Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

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CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000





I faxed a ton of evidence of America's Lyme crymes to Russian and Chinese embassies (and many others, including the UN and the ICC) at least 5 years ago.

Forget whistleblower protections.  We know that ain't happenin.  We knew 9 years ago that there was going to be no protection against whistleblowers.

See the July 13 2006 fax about Corixa and Pam3Cys as an immune suppressing TLR2 agonist.

Note what I say in that 2006 fax:

"What all of this means is that the US, Yale and SmithKline know that Lyme Borreliosis is a “stealth disabler,” they know the mechanism of immune suppression (or the lack of antibodies produced- rendering the infection “stealth” or as having bioweapons potential), and that is via TLR-2 antagonism by these mycoplasmal or fungal or triacyl or diacyl lipopeptides which render the HLA or antigen-presenting molecules incompetent."

And so, here we are, 5 years later, and 11 years after I also explained this to the FDA Vaccine Committee, in person, giving copies of pages out of the CDC's Dearborn booklet to all 15 members, explaining that the Dearborn testing schema was a fraud and scientifically untrue (no one agreed with Steere's proposal despite Dearborn being a consensus conference), and that LYMErix caused a chronic-Lyme like illness - that we didn't know why, except we knew OspA produced an IL-10 response (immunosuppressive cytokine) and that Ray Dattwyler spoke about how the NK cells in chronic Lyme had become incompetent in 1988... which led to Dattwyler's Seronegative Lyme Assay...

But when the USA trashes its whistleblowers, other nations are going to find that interesting.

So, it's very unwise for America to trash its whistleblowers, but then, that's America, the Stupid.

Embassy of the People's Republic of China 28 July 2006

And so on.

"Creates specific protection in the law for scientific freedom, making it an abuse of authority to ***
censor, obstruct dissemination, or misrepresent the results of federal research***."
" Modifies the burdens of proof to make it more realistic for the Office of Special Counsel to seek disciplinary accountability against those who retaliate."

Finally.  I hope they institute retroactive criminal charges because I know a LOT of people who are running around loose who need to be locked up because they're criminally insane.  About 100 State of Connecticut employees, for instance, Edward McSweegan at the NIH, several at the CDC, and at least a dozen at Yale.

However, I long ago blew the whistle to foreign nations.  I faxed the crap out the crime to all the foreign embassies, and even the Iran embassy in Canada.

"Lyme Disease" - the obvious NIH/CDC cover up of an accidental Plum Island release (TLR2 agonist tolerance and the activation of Epstein-Barr) - which includes the mechanisms of induction of EVERY DISEASE, including diabetes? 

The foreign nations to whom I faxed the evidence of the Lyme crymes could all claim it was "a national security issue" or a human rights issue to see what the health truth is, rather than relying on the bogus proclamations of whoever is really running the NIH/CDC/FDA.

Lyme Disease is, after all, a "stealth disabler" according to the Department of Energy and Department of Defense (Brookhaven), and the NIH really did try to shut Willy Burgdorfer up.

Foreign nations would be CRAZY not to try to find out what else the USA "Government" is lying about.

We obviously did.  And trashing the whistleblower (as in this "Lyme" case) is a sure sign that whatever the whistleblower is saying merits further and intense scrutiny by all adversaries of the whistleblower-trashing-"U. S. Government."


Funny that America's "universities" failed to educate people on the Mechanisms of Immunosuppression and resultant Great Imitators. That would have been huge for bio and chem workers, hospitals, and even for the banksters. Imagine the patents to treat diseases that, all this time, never existed in the eyes of the "universities":

China and Russia steal intelligence, but Israel, no.  They're simply here and can take - or spin, in the case of "Lyme Disease" (See what they want:

So, I faxed a ton of evidence of America's crymes to Russian and Chinese embassies in America 


"Yeah,-We-Knew-That; We-Been-Sayin-It-For-Years" Department:

"Experts say the case exposes deep flaws in the way science is done in a field, psychology, that has only recently earned a fragile respectability."





Newsflash: Scandal Exposed in Major Study of Autism and Mercury

"WHAT?!!," you may say to yourself, "is the CDC's problem?"  

Even the US Military wants nothing more to do with them.


You may say to yourself, "Self?  Why does the 'US Government' so consistently and viciously trash Lyme victims?"

And you might answer, "Welp, they sent out spooks to make sure Willy Burgdorfer did not say much about Neurologic Lyme and the aerosolizable, viable, spirochetal cyst form in the Under Our Skin interview.  And now that we know for sure that CFIDS is the same thing and
responds to the same treatment, one might be inclined to reminisce about such aerosolized borrelia biowarfare experiments and Incline Village..."

Treatment for Chronic Lyme, CFIDS and MS is the same (clue; Epstein-Borreliosis): 

Other excitements in Lyme-land: Judge Speaks Out About VERY DISABLING CHRONIC LYME 

Wow.  The guy waits until the validity of the disease is finally in the mainstream media to stick his neck out.  I wonder how many other lawyer types and "doctors" will now rear their horned heads and say "I am suffering it, too."

And this is in addition to the cowardice and disgrace of all the MDs who refused to stand up for us, no matter what.

Knowing we were very sick, and that our children had this disease, too.

Now what?

Now we talk about hell and the sin of pride.  Vanity.  Cowardice.  Hypocrisy.


NOW we talk about how Therese Neumann, Lucia Dos Santos (Fatima), Reverend Howard Storm and Fr. Malachi Martin (who read the Third Secret of Fatima), and how they all say America is MYSTERY BABYLON and how that correlates to what Jesus said is a sign of the end:  "When love grows cold..."

and that it is because of "iniquity."   It is because the Justice Department - the FBI - , and all the MDs in America who abused and neglected us  - without cause, without knowing whether or not we were really sick, without performing any scientifically valid tests -, and refused to help us and protect us from corporate crime and greed of CDC employees.


"Your country will collapse economically which will result in civil chaos. Because of the greedy nature of the people, you will have people killing people for a cup of gasoline. The world will watch in horror as your country is obliterated by strife. The rest of the world will not intervene because they have been victims of your exploitation." ---


America has been literally, aggressively torturing its sickest people for decades.  What do you suppose Jesus thinks of that?



Welcome to Corrupticut - Global Crime Central;

Remember that the Bushies and Kissinger live in/are from Corrupticut.  "Lyme Disease" [falsified diagnostic test] and its LYMErix Cryme were committed here by Yale University, too.  It's all about Evil-Central, my people, - Corrupticut, who the Ed and Lorraine Warrens believe is the second most evil (haunted) place in the world, second only to England.   


On the 911 Stunt and the Failed Oil Wars (planned in 1998 by George H. W. Bush, Inc):
"Dinner with Chalabi";  CIA-Bushie James Woolsey was planning on doing Iraq for its oil wealth in 1998.   Here we see the ▲ Israelis in cahoots with the Bush/Rockefeller/Kissinger War-And-Oil Profit Family

And now you can believe the CIA knows who planted the 911 Thermate in the WTC - especially 7, since that was a CIA building -  sometime on or before September 10th, 2001.  Regardless of such obvious-and-retarded false flag stunts, the Oil Wars were lost and we Americans are left with tards, nitwits, and crooks "running" "the Government."   The fake "Government" could not care less about the people they murdered in the US on 911 and elsewhere afterwards.  The way mass murder is perceived by the people who actually run America is the global depletion of "useless mouths to feed" (Kissinger quote) via the use the military, who are "dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns for political purposes" (Kissinger quote).  Since Kissinger works for the Rockefeller/Bushies and Israel, we all know who is responsible for the current state of global affairs.

Bush-Israeli-Bankster-911-UPDATE:  "Since the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003, the New York Federal Reserve [peeps who ▲pulled the 911 stunt] has been shipping tens of billions of dollars to the government and central bank of Iraq, ostensibly for reconstruction and resumption of governmental services after the fall of Saddam Hussein."

Blumenthal backs measure to promote drug development -- Blumenthal knows that one of the main causes of "antibiotic-resistance" is the element of TLR2 agonists in these infections.  Because they bear the likes of OspA - the Yale Lyme vaccine - the body cannot fight off these infections on its own very well.  TLR2 agonists turn off the antibody response.  The crooks like to make fun of Mr. Blumenthal but as cowards who committed a massive crime that inhibited discovery in every major disease (discoveries which later led to this years' Nobel Prizes), what else do we expect?  This is Corrupticut.  It all happens here.  All the global war crimes and all the global healthcare fraud crimes, and all the bioweapons crimes...  They're all concocted here, but Evil can't help but reveal itself through its Stupidity. 

