain old regular household molds are a problem.  Rare is the house in New England that does not have a mold problem.  Two years ago they officially moved "Fall Foliage Peak Week" in New England back two weeks into late October.  Are we to not think spring might have gained an extra half month? 

Plum Island accidents are not the issue.  The cover up of the Lyme/LYMErix crime and the deliberate falsification of diagnostic tests, vaccines and especially the alleged "treatment" protocols are the issue.  The only real value in revealing all we know about what happened when and where is in the hopes that the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity committed by Kaiser and the brigade are indicted, deprived of their liberty and especially, deprived of their assets since we think Kaiser might be worth big property- something tradable on the foreign market for something other than worthless US dollars.


The first record that we can find on the OspA kind of antigen:
1983: Synthesis of the mitogenic S-[2,3-bis(palmitoyloxy)propyl]-N-palmitoylpentapeptide from Escherichia coli lipoprotein.


As you recall from Chp 3, this is what OspA looks like/is

The following looks like an attempt at an HIV vaccine with an OspA adjuvant:

From an HIV vaccine: 


OspA basically comes from or is common to E. coli, HIV.  Some reports say B. burgdorferi and E. coli are the sources of the triacylated P3C lipopeptides and that mycoplasma produced diacylated lipopeptides  There may be something else similar but not identical in other pathogens but it appears that few are the sources of this particular general antigen shape ( Pam3Cys).


One of the Plum Island strains of mycoplasma (fungi); stealth disablers:[uid]


: J Hyg (Lond). 1983 Jun;90(3):441-9. Links


Immunogenic variation among the so-called LC strains of Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides.   

"Much evidence of immunogenic heterogeneity among the LC strains of Mycoplasma mycoides ssp. mycoides emerged from cross-immunization and -hyper-immunization experiments in mice in which three LC strains (Vom/Plum Island, 74/2488, and Mankefar 2833) were used for challenge purposes. All heterologous LC-strain vaccines cross-immunized against the three challenge strains, but protection was usually only 'partial', i.e. significantly less than that given by homologous vaccine. Cross-hyperimmunization with all heterologous LC but not SC strains produced protection against challenge with Vom/Plum Island that was virtually 'complete', i.e. similar to that produced by homologous vaccine. Challenge with 74/2488 gave generally similar results; but against Mankefar 2833 six heterologous LC vaccines gave complete protection and six did not. Vaccines prepared from the Smith (1423) strain of M. mycoides ssp. capri gave some protection against Vom/Plum Island but none against 74/2488 or Mankefar 2833. The cross-immunizing ability of three further M. mycoides ssp. capri strains appeared to resemble that of Smith (1423). In a cross-hyperimmunization experiment, vaccines prepared from SC strains of M. mycoides ssp. mycoides varied greatly in their ability to protect against challenge with strains 74/2488 and Mankefar 2833.   PMID: 6190898 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


So, there are Plum Island strains of mycoplasma.

Murdered Iraqi scientist who studied infertility in cattle due to mycoplasmas on Plum Island[Author


Use of biological weapons by Don Saddam Rumsfeld:   Congressional Record- Bioweapons sold by USA to Iraq to use against Iran: Page S8987-S8998

"...Over the protest of some Pentagon skeptics, 
     the Reagan administration began allowing the Iraqis to buy a 
     wide variety of "dual use" equipment and materials from 
     American suppliers. According to confidential Commerce 
     Department export-control documents obtained by NEWSWEEK, the 
     shopping list included a computerized database for Saddam's 
     Interior Ministry (presumably to help keep track of political 
     opponents); helicopters to transport Iraqi officials; 
     television cameras for "video surveillance applications"; 
     chemical-analysis equipment for the Iraq Atomic Energy 
     Commission (IAEC), and, most unsettling, numerous shipments 
     of "bacteria/fungi/protozoa" to the IAEC. According to 
     former officials, the bacterial cultures could be used to 
     make biological weapons, including anthrax...."


What was the fungi?

One we know about was "stinking smut"

It would seem that the UNSCOM weapons inspectors had found any biowarfare agents that we had sold Saddam Hussein, then, methinks someone with a .gov domain would be guilty of a warcrime?  The only people squawking about it is Iran and they don't count since they have oil and they're not the USA, which makes them... bad, bad, terrorists and insane and threatening criminals etc etc Islamofascist Hitlers intent on a global extermination Christianity and Judaism and so on and so forth and faster please and all of that fairy-ass neocon bullshit... 

