Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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Amazing cowardice.  The victims solved the biggest medical crime in human history and we still have not been formally thanked yet by the government or the medical community.

We don't plan on forgiving or forgetting how we were treated, GIVEN how huge the Lyme crymes were and the severe abuse we suffered for exposing it.  And I am not referring to the "non-profits" when I say "we."


View from the Wilderness:


How much of your tax money goes to the 911-Thermate War-Crime wars and the rest of the useless Govt employees who literally refuse to do their jobs protecting us from war- and other criminals?

If the people in the military were not self-serving, greedy hypocrites, they would help the rest of us. But, no, they pretend they're all "Christians."  Bible-thumping destruction-whores for the petrodollar oil-thiefs and nation-wreckers.  Bug-splatters, you know with a bible in one hand and a bug-splatting joystick in the other.  And they want your sympathy and for you to bow down, in addition to all the money and job security for being an official murderer.  'A NAZI for the New World Petrodollar order, who slays those who will not take the Petrodollar sign of the beast for international trade (hand) and for "settlements" (head, calculate). 

See, that's the trouble with heresies like Protestantism, especially "Southern Baptist."  You're led to believe it's "holy" to murder and destroy for the Almighty Petrodollar Empire.  Bow down.  Genuflect at the red-striped, blood stained flag.  Enslave the barbarians and take a percentage from the land you conquered in the name of your "order," just like the Romans did.


Can anyone say we did not get to view the 911 Reality TV Show because George W. Bush actually told us he would "handle" Saddam Hussein for the oil, just as he explained in the Oct 2000 Al Gore debates?

He did:   



We'll never forget the cowardice rampant cowardice that is the trademark of The United States:

"It's the perfect stealth pathogen (means: no antibodies) that causes MS, Lupus, excruciating headaches, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ALS, stroke, dementia, etc," says a physician associated with Department of Energy, Brookhaven, Long Island, Uconn, Yale, the NIH, Allen Steere, etc,... And spirochetes for 100 years have been known to target lymph nodes and destroy B cell germinal centers, permanently - irreversibly.  Go ahead and use PubMed and search for spirochetes and lymph nodes (You can do it!), to verify.

And while the CDC admits to 300,000 cases of "Lyme disease" annually, the falsified Dearborn case definition ("only an HLA-linked hypersensitivity or arthritis in a knee response") means only 15% of the cases are reportable, which means there 2 million Lyme infection cases a year, half of whom remain disabled (UCSF).    That means there are 1 million new cases of disability per year in America alone, and an untold number in the greater world.  The cryme of falsifying the disease definition and description by CDC officers Alan Barbour and Barbara Johnson has never been prosecuted because this is America - Land of Oppression and Abuse, that jails and tortures whistleblowers.  The CDC claims the cyst or spheroplast form of Borreliae are not viable, while in 1964 wrote instructions for freeze-drying your borrelia for later use as intact spirochetes (weaponizing).

And while all of this is easily discoverable, not one single "MD" in America or any staff of the CDC or NIH or any medical society will admit to it all publicly.  None will tell you that the OspA/LYMErix vaccine not only never prevented spirochetes in any animal, it is the same fungal endotoxin that is responsible for ruining the immune system and causing post-sepsis syndrome, which is the real name and definition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME or "Chronic Lyme."  Certainly no "LLMDs" talk about the mechanisms by which spirochetes cause disease or explain to you why LYMErix, alone, caused the chronic, irreversible illness, with the secondary, opportunistic infections, such as Candida, other fungi, mycoplasma, etc., and especially the reactivated herpes viruses that are ACTUALLY responsible for the MS, Lupus, etc outcomes.

Do they?  And how many "MDs" in America specialize in Infectious Diseases?  You can see, they're worthless.  None even ask how LYMErix could have caused a "multi-system disease indistinguishable from later presentations of Lyme disease" - Mayo Clinic's former employee, David Persing


Remember, people:  The LAST thing you want to be known as or remembered as, is as a COWARD.  Cowards are revolting, repulsive, disgusting, and grotesque.  They are the very lowest life forms.  Even bathroom slime has more integrity because it does not willingly try to sell itself as perfume or scented body-wash.  I am talking mainly about people with "MD" after their names. 