Update, Connecticut's Corrupt Courts: "The real issue is fairness and whether old folks and sick people deserve the right to fight back when they are abused by people who are making money off them."  -- Hartford Courant

My Comment (which will be removed by the Courant, since all of them are): The State of CT have been committing Lyme victims for over a decade.  I wrote to (former CT Governor) John Rowland about this in 1997 and again in 2002.  Now we find that we Lyme victims were 200% on target about the disease and about the crime Yale committed by falsely qualifying their Lyme vaccine.  Who's crazy now?

You may say to yourself, "Self?  What responsibility does 'the Government' have to tell us what Lyme Relapsing Fever is?"

OspA-Borreliosis' Bioweapons Attributes -

1) Please see the content of the Congressional Hearing about the "Dual-Purpose Bioweapons"  "exported" to Saddam Hussein prior to the first Gulf War ► US_SELLS_IRAQ_BIOWEAPONS.pdf   ("fungi")

2) fungi, "Stinking Smut," "exported" to Saddam Hussein to use against Iran (rots crops):

3) "US Army says ticks could be used to spread diseases," here, and

the chapter of Cryme Disease on Allen Steere, where the US Army has a manual for soldiers re avoiding inhaling dried animal urine, as it might contain spirochetal cyst forms, here  ← US Army tells soldiers to be careful not to inhale desiccated spirochetes, LOL (page 13 of the .pdf):


5) the chapter of Cryme Disease where Allen Steere uses the seronegative Lyme assay to determine that his lab workers had inhaled spirochetes, See STEERES_SERONEG_LYME_ASSAY.htm

Steere's Lab Workers Positive for Inhaled Borrelia:[uid]

Yale's Resident Psycho Durland Fish tells me not to "mess with Yale and the Fed Govt," here (Fish Don't Mess).  (One wonders why "Yale-and-the-Fed Govt" would be a single entity, except for the purpose of... this Israeli Section, next:)


7) Double-Oh McSweegan Illegally visiting an Israeli Bioweapons Facility, (or see a copy of it here) and

Israelis stealing US Weapons information, Israelis infiltrating US Universities to steal weapons information, and selling this info to "the terrorists" (Sibel Edmonds)

Durland Fish performing vector-pathogen competence studies on Plum Island

10) Durland Fish being involved with "Off The Record Research," (an international corporate spy ring), an Israeli/AIG ("" the main Israeli Lyme racketeering entity)/ Kroll Associates gig - same fellas who pulled the 9/11 stunt with the Bushie CIA (Dinner with Chalabi;  CIA-Bushie James Woolsey was planning on doing Iraq for its oil wealth in 1998.   Here we see the ▲ Israelis in cahoots with the Bush/Rockefeller/Kissinger War-And-Oil Profit Family)


11) Plum Island as the original outbreak area (Bosler), and "contrary to the evidence" ([uid]&cmd=DetailsSearch "Despite the intimate association of B. burgdorferi and I. scapularis, the population structure, evolutionary history, and historical biogeography of the pathogen are all contrary to its arthropod vector")
as "an evolutionary bottleneck."

12) John Dunn and/or some other MD at SUNY-SB talking about "the perfect stealth pathogen" (stealth pathogens being a known class of bioweapons):

"It's the perfect stealth bacteria," says one frustrated physician. He's talking about Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. This illness, which is often mistaken for diseases ranging from multiple sclerosis to Lupus, can inflict excruciating headaches and muscle pain, affect the brain and nervous system, attack major organs, and inflame joints.

13) Oh, and Willy Burgdorfer having NIH spooks show up at his house to monitor the conversation with the Under Our Skin team:

"Soon after we turned-off the camera and began packing up our gear, Dr. Burgdorfer told us with a wry smile, 'I didn’t tell you everything.'"

You may wonder, what is the criminally retarded CDC hiding-not-very-well?

Dr. Burgdorfer: "Neurologic manifestations have to be the next stage of research. Also [Borrelia burgdorferi’s] antigenicity. Ecologically, the diversification of Borrelia is tremendous. Because of the spirochete’s ability to change—to change its physiology, to change its “antigenic” structure for instance—a spirochete may be capable of producing disease or not. And one piece of work that needs to be done, that has lately been neglected, is development of the spirochete—whether it transfers [genes via] fission, or whether individual spirochetes have the ability to break into spheres or particles. We don’t know yet how they do it but they do. They go into the lymphocytes, they go into every tissue. Just because we have not seen [them], does not mean that they are not there. Once the immune response is down, are [they] capable of re-entering the bloodstream and producing disease?"

Or be dessicated and aerosolized, like the Leptospira that the US Army warns its soldiers about - "be careful not to inhale dried animal urine, because it contains dessicated spirochetes..."

Or, be dessicated and aersolized and inhaled inhaled like Allen Steere's lab workers apparently did.

Jus sayin.

Ya'll need to be scared about how stupid these people are, and less about the danger of each individual pathogen.


Scientific-Breakthru-Despite-the-NIH Department:

More Scientific Evidence that the Anti-CD20 Chemo Drug Treats LYMErix-Disease

... Remember, now:  Yale wanted to give everyone a vaccine that caused cancer, in addition to MS, Lupus, ALS, etc...

Rituximab Clinical Trial Q&A, Developed by the ME Association

Follow up:

More proof that LYMErix caused the disease IDSA coined "The New Great Imitator" (OspA promotes IL-10, which suppresses CD4+ function, which controls EBV proliferation):

1) PubMed on EBV and CD20, demonstrating that Rituximab is an anti-EBV, or Anti-CFIDS, or Anti-MS, or Anti-Lupus, or Anti-Chronic Lyme drug:

2) CD4+ T-cell effectors inhibit Epstein-Barr virus-induced B cell proliferation... [J Virol. 2001] - PubMed - NCBI  "Thus, unlike the killing of EBV-infected lymphoblastoid cell lines, in which CD8+ cytolytic T cells play an essential role, prevention of early-phase EBV-induced B-cell proliferation requires CD4+ effector T cells."
3) Suppressed induction of mycobacterial antigen-specific Th1 CD4+ cells... [Int Immunol. 2010] - PubMed - NCBI   "Our data suggest that induction of anti-mycobacterial CD4(+) T(h)1 cells is suppressed in the mycobacteria-infected lung partially by IL-10 [immunosuppressive cytokine elicited/promoted by OspA]."

4) and Allen Steere with his head up his ass, once again:
T helper 1 response is dominant and localized to the synovial fluid in patients with Lyme arthritis.

And this is in addition to the other evidence that we have of Chronic Epstein-Borreliosis.


5) Toll-like receptor agonists synergistically increase proliferation and activation of B cells by epstein-barr virus.

6) Epstein-Barr virus induces MCP-1 secretion by human monocytes via TLR2.
"Ligands for TLR2 or TLR7/8 or whole bacteria had a weaker but still superadditive effect on B-cell transformation"

7) Interaction of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato with Epstein-Barr virus in lymphoblastoid cells.

This is a mechanism that we did not know about before:  IL-10 reducing the number of CD4+ cells, which are required to keep EBV proliferation under control.  This explains why Allen Steere's Knee-Only people don't have the other fatigue and neurologic symptoms - which are due to EBV and tolerance to mycoplasma in the blood.




Lyme Cryme Update, 111024, International: European ME Alliance - Norway's Directorate of Health Apologises to ME [AKA CFIDS, Chronic Lyme, MS, or Lupus] Patients for Poor Treatment :

"I think that we have not cared for people with ME to a great enough extent. I think it is correct to say that we have not established proper health care services for these people, and I regret that."


Update, Chronic Lyme 111024, BBC: MSM Finally Hires a Science Writer: BBC reports that Chronic Lyme is caused by OspA.


111023; "NIH Destroys People With Disabilities"-- NIH Press Release

111023; The NIH cannot refrain from insulting their own victims.  Why?  They're not a "US Government" "health"
"agency."  They have no idea what health is.  They're a Cult of Ego and Illogic.  Emotionalisms instead of
Logic, rules.   Abuse of their own victims, via the Cult Logic of "It's All About Meeee!," is something from
which they cannot disentangle their brains.    This is the National Mental Illness at "work."