"Iran exists and they're not Israelis; Iran is an existential threat to Israel!!"

"The ALDF exists and they're not truthful; the ALDF is an existential threat to mankind and must be wiped off the map!" 

Experiment: Everyone should be able to try on this crazy bullshit and see if they don't get carried off to the nearest psychiatric emergency room.  Only the Israelicons get away with it because crazy is not crazy when referring to Israelis.  Everyone knows that's just how they are.


No one cares.  This is not pursued.  White phosphorus, anthrax, all sorts of illegal biological and chemical weapons, were and are used in Iran/Iraq but supplied by the US and the UK.  It's no big deal.  It's only a big deal when an Israeli-US scientist who worked at Ft. Detrick mailed some around the US after 9/11 and tried to blame it on Arabs.  Zack and the Dancing Israelis, and whoever else from Israel is allowed to do whatever they want in America and the go back home.  'Like the State Department's Mark Grossman and Sibel Edmonds.  'Like Michael Ledeen and the fake Niger letter.  There's tons of crime around here.  Whoever is an Israeli is pretty much immune to prosecution anywhere in the Western world.


There was a murdered Iraqi scientist who worked in the United States with mycoplasmas with regard to causing bovine infertility.

So far, no big secrets.  Mycoplasma are a rather new discovery.  JG Tully was fascinated with them and spiroplasma ◄1997 Tully on Mycoplasma associated with arthritis and immune suppression.


MEDLINE search for mycoplasma and L form:[MeSH+Terms]+OR+%22mycoplasma%22[All+Fields])+AND+L-form[All+Fields]


Characterization of the physiological requirements for the bactericidal effects of a monoclonal antibody to OspB of Borrelia burgdorferi by confocal microscopy. 

Department of Pathology, State University of New York, Stony Brook 11794, USA.

A confocal microscopy study was undertaken to characterize the bactericidal effects of the Fab fragments of CB2, an immunoglobulin G1kappa murine monoclonal antibody, to an epitope in the carboxy region of the outer surface protein B (OspB) of Borrelia burgdorferi. Simultaneous direct labeling of both fixed and live spirochetes with fluorochrome-labeled Fab-CB2 and 11G1, and an immunoglobulin Mkappa monoclonal antibody to OspA, showed that OspA and OspB seem to colocalize in dead spirochetes but do not appear to be physically associated when the organisms are alive. A polar bleb composed of a Fab-CB2-OspB complex, followed by incorporation of 11G1-OspA, precedes the formation of a spheroplast. The spheroplasts contain both OspA and OspB and are a terminal stage in the bactericidal process induced by Fab-CB2. Outer membrane destabilization by Fab-CB2, but not cell wall or cytoplasmic membrane alterations, was demonstrated experimentally by the sequential treatment of spirochetes with Fab-CB2 and monoclonal antibodies to flagellin and DnaK. The action of Fab-CB2 is epitope specific, as another monoclonal antibody to an epitope in the amino terminus of OspB was not bactericidal. The bactericidal effect of Fab-CB2 is not dependent on the induction of spirochetal proteases but is dependent on the presence of Ca2+ and Mg2+. Supplementation of Ca2(+)- and Mg2(+)-free medium with these cations restored the bactericidal effects of Fab-CB2. The mechanism by which a Fab fragment of an antibody destroys a bacterium directly may represent a novel form of antibody-organism interaction.


URI's Dave Nelson "Reversion of cyst form to intact spirochetes within one minute of addition of rabbit blood:"  (This was published in the United States in recent time so the CDC can't reject it which is what they always do with data they don't like from Europe.)


Question:  If spirochetes, when driven into the cyst form, replicate, do we end up with even more spirochetes than we would have had we not taken antibiotics?

Fikrig mentions that OspA vaccination makes the spirochete population increases in ticks in the presence of OspA antibodies:


--1983, Proposed Life Cycle for the Reiter Treponeme  (validity of "cysts," or spheroplasts or regeneration forms)


--1982, Willy Burgdorfer:  ◄Lynn Margulis; different spirochetal life forms.