Think of how many "doctors" were wrong about everything, how they did not know about fungal-viral synergy, about how fungal antigens cause immunosuppression, how this immunosuppression plays a role in the Autism pandemic (kids are GETTING the viruses, and not the "protection").  Think about how in the last 10-15 years psychiatry was debunked as hocus-pocus and how BigPharma is worried that no one wants to be a psychiatrist out of "medical school" any more (so who will push their bogus, brain-damaging "drugs?"). 

These facts - these truths we bring you that you can verify independently -, very clearly have zero to do with people who have "MD" after their names.  "Doctors" are useless, all around.  Their function is limited to writing drug prescriptions, but most do not know what goes into a validating a  lab test or are aware of the role of insurance companies writing diagnostic and treatment "guidelines."  Most "doctors" don't even know MS and Lupus are caused by some combination of the herpesviruses, as are most other illnesses and most cancers.  They don't even know they can use PubMed to search for this data and these associations!!

Now, what causes such stupidity?  Arrogance, which is the result of cowardice.  'The fear of appearing to be "less-than" the other guy. 

How in the world could Lyme be a "Great Imitator" causing all kinds of outcomes like ALS, Lupus (Yale used to have a "Lyme and Lupus Clinic, but now Yale says Lupus is most likely due to Epstein-Barr),
and multiple sclerosis (NIH had an "MS-and-Lyme Clinic," until they found out the fungal OspA or LYMErix vaccine caused the MS outcome of Lyme - also due to reactivated latent herpesviruses),
cancer, ME/CFS, stroke, etc, if spirochetes were not screwing up peoples' immune systems, permanently?

We patients have to explain and show this data to you, because there really are no "doctors" in America.  Think about it.  All there are, are sleazebags, whores and greedy douches.  And they're all STUPID - which is the result of their arrogance. 

Pity.  It's a pity that nowadays, we victims who figured out this 500 year old mystery of the Great Imitator, are treated like trash across the board, by the US Government and all the people in America with "MD" after their names.  That's the best America can do.  Torture their victims.   Think about it.  Who's ever thanked us?  Who's ever admitted we were right, about Lyme and OspA, formally?

NO ONE.  None have the balls. 

In America, in the near future - what's left of us when the rest of the world abandons us to environmental and financial disasters (when the rest of the world realizes they do not need us or our petrodollar  Monopoly money)-, the ones remembered for courage will not include any "doctors."  There will be no former "public servants," or cops, or jail guards - no govt employees or sluts for the new world order - of any kind, among us.  No bureaucrats, no CEOs, no one who ever wore a uniform or had a state or federal govt badge of any sort.   No employee of the military at any level. 

Not a single person whose livelihood was dependent upon inflicting suffering on others will be among us.



Nobody with "MD" after their names and no one in the US Government either helped us or thanked us for getting that dangerous non-vaccine, LYMErix, off the market.

No one's ever thanked us, formally, for getting rid of OspA, the fungal (TLR2/1-agonist), immune-suppressing toxin fraudulently passed off as a "vaccine" by Yale University. 

Anyone can find out for themselves that Pam3Cys never could have been a vaccine, using Google or PubMed.

Anyone can find out for themselves that fungal triacyl lipopeptides produced and shed by spirochetes or other organisms cause immunosuppression and then an AIDS like disease otherwise known as post-sepsis syndrome or CVID.

Yet the AMA and other medical groups make no effort to discover we are right and thank us for our activism in exposing this crime.


Because this phenomenon shows "doctors" have very little training in basic science and are merely the same as automobile mechanics:  they did not design the engine's computer brain, and they did not do the physics of designing the engine.  They're technicians.  They're not scientists.  They belong to a club like a cops' club or a union.  Someone else invents or designs and then sells them their gear, and then explains to them how to use that gear. 