Has the NIH ever apologized to us Lyme victims for doing something they knew to be very wrong, like they did with the Tuskegee and Guatemala spirochete victims?

Have they ever thanked us for being right about Lyme- and LYMErix- being diseases of immunosuppression
and immune dysregulation?

We, the chronically sick Lyme victims, with the documented, scientifically validly acquired evidence of brain/
cerebral hypoperfusion (AKA delirium), solved the crime of Lyme and LYMErix-Disease and reported it to
"the proper authorities."

But the NIH has never acknowledged our contribution to the now-accepted science of "OspA suppresses &  reprograms immunity,".... but it wins the 2011 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Let me now speak to the world outside the United States:

"The Holy Spirit is the guide to truth. The Holy Spirit both grants us knowledge of the truth and empowers us to tell the truth to others."

If the United States "Government" cannot speak the Truth, or about the Truth, and has no respect for the Truth, then who is the USA's employer?


Why doesn't the NIH send the FBI after the Yale Lyme crooks for falsifying the diagnostic standard for Lyme in order to falsely qualify their vaccine? 

Why doesn't the NIH tell the FBI/USDOJ that for Yale staff to declare that my reporting these Lyme crimes to the USDOJ and FBI (and FDA) means I am a "dangerously intelligent chemist, like Ted Kascynski, the Unabomber" and is a crime and a false arrest and a false prosecution,... not to mention is the exact same slander and libel against "dissidents" in the Soviet Union, Muslim countries, and China, against which the United States falsely claims to be in moral opposition?

Egos.  It hurts their pride that they, the NIH, CDC, and FDA staff, were wrong and scientifically incompetent.

Imagine the deaths and disability that have resulted, worldwide, as a result?

It still goes on. 


For this same reason, ego and pride, no one in the US "press" can write the truth about Lyme, either. 

They were wrong, so they don't have the guts to write corrections to their previous lies.

In 2003, the NIH reported that OspA could not be a vaccine if it is immunosuppressive.  And if OspA is immunosuppressive instead of inflammatory, as the Lyme crooks knowingly falsely claim, then why didn't the NIH in 2003 demand that the CDC cancel their Dearborn "hypersensitivity-only" "Lyme Disease" "diagnostic standard?

▲ The NIH is responsible for 9 more years of dead-and-disabled people.  

And for how many more year/lives into the future, from this point onwards, will the NIH be responsible?


As for the prizes:  I am giving out a new Breakthrus in Medicine prizes called the Dickson Human Rights in Medicine Prize.  The prizes will go to patient-advocates who discover and report the real mechanisms of disease, despite the insane nonsense from the "authorities."



1) "Conclusions: EBV DNA was often found together with other microbial findings in CSF of immunocompromised [LYMErix- or Lyme-Disease]  patients."

Now there is finally scientifically valid testing available in New York for the chronically ill with CFIDS/Lyme/FM/ME,  etc:  
Molecular detection of viral causes of encephali... [J Med Virol. 2011] - PubMed - NCBI

3) Even the Allen Steere/Kaiser-Permanente version of Lyme (bad knee, only) seems to be activated Epstein-Barr, et al: 
Epstein-Barr virus serologic abnormalities and ... [Autoimmunity. 2011] - PubMed - NCBI

4) Rituximab Trial Shows Promise    B-cell Leukemia drug for Chronic-Fatigue-Lyme fits with the known pathology of Chronic-Fatigue-Lyme:  Badly cloned B cells.

Very Severely Effected Patients - Reporting that “Based on pilot patient observations, and experience from the prior study KTS-1-2008, the investigators anticipate that severely affected chronic fatigue syndrome patients may benefit from B-cell depletion therapy using Rituximab “ the physicians then began a second phase II trial of very severely effected people with ME/CFS. This longer and considerably smaller) trial began, apparently in an effort to see if the regimen could result in a more permanent state of health. This trial consists of 10 patients and will last until December, 2013 with the drug being given at 3, 6, 10 and 15 months.

5) *Another* Leukemia Drug for Chronic Lyme/LYMErix-Disease
AMSTERDAM -- A low-dose regimen of the leukemia drug alemtuzumab (Lemtrada) slashed annualized relapse rates in patients with newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis in a head-to-head trial against interfe

6) CFIDS' Victims' Nemesis Steve Straus, says to treat Chronic LYME-FATIGUE with Stem Cell Transplants:



October 21, 2011:  NOTE TO LYME CROOKS:

"Once the detailed 3-D structure of a given protein has been worked out or 'solved' by PSI researchers, the task of unraveling the biological function of the protein can commence."

Structure Equals Function; meaning OspA could never have been a vaccine as a TLR2 Agonist:

And the Lyme crooks at Yale/UConn got no funding, once again, LOL.

Bloomberg: Growing Income Gap May Leave U.S. Vulnerable  (ya think?)

Imagine what would have happened if the New Haven USDOJ had done their jobs in 2003 when I filed the RICO complaint against Yale, NYMC & Kaiser-Permanente or the, sponsored by the AIG Greenbergs?
Could the collapse/Bailout have been averted?
What were the AIG Greenbergs and Mort Zuckerman doing associating themselves with this little VBDs RICO, the  Nestle?  Philip Morris?  Why were they involved in spinning diseases?  Who invited them into the cabal?
Not only were the a national security risk re bioweapons threat, AIG with their bogus financial instruments were the thing the likes of Goldman bet against, bringing down the house.
Eliot Spitzer tried.  But it was the USDOJ's job all along to prosecute this kind of corporate crime.; 
Left to their own devices, corporations can pose serious threats to human values.

NYTimes ▲ Opinionator also rags on the USDOJ for failing to protect us from corporate fraud.  Apparently no one told the FBI/USDOJ that that was their job.  Now we have to Occupy Wall Street, but of course the worst of it is yet to come for the children of these present dot guv employees.  Pandemics, disorder, chaos... all the things predicted in Revelation and recently revealed. 

The National Cancer Institute solved the LYMErix Crime in 2003, and SmithKline admitted to it in 1998. 

The following excerpt is the NIH explaining how Lyme/LYMErix Disease/ or IDSA's-and-Yale's "New Great Imitators" occur; 1) Immunosuppression from the chronic agonism of TLR2 by Pam3Cys (or OspA or Yale's Lyme vaccine, LYMErix), 2) the activation of viruses like Epstein-Barr, 3) tolerance to subsequent fungal (mycoplasmal) infections in the blood, causing chronic fatigue, and aids the development of the likes of Staph aureus as "antibiotic resistant":

1) "This process, which was initially termed "endotoxin tolerance", refers to the induction of a hyporesponsive state in macrophages following primary exposure to microbial ligands such as lipopolysaccharide (LPS), bacterial lipoprotein, lipoteichoic acid, and oligo CpG–DNA, now known to signal through TLRs. The resulting tolerant state is associated with a marked decrease in proinflammatory cytokine production following secondary challenge with these ligands [111213 ]."


More Fungal (OspA-induced)-Viral Synergism AKA Chronic Lyme/the New Great Imitator outcomes of it:

2) Sustained desensitization to bacterial Toll-like receptor ligands after resolution of respiratory influenza infection

The above means: We Chronic Lyme victims could possibly become walking bacterial-viral nurseries.  If ever there is a new pandemic, be it influenza or whatever, it will probably develop in the chronic Lyme/Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue community.  But we'll all be spared, since we're immune suppressed.

Thankfully, LYMErix was removed from the market due to all the adverse events that resulted in a Chronic Lyme-like illness (see SmithKline's Dennis Parenti admit to it, below); LYMErix vaccinations would have increased the population of pandemic disease nurseries on two legs. 

The CDC diagnostic standard - the falsified Dearborn case definition - of course, continues to increase the population of walking immune-suppressed/fungal-viral nurseries.  The ongoing, unprosecuted crime of Dearborn increases the likelihood that a host will encounter/grow disease variants that doesn't kill them... but will be The Pandemic. 

3) Toll-like receptor agonists synergistically increase proliferation and activation of B cells by epstein-barr virus.
4) Epstein-Barr virus induces MCP-1 secretion by human monocytes via TLR2.
"Ligands for TLR2 or TLR7/8 or whole bacteria had a weaker but still superadditive effect on B-cell transformation"
5) Interaction of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato with Epstein-Barr virus in lymphoblastoid cells.