1) "Composite, large spirochetes from microbial mats: spirochete structure review."

Morphological changes may be responsible for relapsing, persisting illness.




How Lyme Borreliosis and LYMErix cause immune-suppression illnesses- Downregulation of the antigen-presenting HLAs mean no antibodies will be produced:

The Journal of Immunology, 2004, 173: 2660-2668.
Copyright © 2004 by The American Association of Immunologists
Mycobacterium tuberculosis LprG (Rv1411c): A Novel TLR-2 Ligand That Inhibits Human Macrophage Class II MHC Antigen Processing1

 "Signaling through TLR-2 by lipoproteins may represent a double-edged sword for host responses to chronic intracellular pathogens such as M. tuberculosis. Short-term signaling through TLR-2 activates macrophages and initiates acute inflammation that may help control initial infection. In contrast, prolonged TLR-2 signaling in macrophages results in down-regulation of certain critical immune functions, such as MHC-II Ag processing. M. tuberculosis infects, survives, and persists in macrophages. The ability of M. tuberculosis to survive acute inflammation positions the bacilli to take advantage, through secretion of lipoproteins such as LprG and LpqH, of this down-regulation of macrophage immune function."    


See also, the Russian Scientists, Intracellular, and the spheroplast forms (& "starvation forms," "stringent forms," "L-forms," cysts, mycoplasma-like formations, and/or whatever else they do)


"Toll-like receptors (TLRs) 2 and 4 are signal transducers for lipopolysaccharide, the major proinflammatory constituent in the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. We observed that membrane lipoproteins/lipopeptides from Borrelia burgdorferi, Treponema pallidum, and Mycoplasma fermentans activated cells heterologously expressing TLR2 but not those expressing TLR1 or TLR4. These TLR2-expressing cells were also stimulated by living motile B. burgdorferi, suggesting that TLR2 recognition of lipoproteins is relevant to natural Borrelia infection. Importantly, a TLR2 antibody inhibited bacterial lipoprotein/lipopeptide-induced tumor necrosis factor release from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells, and TLR2-null Chinese hamster macrophages were insensitive to lipoprotein/lipopeptide challenge. The data suggest a role for the native protein in cellular activation by these ligands. In addition, TLR2-dependent responses were seen using whole Mycobacterium avium and Staphylococcus aureus, demonstrating that this receptor can function as a signal transducer for a wide spectrum of bacterial products. We conclude that diverse pathogens activate cells through TLR2 and propose that this molecule is a central pattern recognition receptor in host immune responses to microbial invasion." related on MedLine


Here is Dave Persing (Lyme testing RICO patent owner) Corixa's "We modified OspA for use to sell in our adjuvant business because the real OspA is too awful" advertisement which has since been taken off the web, and Corixa has since been purchased by SmithKline:  EMBASSIES_CORIXA_TLR_13_JULY_06.htm

And here is Dave Persing of Corixa talking about how the native OspA proteins are too awful to be used alone as a vaccine in another patent:,800,613

"While not wishing to be bound by theory, it is believed that the efficacy of the prophylactic and therapeutic applications described above are based at least in part on the involvement of the mono- and disaccharide compounds in the modulation of Toll-like receptor activity. In particular, Toll-like receptors Tlr2, Tlr4, and others, are believed to be specifically activated, competitively inhibited or otherwise affected by the non-toxic LPS derivatives and mimetics disclosed herein. Accordingly, the methods of the invention provide a powerful and selective approach for modulating the innate immune response pathways in animals without giving rise to the toxicities often associated with the native bacterial components that normally stimulate those pathways."


In this instance they are talking about a polysaccharide in place of the protein, but it's the union and the opposing solubilities that are toxic or immunostimulatory or "too immunostimulatory in the native form."

Note that one of the claims for this modified OspA vaccine as an adjuvant or immune-booster is that this could be used for:
7. A method in accordance with claim 2, wherein said infectious disease is a chronic infection.


I don't know of any "chronic infectious diseases," do you?




Top US Weaponeer Pathologist in 1992, at the Cold Spring Harbor Bioweaponeer- Crooks'
Conference says the lymphocytes of Chronic Lyme victims look like Epstein-Barr transformed

And so, what explains the viral-like (Lyme-like) activation of illness caused by
LYMErix, which I mentioned to the FDA Vaccine Committee in Jan 2001?