At some point in time in the near future someone in some sort of official position is going to say to all the "MDs" in America, "WHERE WERE YOU!!??  Why didn't you help these people?  Why didn't you put any effort into discovering what was involved in this Tobacco Science 'controversy?'"

How's this for beyond-shockingly obvious?  >>>  Using LYMErix to tolerize against Inhalation Bubonic Plague.  No really.  It's Ray Dattwyler's patent claim (SUNY-SB).

You cant make any of this up.  OspA tolerizes, which means immunosuppression, duh.



The "Exceptional" History of Lyme Activism:

I have been around since 1996. 1999 was when the fake Lyme vaccine came out and was giving people "Lyme." ILADS had not formed yet.  ActionLyme was formed at the same time (Summer 1999).

Our group, ActionLyme, was about getting the criminals prosecuted from the beginning (reporting the crooks to their medical boards),... and getting LYMErix off the market.  (See the criminal charge sheets as they are now, the history and the chronology of the crime of saying Lyme was "just a bad knee.")

(Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine.")

We had already done the Conflicts of Interest work, research and complaint by the summer of 1999 - NOT the LDA, who copied it all - which was why we called ourselves ACTIONLYME (in other words, get rid of the crooks, for once and for all).

ILADS did *nothing* but scheme about how to get more and more money and never fight for us. They STRAIGHT UP SAID that *** we victims had to do all the fighting, that they were too busy emptying our pockets.*** YOU know this is true because they STILL say this. They did not testify at the FDA about how LYMErix was causing the same disease.

*** It is OBVIOUS why they ignored all those sick people.***

ILADS did not even help the now Senator Richard Blumenthal go after the crooks, ILADS knew *that* little about the disease and the crime. These know-nothings and do-nothings are the ones so many people are angry at me for exposing. Odd.

Even if you knew nothing about me and ActionLyme and getting LYMErix off the market, you could see ILADS did not help Blumenthal go after the crooks and show him the FRAUD aspect of it all.

I write this because people are telling me *I* am the one who is doing this all wrong, and *I* am the bad guy, because they themselves make no investment in finding out how OspA causes the same disease, and that Lyme is incurable - everyone knows this, or those same people would not be prowling the internet, looking for the next famous VooDoo remedy. They would not put their hope in Charlatans who care so little about people, they dont even fight to take Medicare patients, making the disability legitimate. ILADS does not fight at all. All they do is put themselves on a pedestal.

It has been known for 100 years that spirochetes cause Great Imitator outcomes, target the lymph nodes, and that no antibiotics of any sort can dislodge them. This is not to mention that they damage the B cell germination centers, rendering you with an AIDS like disease - AKA the Great Imitator.

It is also OBVIOUS that for every person with a true HLA-linked autoimmune disease (these people make a lot of antibodies and are not too disabled by fatigue and weakness), there are 6 of us with the NO-IMMUNE outcomes called sepsis or immunoparalysis or Endotoxin Tolerance - a well known thing, and for centuries had a lot of different names.  But not since the 1960s or so, when psychiatry became "Medicine" (it was considered flakery up until that time by real doctors), did they start slandering us.

Look at the big picture. Every person owes it to themselves to take the long look. 100 years...

As it stands right now, only a handful of people in the world are dedicated to going after the CDC criminals.  The others, particularly other Americans, have no interest in fighting for the OTHER GUY.  The majority of "Americans," the "Exceptional" people, actually do not give a shit about anyone but themselves.

To Wit:  "Lyme activism" mirrors the true nature of Americans:  "It's All About Me, or I Aint Playin.  I, the American, do not play for the team, I play for me."

And no "doctors" fight for us.  Take a look around, and see that that is true.  Look for and try to find a single person on earth with "MD" after their names who can tell you what OspA is, and how it caused a disease like "Chronic Lyme," and how that immunosuppression ties in all the other diseases of abuse, such as Autism, Gulf War Illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, etc. 

It's not that complicated, but true facts make no person FAMOUS!!!  And there you have the nature of the Exceptionals in Exceptional America:  "It's All About Me, Or I Ain't Playin."