This NCI immunosuppression/synergy information is 8 years old, so we all may wonder why we're still fighting IDSA and their crazy "guidelines."   'Besides the fact that MDs aren't scientists and are brainwashed out of any capacity they ever had for independent thought.

If the autovaccination (blebbing) by Lyme spirochetes turns off the immune response to subsequent TLR2 agonist challenge as described above by the NIH, then obviously the diagnostic standard (CDC's "case definition" or "two-tiered" standard) for "Lyme Disease" cannot be used for anyone who has been sick longer than 2-3 months. 

And it also means Klempner's "Long Term Treatment Study of Chronic Lyme" can be thrown in the garbage, since that's based on the Dearborn "case" criteria. 

And this is all not to mention the fact that we're talking activated Epstein-Barr and relapsed patients are fighting fatigue from mycoplasma - to which they're tolerant, now, and which will simply grow back - in the blood.  Antibiotics won't work for a damaged immune system and Epstein-Barr.  And as far as mycoplasma and activated common viruses like herpesviruses in the blood, organs and brain....  well, there's your variety show of symptoms AKA New Great Imitator.

None of these infections will be detectable with antibodies.  Perhaps that was Kaiser-Permanente's plan all along for whacking people with LYMErix:  "No antibodies, no treatment."

BTW - I only just read that report just now, the whole way through, or I would have included it in our Pam3Cys Powerpoint presentation.  It was about HIV, which, you know, the lack of scientific progress in that area dominated US Medicine/the NIH.  It turns out, had Yale told the truth about LYMErix' "safety and efficacy," the whole world would have learned about all of this sooner and Yale and UConn wouldn't suffer the humiliation of being unfunded pariahs who have nothing to look forward to except being a "Mouse Factory."

What Occupy Wall Street demands of our leaders "They will want leaders who accept responsibility and accountability for their actions, and who have value sets that prompt them to care more about those they represent than they do about themselves."

We'd like the USDOJ and FBI to stop being willfully ignorant and cowardly, but they're cops and lawyers, so what chance do we have?  The elected representatards have a maximum IQ limit of 85, and the fake Christian Fun-dementeds don't understand the value of Truth.  Mostly, we want Justice.  The Justice (sic) Department is full of lawyers; since when was there a place for Truth in their world?  Truth and Lawyers are mutually exclusive phenomena. 

It would be the USDOJ's job to prosecute corporate crime.  The crimes listed in these ActionLyme pages include insurance companies writing "diagnostic and treatment guidelines," and the DNA profiteers in the Infectious Diseases Society of Israel and the CDC spinning diseases to suit the false positive outcomes of their test kits and "vaccines."

But the FBI is involved in little more than "cartoonish 'terror' plots," and we all know it.

While these criminals have been defunded and DARPA has stepped over this huge pile of sh*t known as the CDC, the Lyme crooks - mostly based at Yale (Fish, Schoen, Steere, Shapiro) - have not been prosecuted for these mass-murder crimes and not ever once has anyone written about it in the MSM.  Is it hopeless?  Is Justice for the Lyme victims hopeless?  Yes.  But we want the world outside America to see that not 100% of Americans are lame, corrupted, selfish and incompetent.  Just 99.999999999% of us are. 

It's been 8 years since Bushie started that illegal war and 11 since he wasn't elected.  There were no protests against the mass-murder of Iraqis, Afghanistanis, Pakistanis, or Palestinians.  They did not shut down Wall Street over the 911 stunt or the Bankster Bailout.  There is no mention of the "Austerity Measures" Europe faces as a result of "Too Big To Fail" sick, contagious, diseased, corrupted US Banksters....   It's only now, see, - 10 years after the 911 stunt  - when at least a quarter of Americans face homelessness, starvation and freezing to death... 

Sep-Oct 2011 Medical Lyme Cryme News:

1) US Military/CIA on How to Handle Bioweapons/Mold-Illness (or OspA Vaccination/Chronic Lyme) Accidents:  

“They injured my family, they basically tried to blackmail us,” he said. Most of all, he claims, “They abused the national security privilege to do it.” •


Sound familiar?  Yale wanted to whack everyone with this toxin to ruin their immune systems, but they already had a plan in place to trash their victims.  See the History of Stalker Crazy Eddie McSweegan and his psychopath pal, Durland Fish, at GOLDWATER_LETTER.htm 

Other "government" employees have no respect or appreciation for the fact that this could happen to themselves or their family.  OspA could still be on the market, damaging 10% of its victims, as described by Ben Luft and SmithKline at the 1998 FDA Vaccine Committee Meeting (links and excerpts, below).  Willful ignorance and downright viciousness is what we get from them, instead.  It borders on jealousy, when we all know government employees already have enough.  And plenty of it.  But Heaven won't forgive willful ignorance, and especially not jealousy.

2) USDOJ/FBI does not have anyone competent as a scientist/chemist to study Bioterror threats (WaPo and the NYTimes) 
The New Haven FBI told me this, personally:  They have no scientist/chemists to advise them, and they are not willing to go hire one.  So, for all the hoo-ha and megabahzillions spent on "national security," well, Occupy Wall Street.

The FBI and the Terrorist Lone Wolfies at Yale (hilarious) 

) DARPA (US Military) kicked the criminally retarded CDC out of the Biodefense loop,

4) the US Military will now insist the FDA does their job (which they did not do re the Dearborn Lyme "case" diagnostic standard), and

5) the Nobel Prizes in Medicine went to the peeps who discovered dysimmunity (or "adaptive immunity"- see the NIH announcement and
NIH:"OspA suppresses & reprograms immunity") and then cancer from TLR2-agonism (LYMErix Disease). 
What that all means is that no one has to listen to the criminally retarded CDC about any health matters.  The US Military says:

Why, one might ask, would the military be interested in such an enterprise? In a 16 September media release, the Pentagon minces no words on that question: 'The Department of Defense needs to rapidly develop and field safe and effective medical countermeasures against biological threats to U.S. warfighters.'

And as for the CDC, if their staff could not make money in cahoots with SmithKline?  Well, what good is a Government job??  See 

Nobel Prize in Medicine went to the peeps who reported that LYMErix could never have been a vaccine as a TLR2 agonist:
‎"In the long-term it will be possible to use the discoveries to improve the treatment of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and chronic inflammatory diseases, committee secretary Goran Hansson said."


In other words, the mechanisms of immunosuppression and activation of viruses caused by the chronic stimulation of TLR2 with its resultant downregulation of antibodies (and B and T cell function) as a "tolerance" response to Borrelial or fungal antigens like Yale's LYMErix non-vaccine (structure equals function; resulting in IDSA's "New Great Imitator" outcomes of Lyme and LYMErix such as Cancer, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis) was what won the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

This is of course a slap in the face to Yale, NYMC, and the "Infectious Diseases Society of America," or the entity sued for RACKETEERING and FRAUD by CT Attorney General and now Senator Richard Blumenthal, et al.

"Lyme Disease" is still a homicide charge because the ridiculous, falsified Dearborn standard is still in place, and which is:  "One must have Late, HLA-linked arthritis in a knee in order to have a case of Early Lyme.  All the IgM bands are  thrown out of the CDC's diagnostic criteria for Lyme because they mean active infection or a treatable disease."
Please see more at DARPA_FDA.htm

BEN LUFT and SmithKline's Dennis Parenti at the 1998 FDA Vaccine Meeting on LYMErix saying "LYMErix-Disease was the same as Lyme Disease," and that "you can't use the Dearborn diagnostic standard to diagnose Lyme"

LUFT: "The point that I wanted to make in regard to the study is that there is very heavy dependence on serologic confirmation. "And when we start thinking about the adverse events, it was stated originally when we got the overview of the disease that the disease is really quite protean.  And actually the adverse events are very similar to what the disease manifestations are. And if you start to, as I think Dr. Hall was eluding to -- if you start to kind of say well how often do you actually become sero positive, you can start to have a different take on when someone has an adverse event of whether it is disease specific or infection specific versus vaccine specific. And I think that that is an important issue that we have to deal with.***"  I can only say from my own experience, having done a randomized double-blind controlled study that was FDA approved regarding the comparison of ezithromycin to amoxicillin, when we found that azithromycin was not as effective as amoxicillin, those patients when they had their disease related events were sero negative at the time that they had those events.  So the serologic criteria would not have -- they would have done very well actually with these criteria, and I think Pfizer would have been much happier with me than they turned out to be."