"We don't know how LYMErix is making people sick, but it could be due to
the immune dysregulation known to be caused by OspA..."

Cell Microbiol. 2007 Jan;9(1):142-53. Epub 2006 Aug 2.Click here to read Links

    The inhibitory effect of Mycoplasma fermentans on tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha-induced
apoptosis resides in the membrane lipoproteins.

    Gerlic M, Horowitz J, Farkash S, Horowitz S.

    Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Soroka
University Medical Center, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel,

    Mycoplasma have been shown to be involved in the alteration of several eukaryotic
cell functions, such as cytokine production, gene expression and more. We have previously
reported that infection of human myelomonocytic U937 cell line with live Mycoplasma
fermentans (M. fermentans) inhibited tumour necrosis factor (TNF-alpha)-induced
apoptosis. Mycoplasmal membrane lipoproteins are considered to be the most potent
initiators of inflammatory reactions in mycoplasmal infections. The aim of this
study was to clarify whether the inhibitory effect on TNFalpha-induced apoptosis
is exerted by M. fermentans lipoproteins (LPMf). A significant reduction in TNFalpha-induced
apoptosis was demonstrated by stimulation of U937 cells with M. fermentans total
proteins, LPMf or MALP-2 (M. fermentans synthetic lipopeptide), but not with M.
fermentans hydrophilic protein preparation (AqMf).  ***To investigate the mechanism
of M. fermentans antiapoptotic effect, the reduction of mitochondrial transmembrane
potential (delta psi m) was measured. M. fermentans total proteins LPMf and MALP-2,
but not AqMf, inhibited the reduction of delta psi m. In addition, M. fermentans
total proteins LPMf and MALP-2, but not AqMf, downregulated the formation of active
caspase-8.***  NF-kappaB was transactivated in cells treated with M. fermentans
lipoproteins, and was essential for host cell survival, but not for the inhibition
of TNFalpha-induced apoptosis by LPMf. *** Our results suggest that the inhibitory
effect exerted by M. fermentans on TNFalpha-induced apoptosis in U937 cells is due
to the membrane lipoproteins of these bacteria.***



Really, it's not only all the lies and bullshit that makes this disease so impossible, but one hand does not seem to know what the other is doing in these gubbamint departments and agencies.  There seem to be huge gaps in knowledge among these government scientists.  If Lyme was an accidental release of a vector-pathogen competence study on Plum Island (and it looks like it was because of the Bosler New Jersey study), it appears as though the bumblers sort of ignored it in the hopes that it would take years to figure out (especially with all the bullshit, obstruction, lies and harassment), and that they would zoom a vaccine onto the market before it got out of hand.

Problem:  It was the same antigen that made Lyme an immune suppressing stealth disabler.  Remember that back in those days they did not have mass spec and the like and you can't recrys a lipid.  Although we now have the structure (from Korea), it still seems as though it would be difficult to know exactly how this Pam3Cys "lies," so to speak.  The protein end I think is embedded in the membrane, meaning the electronegative spine is likely the ligand (hydrophobic end either pointing out of or lying against the membrane of the spirochete), but OspA also tends to border on a porin (OMS66).  Keep in mind that these are parasites and suck membranes, as well as live intracellularly.  Since they're parasites, what they're encoded for tells you the pathology they might induce.  What they need, they take.

Now, we have already flipped (exposed as bogus science) a lot of the dirt these assholes threw out there and upon us in previous chapters. Here in the Plum Island chapter we will focus mainly on the unanswered questions, not necessarily answering them, but throwing the real data out there that pertains to Plum Island for others to peruse, verify, and follow.  We've already unscrambled so much and proven so many outright lies from very top people in gubbamint (Barbour, Fauci), but we've also exposed the fact that not only does NIAID's Anthony Fauci own a patent for a vaccine against HIV, he also has a treatment for immune suppression outcomes (it's no big deal of a patent- he's just saying treat with inflammatory cytokines, something they do anyway for cancer patients) of bacterial, viral and fungal "post-syndromes" or immune system dysregulation or immune system wreckage.  In the patent he mentions all sorts of other treatments for these conditions, but to me the most remarkable one is the one Fauci does not mention- the reduction of receptor and to some degree surface HLA from B cells in the "emergency" desensitization protocol for wasp bite anaphylaxis.  It's, I wonder, like a memory-erase mechanism?