Every American is a little Godlet, and wants everyone else to bow down to them.  I. Me. My. 

"I will write a famous book!!! - so tell me all your ideas...."

"I was a protestor, I told MY STORY at several events!!"

"Here's my picture at a Lyme rally; I am a famous warrior since I am sick and you should hear! about how sick I am.  No one in the world has ever suffered as much as me!!"

"I should be on TV!! for how much of a sufferer I am.  Rich people like me, that is VERY FAMOUS suffering!!!  Poor people, not so much."
 (Really, someone wrote that, recently.)

"I am a rich person, therefore I have a more dangerous and serious disease than those peasants!!!" - Marisol Thomas, wife of a fiddler.  Great.

But the OTHER GUY?

Give them nothing.  Shut them up.  It goes that way across the board, from America.  This is the greatest nation in history.  We make guns and sow violence especially in the lands where there are resources we want.  :D

We Americans even go so far as to say we have to "protect our assets in other countries."  This would be like Russia saying they "have to invade and destroy South Africa because that's where our Russian gold is."


Arrogance has no creative ability, since self-idolatry mimics Lucifer and the demons' escapades.  They are cut off from the Light (Truth).   This is clearly the reason Americans lose at everything.  We suck at medical science, we don't do "care" (there are no doctors), and we lose all the False Flag Oil Wars. 

Now Yellen (the Fed) is calling for Austerity, cutting benefits, cutting welfare.  And this when over 50% of the national budget goes to losing the oil wars to Russia, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Khazakstan, China, Iran, India and those allies of Eurasia.  The History of America is entirely about how selfishness and greed lose you your country.  It parallels the Lyme wars.


Greetings, victims of Govt and corporate fraud and their Ministry of Propaganda:

Rejoice in the fact that the "main stream media" (MSM; Ministry of Propaganda) continues its death struggle - their hysterical fits -, because they were wrong about why we did not like Hillary Moneybags Fake Non-profit Profiteer.  But in its place, you be sure to use all your words properly, study the dictionary, and substantiate all your claims - like you have seen here for the last 13+ years -, and which WikiLeaks copied (scan in the forbidden documents).   Always substantiate your claims with more than one reference, as you have seen here.  Even more correctly, let the data speak, first.

In the class struggle, remember there are 3 classes.  The 1%, the people who have jobs related to the military ("Christian" destruction / bible-thumpers in uniform) or "medicine," (prolonging everyone's misery; no vaccine for the one we needed all along, the one that causes nearly every disease, Epstein-Barr), and their victims - you.

But the hysterics of the MSM show you there is a power vacuum going on right now.  And what we have seen from the Hillary Foundation shows you these "non-profits" are not charities.  For the last 27 years the Lyme and CFIDS non-profits, very clearly, have done nothing.  To Wit: How many "doctors" and "clinics" claim to treat Lyme and CFIDS, but none of them have ever explained how the OspA vaccines alone caused the same post-sepsis outcome?  Something we witnessed in the Spring of 1999. 

This whole country is one big farce.  A Potemkin Village; people who take a paycheck and then don't do their jobs (all of the Govt, the NIH, the FDA, the DOJ, the CDC, the legislators, and the press)? 
That's a cheat.  They're low-lives. 

On top of that, they've all demonized the despair they've wrought.  Think.  Where have you ever read the true story of Lyme Crymes (saying OspA was a "vaccine," when it was the opposite, an immune suppressing fungal toxin)? 

If people don't have manufacturing jobs, what kind of jobs can they have to provide for their families? 

What pays as well as the Govt employees who don't do their jobs?  Drugs, right? 
How many potential "Walter White and Cos.?" are there out there? 

And who does the DOJ bust? 
Not the corporate criminals, clearly. 
Not the ones who destroyed our understanding of human health for the last 27 years because they wanted royalties from recombinant DNA products like OspA (which activates Epstein-Barr and other herpes viruses via immunosuppression mechanisms).