LUFT: "So I just wanted to kind of ask in regard to that, and I think it goes back to an earlier question that I asked in regard to the self-reported events and whether there was any segregation that occurred between the 10 percent of patients reporting that they were having symptomatology, whether there was any difference between the vaccine group and the placebo group independent of antibody or serologic diagnosis."

                DR. PIETRUSKO:  Dr. Parenti?

                DR. PARENTI (SMITHKLINE):  "Basically the two groups had the same suspect symptoms.  We didn't put it through statistical rigor, but when you looked at what it is that people came into the office with, what complaints, there was basically the same complaints in both groups.  So both groups were being evaluated for the same things."


They haven't been prosecuted yet....

In the end they revealed they could not even read their Western Blots in OspA-vaccinated people: (smudged Blots)

It's hard to imagine that anyone would listen to them as experts on infectious diseases.


Influence of Coinfecting Pathogens on HIV Expression: Evidence for a Role of Toll-Like Receptors1

"The above findings point to TLR2 agonists [from fungi like OspA or tuberculosis] as the major stimulus of HIV gene expression in this animal model of mycobacterial coinfection. Interestingly, TLR2 has been shown to play only a limited role in in vivo control of mycobacterial infection in murine infection models (52, 53, 54, 55)."

The NIH says ▲ you can't use mice as a model of Lyme or LYMErix-disease and that such fungal infections as Tb or OspA from Lyme Relapsing Fever help activate viruses.

One hopes the new
Mouse Factory under development as an excuse for research science at Yale and UConn (donated by the State of Maine) remembers that the transgenic Lyme mice must have human TLR2, for starters.  Not too many people associated with Connecticut, UConn or Yale read, however.

Maybe the Maine Mouse Plant will also export some Maine people who can read to them.

The US Military, NIH, and FDA by-pass the CDC;

The CDC is DONE and GAME OVER.  They're out of the loop, according to DARPA or the US Military.

THAT is how much you can trust Yale on science, medicine, and "guidelines."

NIH, DARPA, FDA team up on drug safety technology

Official: US Military is going to force the FDA to do their job 

DARPA leaves the CDC out of the loop;

"**** FDA will provide scientific input to help ***ensure that the regulatory challenges of reviewing drug safety and efficacy are considered before and during development.****"

Which is what didn't happen with Yale's LYMErix vaccine and the crazy CDC's Dearborn Diagnostics stunt.

The FDA referred me, instead, to their disclaimer page, where it said that the FDA does not actually have to look at the data BigPharma sends them, re validations of methods used to qualify product outcomes.

The Lyme crymes were the FDA, NIH, & CDC's greatest failure because of the bioweapons threat of undetected stealth infections and lost biotech $$$ opportunities re the mechanisms of fungal-viral synergy (Cancer, IDSociety's New Great Imitator outcomes of Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Leukemia, Stroke, and Lou Gehrig's Disease)..


Lyme Cryme/Chronic Illness From Immunosuppression/Epstein-Barr Activation News:


Europe to stop calling "Lyme" "Lyme" - back to Relapsing Fever










7) TREAT CHRONIC LYME WITH BIAXIN (OKAY, THANKS FOR THAT INFORMATION):, Yale & CDC Declared Totally Incompetent (Global Health Fund) 

Europe to stop calling "Lyme" "Lyme" - back to Relapsing Fever 

Notre Dame Describes LYMErix Disease (Immunosuppression) 

Bloomberg: "Health Insurers Pool $1 Trillion" to "Spot Trends" they already identified
(McSweegan on Mold Causing LYMErix Disease)


UN "Action Call" on Noncommunicable Diseases (Bloomberg)

NIH News Alert:
NIH Confirms Fungal-Viral Synergy as Cause of Spanish Flu Mortality (and the risk of untreated Lyme)
Drug-Resistant Bacteria focus of Weekend Medical Convention

And International Meds Patents Hysteria (NYTimes).  It's all the same phenom.
USA are losers because the Hatred-and-Aggression Nation has lost everything
and the Lyme cryminals put the whole world at risk with their lies about Lyme
and LYMErix (a TLR2 agonist which is contained in HIV, Tb, and MRSA) and
have now made a spectacle of Yale.  They meet in NYC today. 

WHO: Yale's and UConn's Lies About Immunosuppressive Tb Antigens
is a Threat to Global Health

Said UConn's Justin Radolf:
"More recently, we reported that synthetic lipohexapeptide analogs (lipopeptides) [like OspA or LYMErix- KMD] corresponding to the N termini of the native spirochetal lipoproteins could be used as lipoprotein surrogates in immune cell activation studies (16, 37)." - This is on the first page of:

▲ Which means they "ACT LIKE" the real thing, structure equaling function.

Said Radolf's pal Clifford Harding:
"We propose that Toll-like receptor (TLR) signaling by MTB pathogen-associated molecular
patterns (PAMPs) produces both immune- activating effects (e.g.induction of pro-inflammatory
cytokines by macrophages or maturation of dendritic cells) and ***late phase downregulatory
effects (e.g.inhibition of MHC-II expression and Ag processing by macrophages that are
chronically infected with MTB)."***

Meaning ▲no antibodies are produced late in the disease (Ag means antigen,
the processing of which results in antibodies).  Like Lyme.

Contrary to the fraudulent Deaborn diagnostic standard for Lyme, causing
the crooks to hide behind "Guidelines."

NIH's Rx: Stem Cells for Trojan Horse Vaccine Disease (real) 

▲ The NIH has admitted [See:  Steve Straus, torturer of CFIDS/ME/Fibromyalgia victims, and
Adrianna Marques, who worked with NINDS's Roland Martin's Multiple Sclerosis-and-Lyme
Division, and who said all Lyme will be seronegative due to TLR2 and subsequent TR5 agonism
(below)] that Stem Cells are the only treatment for the Epstein-Barr mutated cells that are the
main driver of IDSA's New Great Imitator outcomes of Lyme and LYMErix.

Oncovirus Nobel Winner Neglects Myco-Type VBDs and Other Fungal-Viral Assaults

The issue is the sexual promiscuity and resultant infertility from Chlamydia (endometriosis).
Nothing has anything to do with human papilloma virus, really.  White (GOP) fathers who endorse
the slut-hood and lack of grandchildren endorsed by vaccinating against the insignificant
TBDs of their daughters.... well, by all means. 


Newsflash: CDC is a Risk to the US Blood Supply

Allen Steere and The Lancet on Congenital Lyme and Syphilis (u r gonna die laughing) 

The Lancet, 1944 - "Lyme Causes Chronic Ill Health" and "is a Permanent Brain Infection" 

NIH says Lymies will be seronegative for Flagellin antibodies, too, after exposure to OspA 

 Allen Steere Caught in His Lies (Letter to Volkman) 


Is this Israeli Bioweapons blackmail ??  ►  No mention of the Lyme Genocide? "Unethical U.S. research killed 83 in Guatemala: panel" 

Compare to the Washington Post:  Cohen: When morality trumps national interest

US is tone-deaf to suffering in the US as much as it is hypocritical regarding its own War Crimes

# 11 in the SUMMARY below)   A "BIODEFENSE CONTRACT",...  and Background on OspA-induced immunosuppression and seronegativity (no antibodies late in the disease):  Clifford Harding and Justin Radolf:

In the above grant, the mechanisms by which Lyme and LYMErix suppress the immune system and result in no antibodies has a technical label of "Biodefense."

The Controversy is the Cryme:  The Falsified the Testing (through Dearborn and Steere in Europe) ►► Falsified Outcomes of OspA Vaccines (Yale made False Claims to the FDA) ►► Falsified "Guidelines."

The "Guidelines" on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme is the Cover-up of the Dearborn Cryme. 

In truth, Lyme and LYMErix as TLR2 agonists, suppress the immune system, allow for opportunistic fungal infections in the blood and brain, and activate viruses.  Were it not for the Dearborn Cryme, Lyme could be identified early via Yale's scientifically valid flagellin method.