Surface membrane antigen alteration on blood basophils in patients with Hymenoptera venom allergy under immunotherapy:

Wasp venom rush immunotherapy induces transient downregulation of B cell surface molecule expression:

Chronic Lyme victims have an interest in bee venom because the NIH determined it is a good defensin or natural antibiotic against Lyme borrelia.  Notice that in the past 30 years Allen Steere and his evil gang have never even once mentioned a cure for "Lyme Disease."

Nevertheless, as we learned from the previous chapters, "chronic Lyme disease" is the opposite of that allergy response disease contrived by Allen Steere in Europe, when he wanted to say the only kind of Lyme there was, was the kind that needs no intravenous ceftriaxone.  People with Steere's Knees Disease tend to be free of the neurologic signs and fatigue.  The little we know from the Lyme criminals' personalities - the complete Klempner tape (perhaps one day I will record and digitize the entire lecture so you can really get the sense of his contempt for us from his tone of voice) and the Steere assessment by Dr. Michael A. Schwartz (a psychiatrist who wanted to punch this bastard in the face, for years) - simply says they're psychopaths and they see us all as chattel.  Such tends to be the thinking of all bioweaponeers as well as the corporate lawyer type.  Their purpose is destruction and getting rid of all the nuisance commoners.  It is a true state of psychopathy which you also see among the BigOil bankers and their ilk.   We're "serfs" and they're the "intellectual elite," they say, literally.  Except for the part where I'm all three: serf, genetically an elite (distant cousin of the Rockefellers), and a real intellectual- the very scariest kind to these assholes, since I will never and do never lie, and cannot be corrupted. 

Many people who are assholes and who in the past said they "wanted to help" me (by lying about me and abusing me, for instance), were being untruthful.  They were all in some way impressed with me - attracted to me (not in a good way, but in a manipulative way, since people so often mistake kindness for stupidity) - but wanted me to kiss their asses.  There is no vanity here.  I serve One Master.  I tell only the truth no matter what the consequences, because that's what the is is of humanity.  Everyone, in their hearts, knows this is the way all people should be. 
"But as useful as hypocrisy can be, itís apparently not quite as basic as the human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your mind can justify double standards, it seems, but in your heart you know youíre wrong."

It's very repulsive to me, the notion that I would kiss the butt of any man, as everyone who knows me will tell you.  I find men all to be disgusting, repulsive, fairy-ass pukes and not men. They don't act like MEN!!

I believe that they, my critics/abusers - especially people with MDs after their names - should be doing what I am doing, here.  And I believe they all know it.  I try to teach them that resentment, jealousy and hatred could have a very bad immortal outcome for them, but that seems to make them even more furious.  There are a few isms of humanity and spiritually that take sometimes months to years to get your brain around.  One is that if God loves us He would never send any of us to hell, right?  It seems unfair to create a being and then torture them for all humanity because, due to their exposure to evil in the world, only know evil.  I would know, since there was no love in the house that I came from, ironically-named 55 Easy Street, Milford, CT, but there was plenty of very violent and hypocritical pseudoreligiosity.  The same thing happened to Martin Luther, I remind.  At about 8 years old, and God is my Witness, I determined that it was insane for a person to have so many children if they clearly hated children.

It would be the natural inclination of a woman, a mother (my own is the rare exclusion to the rule, but that will be another book) to not want such a terrible thing as hell to happen to her own kids no matter how badly they turned out.  Non-mothers couldn't possibly understand.  It seems impossible from what we know of hell (EXORCISMS.htm), that our Creator would ever send us to such a place for Time infinity.  But if you read Mary K. Baxter and her visions of hell (jives with the Fatima children's revelations), and if you read Jesus' responses to the  screams of the damned and their pleas for mercy...  and if you read what He said in reply to these pitiful, pleading souls that He reached out to them many times but they repeatedly did not listen...  It still seams hard.  Jesus weeps and says, "Judgment is set."