LYMErix was the cause of the New Great Imitators. Cryme Update - A Threat to National Security vs "Threat to Public Health" 

These ▲ offensive activities on the part of the perps are obvious for what they are.  They're afraid of life in prison.


Meanwhile, in the real world of real scientists ...  

"As the various cells are colluding, they may also be trading information with cells in another realm — the micro-organisms in the mouth, skin, respiratory system, urogenital tract, stomach and digestive system. Each microbe has its own set of genes, which can interact with those in the human body by exchanging molecular signals.

“The signaling these microbes do is dramatically complex,” Dr. Nicholson said in an interview at Imperial College. “They send metabolic signals to each other — and they are sending chemicals out constantly that are stimulating our biological processes.
Cancer's Secrets Come into Sharper Focus


And the ActionLyme Team says,  "How can LYMErix be a vaccine if it is immunosuppressive and activates Epstein-Barr?  How can IDSA re-report for Paul Duray in 1989  and 1992 that "The lymphocytes of Chronic Lyme/MS patients look like Epstein-Barr transformed cells"

and then say "nothing causes anything"?

Follow Allen Steere's partner, Bridgette Huber and Mark Klempner's partner Linden Hu:

Please read this because she reveals that this is caused by LYMErix-Disease or Dattwyler's immunosuppression from the autovaccination with the fungal antigen OspA (Structure Equals Function, and OspA's Function is as a TLR2 agonist):

Cutting Edge: Epstein-Barr Virus Transactivates the HERV-K18 Superantigen by Docking to the Human Complement Receptor 2 (CD21) on Primary B Cells1

Says Huber:
Infectious arthritis and immune dysregulation: lessons from Lyme disease.

She says there are 2 diseases:  Steere's autoimmune bad-knee (now known as "Lyme Disease" - the disease fabricated by Allen Steere alone in Europe), and the other thing- the thing IDSA used to refer to as Chronic Lyme Disease or the New Great Imitators.


Linden Hu reports that LYMErix could never have been a vaccine and that Lyme and LYMERix are immunosuppressive as TLR2 agonists:

Although he arrogantly reports that this is novel information.  Justin Radolf and others published about fungal-antigen-induced immunosuppression for years -  Mario Philipp and Ray Dattwyler in the 1980s and 1990s.

It's been known since the 1970s that fungi suppress the immune system.  This is one of the problems with childhood vaccinations - contamination with mycoplasma:

And, once again: The Lyme crooks knew OspA and Lyme were diseases of immunosuppression and NOT inflammation

Under no circumstances can the Lyme Cabal - who just recently tried to label us all terrorists - ever claim to have any scientific expertise.  They have never told anyone what OspA was.  They have not produced any real science since they discovered the New Great Imitators and re-reported that Relapsing Fever is a permanent brain infection.

It was at that point - 1989 - that the insurance companies decided they were paying for nothing and sent Allen Steere on his junket to Germany to falsify the diagnostic standard for Lyme.




The Lancet publishers/editors described "Congenital Syphilis and stillbirths" being a problem and "costly," and two minutes later, they have no clue that Lyme, too, is a spirochete, has been compared to Syphilis by the CDC and NIH (and IDSA), and does the same thing as regards pregnancy, according to Allen Steere and Yale:


From the same report, which Allen Steere takes credit for:

Writes Allen Steere:  "The Lyme disease spirochete may also spread transplacentally to organs of the fetus.  The mother in this case developed Lyme disease during the first trimester of pregnancy; spirochetes were seen in the spleen, kidney, and bone marrow of the infant at term."


And here is another autopsy report of a Congenital Lyme stillbirth reported by Yale University:



    We can describe the cryme simply and for The Lancet:

If "Lyme disease" was first the "New Great Imitator" (Syphilis being the "Great Imitator") because it caused all kinds of outcomes like Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and Lou Gehrig's disease, but later the disease's definition was changed to "just an autoimmune arthritis in response to OspA, Yale's Lyme vaccine," then one would have to
wonder what happened to the Great and New Great Imitator outcome definitions of the disease?

Those neurological definitions were thrown out because they happened to be caused by OspA, Yale's non-Lyme vaccine. OspA is a toll-like receptor-2 agonist, and as such, suppresses the immune system and activates Epstein-Barr. Just ask any of the 1104 scientists at Pfizer who were fired because they missed such essential science.

You have to be a real scientist to understand it:   At the molecular level, Structure Equals Function.  The Lyme criminals,  whose vaccine was removed from the market due to all the Chronic Lyme-like (Great Imitator) Neurologic Adverse Events, have never revealed to anyone what was the structure of OspA.  And that would be because they are not real scientists.

Said Harold Varmus in the New York Times about OspA activating Epstein-Barr, which activates a Human Endogenous Retrovirus:

"Dr. Harold Vamus, director of the National Cancer Institute, thinks cancer researchers should focus on these unexplained mysteries, since they may unlock cancer's secrets.

"'In our rush to do the things that are really obvious to do, we're forgetting
[he means falsifying the disease definition to suit the falsified OspA vaccines outcomes] to pay attention to many unexplained phenomena,'" he told the Times.



1) Varmus is all about Human Endogenous Retroviruses causing cancer.

2) Allen Steere's partner Bridgette Huber is all about Epstein-Barr (EBV) activating Human Endogeous Retroviruses (HERVs):[All%20Fields]%20AND%20ebv[All%20Fields]&cmd=DetailsSearch
- Huber.

3) Steere's partner at Tufts, Bridgette Huber revealed 2 other important things for the Chronic Lyme/Greatest Imitator Community:

A) OspA is a toxin (binds the HLA molecule, as does an EBV virus antigen, as we shall see)  mentioned in Tufts/Huber's patent for a less toxic version of OspA  See:  KFORSCHNER_DISCOVERS_LYME_TOXIN.htm

B) Huber revealed that there are two kinds of "Lyme Disease" -
i) Steere's HLA-linked autoimmune arthritis, and
ii) The immune dysregulation caused by LYMErix vaccinatiob or the autovaccination of spirochetal blebbing

Infectious arthritis and immune dysregulation: lessons from Lyme disease

4) OspA inhibits apoptosis (and there are applications for that science, meaning it is real), and activates Epstein-Barr via the inhibition of apoptosis of EBV infected cells. (And there are probably other mechanisms related to what goes on in the lymph nodes when Borrelia and EBV get together and rock and roll.)

"All gammaherpesviruses express homologues of antiapoptotic B-cell lymphoma-2 (BCL-2) to counter the clearance of infected cells by host antiviral defense machineries."

5) The chronic agonism of TLR2 by lipoproteins from Lyme, Relapsing Fever, Syphilis, mycobacteria and mycoplasma result in the downrgulation of immune function and antibodies:

6) OspA activates Epstein-Barr (causing the Great Imitator outcomes), and Epstein-Barr activates a Human HERV, which Harold Varmus thinks is responsible for a lot of leukemias (Steere's Partner, Bridgette Huber, I remind, says: )

7) OspA was the key to - the cause of - nearly all diseases:  Cancer (OspA activates Epstein-Barr --> throat cancer, etc, and the HERVS-->leukemia + MS), Multiple Sclerosis (activated Epstein-Barr - see NINDS' Roland Martin reporting on LYMErix Disease ► ), Lupus (activated Epstein-Barr; See Allen Steere and Joe Craft at Yale), the failed MRSA, Tuberculosis and HIV vaccines...

8) NIND'S Roland Martin reports that LYMErix Disease manipulates TLR1, TLR2 and TLR5 Expression, rendering Chronic Lyme seronegative (and we wonder what the upregulation of TLR2 does for the EBV virus and the HERVs):

Borrelia burgdorferi Lipoprotein–Mediated TLR2 Stimulation Causes the Down-Regulation of TLR5 in Human Monocytes

In the present study, we show that human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and monocytes up-regulate TLR1 and TLR2 and down-regulate TLR5 when they are stimulated with B. burgdorferi lysate (BL), lipidated-OspA (L-OspA), and Pam3CysSerLys4 (Pam3CSK4, a synthetic lipohexapeptide that mimics the structure of the lipoprotein lipid moiety). These findings are specific for TLR2 stimulation, because TLR4 stimulation does not up-regulate TLR1 and TLR2 or down-regulate TLR5. TLR5 ligands up-regulate TLR5 but have no effect on TLR1 and TLR2. The results of our study indicate a role of the differential expression of certain TLRs during infection with B. burgdorferi.

9) The Chinese identified the EBV antigen responsible for activating the HERVs. 
The Chinese reveal that the EBV LMP-2A antigen will not work as a vaccine.

At the present time, this is the little I can find out about the structure of the EBV LMP-2A, the activator of the Human HERV believed to be involved in Chronic Fatigue/Lyme/MS/FM/ cancers, etc.:

See All:  (and don't lose that link).


10) Note that: Systemic stimulation of TLR2 (such as in vaccination with OspA) impairs neonatal mouse brain development.

and that TLR2 activation inhibits embryonic neural progenitor cell proliferation.

One would wonder if ▲ this is the reason LYMErix caused 13 out of 30 spontaneous abortions in the Phase III trials as described by SmithKline at the 2001 FDA Vaccine Meeting on LYMErix' adverse events which led to the FDA asking Yale to withdraw their vaccine a year later - or else have the FDA yank it for them.

After all, Yale's autopsy on the Congenital Lyme baby revealed that:   "The death of the newborn was probably due to respiratory failure as a consequence of perinatal brain damage."-- Yale Department of Pathology.


11) A "BIODEFENSE CONTRACT",...  and Background on OspA-induced immunosuppression and seronegativity (no antibodies late in the disease): 
Clifford Harding and Justin Radolf:

Regarding Radolf - See the Plum Island Chapter of Cryme Disease and  to see that UConn's Justin Radolf knows late neurologic Lyme is seronegative,... and the NIH tells us that late Lyme will be be negative even for Flagellin, as previously demonstrated:  (TLR5 manages flagellar antibodies):

Toll-Like Receptor 2-Dependent Inhibition - [LIKE LYMERIX VACCINATION] of Macrophage Class II MHC Expression and Antigen Processing by 19-kDa Lipoprotein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis1 -- Justin Radolf


Borrelia burgdorferi Lipoprotein–Mediated TLR2 Stimulation Causes the Down-Regulation of TLR5 in Human Monocytes  
-- The NIH


12) We're just wondering if the early agonism of brain endothelial TLR2 by Lyme or LYMErix vaccination result in an increase of opportunities for Epstein-Barr:

Toll-like receptor agonists synergistically increase proliferation and activation of B cells by epstein-barr virus.

Epstein-Barr virus induces MCP-1 secretion by human monocytes via TLR2.
"Ligands for TLR2 or TLR7/8 or whole bacteria had a weaker but still superadditive effect on B-cell transformation"

Interaction of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato with Epstein-Barr virus in lymphoblastoid cells.

Characteristics of Epstein-Barr Virus Envelope Protein gp42

The major cellular event in viral infection is the delivery of the viral capsid or nucleoprotein core into the host cell cytoplasm. Enveloped viruses such as the herpesviridae perform this delivery by fusion triggered by viral cell envelope glycoproteins binding to receptors on the host cell membrane. The EBV genome encodes several glycoproteins required for fusion and entry into host cells. Glycoprotein B (gB), gH and gL are necessary for fusion in both epithelial and B-cells [1222], and glycoprotein 42 (gp42) is required for B-cell fusion but is inhibitory for epithelial fusion [2326]. Gp350/220 serves as the first viral attachment glycoprotein for B-cells through binding to complement receptor type 2 (CD21) but is not required for entry [27]. Following this attachment, viral fusion is triggered by the binding of gp42 to human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class II receptor [2830]. When gp42 binds to this receptor, it blocks recognition of the complex by T-cell receptors [31], possibly helping the virus to escape immune system detection.


13) Additionally, the chronic agonism of TLR2 by LYMErix vaccination and the autovaccination of Osp-shedding performed by all spirochetes renders people susceptible to fungal infections in the brain and blood - which are known to be associated with Lou Gehrig's Disease and cancer

They also render people susceptable to biofilms since these biofilms are covered with the likes of OspA (Structure Equals Function) - TLR2 agonists.

What the Lyme criminals did by lying about Lyme and LYMErix was render more people able to carry Tuberculosis, the deadly MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant organisms - that is, as carriers of these fungal infections and their partners- the herpesviruses.. 

Staphylococcus aureus biofilms prevent macrophage phagocytosis and attenuate inflammation in vivo.

Were it not for the Dearborn Cryme, people with Lyme could be identified and treated early - before they advance into this late, multiple-disease carrying state.

14)  And finally, I, myself was wondering what to make of the EBV gp42 and LYMErix-like molecules binding these HLA molecules... and then in the case of fungal-OspA-Tb-antigens, releases as a free, HLA-antigen complex - something described by Clifford Harding and not Allen Steere, ever, in the alleged 36 years Steere has been in the Lyme Cryme game - ...

2010, Dec, Clifford Harding; Mycobacterium tuberculosis synergizes with ATP to induce release of microvesicles and exosomes containing major histocompatibility complex class II molecules capable of antigen presentation.

Major histocompatibility complex class II (MHC-II) molecules are released by murine macrophages upon lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulation and ATP signaling through the P2X7 receptor. These studies show that infection of macrophages with Mycobacterium tuberculosis or M. bovis strain BCG enhances MHC-II release in synergy with ATP. Shed MHC-II was contained in two distinct organelles, exosomes and plasma membrane-derived microvesicles, which were both able to present exogenous antigenic peptide to T hybridoma cells. Furthermore, microvesicles from mycobacterium-infected macrophages were able to directly present M. tuberculosis antigen (Ag) 85B(241-256)-I-A(b) complexes that were generated by the processing of M. tuberculosis Ag 85B in infected cells to both M. tuberculosis-specific T hybridoma cells and naďve P25 M. tuberculosis T-cell receptor (TCR)-transgenic T cells. In the presence of prefixed macrophages, exosomes from mycobacterium-infected macrophages provided weak stimulation to M. tuberculosis-specific T hybridoma cells but not naďve P25 T cells. Thus, infection with M. tuberculosis primes macrophages for the increased release of exosomes and microvesicles bearing M. tuberculosis peptide-MHC-II complexes that may generate antimicrobial T-cell responses.

Does that complex create an entirely new antigen?

All this while the Lyme criminals report - trash - Lyme activists once again, once again calling us terrorists" (is that getting old, or what?) this week in the Lancet?? Cryme Update - A Threat to National Security vs "Threat to Public Health"


Just remember the Logo:

Falsified Testing = Falsified Outcomes of OspA Vaccines = Falsified "Guidelines."

Too bad the Infectious Diseases Society of Israel can't spend their time on science instead of their chronic stalking and harassing of sick people. 

Too bad the main stream media can't see what IDSA is doing for what it is. 

Too bad the New York Times doesn't have anyone qualified to write for Science Tuesday.

Too bad no at The Lancet knows Lyme is a Relapsing Fever SPIROCHETE...


Dropping the Bioweapons Ball, Threat to "National Security," Allen Steere Caught in His Lies (Letter to Volkman) 
Won't show up to any Senator Blumenthal Lyme Hearings without their lawyers?

Must have been a private enterprise. 

The one started by Crazy Eddie McSweegan called the American Lyme Disease Foundation.

Note to InfoWars:
China did not steal the bioweapons tech - it was there for the taking. See

NYTIMES UPDATE: FBI Focusing on Security Over Ordinary Crime (when organized crime like, the Fed, the Banksters-and-Bailout, and the perps who performed the 9/11 stunt, are the bigger threats to National Security)

China Thanks You, fellas !!! ;)  ....

THIS JUST IN!! Cryme Update - A Threat to National Security vs "Threat to Public Health" 

That's ▲great.  That will be helpful to anyone interested, because all the perps put their name on that document, LMAO!!  Those people who signed that document are all the perps, crooks and mass-murderers.  If the USDOJ refuses to do anything about it, I un-recommend any of them traveling outside the United States.



Eureka! LLNL researcher awarded $2.4 million from NIH for bio weapon mitigation because Yale was determined to be too scientifically incompetent... because they're evil crooks.  [See the August 2005 complaint to Michael Israel-First Chertoff regarding the same topic and complaint: LYME_CORRUPTICUT.htm]

Other News: "ATOS" - "IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ AND CIRCULATE" ◄ US BigInsurance Misery spreads to the UK.   [The UK will be in the same scientific incompetence/bioweapons threat situation as the US, thanks to BigInsurance whores taking over medicine.]