But hell is the price of pride.  That's the price of putting yourself first.  That's the price of being too afraid in this world to admit that what you did was wrong, repent and make restitution.  That's the price of being TOO AFRAID of facing discomforts in this world.  That's the price of avoiding being knocked down from your pedestal.  That's the price of avoiding shame in this world.

If you read Malachi Martin's Hostage to the Devil, and read deeply  (read the book at least three times) about the nature of the deepest evil - of the perfectly possessed - you get a sense of Mark Klempner (and in my particular case, DMHAS' Kenneth Marcus and many others with those "dead-fish-eyes," as I liked to call them before I discovered Malachi Martin).  My experience is actually more the reverse:  If I think about what I would say if I tried to tell people what Mark Klempner is all about from his tone of voice, his contempt - and I'm sure Kris Newby got the same sense, while putting together UNDER OUR SKIN and interviewing the Lyme crooks - I end up wondering what seeped into these people that resulted in the coldest, blackest contempt; of total hatred for other humans.  Especially humans that they know damned-well are suffering.

It's very hard to fathom that sort of hatred.  It's hard to really understand walking in the shoes of Mark Klempner and his ilk.

Now is a good time to remind everyone that the only people who ever said anything about harming these Lyme criminals, were these Lyme criminals, themselves.  Once, a man from Europe posted something to the effect that "Steere is scheduled for termination."  We knew it to be a joke.  The man who posted that had been around for years and tried to help people by telling them how to get animal antibiotics and what his own regimen were and so on and so forth.  But the point to be taken is that these Lyme criminals were never in any danger from us, but the reverse was clearly true. 
So they blamed their victims.

It happens so frequently that very bad, very deeply evil people falsely accuse the innocent of exactly of what they are doing that is evil and wrong (like Israelis how they pretend to be the victims of Palestinians).  One almost has a sense that the truly evil have no imagination or creative abilities.  I suspect that's also true of Lucifer, himself.  The very thing Lucifer could not ever have because of the nature of his very being - he is a creature and not a Creator - seems to be the common thread, and Divine Justice, Divine Service of that want, is self-immolation.  Self destruction.

It's not at all easy for a real scientist to overlay the supernatural with the preternatural with the natural - the latter of which is native to a real scientist.  Maybe that's the thing about a real scientist.  We never take anything for granted.  At the base of, at the foot of this mountain of scientific knowledge and scientific crime, anybody whose nature is sincere/purely objective (says "I don't know; I am inferior to this knowledge") would be awestricken.  And furious.

If you keep giving people many chances to admit what they did was wrong and then do the right thing, what happens if they don't??
Discipline and Prayer
 15"(M)If your brother sins[b], go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother.

 16"But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that (N)BY THE MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY FACT MAY BE CONFIRMED.

 17"If he refuses to listen to them, (O)tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, (P)let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.

 18"Truly I say to you, (Q)whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.

 19"Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, (R)it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.

 20"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, (S)I am there in their midst.";&version=49;

I am inferior to understanding the magnitude of punishment of hell for crimes people commit on earth, but Everything Else seems like Perfection.  Christ says hell was designed for the devils.  If you read all your can about the Great War in Heaven:

The Devil Speaks of his Envy (Pride)

JESUS: Tell me, while she is listening, why it was just that you fell so far and what you were thinking when you fell!"

The devil answered: "I saw three things in you: I saw your glory and honor above all things, and I thought about my own glory. Hence I was determined in my pride not merely to be equal to you but even greater than you. Second, I saw that you were the most powerful of all. Hence I longed to be more powerful than you. Third, I saw what was to be in the future and, since your glory and honor were without beginning and would be with out end, I envied you and thought that I would gladly be tortured forever with all manner of harsh punishments if only you could die. With such thoughts I fell. And in that way hell was created."

Lucifer thought, "I would gladly be tortured forever if only you could die" - and that's exactly what he got- he got what he thought would be the price of his vanity.  Except that Lucifer himself does not suffer the punishments of hell- he is the source of the punishments and he even tortures and brutalizes his own angels.

He HATED God for all that God is.

Who can understand it?

The only people who understand hatred are those who hate.  And if you notice, in this world, hatred is always over something very petty.  Mortal life on earth is like a miniature or a toy version of the supernatural world.  We're like the mini-angels.  The paradox is that the angels were designed to serve humans for God.  But the fallen angels said, "I WILL NOT SERVE."

It's hard to imagine that anyone would mess around with God like that.

Being the minis; being the toy version of the angels, Christ came here and told it to us simply:  "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

The elite, the well-endowed either in property or intellect, don't want to serve us, but enslave us, like working livestock.  And that sort of explains the experience of Dr. Michael A. Schwartz, alone in the examining room, with Allen Steere.

You try to teach people.  You try to warn them.  You try to shame them with logic.  You try to put the facts in their faces.  You try to get them to watch the scary videos and read the scary books about hell.  You report them to their superiors to get them fired so they can harm no more.  You beg the nations to pay attention to American crimes so that they don't fall victim to it. You send a million emails and spent a hundred thousand dollars to prove with the science that Lyme is a crime.  You lose it all and you intend to keep screaming until it is your last breath...

Christ said:

Great wailing sobs came from this man.  "I'm so sorry, Jesus.  Forgive me.  Take me out of here.  I have been in this place of torment for years.  I beg You, let me out!" Great sobs shook his skeletal frame as he begged, "Please, Jesus, let me out!" I looked at Jesus and saw that He too was crying.

"Lord Jesus," the man cried out from the burning pit, "haven't I suffered enough for my sins? It has been forty years since my death."

Jesus said, "It is written, The just shall live by faith!' All mockers and unbelievers shall have their part in the lake of fire.  You would not believe the truth.  Many times My people were sent to you to show you the way, but you would not listen to them.  You laughed at them and refused the gospel.  Even though I died on a cross for you, you mocked Me and would not repent of your sins.  My Father gave you many opportunities to be saved.  If only you had listened!" Jesus wept.

"I know, Lord, I know!" the man cried.  "But I repent now."

"It is too late," said Jesus.  "Judgment is set."

- - -

33"You serpents, (AF)you brood of vipers, how will you escape the sentence of (AG)hell?

 34"(AH)Therefore, behold, (AI)I am sending you prophets and wise men and scribes; some of them you will kill and crucify, and some of them you will (AJ)scourge in your synagogues, and (AK)persecute from city to city,

 35so that upon you may fall the guilt of all the righteous blood shed on earth, from the blood of righteous (AL)Abel to the blood of Zechariah, the (AM)son of Berechiah, whom (AN)you murdered between the temple and the altar.

36"Truly I say to you, all these things will come upon (AO)this generation.

 37"(AP)Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who (AQ)kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, (AR)the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling.

 38"Behold, (AS)your house is being left to you desolate!

 39"For I say to you, from now on you will not see Me until you say, '(AT)BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!'"



You can dig and dig and dig but hatred and even the neglect of duty by the people whose job it is to help us (FDA, DOJ, NIH, AMA, DCF) is something a normal person will never understand.

I even had the experience to talking to Customs in New Haven, CT., about this crime who during the conversation/explanation insisted I was reading something rather than talking (shooting) from the hip.  They kept interrupting me again and again, demanding to be told what I was reading from.  They put me on speaker phone and asked other people into the room.  They did nothing to help us, and instead got all bent out of shape over the delivery, because they didn't believe I could speak such fluent Lymecryme-eeze.  (I'm a girl, you see; not allowed to be smart.)

Ya have to pity such arrogant, stupid people because you know when they leave work every night and go home, they have ridiculous retarded nonsense on their minds related to the maintenance of the property and worldly goods.  We Lyme victims are dealing with all this extraordinary crime and abuse and neglect  year in and year out, exploring every element of earth and of humanity and of the Divine and of the preternatural and still in the end we can't quite put our finger on WHAT IS THAT ENTITY, WHAT IS THAT WILL, WHAT IS THAT THING, THAT THEY CHOOSE TO DO, OR THINK, OR FEEL, that like Lucifer, is so illogical, that they go with that Whatever-It-Is and would dare to flip themselves into the Inferno for all time??

They acquired the status of not knowing Love because the evidence is that they grew contempt, they grew hatred for the Truth.  When you know what's going to happen to such arrogant priques when God calls them on their bullshit (He probably doesn't say bullshit, but He does say "dung"), it's just plain pitiful.