The Chinese reveal that the EBV LMP-2A antigen will not work as a vaccine...  WHY???

You can't criticize the Chinese if the FBI and the USDOJ are lame-ass tards.  Additionally, 911. Nuff Said.

The Chinese are smarter than Americans because they pay attention to stuff like insurance companies dictating medical treatment and disease definitions.  The USDOJ is retarded and therefore does not care about these threats to Power.  They, like the FBI, spend their time investigating the likes of as a "terror" threat, LOL. 

A test of national character: Architects & Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 (Lynn Margulis is in that video, BTW)

Whoever believes the "official" story of what happened on 911 meets the criteria discussed below - intellectual incuriosity is the hallmark of their goat-like personal will - the very cowardice, that will damn them to hell.

Allow me to expound:  While psychiatrists and psychologists do nothing scientific yet believe that the use of statistics (math is a tool, not a science) makes them a science, at the same time ignore scientifically valid paranormal events and intelligence [to include UFO sightings by credible people (astronauts), scientific analyses of crop circles (they're scientifically real), apparitions (Zeitun and Fatima, to mention a few very well known and not-refuted ones), well-documented exorcisms (see the real - the actual audiofile - of "Emily Rose")], when confronted with these scientific facts, literally run away - with anger (LOL). 

This is a mental disorder of the same class to which belong the so-called FBI agents and other dot guv employees who believe the "official" 911 story. 

More interesting still:  They're all in denial over the fact that they themselves - these various classes of retards (psychologists, psychiatrists, Red-Stater homeboy cops, the FBI, people like Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, all of CNN, ...) - are, to the rest of us, seen as an intellectual, cognitive, and moral underclass.   They're not aware of our awareness of their moral inferiority.... . 

We know them as a moral underclass, but they have no clue that we know that this willful disbelief and non-acceptance of facts and reality is a character problem.  It's cowardice. 

The Republican Party is identical to a US-NAZI occupation.  These NAZI-cans believe that sick people have no value and should be exterminated - denied medical care for illness.  But these NAZI-cans haven't the brainpower to see and understand that the likes of Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, as autistics, would have immune liabilities (reversed duplications of BCL-2-like genes, leading to a lack of normal synaptic pruning, i.e., large brains).   It is exactly the people upon whom these Repugnicants would rely for their self-glorifying NAZI xenophobic weapons development that they'd be killing off, by being against universal healthcare.  

We real Americans should let these Republican NeoNAZIs have their way as a sacrifice to the rest of humanity.  Let them kill off all real talent.   While whoring for insurance companies, the NAZI-cans decapitate the US Military... and that is, after all, a good thing for the rest of the world.

No one expects these NAZIs to ever comprehend what they do because that's the nature of mental retardation.  Not one NAZI-can is aware of Henry Kissinger's admiration of the Chinese model of an economy - a slave labor force, the labor dictated by the Corporations.  These NAZI Repugnicants are working for our Communist corporate leaders toward an end game of Slaves and Masters. 

The Republi-NAZI's don't know that their trademarked intellectual incuriosity is the essential element of their goat-like personal will - the very cowardice, that will damn them to hell - while simultaneously claiming to be Christians.

But they'll be warned.  They'll be warned.  And they'll KNOW they've been warned:  The way they behave is all wrong, because that's the Elegance and Perfection of Truth.  That is the only "It," "Is," and metaphysics.  This Truth is the only "Is" :  These haters, these NAZI-cans, will have known that what they're doing is wrong.


Oh.  That was fast: 

But the Pope pointed out that “the true measure of humanity is essentially determined in relationship to suffering and to the sufferer,” adding that “a society unable to accept its suffering members and incapable of helping to share their suffering and to bear it inwardly through compassion, is a cruel and inhuman society.”

Pope Benedict XVI defends the dignity of the disabled
A member of SSM Health Care. Body, Mind, Spirit... We care for the whole person.


Steere's partner, Bridgette Huber admitting there are 2 kinds of Lyme - the Steere (knee), and the TLR2 agonism outcome (immunosuppression):...

Infectious arthritis and immune dysregulation: lessons from Lyme disease.[uid]&cmd=DetailsSearch

Next, Bridgette Huber's history of dealing with a Human HERV activated by Epstein-Barr
, which is activated by LYMErix vaccination or autovaccination, or the fact that Lyme is chronic because it is chronic or is Relapsing Fever, a disease for which there never could have been a vaccine because antigenic variation is the nature of the relapse:[Author]%20AND%20%28%22endogenous%20retroviruses%22[MeSH

So, Tufts, Yale (Joe Craft), UConn's Justin Radolf, Alan Barbour [who recently applied for grant money to study the structure of TLR2 agonists - LYMErix, that is - or his own patented product, ImmuLyme, the very vaccine for which Arthur Weinstein was the alleged "Data Safety Monitor" come to find out years later by Lenny Sigal, Dave Persing and Yale's Robert Schoen that the Western Blots from OspA vaccinated people were UNREADABLE.... (See DICKSON_FDA_SUBMISSION_FULL.htm for the smudged, unreadable Western Blots)....] all say OspA is immunosuppressive and activates Epstein-Barr.

[These stupid crooks figgered no one would ever figger it all out.  Since stupid people innately don't know what smart people know, and therefore would not know who could be capable of figgering out the ruse.  They certainly never figgered on a woman chemist, since that's the nature of arrogance - and the reason Corrupticut is the most incompetent, loser state in America, run by drunken DCF sluts and the evil Israeli and psychiatric pervert tards at the infamously and repeatedly defunded Yale and UConn,...]

Yale's Lyme-and-Lupus Clinic co-founder (with Allen Steere), Joe Craft - the person who published with Allen Steere that Lyme causes Lupus -, CDC officer and former head of the NIH's Rocky Mountains Bioweapons Lab, Alan Barbour, Case Western Reserve, Clifford Harding (expert on how OspA could never have been a vaccine since it suppresses the immune system), Bridgette Huber at Tufts,... all now agree that OspA or Lyme activate Epstein-Barr (all herpesviruses contain BCL2-class molecules, which means they all inhibit apoptosis of infected cells), Lyme and OspA inhibit apoptosis via gumming up the immune works, they inhibit the activity of NK cells like other fungal antigens (OMG these guys are too retarded for words - Dattwyler already published about fungal antigen-induced immunosuppression in 1988)

And all of this science - all of this research - could have been OWNED by Pfizer, Yale, UConn and Corrupticut, had not the retarded sluts uh duh DCF not interfered with the prosecution of the ALDF-Kaiser Lyme RICO cabal started by Crazy Eddie McSweegan and NYMC's Durland Fish in 1990.

Biotech Crooks, DCF sluts, drunks, Yale's perverts who state that "Sex Cures All Diseases," meanwhile drugging and brain damaging children and people with what, they don't even know, while the NIH says all these psych drugs are no more than analogs of phenothiazine  (methylene blue, a microbial stain - one that can't be used to identify L forms or the mycoplasma that adhere to red blood cells causing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (hijacked sugars and modifying the RBC membrane, making ethe avaiable O2 not available, since those have to be identified by Dark Field Microscopy), and retarded "social workers"
stifled science and killed Corrupticut.

Now their own kids will have no jobs and no future, and least of all, their health.

It's too late. 

The DCF sluts like AAG Jessica Gauvin and Kristine Ragaglia, with their lying, whoring slutty ways are now accomplices to the mass murder crime of Lyme AND the loss of Corrupticut's alleged former intellect and innovation.

Now it's a headline in the NYTimes:  DCF Rowlandgate Retards formally killed Corrupticut. 

It took only 9 short years for the entire State to be Done and GAME OVER.

All for the sake of Yale's and duh DCF Sluts' "Party and Screw" Agenda.

I don't know how people can be that stupid

I really don't. 

I really can't imagine what it must be like to be that stupid.   It's something I could not even imagine if I wanted to, out of basic human empathy.  I can't try on that kind of STUPID, even if I tried, say,... if I had to play a part in a movie.  I could not imagine it...  I could not try it on, play the part, or empathize with that degree of mental retardation.

But I always wondered what it must be like.  And now it has consumed the State, and the NYT says there is nothing in Corrupticut's future, either.



... AND, BACK TO THE REAL SCIENCE:  110822.htm  Harold Varmus Trashes Yale in the MSM.